Another Thought About Tonight’s Game


This is very odd coming from someone like me – who almost never talks about sports.  I had this thought during game 3 ~ that what we were seeing was another timeline shift ~ for the better.  The Astro’s, being from Houston, were a representation of the suffering that has been caused by the cabal ~ in this case, weather manipulation.  The Dodger’s, being from Los Angeles, which is home to some of the darkest behaviors and actions, represented the cabal agenda.

Again, this was not a reflection of the players themselves.  This was a reflection of what has been our history and what is happening to this matrix realm.

I suddenly knew at that moment – the Astro’s were going to win.  It had already been determined.

The experience was very similar to what I felt last November after the U.S. Elections.  I knew the currently running timeline had crashed – big time. A new one had been put in place.  The feeling was that palpable in my Being. And it wasn’t so much about the players as it was that the old energy grid was not gonna be allowed to play out anymore.  A new one had come online to enact some much needed change, a new direction.

Spiritually speaking, our Truths of Who We Are are permeating this energy space, changing the old codes (which are just frequencies) of control, enslavement, abuse, fear and transforming it into Truth.  Love. Freedom.  Abundance.

All that from a baseball game, from a woman who normally finds most professional sporting events of a low vibe.

Who’d of thunk…

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