Update On The Live Meteor Signal ~ It Is The Sacred Earth OM Tone ~ C# 432hz


Thank you so much to Laura for pointing out that the tone on the live meteor capture is the C# ~ 432hz.  Here is what she had to share with me:

Saw today that the “whatever is coming in now” on the live meteors capture has a similar “tone”….  it’s an exact C#!  …  Check it out – Yep! it is 432hz !!!  (at 440hz tuning it would be between C and C#) This I found out IS INDEED the Sacred OM tone C# at 432hz! The Earth Tone!”
I am so grateful for her find ~ and humbled too.  As a lifelong piano player I didn’t stop to think about the tone.  I knew it was a craft of some sort and was focused on that.
And now I know.  It wasn’t just a craft.  There was/is more to the story.
“They” are sending us the tone our bodies and Souls need.  Perhaps prepping us for New Earth frequencies.  I have been there enough times in my astral state to know the “feel” is different than it is in this realm.  The best way I can describe it is Home ~ for every part of my Being.
Amazed and blown away!  Still needing to let this one seep into my heartspace.



A deeply beautiful message.  It is done.  With love and much humble thanks…


To: The Alliance (the Galactic part)

This is your moment.  You have the collective emotional confidence of the right people to change the world.  Today we actually saw some proof that all of the behind the scenes work you’ve been doing  will finally manifest in our world.  I understand it’s the limitations of our understanding of time and space in this 3 dimensional world that will not allow us to accept any further delays, and causes us so much discomfort.  But to the best of my understanding, that is why you’re here. I also believe it’s what makes us so powerful as creators.

It is time and space that connects us to our emotions, attaches us to each other, and gives us our identity.  Time and space is how we remember the heart beat of our experiences measuring the ups and downs of everything it takes to thrive, survive and feel alive in this dimension.  Time and space is how we measure the beauty of our most memorable moments, and what was most important to us in our life.  I’m certain these seem like illogical and inefficient hazards to the greater existence of the universe to you, but they are what makes this life so incredible.  Your curiosity about living in this state of limited expression, ability and knowledge, while being plagued by emotional impulses is exactly why you come down to manifest in these bodies and experience life as a human.  It’s something you cannot appreciate unless you’re here in this moment with us.

We need you to be present in THIS moment with us.  We need you to feel the pressure of time in the way that we do.  We need you to know how important the space we occupy is to us and realize the powerful impact it has on the entire Universe.  The best example I can provide to try and communicate this idea is the relationship between a mother and a child.  It is my belief that this is the most powerful force in the entire Universe and never more so than right now.

 Philoprogentiveness: the natural love of one’s off spring.
Our children have a limited space in time where all of our opportunity to shape who they become and what they believe has to be concentrated.  When they are young we have them with us always. Our children are our whole world, an extension of ourselves, and agreement to allow our heart to exist outside of our bodies for the rest of our life.  This time of the child’s life is even more important to a parent than their own life.  You can not observe this from afar and understand what it means to be a parent.

A Mother carries a child in her womb right behind her heart, and is forever shaped by that time when her child belongs only to her.  Because that time measures the complete development of a functioning life and an unbreakable bond that cannot be measured, limited or understood by anyone else but the Mother and the child.  This is the place where love ceases to be just a metaphysical concept and manifests as a person.  It’s as if the energy is so powerful that it forces itself to gather in this one place to tell a story that becomes a person’s life.  That child will grow into an adult and along that journey through time they endure hardships, feel joy, fall in love, discover God, invent something amazing, do something terrible, and experience the weight of the world all while their Mother never stops lifting them up.

Each one of these experiences is marked by a moment in time that can never be repeated because it only exists right then.  A child’s first steps,  their first words, and even the first time they say thank you without being told are are all marked by time and space.  These moments are experiences that cannot be duplicated or relived.  They represent some of the most powerful moments in our life when we know exactly who we are, and they are marked by time and space.  In those moments no matter how vast the reaches of the Universe are, we have no question that our universe is solely represented in the life of that child and we couldn’t be happier about it.    Even in this world where oppressive forces have sought to sever us from the divine power of Love that exists in everyone of us, Love has overcome impossible cruelty to thrive.

