Ascension Symptoms Update: March 24, 2017

Aye aye aye, thought the goddess as she attempted to drag her lovely self out of her comfy bed.  When will these ascension symptoms end?

Feeling a chill go through her, she wrapped herself in a blanket and headed out to the kitchen.  Peering into the refrigerator, nothing looked appealing.


Placing a pot of water on the stove for some tea, she suddenly felt warm. Then nauseous.

“Friggin’ crap,” she mutters, sitting down.  Panic set in, causing her to think “oh great now panic TOO?”

How are you all feeling?

Aside from the symptoms I mentioned above, the nausea/gastro distress, the hot/cold stuff and the panic, a fairly new symptom ~ one that has increased this week ~ is a lack of appetite.  Not only that, I keep losing interest in foods this reality has to offer.

After I pulled myself together, did some purging and grounding, I headed out to pick up some groceries.  As I walked through the aisles and reached for the food items, every single time I grabbed an item I would think “Nope.  Doesn’t interest me.”

A ha.  A challenge, I thought.  So I set out to find something that actually did resonate with me.

Guess what?  I couldn’t find a thing in the store that was appealing to my body.

Not even chocolate.

I repeat.  Not even chocolate. 

A first.

What I do in these situations, when I find myself still being a part of this vibrational frequency and not finding anything that resonates, I reached out to my Higher Self and Mentors.  “Ok my warrior team.  Help me out here.  Is it really possible I am headed to a space where I will no longer eat?  Give me some advice please.”

I came home, went about my day and wow ~ beautiful Synchronicity was forthcoming.

  1. I had the thought that I need to get away from 3d eating schedules.  Let go of the thoughts you have surrounding food.  We really often do eat out of habit instead of tuning in and seeing what our body really needs.  Good insight, I thought.  Thank you!
  2. Then….I saw this image on my facebook feed.  Pretty darn cool, huh?

Image may contain: 3 people

Acceptance.  The journey is all about acceptance of Me.

Ascension is an individual journey which has a Collective result.

It is as simple as that.


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2 thoughts on “Ascension Symptoms Update: March 24, 2017”

  1. Ha ha , thanks I had to laugh when you described my mornings. The panic set in almost a month ago for me,when I was on a holiday . Nice. That’s almost gone now. Had to give my body a bit of a talking to .for many years, now and again I have had this feeling that at some point I will not need to eat. At the moment I go from being starving , to no interest in food and am slowly learning to eat only when I need to.
    Thanks a good reminder for me

    1. now it’s my turn to laugh – as this morning i was FAMISHED! where as all this week – hardly any appetite. so ditto, kathy. 🙂 i too had the thought a few years ago that at some point i would not be eating anymore – at least i wouldn’t need to. who knows where this is all leading to!

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