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I started this website to spread my Truth and to share my visions I hold deeply in my heart and soul as to the kind of reality I wish for myself and humanity and most importantly, my child.  It is a driving passion – one I cannot seem to control much less contain.

The idea of this site evolved from the phrase “love in action”, which ran through my mind while in meditation some 25 years ago.  It was a phrase I held close to my heart all of these years, not quite sure what, if anything, I was to “do” with it, until this year. Given the awesome changes happening to the human race (go Ascension!) and the on-going awakening of our hearts and remembering of our Source Selves and as such, wanting to know the Truth of our history and our potential, it is time to put Love In Action…Now.

If my work resonates with you and you would like to support what I do, I am a donation-based site.  I work at this website in my precious free time and at this time, I do it all for free.  Your donation   communicates to me that I am doing something that is worthwhile and is contributing to the betterment of our world.

Blessings.  Abundance.  Peace.  Freedom.  Love and Truth.  To each and every one of you. Thank you for stopping by.


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