JetBlue flight returns to Logan Airport after reports of unusual odor


And now apparently stinkin’ ’em out…


BOSTON (WHDH) – A JetBlue flight that departed from Logan Airport returned to Boston Saturday night after passengers and staff reported an unusual odor and began to feel unwell.

The crew decided to return to Boston out of an abundance of caution, according to the airline, and they were met by medical personal when they landed.

The flight was bound for Punta Cana.

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Water leak floods JFK Airport baggage claim, forces evacuation


So now they’re flushing ’em out…


Updated 8:07 PM ET, Sun January 7, 2018

(CNN)A water main break flooded a baggage claim area at JFK International Airport in New York on Sunday afternoon, compounding flight cancellations and other headaches caused by the cold wave.

Water flowed into Terminal 4, soaking stranded travelers’ luggage and forcing a partial evacuation of the terminal, the major arrival point for international travelers. Incoming flights to Terminal 4 were shut down for several hours.
Up to 3 inches of water formed in the arrivals and customs inspection areas of the terminal and then flowed outside onto a roadway, which was closed because of icing, Port Authority Executive Director Rick Cotton said at a news conference. He said the arrivals area and customs office should reopen within several hours.
“The volume of water severely compromised all the operations,” Cotton said, adding that delays could last for days.
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Strange Phenomena ~ Bugs, Birds, Sunset Patterns, Disappearing Water, WHAAAAAT?!


Several nights ago I shared some photos here which captured a beautiful but rather strange sunset.  The sun was setting much farther north, something not seen until late spring and into summer.

Last night something called me to go for a walk before dinner.  As I headed out the door I noticed the skies, post-sunset.  The glow was coming due south.  I took some photos which I will share below (the quality is not that good as the sky was too dark for my camera to pick up the details).  The glow extended a bit to the east as well.  I found it strange, especially given just those few nights ago the glow was NNW with the south being completely subdued.

We are noticing an unusual number of birds lately, being very noisy ~ chirping in a way we don’t typically see until Spring and warmer weather. We have also noticed an unusual number of bugs ~ flies, mosquitos, fruit flies and gnats.  In the video below you will hear the birds and see the swarm of gnats that were flying above my head.  I NEVER see gnats until spring and summer.

Now our weather out west has not been unusually warm.  The temps have been pretty normal overall and we have had plenty of cold days and very cold nights ~ enough that we put a towel on our battery.  So what is allowing for the bird and bug activity ~ I cannot explain.

Yesterday, with the spiking Schumann, I began to feel unstable in my body. I intuitively knew this was not due to the spiking energies showing up on the Schumann.  I just knew this realm was and is wobbling, moving.  I am sensitive to magnetics and movement.  I used to experience severe car sickness as a child ~ and to this day certain movement patterns make me feel either quesy or unstable in my body.

I then put all of this together with a video put out by Michael at MBB333 on youtube, showing the ocean waters off the coast of Ecuador disappearing only to seemingly show up as very high tidal water’s.  We also saw this “disappearing” water act off the coast of Florida this week.  Then we had the strange planetary object showing up “under” Antarctica as captured by Steve Olson, WSO.

All of this leads to the following conclusion:  SOMETHING AIN’T RIGHT.  lol

MY “feel”?

I have felt for the past year/year and a half we have been moved by a large planetary-type object/system, magnetically.  Being perhaps pulled “up” and out of this realm we were “thrown” into by those dark beings.  I have “felt” that the “good” ones among their race/races are helping free/liberate us.  This would explain the obvious wobble of the earth and the experience of instability I have had in my body a few times going back to spring 2016.

I “feel” perhaps this water is being removed, displaced to avoid cataclysmic results (which has not happened in spite of predictions going back 5 plus years) while also allowing the as-gentle-as-possible rising of land masses that we were once hidden.  Remember I have been saying what was once hidden is now being revealed.

This wobbling/moving of our realm could also explain the strange locations of the sunsets.

As far as the birds and bugs showing signs they think it is spring…out west that is….  When I had that one and only dream of the Flash Event ~ the weather felt like it was spring time.  Nature, in the dream, showed me spring.  (at the origin of the dream I was thinking it was either spring or early fall that I was seeing this “event”~ prior to the leaves turning/falling as there were leaves on the trees)  So perhaps we are on the cusp of this event, as many of us are saying, so nature feels it as well.  If I were a bug, I would want to be awake to experience it!  lol

And given the energies of the 3d dimension, which is based in this construct we have called time, are being transitioned into the higher frequencies, who knows what month it is or when the weather patterns of spring will come into play.  I am saying much sooner than any artificially-based calendar says.

As do the bugs and birds.  Listen and observe below.  



Thank you so much for supporting my work and my words.



CNN: Feds actively investigating Clinton Foundation


And the cookie continues to crumble…



(CNN) – Federal authorities are actively investigating allegations of corruption related to the Clinton Foundation, the charity of Bill and Hillary Clinton, according to a US official briefed on the matter.

The FBI and federal prosecutors are looking into whether donors to the foundation were improperly promised policy favors or special access to Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state in exchange for donations to the charity’s coffers, as well as whether tax-exempt funds were misused, the official said.
The investigation, led by the FBI field office in Little Rock, Arkansas, is being overseen by the US attorney’s office in the state, according to the source.
The inquiry was first reported by the The Hill, which cited law enforcement sources and a witness who was interviewed.
It’s unclear precisely what, if any, new evidence ignited the current federal investigation, after initial inquiries had stalled prior to the 2016 election.

