Baffling Situation

I had an experience last night with a neighbor, for whom in many ways has felt like family to us since we moved in.  However, this past year he has shown his dark side with me and I made the decision today to pull back and away.  It is more important than ever, at least for me, to protect my personal space, which means I am not interacting with any person unless I have to and if I choose to, only if they are of my vibe tribe.

On one occasion last summer I was showing him a chemtrail, which he insisted was a normal jet contrail.  I attempted to explain my point of view and he turned hostile and told me flat out I was wrong and when it was shown how I and others are wrong on this issue, we will owe him an apology.  I shook my head and said “no it is folks like you who will owe us an apology.”

During the election, he was a staunch Hillary supporter.  He knew my thoughts on her and on Trump and on the whole swamp that is DC politics.  I finally told him the conversation was not open for further discussion.  Put my foot down.  Was not going to partake of his grilling. One afternoon, as I headed out for a walk, he stopped me and while we exchanged the normal neighborly pleasantries, he laughed and said “ok so WHO are you voting for again?”  I said “knock it off – you know I’m not going there” and as I turned to walk away he says “if I held a gun to your head and you had to make a choice, who would you vote for?”  Wow!  I spun around and said “Fuck you.  That is a horrible thing to say to me.  I would never say something like that to you.”  He smiled and said quietly, “I know.”  I put up my hand and walked away.

A few days ago he made reference to my cooking (of which I have cooked for him on several occasions as he is elderly and widowed) and it was not a compliment.  Later in the evening he came to apologize.  I said “thank you for that.”  But then he ruins it by saying “You seem to know how to take it.”

I know how to TAKE IT??!!


The urge to punch him right in the face was overwhelming.

Take it?


I told him not to mistake my passivity in the face of such encounters as a sign of knowing how to “take it”.

He is not going to be receiving anymore of my home-cooked meals.

And next asshole response, if there is one, I will not be holding back on my gut instincts.

Where do these people come from?  A fucking hole in the ground? I seriously do not resonate nor understand such behavior.  Soulless perhaps?  So controlled by the dark they cannot see light?  I am fucking fed up with getting attacked.  FED UP.  I can stand up for myself now but I SHOULD NOT FUCKING HAVE TO.  God damnit.  Be kind.  Be thoughtful.

As “time” continues on, I withdraw further from the fray of society. Unless I vibe with another, I prefer solitude.  Nature.  My mate and child.

And this little virtual world here.

Speaking of, any one of you care to swap homes w/my neighbor?  Or move into the vacant house a block away?

This emotionally void town could sure use some more Light.


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6 thoughts on “Baffling Situation”

  1. Yes, solitude seems what I want…I have no patience any more for those who are still in a comma…and if I could afford to move…I would gladly become your neighbor…:-)….hang in there, something must give hopefully soooooon!…

  2. Girlfriend, you got triggered. Did you revoke his contract? He could be part of your soul family, or as you know, as you extend higher and higher the other side is trying harder and harder to “get” to you.
    Yes, everyone I speak to is withdrawing further and further, I am constantly stating “not in my timeline”! Nature and dogs are my sanctuary. The Animal Kingdom has been revealing itself to me more and more recently. They are my Love & Magic! You are doing a great job! Thank you!

    1. oh exactly indeed i was triggered. and yes – i feel it – the more i focus on rising and releasing – the more the dark is working through others in trying to stop that. my responsibility to myself is to LET IT GO and not allow myself to get stuck in the emotional experience. animals and nature are the best (well aside from my child and other children w/those pure souls). thank you for your words! 🙂

  3. I think we’re seeing the dark expose itself thru sudden meanness in a lot of people right now. It’s like the masks are coming off and we’re seeing what they’ve really chosen to be and align with. And what it means for us if we continue to choose to interact with them. Friends, coworkers, family. And I agree with your decision to step back & disengage. I made the same choice yesterday and have retreated to lick my wounds and recover (i.e. sleep and lots of it). People talk about “oh you just need to set boundaries.” Well, I call BS, because clearly matrix people – even the best of them – still trample right over them to get to you, no matter how clearly they were set or how many times you stood up for your sovereignty to them. At this point, it’s a matter of personal survival for me and all I AM to just remove myself from the situation, and them, possibly permanently. Maybe this is our own private, personal version of “draining the swamp?”

    1. aria ~ are you and i of the same soul group? lol seriously your words resonate so much with me. i agree with you and THANK YOU for those who state “well you need to set boundaries” – because as you so clearly stated the “matrix” people WILL walk all over them – regardless of how many times or how strongly you set them. been there done that DONE DONE DONE. so i disengage. yes – we are doing our own version of draining the swamp. very appropriately put. not that i’m perfect of course – i’m still very much a work-in-progress. the difference being i am AWARE of this and it is my FOCUS. the rest – haven’t a clue. i wish you healing and rest – yes – licking of the wounds – doing that as well. because it all does come down to us being able enough to respond in dealing with these situations when they arrive. blessings and thanks to you. <3

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