12/15/16 Energy Update – Real Time

by Anastacia,

physical-ascensionIn the last 5 days we have been in a massive transition, as in all we ‘used to do’, we now need to do/find another way.

We are/have been in a ‘cross-over’ of the old and the new (energies) of YEARS of past relationships and ‘trauma’, PTSD/depression and the like, that is coming up – this process is so deep and traumatic for many….and there has been a lot of crying and releasing of grief (and more) going on.


We are needing to ‘re-learn’ how to cope with everything ANEW with how we have talked/communicated and have managed ‘things’ previously.

So much is needing to be let go of, of ways we may never felt or imagined we would need to…all to now come up with a ‘brand new plan’.

A very very clean slate and a very very new way of doing things, what ever that is for you and your personal situation.

This is one of the biggest ‘challenges’ we have had for some time now, like this.

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New Scientific Study Says Solar Can Already Generate More Energy Than Oil

Lance Schuttler, The Mind Unleashed
Waking Times Media


Our planet's energy comes from the sun. Digital illustration.
Our planet’s energy comes from the sun. Digital illustration.

Oil proponents have been saying for awhile now that solar doesn’t match up to oil’s energy output, but that statement may have just been proven false. In a major scientific study published in November 2016’s Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review,researchers looked at 29 separate studies and compared the solar photovoltaics (PV) generated as compared to the energy needed to create and install the panels.

The study compiled all the data from the 29 separate studies to gain a clearer picture of solar power’s energetic output. What they found was that only 5 of the 29 studies used recent data, which initially, showed a bleaker picture of what solar can actually generate. However, after compiling data with up to date technological advances in solar energy, the studies showed that solar can generate 14 times the power needed to create the panels.

The author of the study, Rembrandt Koppelar, who is a doctoral researcher at the Center for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London, said that oftentimes solar studies are using data that date back to as far as 1998. In other words, many studies put out there about solar energy are using technological data that is many years old, and not up to date with current capabilities of solar energy output.

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Muslim-Owned Restaurant Is Offering Free Christmas Meals To Elderly And Homeless

London restaurant offers 3-course meal that can be claimed by elderly and homeless individuals on Christmas day – free of charge.

No one deserves to be alone during the holidays, especially during Christmas. What’s spectacular about this belief is that it’s been adopted by a Muslim-owned restaurant. Shish Restaurant, which is located in London, presented this truth in a note that also outlined a generous offer. It read:

“No one eats alone on a Christmas Day!. We are here to sit with you. . . . Any homeless or elderly are welcomed.”

CNN relays that the note went on to explain the three-course meal that can be claimed by elderly and homeless individuals on Christmas day – free of charge. The Turkish restaurant will serve meals from noon to 6 pm on December 25th. Diners will be offered soup and cacik, a Turkish herb-and-yogurt dip and the choice of chicken casserole, vegetarian casserole or chicken shish for the main course. Rice pudding will be served for dessert.

The note was posted on the restaurant’s window last month. After a photograph of the sheet was posted to social media, it quickly garnered attention. Not only was the Facebook post shared over 1k times, more than 25 residents volunteered their time to help out at the restaurant on Christmas day. Some will serve food and others will shuttle the elderly and homeless to and from the restaurant for free.

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From One Vibe To Another: Tips on Transitioning Into Your Awakened Life

Image result for vibrational frequency image

by Katie IndiCrow,
Guest writer, In5D.com

Spiritual awakenings create the space in our lives for us to see and understand things in ways that we never could have never imagined. As we move through our healing, we see that the roles, expectations, and ideas we had of ourselves and others are based in a reality of which we no longer choose to be part. If you’re anything like me, at some point along the journey, the life you thought you’d be living no longer matches up with what your heart/soul wishes to be engaged in. You begin to realize that you need a change. You become aware of this thing called your souls’ purpose and you begin shifting into finding ways to do that.

Many of us are in various phases of redefining and redesigning our lives so that they match what we know in our hearts is our truth. Some things are easier to change than others, and who has difficulty with what is largely connected to their own personal energy story. Throughout my own process of shifting and supporting others move through theirs, I’ve picked up some handy tips and tricks about moving through it.

Here are a few that might be of use to you.

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Faulty Pipeline Leaks 176,000 GALLONS of Oil in Creek 2.5 Hours from Standing Rock

Editor’s note:  Another reason to do away with this archaic technology, not to mention shoddy constructions and shady contractors.  

A faulty pipeline has leaked 176,000 gallons of crude oil into a creek and the surrounding countryside 2.5 hours away from the Standing Rock protests in North Dakota.

The spill, which went undetected by the pipeline owners until a local stumbled on it, has spread almost 7 km (5.4 miles) from the site of the leak, and at this stage, it’s not clear what caused the pipe to rupture, or how long it’s been leaking.

According to CNN, an estimated 4,200 barrels of crude oil leaked from the Belle Fourche Pipeline in Billings County, 150 miles (241 km) from Cannon Ball in North Dakota, where protesters have been fighting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

For months, opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline have been expressing fears that it would affect local drinking water, because it was to be built under the Missouri River near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation – the primary water source of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

Last week, the US Department of the Army announced that it would not approve the crossing of the pipeline under the Missouri River.

The massive nearby spill – which was discovered on the same day that the Dakota Access Pipeline construction permit was denied – might have just proved the protesters’ point.

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South Korean President Forced To Step Down When People Find Out She is Involved In Satanic Rituals

Editor’s note:  I checked with Time Magazine online – and this is indeed an authentic story.  This is what a true citizen’s democracy looks like. Awakened populace who don’t take filth or crap from their elected officials.  Remember peeps, this filth is global.  


According to LivingResistance, South Korean people are up in arms, after finding out the President is part of a satanic cult and is divulging top secret information to her lover, in exchange for favors and money.

최순실According to sources, the female President of South Korea, Park Geun-hye, was having a relationship with another female named Choi Soon-sil.  Choi Soon-sil is apparently from a billionaire satanic cultist family and has ties to the Clintons, as most other billionaire cultists do.  As their relationship grew, Choi Soon-sil was given top clearance state secrets and million-dollar deals were made with her, at the expense of the South Korean people.  Choi would receive the president’s plan for governance, and ran her own “shadow cabinet” that would give comment on the presidential policy plans.  The net result was astonishing. It appears that Choi was involved in virtually every major policy initiative from the Park Geun-hye administration. Choi even received national security briefings and gave comments on Park’s Dresden speech- the most significant pronouncement of South Korea’s policy on North Korea.

Park Geun-hye allowed Choi Soon-sil to advise her in many areas, including allowing her to channel demonic spirits through her body.  Park had a cable released by Wikileaks in which she says she believed there was “complete control over her body and soul.”

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Mysterious Object Hovering Above Fujisawa, Japan

Editor’s note:  Perhaps galactic clean-up assistance?

Mysterious Spherical Object Hovers Over Fujisawa!

Fake News

Editor’s note:  Wow.  I wasn’t aware Facebook is behind the nation’s divide.  Seriously – you cannot make this sheot up, people.

Watch CNN Accidentally Explain How They’re Fake News!

Fake News

BREAKING!! CNN Fake News Exposed!! MUST SEE!! 2015

Fake News

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