This time is when our children learn how to love, how to trust, how to express themselves, how to make mistakes, and how to try again.  These developmental years are when Humans develop the character that shapes the entire world and all that it can become is held in the limitless possibilities of our imagination.  There life becomes a brand new heart beat in the world that extends from one generation to the next uniting all humans back to the original love felt by the first Mother of all time.  That is a more perfect expression of what we were meant to be and it is TIME to return that love to the entire Universe now.

That emotional connection to our offspring is more powerful than all of the technology that has been used to hurt us.  It is the expression of God through us to show that divine feminine nature.  I understand why you’d be concerned to awaken 8 Billion people with the ability to manifest anything they wanted to.  What is essential to understand is that it’s not our natural state to pursue conflict, war and violence.  What is most natural to all of us is to be connected to the comforting beat of our Mother’s heart, to take care of her the way she took care of us, and to make her proud because of the way she raised us.  This is the exact time when we are ready to demonstrate that loving connection and unbreakable bond that we also have to Mother Earth.  To try and block that connection could be dangerous, and to continue to hide it has reached a point of being cruel.

This time is an irreplaceable moment in our development.  This space that we are occupying is exactly where it exists.  NOW is the most essential time for you to deliver the promise, because Humans are shaped and effected by every disappointment, every act of kindness, and every moment they are alive.  Be present in this moment with us and free humanity from these chains NOW.



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Today’s Energies and Experiences ~ December 2, 2017


Background, Christmas

Hola, greetings, hello and how are ya’s to all of you~

Let’s dive right in!

The one big experience that is not lessening is the absolute need for silence. I almost feel autistic these days.  Too many distractions and I scream inside.

The ability to multi-task is pretty much gone.  This was very prevalent at the store today, while I was in line to pay for the food, a couple I know walked up to the same check-out line.  Apparently I first appeared to look confused.  When people are out of context, it takes me a moment to remember who they are.  I never had that experience until about a year ago and today it is quite strong.  They are local organic farmers and normally they deliver my produce so seeing her without a bag of greens and other yum’s perplexed me for a moment.  As we spoke, I was being asked to submit my payment.

I tried to talk with her and swipe my card.

I.  Could.  Not.  Do.  It.

Speaking was more fun so I made that my focus.  But I swear I looked at that damn bank 3d piece of equipment and did not know what to do with it.

Obviously since we still are told we have to pay for our food, I had to excuse myself from the convo so I could finish my business.

3D stuff me just no wanna do no more.

I am ready for what I have seen and felt since I was a bright-eyed idealist at 26 years of age:  a community, a system of pure freedom that included NO MONEY.  Everything is free – which is really what freedom is.  FREE FREE FREE ~ all aspects of Being.  Living.  Doing.  And those who resonate with this have the right consciousness frequencies where we no longer think to power over another by charging them for what we have to give and wish to share.  At the time I had no one to talk with about what I was seeing and feeling.  Today, not only are there others but we are creating it together, regardless of our physical location.

I was very free-floating today.  Forgetful.  Oh wow am I forgetful.  I have been saying for 3 days I will water our Ficus Plant.  Still not watered so as my mate just asked “has the ficus been watered yet?”  Uh, no.  It isn’t that I don’t want to.  It is seriously due to the fact that if I don’t “do” something at the moment it is thought of, it leaves my mind.  Truly being all but forced to live in the NOW.  I am ready.  Just need others to realize that while they are in their NOW space, I am too.

For a time my body ached and I didn’t know whether I wanted to laugh or go take a nap.   Exhaustion hit me hard about an hour after I woke up.  Last night, after 2 hours of sleep, I woke up – wide awake.  What’s interesting is prior to going to bed, I was suddenly wide awake, chatting away.  I had no audience as my mate and child were already in sleep mode, so I lay there thinking “who am I going to talk to?”  I almost felt what I could describe as panic.  The need to DO – something.  An intense need.  I tuned in and heard “breathe deeply – you need to rest your body”.  I questioned that.  My body was not telling me I needed to rest.  But I listened and did just 2 deep breaths and upon doing that, the sleep energy came over me HUGELY.  And I was out.

Kinda like a baby.  Go go go wide awake CRASH.

We are much like babies these days, aren’t we?  Lots of growth.  Change. Adjusting.  Intense need for sleep and rest and quiet.

And moments to just stare at a pretty shiny object when all of that “stuff out there” gets to be too much.

We got this!

