Betsy DeVos: Common Core is dead at U.S. Department of Education


Good.  Now let’s abolish the US Dept. of Education, return the rights back to the people/parents to educate their children and use resources to create spaces that provide real learning, exploration and fun.  Oh and where one plus one actually equals two.  (people in the states who are familiar w/the common core b.s. will understand that one)


  • Maureen Downey, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
1:00 p.m Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018  National news

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos gave a far-ranging speech today in Washington at an American Enterprise Institute conference, “Bush-Obama School Reform: Lessons Learned.”

She announced the death of Common Core, at least in her federal agency.

DeVos also decried the federal government’s initiatives to improve education. “We saw two presidents from different political parties and philosophies take two different approaches. Federally mandated assessments. Federal money. Federal standards. All originated in Washington, and none solved the problem. Too many of America’s students are still unprepared,” she said.

And she touched on a favorite topic, school choice.

“Choice in education is not when a student picks a different classroom in this building or that building, uses this voucher or that tax-credit scholarship. Choice in education is bigger than that. Those are just mechanisms,” she said. “It’s about freedom to learn. Freedom to learn differently. Freedom to explore. Freedom to fail, to learn from falling and to get back up and try again. It’s freedom to find the best way to learn and grow… to find the exciting and engaging combination that unlocks individual potential.”

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