Flight Diverted out of LAX


#NH175 returning to LAX after departing 7.5 hours ago.

Follow live at https://www.flightradar24.com/ANA175/ff2bfc0

Los Angeles Airport Police confirm to ABC7 that they flight is returning to Los Angeles because “an ‘unauthorized person’ was discovered aboard”.

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Epidemic of Medical Boots in D.C.


Epidemic of medical boots: Now it’s Rep. Jackie Speier

There is an epidemic of foot issues among our politicians.

First it was Hillary Clinton, who was fitted with a medical “walking” boot on October 15, ostensibly for a broken toe from “running downstairs wearing heels” and “falling backward”.

Two months later, seen at an appearance in Vancouver on December 14, Hillary is still wearing the boot, albeit a different one, although the recovery period for a broken toe is 4 to 6 weeks.

On December 21,  NBC News reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered the Justice Department to interview FBI agents with knowledge of an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s role in a uranium deal with Russia, reviving interest in what President Trump has called a “modern-age” Watergate.

Sessions’ order comes a month after Republicans in Congress had urged him to appoint a second special counsel to investigate Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, the Uranium One deal, and the FBI’s handling of its investigation into her private emails at secretary of state.

See “The real U.S.-Russian conspiracy: Russia gave $multi-million bribe to Clinton Foundation for 2010 uranium deal“.

Then it’s RINO senator John McCain, who was fitted with the boot on his right leg. His office said in a statement on November 6 that the boot was because of “a minor tear in his right Achilles tendon”.

Two weeks later, he switched the boot to his healthy left leg to, as he put it in a tweet, “give it a break”. Not only does it make no sense to put a cumbersome medical boot on a healthy leg, that he no longer wears a boot on his right leg means that his Achilles tendon is healed.

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After Q anon Qanon it could be ILLEGAL TO PAY DEBTS. Check it out, yo!


Resourced-based economy ~ what I have been promoting for YEARSSS.  A newly discovered youtuber.  Check him out!


After Q anon Qanon it could be ILLEGAL TO PAY DEBTS. Check it out, yo!

Published on Dec 25, 2017

Q/Delta Force Clear to Go/25-26/The Floor is Yours.


Before I share this one, I want to pass along some words of insight (my perspective):  Stay clear from Bitcoin, Litecoin and all of these other non-asset backed forms of “currency”/exchange.  They ALL eventually lead back to the Central Bank from my understanding.  My perception is the elite are doing all they can to artificially prop up these currencies in order to drain the wealth from the trusting populace as they know theirs is being drained, especially now that Trump signed that EO.

Continue to hold high vibes and thoughts of protection for those engaged in the battle for our Freedom.  Peace, freedom, love.  MAGA and MEGA (Make Earth Great Again).  


Q/Delta Force Clear to Go/25-26/The Floor is Yours.

Published on Dec 25, 2017

BPEarthwatch ~ Dept of Defense/Q Confirmation


Woo hoo!!


Dept. of Defense/Q Confirmation.

Published on Dec 25, 2017

The Critical Mass of the 70%




The Critical Mass Of The 70% – SaLuSa

The Human Generosity And The Given Signs

The Critical Mass Of The 70% – SaLuSa. By Gabriel RL.

Souls on Earth have been much more open to peaceful coexistence by understanding each other more and more, so as to ensure cooperation in the ongoing transformation of the Planet.

You see situations where Mother Earth needs to purge the old energies by promoting climate movements and, in the midst of these necessary movements, some people are hoosted because of their soul contracts.

When this happens, human beings from around the world shake hands, in love, as they can, and through prayers or as volunteers, they move to areas lacking in emotional and material comfort, providing generous help as helpers. Of course, these loving gestures are not to occur only in these movements, but every day.

You are surely awakening to this highest truth that all are ONE and aware that you must be united in all times and situations.

The skein of illusions dissipates each day as you allow yourself to give your hands, naturally disempowering those who have wished, for ages, to keep you in ignorance of your Oneness with the Supreme Creator.

You are ensuring that Mother Earth advances and repays you for all the help you are giving her. In this way, it has minimized, to the maximum extent, the necessary movements of purges and tectonic relocations.

You can expect, of course, some moves in some areas, but the Galactic Fleets are patrolling and monitoring all these moves to ensure the highest possible safety and considering and honoring the soul contracts of those who wished to leave the Earth in some of these situations.

Nothing happens without a reason, dear ones, you should be are well aware of this maxim. Therefore, when you see these movements, remember compassion and generosity, abstaining from any feeling of despair and lack of Faith.

Not only is your feeling and desire to help others expand, but the Core of your Being is becoming more vibrant because of the approach of the GALACTIC MOMENT.

Humanity Ready to Overcome the Illusion - Mother Earth

Humanity Ready to Overcome the Illusion – Mother Earth


When you will encounter our fleets in your heavens, and when you no longer have doubts about your Unity with us and the Creator, you will feel so full and happy that you will say to yourselves, “How could I spend so much time depressed and anguished!? ”

The wave will sweep the Earth and certainly some will have difficulty assimilating such a powerful Magnetic Information block. These will need help, because they will be like blind people who go to sleep without seeing and wake up seeing in full noon, with the sun at the top.

Although some say that mankind is not ready for such truth and energy, we of the Galactic Federation not only say that IT IS, but can also assist the Galactic Forces directly.

Everyone will know very soon

Everyone will know very soon

The Critical Mass Of The 70% – SaLuSa

About 70% of humanity is already, at the soul level, ready for the transition, and the remaining 30% will be illuminated by 70% and will be ready quickly when the momentum is activated.

