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I am inspired to write this.  What began as a conversation with my husband, resulting from a radio show, turned into me saying “I need to write this down and share it!”

The spiritual community, imho, seems to miss out on the abundance factor.  It is somehow lower vibrational frequency to WANT, well, stuff. While yes I agree we live in a mass consumerism-oriented society, that is not what I am talking about.  At least not for myself.

I am talking about me wanting to live in a spacious, beautiful, off-grid house that I OWN (no more enslavement to landlords and housing insecurity), complete with a flying car so I can travel between this home and my beach home.  That is a serious issue I intend regularly.  For if you have never lived with housing insecurity, it teaches you nothing and is one of those things that fall under “unnecessary suffering”.

I am talking about me wanting a baby grand in my living room and a music room with a couple of more guitars and percussion instruments and recording equipment so I can finally create my masterpieces.

I’m talking about wanting my own office space, a little cottage on the property where I can create in peace and quiet.

I’m talking about wanting to trade in these worn clothes and actually go on a little spree where I buy myself locally made, beautiful clothes that make me FEEL prosperous.  Or heck, I’ll get an awesome sewing machine, hire a sewing teacher, and make my own clothes!

I’m talking about using the health modalities that will heal myself and my spouse.  Such things include weekly massages and sitting in a sauna for a good soak.

I’m talking about buying a camper or small RV so we can take the family camping.

I’m talking about having beautiful dishes that match!

See where I’m going?

A point was made in the video tonight, a thought I have often pondered myself and that was the following:  part of our ascension includes being in a state of Abundance.  And for all that is good, why not have a release of prosperity funds for the good of all?  (Eventually we are headed to a society where there will be no more money.  Not necessary.)

Being in a state of Abundance is a challenge when you are living in poverty and/or living with health conditions that you are unable to treat properly due to not having the necessary amount of money.  And I get royally offended when I hear others blame the victim by telling them “You’re poor because of your thoughts.  Think thoughts of abundance.”

Yes, consciously careful focused thought is powerful and effective. Thinking and feeling thoughts of abundance.

However, in my heart of hearts, I just feel Love says “People suffering due to lack of money?  Give them money!”

There is AMPLE wealth for ALL to be PROSPEROUS.  Right now!

I will no longer fall under the illusion that Abundance is limited to this thought or that thought.  Or that wanting “stuff” – nice “stuff” – is somehow lacking in true spirituality.  I KNOW I have pushed money/wealth/financial abundance away from me by thinking small.


Abundance looks different to each of us.

There are no right or wrong ways about it.

So I agree.

What better way to instill Abundance – true, lasting Abundance – by sharing the wealth with ALL?

Sure, there will be some who squander it away irresponsibly.  Being able to respond to such wealth requires some thought.  And assistance.  (Good financial planners and the like for sure.)

However, I always hold out Hope that most people will do good by it.

So let’s imagine what we want for ourselves.  Yes – imagine the THINGS and STUFF you want.  No limits.  Feel it.

And KNOW you are worthy and deserving of it.  And the time is coming very soon for our liberation.

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