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Here are some of the camera captures taken today alone.  According to my limited research in this area, these are not meteor signals.  And check out the structures on some of these!  Being I am musically-inclined, I also noticed distinct tones – namely E flat, G and C.  I don’t know if this means anything, but those three together create a C minor V chord.

Oh and I also recently wrote someone at the USGS asking them about the Tiksi, Russia on-going signal anomaly at the heliplots site.  I heard back and it was confirmed it is indeed highly unusual, signifying a SINE wave and yet is showing up likely due to faulty equipment.  Faulty equipment would likely not produce such an intelligent signal let alone a SINE wave.  I did this just to see what the response would be.  Any thoughts??

Enjoy the pics!  And tell me what you think.



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