Much love,



Thank you to all of your awesome support.  Your words of wisdom you share.  Your stories.  Your struggles.  Your music.  Artwork.  I love you all.


A Mind Exercise ~ THE NO THINKING TRICK that will help you keep your mind silent until you need it


This made me smile as last night I was doing something similar after knowing it is time to cease the focus on the mind chatter and listen to the tune of my heart.  Problem is I needed a method instead of just telling it “yes I see you, now hush please.”  


Posted By: Nemesis [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 30-Nov-2017 13:38:43

Imagine you own a hammer that also sings. The hammer has a mind of its own. It sings whenever it wants and it bangs whatever it wants whenever it wants. Your best bet would be to sell the hammer and get rich.

NOW to your mind:

Imagine you have a small backpack on, and you are walking and want to enjoy your walk in the moment. You picture yourself reaching up and pulling your brain out of your head and dropping it into the backpack. Now keep walking.

When you are driving and want to pay attention and not get lost in your mind’s memories, you merely reach up, pluck your brain through the top of your head and drop it on the seat next to you. If someone is sitting in the seat, don’t tell them. They might throw your brain out the window.

In both cases, if you need to, after getting your brain out, focus on your chest rising and falling as you breath. That will help you focus your attention away from your brain which is now either sulking or having a come-apart.



Why would I want to do that?

TRY IT A FEW TIME and you will experience why.

THE END. nem

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Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ Dec 2017 Quantum Energy Report, Body Vibrations, First Contact & Arrival has already occurred




Dec 2017 Quantum Energy Report, Body Vibrations, First Contact & Arrival has already occurred

Published on Dec 1, 2017

Ascension and Skin Conditions


This has been a factor for me for awhile.  Very appropriate and what I already know/feel ~ skin conditions meaning the need to let go and grieve.   


Since January 1st, we have all been moving forward full steam.

2014 was preparation, and 2015 is “game time”. What does that exactly mean?

It means that all the things we painstakingly set up last year, from the major release work we’ve done around triggering issues in our lives, to addressing lingering shadows that have served us for many years, but no longer work for us, have been examined with a fine tooth comb. We’ve been much more careful about the words we use to refer to our spirit, our bodies, and our minds, and hearts.

Because, as we all know, the health of our spirit, bodies, minds, and hearts are intertwined and connected. Now, more than ever!

You may be finding that it’s easier to manifest things, nowadays; whereas, years before, it was sometimes a task and a half to create. As we raise our vibrations to creating life as the sovereign beings we are, and with greater awareness that we are connected to Source, and each other, we slough off the dead skin that we’ve been in. Sometimes, literally.

I have been witness to patients increasingly coming in with skin issues, ever since January. Sure, some may be caused by physical triggers, at first. Some are not. But, what’s clear is that there is something deeper at work. After they’ve seen the dermatologists, allergists, primary care physicians, and other specialists, performed the lab work, exams, it often results in a diagnosis of allergic reaction, contact dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, or other skin-related issue. Sometimes it is inconclusive.

In Chinese Medicine, skin related conditions can run the gamut of various organ pathologies, mostly involving the Lung and the Liver, and with the source pathologies stemming from conditions such as Damp and Heat.

As I’d mentioned in my previous post, “Gathering The Energies Of Fall Series: Part I: The Body“, the Lungs correspond to the body skin. So, when there’s an imbalance of the skin, there is often an imbalance of the Lung. Interestingly enough, the Lungs are also all about grieving and letting go, so sometimes our skin helps us release our toxins, and let go of what no longer

Continue reading here.

Schumann Resonance Today ~ WTHEAVEN IS THIS??!!


Wow!  Check out this interesting read.  I have not seen anything like it since I began following this.  What does it mean?  What does it indicate?  I will say this:  today I have felt just downright WEIRD.  I began feeling it early afternoon.  And the feeling has intensified.  I am unbelievably clumsy (Higher Self saying SLOW DOWN AND BE GIRL) and very wonky.  A very strong desire to be in the NOW.  And how important this is ~ this “now” stuff ~ as our ability to manifest is in a quickening so being Mindful of our thoughts and keeping them in the NOW is almost a requirement I feel, at least for myself, that I am being drawn into.