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More Q Drops As The Storm Picks Up In Speed and Intensity


They were dropping so quickly last night ~ it was difficult to keep up.  I had to keep adding…  I will start with a meme I saw last night on my social media page.  Indeed…



Q Drops:


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Is January 7, 2018 The Real Dawning of the Age of Aquarius?


I have been reading where tomorrow dawns the age of Aquarius.  According to the astrology in this video, since the release of the song “Age of Aquarius” in 1969, this astrological configuration (Jupiter and Mars being in alignment, the moon in the 7th house of Virgo) has only occurred twice, with January 1998 being the last.  Interesting that it is happening again in the month of January.  (I knew there was a reason I picked January as the month to enter this dimension.)  

Many believe the song was more than just some hippy new age peace and love song.  I am one such believer.  And while I don’t rely on tools such as astrology anymore, nor do I believe in the heliocentric model, I do feel, however, truth can be found even in deception…

Will this time around be different than in past configurations?  Given the Schumann Spikes this past year, as well as humanity’s awakening, the guidance of Higher Selves speaking of this Event/Solar Blast coming between now and March, plus just a “feel”, I believe it may be the dawning of the new.  Let’s make it so!

Enjoy the video!  And of course I had to include Age of Aquarius/Let The Sunshine video.  That song gives me chills.  Close your eyes and as the melody changes and the lyrics sing “Let The Sunshine In”, imagine the energy of the central sun, the Christed Energies, flowing into your Being, further awakening you fully and beautifully.  


“Age of Aquarius” Alignment January 7, 2018 – RARE!

Published on Nov 8, 2017

Yellow Rose for Texas Quick Update: The WORMHOLE for VENUS is GONE and Other ANOMALIES …


YRFT Quick Update – The WORMHOLE for VENUS is GONE and Other ANOMALIES …

Published on Jan 6, 2018

Ocean Receding in Ecuador ~ Now In Pensacola


one of the comments:  “Steve I just watched a thing on YouTube I think it was Art Bell or one of those guys that talks for an hour. they are taking these huge bladders and then they take them to a naval base on the water and they siphon it down to the underneath bases. But they’ve been doing this for years and I guess there’s just a whole lot of bases Underground because he said back in 2015 he said then that our water would start to disappear and would say it was evaporating.”

hmmm…  i honestly cannot figure this on-going phenomenon.  any thoughts?  here is a thought i had ~ high tech beings are literally taking this water, cleansing it and bringing it to the new earth.  sounds crazy but it is plausible…


Now Ocean Receding in Pensacola Florida

Published on Jan 6, 2018

Q Posts from Camp David


#QAnon posts from Camp David this afternoon 1/6/2017

(16) /thestorm/ – The Storm General #10: Camp David Weekend Edition: 8chan /thestorm/ – The Storm – The Storm General #10: Camp David Weekend Edition

Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/06/18 (Sat) 14:49:41 c9daa0 No.7930>>7935 >>7938 >>7944 >>7945 >>7954 >>7959 >>7963>>7966 >>7967 >>7969 >>7972 >>7978 >>7981 >>7988 >>7994 >>7995 >>7996 >>8003 >>8018 >>8020 >>8027>>8028 >>8037 >>8038 >>8077 >>8099 >>8118

Marker missed?


POTUS Tweet – RR/out.

Why is this relevant?


Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/06/18 (Sat) 14:52:55 c9daa0 No.7958>>7975 >>7976 >>7977 >>7979 >>7983 >>7986 >>7991>>8001 >>8009 >>8022 >>8037 >>8058 >>8069 >>8122 >>8135




Think clock.

Wind the clock w/ all markers.


Future proves past.


Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/06/18 (Sat) 14:55:06 c9daa0 No.7980>>7987 >>7997 >>7998 >>8000 >>8005 >>8007 >>8010>>8013 >>8032 >>8033 >>8037 >>8052 >>8111 >>8149 >>8161 >>8166 >>8212 >>8221 >>8230 >>8245

Why is POTUS referring to the Black pop now?

Refer back to crumbs.


Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/06/18 (Sat) 15:03:28 c9daa0 No.8039>>8045 >>8046 >>8051 >>8055 >>8062 >>8063 >>8064>>8081 >>8085 >>8086 >>8087 >>8098 >>8106 >>8107 >>8120 >>8140 >>8217 >>8226 >>8243

How much did AUS donate to CF?

How much did SA donate to CF?


Why is this relevant?

What phone call between POTUS and X/AUS leaked?

List the leadership in AUS.

IDEN leadership during Hussein term.

IDEN leadership during POTUS’ term.

Who controls AUS?

Who really controls AUS?


Why is this relevant?


Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/06/18 (Sat) 15:14:22 c9daa0 No.8159>>8167 >>8168 >>8169 >>8173 >>8188 >>8189 >>8194>>8198 >>8202 >>8203 >>8208 >>8209 >>8213 >>8247 >>8254 >>8283 >>8297 >>8301 >>8310 >>8324 >>8334>>8347

File (hide): 254d3301a888d24⋯.png (726.49 KB, 295×640, 59:128, PEN_.png(h) (u) 


Look familiar?

Note the desk.

Where is everyone this weekend?



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Part II: #STORM #QANON’S Zach Implicates “P_nce-Fence” in Pedogate, Zuma Space X Payload to NK 10,564 views


I like this woman ~ her energy is grounded, calm, stable and she provides good insight…


Part II: #STORM #QANON’S Zach Implicates “P_nce-Fence” in Pedogate, Zuma Space X Payload to NK

Published on Jan 6, 2018