The critical mass of 70% is more than enough to sustain the GALACTIC MOMENT.

For ages we have been at your side and have kept honoring your free will in order to allow you to have your most edifying and revealing experiences.

The time has come, you have asked to be awakened, no matter what it cost – as we have said before – and we are here, at this moment, giving greater visibility to our ships, appearing in your dreams, intuiting you more strongly and showing you, constantly, the 11:11 as a sign of your awakening moment for TRUTH, so that you can awaken others with your Light.

Know, dear ones, that it is now much easier than ever to have contact with us, you have never been so open and certain, internally, that we are your Family, and we are longing for the contact with you.

As I told you in my message about time-line jumps: “continue on to the lines that best suit your vibrations.

Most of you are going to the line where the 70% have manifested the New Age and where the contact with us is real.

You hold yourselves in meditation and prayers so that you can anchor as much Light as possible in your bodies, asking your Guides, Angels and Mentors, or whatever you are most attuned, to help you by giving signs for your progress.

Certainly, you will be bathed with messages like 11:11, songs, signs specifying the way, even a small ant or a spider can bring you a message. Know that nature is more connected with what is happening than many of you. Watch out for the signs of your pets.

Dearly beloved, as you approach the closing of another year on your Gregorian calendar, it is good to take advantage of the energies that your Sun is sending to you, as an opportunity to prepare for the new wave that will reaches the Earth in the first eleven days of 2018.

Re-Start from the Old to the Light

Re-Start from the Old to the Light

The Critical Mass Of The 70% – SaLuSa

Awakening Code 11:11

Awakening Code 11:11

The Critical Mass Of The 70% – SaLuSa

This wave is a magnetic sum of several Galaxies of that Local Universe that, uniting forces, are fermenting a powerful sending of energies so that you can be more connected than ever with your most sublimated nature.

This wave will unleash even more of what is in you, so that you must cooperate by releasing what you no longer need on the journey you are following.

Gripping the old is surely “shot in the foot,” your Selves have decreed that you would no longer spend this Galactic Cycle immersed in duality, guided by drama, fear, and unloving.

Due to this powerful wave coming from various galaxies, your Local Sun will stir and your scientists will certainly detect more solar activity, and beforehand we warn you: do not be frightened, some of them, still controlled by the old order, may want bring you fear about a movement that is purely loving and for the sake of the human race.

It is the end of the dramas for many of you and the beginning of a quieter and safer walk of yourselves, no longer burdened with the old burdens, although you may be beside those who still carry them.

Do not expect your lives to change from day to day, know that in the broad steps you are in, you will have more confidence about the fate that is already visible – which your Selves have programmed – and, in these steps, you will become more and more joyful and determined to continue, without holding anything else that lowers the vibration.

Some of you have had wonderful experiences in their lives but after did fall back into drama and conflict. Dear Ones, the Creator is constantly giving you signs of what your future is if you commit yourself to yourself.

There are also those who, by free choice, will not wish to ascend now, and these will be honored in every way, as we have already said.

Even so, the experiences of now, the moments that you will experience, will be saved and will be a much more powerful springboard when a new opportunity is activated.

Everything is always evolving and nothing and no one will be left behind.



The Critical Mass Of The 70% – SaLuSa

I am SaLuSa of Sirius and, aboard one of our Mother Ships surrounded by members of several Star Commands, we greet you and wish you all a wonderful New Cycle, full of blessings and joys.

Metatron is with us and reminds you of the importance of meditation in connection with your Merkabah. It reminds you that you must move this energy so that you can get out more quickly from the dramas that still surround you. Your Merkabah is the vehicle that will get you out of the “dangerous zones” quickly.

I, SaLuSa, will be with my ship stationed for some time in the English capital, London.

For a special reason that leads me to that region, I will be giving humanity, from there, a small sign of our presence.

Of course, some controllers of the old order will know of my presence and try to minimize or even retaliate against my ship, but I assure you that no weapon will be fired at me and my crew.

Watch the Sky in London!!

Watch the Sky in London!!

The Critical Mass Of The 70% – SaLuSa

Most of the time, of course, I will be camouflaged, and at night, if we are authorized, I will give signals with my lights.

I ask that my message be translated as quickly as possible into the language of that region and distributed to the utmost in order to summon the Londoners so that they can help to sustain this truth.

Be in Peace,

Be in the Light.

Sourced from here.

Roy Potter Tweets Just Minutes Ago (12/24/17, 10:15pm PST): “Heads Up!!! Two Threats Today on Trump…”


here is what I read on a social media page i belong to about some of the references below in Roy’s tweet:  

DS=deep state

Yates: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sally_Yates
Former Obama us deputy attorney general

Habberman: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maggie_Haberman White House correspondent (for NYT) and CNN analyst.

WO: warrant officer, a person with specialized skills who is designated as an officer by a commission.

OP: military operation.

FF: false flag.

UPDATE:  Roy shared a video explaining his above tweets.


Julian Assange Twitter Account Deleted


Let us all intend:  Truth, freedom and love are victorious ~ protection energies sent out for those fighting FOR truth and love and freedom.


Trump Has Frozen The Assets of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?


Approximately the 3:30 minute mark he begins sharing the intel…


A Prophetic Verification

Streamed live on Dec 23, 2017

Destroying the Illusion ~ Q/Trump vs FBI/Space X/More MSM UFO Articles/Occult Manuscripts Declassified


12.24 – Q/Trump vs FBI/Space X/More MSM UFO Articles/Occult Manuscripts Declassified

Streamed live 3 hours ago