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There is a trait I most admire in others ~ those who are of absolute faith. I am not one of those people ~ yet.  A lifetime (likely lifetimes) of intending and having visions has lead to many dates coming and going, dead ends that lead to new paths.  Along the way, much disappointment.  Obviously I still Believe enough or else I would not have this site nor would I share my heart and thoughts.

I had a couple of incidents happen today where I see how the term “oh ye of little faith” applies to me.  I know what’s behind it.  I know the pain.  I feel it.  I let it out.  Where I am struggling is how do I rebuild?

What would I tell my girl?

Believe in yourself ~ even if the rest of the world, the people, the system, is showing a different result or reality.

So ok.  Let’s take a step with that one…

I am hoping, I am seeing…. some of the ideas I have shared over the last couple of decades, the visions and the like are finally going to transpire here shortly.

Those who have hung in there long enough with me know of my issue with money.  Typing that brings out a deep sigh.  No worries ~ I am not going to go on another rant.

I will say ~ I am ready to have this struggle eliminated.

I have done the intentions.  The mantra’s.  Thought outside of the box. Inside the box.  Put myself out there.  Then hide.  Press repeat.

An inner voice has kept telling me “hang in there keep going relief is coming”.  For a very.  Long.  Time.  lol

I have been following very carefully this intel on the OPPT and the TDA’s. (For the basics and latest, here is a good link ~ which I may have already shared.  Memory tells me I may have shared this recently but I am not sure.)  We listened to an updated recorded skype call last night (of which you can find the link to on the above shared link).  According to the information, this is a done deal and all will be able to access and use our funds – without threat or hassle or blocks – this week.  Yeah, I am putting that out there, even though a part of me says not to as the LAST thing I want to do is create any sort of disappointment in any of you.

But if I am going to walk my talk and share what I BELIEVE to be true ~ even if it turns out to be bullshit or off in any way ~ so be it.  Because I have had visions starting in my 20’s ~ long ago ~ of being liberated $$ and living in a way where the stress of “how will I pay for this afford that” is eliminated.  I had become apathetic and burned out following all of this speak about the RV, NESARA/GESARA and the like.  Dates coming and going.  On going behavior of “just wait we are almost there” year after year, behavior that played on people’s hopes.  And then I began to think ~ this is just another system where someone else controls the money.

Who the hell wants more of the same, even if it comes with some pretty unicorns for awhile?

I know I was guided to this information on the OPPT. Why?  I don’t know for sure (hence the “absolute faith” topic).  But I resonate completely and fully with it.  It’s about US being in charge.  We – answering only to ourselves.  (And in time we will move away from money altogether. Another vision/knowing.)

Humanity is owed the blessing of abundance.  Is this about money?  Yes and no.  Yes in that money does eliminate stress and provides much needed ease ~ certainly when the things you wish to do need money to create.  As Forrest Gump says when he’s told he won’t have to worry about money anymore, he responds simply:  One less thing to worry about.  No in that at the heart and core, this is about Remembering our Abundance. It provides the open door to Remembering this experience of Abundance.

For this is just the beginning of a new way of Being for ALL humanity.

By removing the struggle of lack and going-without, we are given the beautiful opportunity to heal from these issues, which are both very real-world created and self-created.  We are given the opportunity as well to remember our Worth.  We see how we have been screwed over royally and thus, we can easily put aside our benign differences and start remembering our Unity.

Start living the way we once did.  And are meant to.

That’s why we are here.

To Live and Be Who We REALLY are.

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