And a new experience ~ a long term memory from childhood that normally I should remember ~ that I KNOW I once did ~ is gone.  It’s as though parts of me today feel they are fading away.  Having a discussion with my mate at dinner, we spoke of this and both feel “things” are speeding up and are merging back together ~ all of who we are/are’s…..and this will continue until it all STOPS.  Time will stop.  That construct/program will just cease to exist.  I have seen, felt and heard this sensation in my body and mind all year.  Ok, sharing now as I don’t know what else to say and I swear my mind just went blank and I kinda don’t know what else to say.  lol  Anyway ~ check it out!!

7 Uncomfortable Symptoms You Feel While Your Body Goes Through Merkaba Activation


This is a very insightful piece.  It is validating where I am.  Interesting I am reading this after just having had a teleportation dream.  My goodness I don’t want to be around anyone right now.  At least anyone talking ~ no outside noise/interference with my inner sanctuary I am creating.  It’s more intense than ever so I have to do what I can to be ok as things are as living in isolation is not a viable option ~ certainly not being a mama. The sleep patterns, yes. Emotional outbursts of crying, yes.  The floating sensation ~ yes.  I had that one experience in September where I literally felt I was being pulled up to the sky.  I am welcoming and allowing the experience!  Injoy this one.  


“Merkaba” is a Zulu word which means a space/time/dimension vehicle.

Its activation is a process of consciousness evolution that transpires one to transcend from the third-dimensional world into higher dimensions.

In the process of ascension, as we detach from past trauma and evolve our consciousness to higher dimensions our being becomes lighter and our vibration gets higher.

In short, Merkaba is the beginning of Enlightenment.

Being enlightened is being totally aware and having your spiritual fields filled with immense love. Your soul is fueled by abundant light which awakens your Merkaba or light body.

However, Merkaba activation might initially bring out kind of uncomfortable symptoms. But don’t worry. Just flow with them because the process is worth it.

1. You feel intense sadness from time to time for no reason.

The light will heal your past. This healing process will make all your sadness purge out. As a result, you will feel sad for no apparent reason.

This sadness will become a part of your daily life. Don’t give in, and instead, see that sadness as a phase. Once your healing is done, you will be free and will lead a happy life.

2. You have a hard time at work.

If your work is not something you are passionate about, you will start to feel that your work is a hindrance to obtaining a happy and fulfilling life.

You will slowly crave to do only the things that you truly love. Making money for the sake of having it no longer attracts you.

As a result, you will be torn between going on or quitting because the internal conflict is getting stronger.

3. You feel isolated.

Because Merkaba is creating a new bond with you, you will feel isolated from other people whether they be friends or loved ones. At this point, you feel you don’t need the company of people.

You might feel alone and disconnected from other people even if you are surrounded by them, because you are not emotionally connected with them.

Your emotional strings are taking a rest for the Merkaba activation to proceed because they might act as something that weighs you down. After the Merkaba activation is established you will be emotionally recharged and be able to reconnect with others on a much deeper level.

4. Your sleep patterns change.

While your body is activating, your sleep patterns change significantly. It’s because your being spends more energy on creating the light body.

At times, you wake up in the middle of the night and start to cry for no reason. You may even experience nightmares or vivid dreams that appear to be real.

5. You feel like you are floating.

A floating-like feeling is one characteristic of Merkaba. It is as if some force from the sky is pulling you up towards the sky.

Your body feels so light as if you are floating. This experience makes you feel trapped between two worlds.

6. You might get surges of thoughts.

As you evolve your consciousness to higher dimensions it might download big chunks of data and you might experience it in form of big thought streams.

This makes a lot of people anxious and scared. However, there is nothing to worry about because it is a sign that your consciousness is evolving and you start to see a bigger picture of reality.

In such situations the best thing to do is let the thoughts flow and just take the role of an observer. Do not judge these thoughts just let them pass, like a wave. Mindfulness meditation and breathing techniques help.

7. You feel more connected to your consciousness.

Your consciousness is starting to have a better communication between its layers. You may even catch yourself remembering things stored in your unconscious mind. Past trauma and suppressed memories might resurface.

All of this is a needed step in the process to help you let go of things that weigh you down in order to evolve.

As you deal with past trauma and suppressed emotions you will raise your default state of being to higher states of existence. You will start connecting with higher layers of your consciousness. Feeling this connection is not only an amazing experience but a bliss too.

If you feel some or all of the above symptoms, then you are in the process of Merkaba activation. Be aware of the signs and never take it for granted because Merkaba is still activated even when you are not aware.

