Are You Feeling Stuck?

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Ok peeps I have heard from numerous people who have told me the same thing:  I feel STUCK.  In fact I feel MORE than stuck – I AM stuck.


Unable to get out of a current situation.

Any of you who haven’t written me feeling this?

And what can we do about it?

Any ideas?

Here is my current situation.  I want to move.  Where is the question.  And how (resources $$).  I LONG for new (and current situation says we have a certain time to find this new home).  I am working diligently to increase my income.  Intending out my goddess ass for a new house, the right house.  We have “x” amount of dollars to pay for rent, and given evidence I am seeing with my 3D eyes in my 3D body, we have been priced out of our area if not most of the country.

I am really at a loss.  I communicate with higher self and now on this issue and feel/hear nothing.

I am aware of the changing timelines.  I felt one last night in my body with an experience with some neighbors where I physically removed myself out of the low energy of sludge I was experiencing.  That was a first.  So I know the importance of my intentions and focusing on the experience I desire, internally and externally.

I am also full of angst, as my latest writings are showing.  I don’t like feeling this way but I need to accept these are my internal experiences, right?

The big one in my face today – I see injustice and this lioness in me roars to make it right.

I have a strong intolerance in seeing others “getting away with stuff”.  I am the perpetual tattle tale with a sense of purpose.  (Ok that made me laugh.)

I live in a community that has a natural foods co-operative.  It’s totally changed.  They removed many of the old-timers and replaced them with the cheaper ($$insurance/benefits) variety – those under 30.

I know the story as I know someone who has worked there for over 20 years so I receive intel first-hand.  The former store manager ran the store into the ground financially and things got so bad, they had to call in some national organic co-operative organization.  The suits.  I heard about these meetings and I heard these folks weren’t, well, they didn’t come from the heart-space.  They marched in and took over.

If they hadn’t, bankruptcy was in the picture.

However, this manager was able to retire and walk away unscathed.  I saw this individual in the store today, being ass-kissed by the young workers.

I growled.  I (as a paying owner in this store) wanted to call her out.  Tell her what I know.  Tell her she needs to make amends.  Own her shit.

Seriously – it is that simple.  OWN YOUR SHIT.

It isn’t right she was able to get out of this unscathed, especially since as a result, others lost their jobs and/or their benefits – the older ones being the biggest target.

It just isn’t RIGHT.

It isn’t RIGHT cost of living is so outrageous.

It isn’t RIGHT the dark has been allowed to get away with their filth for so long.  With no consequences.

So many things that aren’t RIGHT in my mind and yes my ego but also my heart and soul – I don’t know what to do about any of it at this point.

So I rage and cry and release and purge and find my center again.

And refocus.

Refocus on what I DESIRE.  MY outcome.  MY paradise.

For reasons I yet do not know though, I feel a lot of blocks right now floating in the ether wishing to block progress.

Is this of the dark?

Or is this of our individual and collective “stuff” still needing a final cleanse and release?

Or a bit of both?

I don’t know but I will share my insights as they come…

And I will intend to post a more uplifting/high vibe piece soon.

But first, the tears…



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