Ann Borach ~ Holistic Doctor ~ Dies Suddenly


Damn – another one!  I checked on her facebook page.  This is a legit story.  I believe that makes over 60 otherwise healthy, many of them young, holistic health practitioners who have died suddenly.  


We are so saddened to announce the sudden death of famous author and naturopath Ann Boroch. She was outspoken on MANY controversial topics, like the DANGERS OF VACCINES (linked at the bottom of the article) and an inspiration to all of us.

Ann Boroch’s Facebook page posted just two hours ago (see below) that she died suddenly, and her followers are in absolute shock, as are we.

Check out some of her many tv/video appearances, below. She had much wisdom to offer. We will update you as we know more.

Click here to read the rest of the story.

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3 thoughts on “Ann Borach ~ Holistic Doctor ~ Dies Suddenly”

  1. I will believe in divine justice when all these murders of holistic practitioners stop, when chemtrails stop!! we read about money and the RV and GCR but just how many more years of all this can we all put up with? I mean the evil cabal is now openly killing these people, no one is this a co incidence, they are sending a message shut up about vaccines or you end up dead……

    1. i hear you and feel the same. i gotta tell you – when i share such topics with others around me – while they may see it and believe it – they simply don’t care enough to share the news. the apathy of the populace at this point is angering me. the rv and gcr – what i am being told by a friend who knows those involved in the OPPT/TDA accounts – is that it will never happen. given the filings that happened in the courts – it’s all been foreclosed upon. and we don’t need another monetary system controlled by the system – even if it’s a new one with shinier buttons. it’s still a system of enslavement where others are telling us what we are worth.
      even though money is a big issue in my life i am working diligently on letting it go – and making my focus being healing and remembering and walking IN my sovereignty and intending in the shifts so we can, more or less, get the heaven outta this energy matrix. but yes indeed a financial blessing is very much needed by all and the current court case in d.c. with one of the people behind the OPPT is going to change things – at the very least the corruption is being brought to light. i’m in observation mode with this one – learning as i go.

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