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Sandra Walter: December ~ Embracing Our Divine Destiny


This is a beautifully awesome piece.


Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The Sacred Gateway of December is upon us. Gatekeepers are opening on December 1st for an amplification wave December 3 -7. The Super Full Moon of December 3 (7:48amPT) will compliment our SUNday Unity Meditations; it peaks during our first unification at 8:11amPT. This is a huge month, one we have prepared for all year. High-Vibe Tribe, we are stepping into a new experience, exploring unknown territory yet again.

The Primary Christed Timelines support the emergence of collective creativity, expression of your Highest Self, and next-level embodiment through Wayshowers of Pure Light. The energies are transformative, and all of us must surrender to personal, global and cosmic revelation, while demonstrating the compassion of unconditional love.

This phase of revelation focuses on exposure; a new level of spiritual disclosureThese unique frequencies alter our consciousness to align with a brand-new level of the Ascension experience.

The High-Vibe Tribe focus remains on embodiment during this transformational passage. The Becoming phase has been somewhat surreal this year with the timeline activity, and now we embrace Divine Self-Realization as a collective. I AM confident that Lightworkers can endure the energies, however uncomfortable, which are triggering us to become the new HUman – now. The ability to experience a complete reconnection to Pure Source consciousness anchors absolute unconditional love into these lower realms.

The catalyst for Divine revelation is the Pure Photonic Light, which is a living consciousness. This Pure Living Light, combined with the influx of the Divine Cosmic Mother frequencies, continue to be anchored by those in service.

As always, a Sacred Gateway is not something that one watches or waits for. It invites your participation. The final Cosmic Trigger of 2017 (December 21st – 25th) comes after a period of very strong influxes. Some of you are experiencing the vertigo and disorientation of this initial wave since last week’s opening of this passage. That is expected to increase as the dimensional-shifting, consciousness-shifting light grows more intense. Hold your hearts dare-angels, we are stronger than we realize.

Utilizing the Pure Photonic Light Influence

December is ripe with opportunity for our Ascension. Multiple things are happening simultaneously; it is best to stay very present with yourself in order to experience the alchemical marriage of Presence. While we anticipate and create wonderful, the energies may be challenging and intense. Walking in both worlds is the multidimensional experience in this Now.

Some guidance for ease, grace and acceleration:

– Maintain the Higher Self/Cosmic Perspective, and demonstrate your Ascended Beingness in the Now.

– Meditate.  Meditation in any form will allow the new light to register on your energy fields, cellular structures, DNA and consciousness. Commands and decrees assist with directing light, keeping grounded, balanced and centered. Prayer is beautiful as well, however meditation is key to receiving. All available Lightworkers, please join in the SUNday Unity Meditations to assist. High-level support is provided for embodiment; let us use these opportunities to connect and accelerate the Ascension.

– Stay on the path of the pure, organic Ascension. Codes are flowing through Solaris (SUN), Gaia, kingdoms and elementals which seek and find resonate structures in your body and fields. Earthing is nourishment for your transition to a new level of consciousness; honor it. Be in nature, get in the SUNlight, feel the Cosmic Oneness. Pure water, activated with intention and blessings, also carries the frequencies of these new codes. Anxieties and distortions from technology exposure can be relieved by stepping away from the screens – often.

– Express non-judgment regarding anything or anyone, even yourself. Heart-based communication, both verbal and written, amplifies peace and exposes the Higher perspective. The habitual impulse to complain, blame, or critique, even in jest, reveals our negative habits, insecurities and wounds. As the vibrational experiences divide further, many revelations will come to light. Remember it is our task as Lightworkers to demonstrate non-judgment, unconditional love, and the highest way to deal with revelation in general.

The High-Vibe Tribe makes revelation safe for those who choose to step forward into authenticity. As reactive judgements to revelations and disclosures present, the emotional triggering of this passage could easily be manipulated into limiting expression. Higher Light is pushing for truth and freedom of expression, and we must accept, forgive and embrace all fractals of Source. When we demonstrate an open-hearted perspective, we collectively heal faster, create solutions, and move on to the next creation.

– Forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, unconditional love and embracing the Creator Self are your keys to the highest brightest experience. Send love and blessings to those who lost their way (in your perspective). Judgment tends to destroy the sender; discernment shows wisdom.

