As We Shift – A Disclosure Manifesto

Editor’s note: TOTALLY spot on agree with this.  This resonates 100% with me and I have had such thoughts for a long while now.  Love HELPS. Love NEVER watches suffering and claims “sorry you aren’t ready yet for help”. How in the hell are we, as a species, supposed to stop the insanity of the psychopaths who are hell bent on destroying us?  They have technology that we don’t stand a chance against on our own without outside helpers who have the means to at the very list, ASSIST us.  Work with us.  So yes star beings – Disclosure NOW.  Show yourselves NOW.  Humanity demands it.  


The response to this edition of the newsletter was off the charts.  What you are about to read is a nice summary of most of them.  It was penned by a reader and edited by me.  It is meant to be shared, so please post freely.  The people are speaking.  Now let’s see what kind of answer we get…

Hi Sophia,
I’ve just finished reading your newsletter of 9/2/2016 that describes your conversations (in late February 2016) with an off planet being named “Ra” regarding the extension of Disclosure for another 100 years.
I am appalled and very upset (as I know you are also) at the possibility of such matters being discussed without any representation by Humanity.  I would like to respond to some of the issues you raise Sophia and to Ra and all other beings that are responsible for FULL DISCLOSURE:

“We, the collective of planet earth, are approaching 8 billion in number.  Imagine, 8 billion strong, what a group we are, what a force of sheer power, & I love them all.  How could I, I’ve never met them you say, and I say because I’m connected to them. I’m connected to 8 billion people, yep, that is the lifesaving part of this human construct we enjoy.  You see, the conscious & unconscious part of ourselves connects us to other people whether we know it or not.

The connection is always there; like picking up the phone and talking.   When we focus a great deal of our energy within our own inner world in order to solve a problem, another parallel energy arises (at the same time) in the people & the situations around us.  This parallel energy is our communication line.  In this way, we can amplify our powers of creation.

This is perhaps the most powerful force individuals have at their disposal. It assists them with all parts of their lives. Further, even when we are not around each other physically, what we do in fantasy and imagination goes out through the collective unconscious and is felt by everyone.

Anyone can communicate with 8 billion brothers and sisters – what a family, not counting our Star Brothers and Sisters (who at the moment we cannot see).  The nice thing about all this is we don’t need smart phones!

I am going to estimate there are 500 people that run the planet (a quick number to keep it simple).  What’s most important to understand is the proportions, for therein lies the rub – 500 people vs 8 billion people?  Scales are really tilted aren’t they?

Keep this in mind as you read through this missive.   There is a game going on here, a very hurtful game that has been going on for centuries.  It’s time to stop!  Demand that it stop! Send a message throughout our planet.

This group of individuals (known as the Cabal) & their ancestors has controlled earth for a very long time.  For example:

“The Draco made an agreement 16,500 years ago with the indigenous people of Earth and we have been under the Draco’s global martial law ever since. Believe it or not, the Galactic Council and Universal Protection Unit felt they had to honor that agreement and so the predation and persecution that was going on before the agreement was allowed to continue.”

That is a great deal of CRAP that we carry.  In addition:

(2) “The Draco came into Atlantis covertly and collapsed that society causing a global catastrophe and ice age.  Humanity barely pulled thru that.” The Draco’s are not nice neighbors!                                                  (1)(2)

Sophia has documented a conversation with Ra in February 2016.

Ra said: “The holdup is deemed necessary in order to preserve order.  We are not following the Will of One; order must be maintained to prevent destruction of too much life…”  Order maintained to prevent destruction of life, you’ve got to be kidding me, you’ve really got to be kidding me?   That’s all we have here is planned destruction of life!

What are you saying “Ra” that you know better than the Will of One?   Is chaos and poor judgement entering the higher realms too?  Why aren’t you following the Will of ONE?

(I’ve always complained about this, that the some of the higher beings were out of touch with us, and that can be very deadly for us as a whole).

What the heck is going on now, we have murder, famine, starvation, poison water, poison air, poison food, totally corrupt government, worthless money, a complete breakdown of the feminine principle, (chips are implanted in our bodies, our DNA is taken without our permission, machines are made that generate an electromagnetic field  that keep us at lowered vibrational frequencies that promulgate states of depression, anger, tension, hopelessness, aggression, division, separation, and the list is endless), programs developed to pit male and female genders against one another,   racism,  ethnic cleansing,  wars all over the planet, millions of people displaced, millions of homeless , the sale and kidnapping of children, giant pedophile rings, entire nations turned upside down, towns fighting against towns, cities against cites, false histories being published, lies laid upon us year after year to hide our origins and our power, every imaginable darkness has been put on us …and you “Ra” call this maintaining order.  You are hysterical, don’t make me laugh!

Because the 9-9-9 Portal Gateway is the completion of the 3rd Dimension, this planet will never be the same again after this month.  That means all vibrations that allow for separation will no longer be perpetuated or tolerated.  I fully realize my words & thought forms promote separation and division,  but I’m not a “Galactic correct” person yet, and I find your “utterances” very stressful, so there is no time for decorum.

It’s total chaos here, and with another 100 yrs. extension it will get worse, humanity would not survive and I am sure Gaia would not approve.   She is our beautiful Mother, Protector, and Sustainer …She has “felt” all that we have gone through so it would be a transgression of Her Will also.  We, the 8 Billion of the planet  Earth will not stand for another extension, not even one second beyond the time planned by the Will of ONE.

We demand Disclosure, many of us know of it already, what’s the point. Oh! You’re afraid…… “A few of us would be frightened and panic” …when we see our Star Brothers and Sisters?  I politely disagree.  Bringing access to technology that affords healing, food, free energy and sustenance on all levels will be supported by all humanity.   Our Star Brothers and Sisters can handle any eventuality that arises, I’m sure of it.

“Ra”, it is not necessary to project yourself as the protector of human life, while at the same time directly sanctioning chaos, suffering, pain and agony. You and the committee are no better than are earth’s current controllers.  This is not living in the Truth. It is deceitful, criminal and in complete violation of natural law, divine law, and the Will of One.  This is not a personal judgement, these are facts that are in plain view and can be viewed by anyone.  There are 8 billion of us looking at you…you are in opposition to US!  I have communicated this information today to my Brothers and Sisters here and they have awakened.

As Sophia has said, “What gives any race the power or right to withhold what would only promote life and expand the possibilities for the human?”  The order that you are proud of maintaining keeps mankind subservient and enslaved, and is against the Will of One.

We the collective of planet earth, all 8 billion people, united as ONE,  in ONE voice and as Co-Creators with the Will of ONE  not only request but DEMAND our release from the predation, persecution, and enslavement by the forces that have ruled this planet for thousands of years.  We DEMAND the reunion with our star brothers and sisters. They are our beloved family that we have been separated from for centuries.  We further demand the release of all technologies that afford us healing, food, free energy and sustenance on all levels. This is the Will of ONE.  What we demand is rightfully ours, all 8 billion of us. So be it!”

Jack Sturgeon ~ edited by Sophia Love
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