Adventures With The Sacred Tree


I finally found a picture of this beauty so now I can share the story along with the real picture.

I went on a walk alone today and decided to stop off and see my tree friend.  It’s been awhile since I visited.  I walk up to her, greet her hello and put both hands on her bark ~ just like I always do.

After a few minutes I began to feel this very intense buzzing.  I then “saw” in my minds eye this corkscrew-like spiral above her, spinning clockwise, and knew she was headed towards it.  At first I thought it was like a wormhole – some sort of an energy portal.  All I knew was she was going through it and we with her.  The intensity of this was powerful and I could feel my entire body buzzing.  I kept thinking there was a message in there and as I was about ready to let this thought go, something told me to “remove your right hand”.  My right hand has always been the giving hand, my left hand, the receiving hand, in terms of energy.  I hesitated as I had not received this guidance in the past but decided to listen anyway.

So I removed my right hand, felt a rather relieving/energy release of “thank you” before immediately hearing “galactic central”.

Hmmm.  Is that where we are going?  I don’t really speak much of this here, but I have felt more than once we are being moved.

Feeling there was no more energy exchange forthcoming and having the definitive feel my tree’s focus was on passing through this energy portal – that and nothing else – I thought back to my previous visit where she essentially had told me good-bye.  Interesting as well was this palpable feeling that she was preparing to jet – at any moment.

Now if this isn’t interesting enough by itself, after I had been home for awhile, my mate told me he had a vision while I was gone.  Here in his words is what he saw:

“I was looking at the earth in front of the sun.  The earth started to vibrate quicker and quicker and stretched out to an egg shape.  It then suddenly went into the center of the sun.”  

Earth, going through a gateway (and he felt the gateway was shut after we passed through, never to be opened again – a one-way trip).  In alignment with the image I saw of the tree – and us – going through an energy portal, spiraling clockwise.

So there you have it.  For now I feel as though I am simply a passenger along for this ride where all I know to do is release what doesn’t feel right/well to me and allow for this experience to continue along to its destiny.  And then another experience will be forthcoming.

Much love to you all.  And stay buckled up (grounded).  



Your support of my work is, as always, gratefully and greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping me remember my humbleness and inner voice.

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