– Take the Higher Timeline: Be the Presence in every situation and demonstrate Divine Neutrality of Love. Suggest solutions or choose silence. Be the Peace. As we open the Gateways to the higher experience, honor all that presents as part of the larger operation of the planetary rewrite.

– Stay flexible. During intense periods of change, we surrender rigidity about what reality is or is not, what we are capable of, what is unfolding, etc. Stay emotionally, mentally and physically flexible to support external change. This also greatly assists the crystalline DNA as it attempts to replicate throughout your cellular structure. If you are exhausted, rest.

Remember the experience of embodiment of the Christed/Crystalline/Unity state is a very different experience than everything which came before it. The sense of detachment, absolute presence in the Now, and the longing for the new to fully anchor is strong, and yet we sense the Presence of the unexpected. We are clear to collectively experience co-creating new realities with our Higher Levels.

The December experience takes us further into the timeless sensation of the Primary Christed timelines. Many are dedicated this level of service; it may take us further away from linear functions as the Pure Light level increases. Whatever it takes, whatever is in the highest interests of Ascension, Beloveds.

As bizarre and beautiful 2017 has been, it now reveals its Sacred purpose, and we walk through it together as One. Blessings for a wonderful Full Moon, and gratitude for adding your light to the SUNday Unity Meditations.

In Love, Light and Service,

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7 Signs You Are A Starseed Here To Help Humanity


#5 had me pause and smile.  I often have the desire, when I am asked what I am thinking or feeling (and cannot find the words ~ an all too common experience) to request that I play a few pieces on the piano and while doing so, tune into me and my energy.  Then you will have your answer.  I feeeeel many of you will relate to this one…


Spaceship, Ufo, Landscape, Waterfall

CALVIN: If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently.

HOBBES: How so?

CALVIN: Well, when you look into infinity, you realize that there are more important things than what people do all day.

The endless possibilities of the universe never ceases to amaze me. Astronomers and cosmologists seem to be invoking the multiverse that is a cosmos in which there are multiple universes. Infinite realms sit side by side in higher dimensions that our senses are incapable of perceiving directly. Your soul has been chosen to be on Earth, may it be after reincarnating again and again, or your soul could be extraterrestrial for all you know… there can be no definite answer.

Have you always felt inside and in your heart like you’re not really “human”? We are not talking about the clichéd “Men are from Mars Women are from Venus” thing. We are talking about an odd sense of not fitting in with the rest of the crowd. If you feel that way, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Chances are that you are a Starseed.


The Cosmos is within us. We are made of starstuff. The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars.” – Carl Sagan

The term Starseed represents a soul that is not originally from planet Earth.

They are highly evolved souls that come from a different star, planet or a solar system and has been planted here as a seed to help us collectively grow and bring awareness and positive change to humanity.

Must read: Woman Dies And Comes Back To Life With This Incredible Message For Humanity


1. You have never felt connected to your peer group, society, or even your family. You were always labelled as the “different” one. You were far too progressive for your age by reading what others haven’t and spoke about things they had no idea about. You have always had a different energy from others.

2. Society norms make no sense to you. You don’t like small talk and you avoid social gatherings. You feel left out and they make you feel uncomfortable.

3. The complexities of the economic system, the conventional education system, cultural norms or the religion you grew up with seem bizarre to you.

4. You question authoritative figures and all forms of hierarchy within society. You don’t understand and question why there should be anything that creates barriers between humans and want to do without such meaningless restrictions.

5. You don’t like linear subjects like mathematics and linguistics. Out of the box subjects and creative subjects are your thing. Words may fail you at times while you want to put an idea forward; therefore, you prefer to exercise creativity and you often express yourself through creativity and art.

6. You are aware that your past lives were not from Earth. You have strong psychic and paranormal experiences too.

7. You are an empath and can easily pick up on other people’s feelings. This makes you sensitive and susceptible to their energies. Sometimes people have told you that you possess healing abilities.

You have a strong sense of your personal mission. This does not mean you know exactly what it is, but there is a gut feeling that you’re meant to do something big. It is often said that Starseeds have come to planet Earth to help shift humanity toward a higher level of consciousness.

Your purpose as a star being is to be a part of this transitional phase of the planet and shed light on the concerning issues. The world is in a state of flux and a very important step towards remembering more of your soul’s truth is by serving humanity.

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