A Bit of Rambling In This Quiet Moment


Sunset, Yellow, Sun, Cloud, Silhouettes

Child is away at friends house playing.  Mate, outside.  This equates to quiet for me which I am going to utilize shortly.

I wanted to share though that last night at 1:17am, almost to the minute once again, I lay in bed and began to vibrate all over.  (That sounds better than shake or tremble, doesn’t it?  Much more appropriate word too, given what’s going on.)  Here we go again, I thought, smiling.  No more fear when this happens.  I visualize it going through my body, removing the places where I “see” and feel stuck energies.  Make room for Source because Higher Self is returning fully now.  All is becoming One again.

I turned to my mate and said “are you feeling this” and he said “yep”.  It’s becoming like a routine, or “pattern” as our little one would say.

Spending some time browsing around some channels I listen to and occasionally comment on and the theme is universal beautiful people:  The transition, the returning home, the flash – it is a very deep, growing in urgency feeling.  We are tuned into it as a Collective.  I know I have no need to by surprised much less need reassurance/validation in any way by all of this, by these synchronicities, but I am.  And I do.

For now.  



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