A Ray of Hope

Butterfly, Monarch, Monarch Butterfly

I had an interesting dream last night ~ one I believe was more than just a dream.  It coincides with a piece I wrote awhile back, about a blast of incoming energy as mentioned in the works of Dolores Cannon, producing the effect of immediate healing, allowing us to return to our Pure Selves again.

In this dream, I was looking up my street to the south.  The skies were amazing.  There was a very bright glowing light and I could see dimensional planets and objects everywhere.  Neighbors were walking out into the street, some smiling, some in amazement.  The change within and without them was palpable.  I was particular drawn to two such neighbors, a daddy and his little boy.  This family has other kids, but these two were in my dream, likely because they are so much alike and about as asleep/detached emotionally as one can be.  We’ve all been there so that isn’t to judge (much – I ain’t perfect). As such, I have given up smiling much less acknowledging them, which has been disappointing of course, for me.

In the dream though, the little boy walked over to my child, smiled a beautiful smile and began playing with her ~ a first.  The dad walked down the driveway towards me, smiling.  A first (yes – I’ve never seen him smile – certainly not at me).  But there he was – beautiful smile on his face.  That part of him that had been asleep had awakened – as though it had simply melted away.

I stood there, surprised, not knowing what to do.  I observed then tuned into how I felt.  That and the objects I was seeing in the sky told me we had experienced The Shift.  The Event.

The false matrix grid had collapsed fully and we were seeing Truth – of where we are and who we are.

It was…Beautiful.

No need to pretend.

No need to wear the masks.

Is it possible energy can do this??

Yes, I believe it is.  All life IS energy after all and if we can vibe low, we can vibe high, right?

And that is what I experienced.  The Highest Vibrational frequency we have experienced in eons, suddenly running through all Life.

And if it can happen to the two individuals in my dream (who I happened to see outside today on an earlier walk), I have hope for us ALL to transform.


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