Anyone else having strange sleeping patterns??


Staying up until around 2am and sleeping until noon??!!  This has become a natural pattern for all of us in this house ~ and we just kinda slipped into it 10 days ago.  My mate and I have long been night owls – but staying up until 2am – without feeling crazy tired – was not the norm.  Not sure I want to continue this pattern but it seems to be the one our bodies are calling us to be in…

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5 thoughts on “Anyone else having strange sleeping patterns??”

  1. Yes, I have the weird sleep patterns too. Up till 2:00 and still have trouble sleeping when I get into bed, then can’t seem to wake up in the morning and it has been 11:00 or 11:30. Groggy headed too although yesterday was a pretty good day for me. I have an occasional good day, then back to groggy headed today. I did have a nightmare last night which is unusual for me. I even woke up and realized it was a nightmare and said “enough of that” and tried transmuting the negative energy so I could get back to sleep.
    Weird days indeed.

    1. same time here as well. up until 2am and at times, like last night, i will struggle to finally fall asleep. i feel this anticipation ~ waiting for something to happen. and then yes – waking up in the morning – really difficult – for all in the household as well – even my girl which is unusual. i have heard some say when we transition it happens while we sleep. i have had that thought for over a year. perhaps this is a preparation. would really be nice to KNOW.

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