Gou Bou ~ Q Anon, Trump, HATJ and the war against the Deep State and Shadow Government! Pt. 1


Q Anon, Trump, HATJ and the war against the Deep State and Shadow Government! Pt. 1

Published on Feb 6, 2018

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Sandra Walter and John Burgos on Ascension, Unity Consciousness and New Earth dynamics


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Sandra Walter and John Burgos on Ascension, Unity Consciousness and New Earth dynamics

Published on Feb 6, 2018

Tracy Beanz ~ They may try, but they won’t succeed- Marathon Edition


Coverage of the testimony of Carter Page, 11/2/2017.  Here’s the pdf.

They may try, but they won’t succeed- Marathon Edition

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THE WIKILEAKS LIST: At Least 65 MSM Reporters Were Meeting with and/or Coordinating Offline with Top Hillary Advisors


Thanks to Wikileaks we now know that at least 65 mainstream reporters were working closely with the Clinton campaign this election year. They were invited to top elitist dinners with Hillary Campaign Chairman John Podesta or Chief Campaign strategist Joel Benenson.


These 65 mainstream reporters CAN NEVER BE TRUSTED:

As previously reported— At least 38 top national reporters attended a different dinner at John Podesta’s house in April 2015.

The Clinton campaign sent out invites to New York reporters in April 2015 to their off-the-record meeting on how to sell Hillary Clinton to the public.

These 38 reporters should NEVER BE TRUSTED!

Via The Intercept:


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Newsweek’s Top Editor And Staffers Suddenly Fired


Staffers suspect the firings may be retaliation for investigations into their own parent company.

Newsweek Media Group on Monday fired multiple staffers from the publications it oversees.

Those fired include Newsweek Editor-in-Chief Bob Roe, executive editor Ken Li and reporter Celeste Katz, multiple sources told HuffPost.

Nancy Cooper, managing editor at the International Business Times, one of Newsweek’s sister sites, has taken on the role of acting editor at Newsweek, according to an internal memo.

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Gaia Portal ~ 2/5/18


Elementals of the Higher Earth are established.

Salients of the Harmonics come into view.

Metals are calmed.

Celebratories are given.

Exclusive: Massive Pentagon agency lost track of hundreds of millions of dollars


Really?  Say it isn’t so…(there is a trafficking trail somewhere….)


A damning outside review finds that the Defense Logistics Agency has lost track of where it spent the money.

One of the Pentagon’s largest agencies can’t account for hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of spending, a leading accounting firm says in an internal audit obtained by POLITICO that arrives just as President Donald Trump is proposing a boost in the military budget.

Ernst & Young found that the Defense Logistics Agency failed to properly document more than $800 million in construction projects, just one of a series of examples where it lacks a paper trail for millions of dollars in property and equipment. Across the board, its financial management is so weak that its leaders and oversight bodies have no reliable way to track the huge sums it’s responsible for, the firm warned in its initial audit of the massive Pentagon purchasing agent.

The audit raises new questions about whether the Defense Department can responsibly manage its $700 billion annual budget — let alone the additional billions that Trump plans to propose this month. The department has never undergone a full audit despite a congressional mandate — and to some lawmakers, the messy state of the Defense Logistics Agency’s books indicates one may never even be possible.

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Judith Kusel ~ Huge Energy Changes Going On Right Now


Judith Kusel – There are huge energy changes going on right now, and as all is immense flux, twirling, swirling and all is being rearranged.
Seeming chaos.
Seeming disruption.
Seeming as if all is not solid, one is not standing on solid ground, one is unsure of one’s footing, and emotions therefore then are within that swirl too, like one wants to cry for no reason, one wants to break out for no reason, things are volatile, unstable.
Remember that within the very eye of the twirling, swirling mass, there is a still point, a steady point, which is not changing. That is the anchoring point.
This is not a time to push, pull nor shove.
This is not a time to make big plans for what might not even materialize into form – for all can change in an eyewink.
It is rather to just allow yourself to breathe – in and out, very deeply and to still the incessant chatter of the mind.
Mind-games do not work at this time.
Neither does anything else.
Rather just allow this all to happen. Stay in the center, at midpoint: “This too shall pass!”
What is happening now is greater than you and me. Indeed, this is a cosmic storm, a greater reshuffling, a greater Masterplan at work.
The whole cosmos is in immense flux and flow and rearranging itself, and so is the Milky Way Galaxy.
We are but the tiniest cog in the cosmic wheel, lest we forget.
Hold onto your faith, and hold onto your visions.
Just allow.
This too shall pass.
As more and more of the ancient energy centers on the planet are being reawakened, as are the Crystal Pyramids and the Crystal Pyramid Grids (as I go in detail into, in my new book, “Why I was born in Africa: the previously unrecorded history of Elysium and the Lion Kingdom) more and more energy is being released, not only cosmically, but what has lain dormant for billions of earthly years.
You are being carried on the wings of angels, and indeed, you are always held in the arms of pure, uncondtional Divine Love.
And when human emotions and insecurities run amok at this time, within yourself and others, remember to go for a walk outside, even if just to breathe in some fresh air, and breathe very deeply, and then root yourself firmly into Mother Earth and the Divine, so that you become a bridge between heaven and earth.
Nothing is missing.
All is well.
All is being reborn – reshuffled, reinvented.
You too.
There-in lies the hidden blessings.
Reborn in love and with love!

Judith Kusel

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Update: More Q Drops 2/5/18


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