Another Good Destroying The Illusion Video ~ Plus Some Of My Own Words


Editor’s note:  Another good video.  This entire drama around this supposed typo by Trump – covfefe – is perhaps a message.  Ancient Aramaic.  The violence growing in the left community is startling to me. More than one of my neighbors has pulled a Kathy Griffin towards Trump in their talk of him. And it comes out of the blue ~ their anger is so at the surface and reactionary.  Nothing more to add to that one.  I do not engage.  I feel we’ve entered new timelines that are splitting. Last night during my nightly meditation, I ventured into 3 different realities/timelines.  The first one was down the path of the Trump/Political agenda.  That felt like molasses energetically so I left that time/space.  The second one was down the road of the RV/Nesara and the like.  That felt a bit better than the current reality but not what my heart is seeking.  Then I ventured down the road to New Earth Realm and that felt lovely – very buoyant and light.  Thus that remains my focus regardless of outside distractions. Stay in Love.  Observe.  And I say those words to myself as much as I do with you my readers.  Enjoy the video.

5.31 – Aerospace Exec Spills the Alien Beans, Trump Tweets & Civil War in Congress?

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