Ascension Symptoms Update For May 11, 2017


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How ya’ll feeling?

Thought I would share what I am experiencing the past week.

*Spine pain.


*Really weird dizzy spells that happen when I stand up after sitting for awhile.  A few times I have had to either sit back down or place my hands on a nearby counter to balance out again.  I was a bit concerned about this until I read others were having the same experience.

*Headaches (mild – but a very unusual thing for me to experience so I am listing it)

*Feelings of Bliss are back.

*Feeling I am in two different worlds, literally half of me in this one and another elsewhere.  Yesterday I stood at the sink and said “where the heck is my other half??”  Grounding continues to be important ~ sometimes as simple as stopping whatever I am doing and taking a few deep breaths.

*Easier to release the fear and emotions I no longer want hangin’ around.

*Easier to see others from the heart.

*Easier to catch my judgments and let ’em go.  Well, the catching part is easier.  Letting go, still remembering how to do that effectively.  (I visualize whatever thought I am holding as a coat and I imagine it falling off my back.)

*Really focused on my Sovereignty.

*Focused on Remembering my latent abilities.

*Getting clearer on what I really want.

Freedom.  Love.  What else is there?  Both of those granted to every one of us unconditionally, we will create Paradise, together.

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