A Discussion of the Recent Crop Circle ~ July 18, 2017


Editor’s note:  I have a lot to say about this one.  First of all, it is important for you to look at this picture as often as you can.  You can view it here, in the video below or on the main page of my site.  I listened to this video and was blown away. Blown!  lol  (i hear george from seinfeld) I originally posted this crop circle picture here on the 19th, one week ago.  A lot has happened to me since that time.  First I have been in new classrooms.  Second, I keep feeling this process is really speeding up (and we are doing this with our INTENTIONS – they are therefore assisting – so keep intending beautiful Souls).  The most powerful…  Three days after posting this crop circle piece here, while in the shower, I saw a vision on the wall of a lion-being that I felt was from the Sirius system.  He was part lion, part human and he was beautiful.  He radiated old old ancient wisdom.  The kindness in his eyes and smile was a kindness I have yet to encounter from another human.  It was powerful, strong, solid and felt so protective.  I felt I knew him.  Throughout this year, I have also had visions of a short, stocky male being with the same hair as this being.  I feel he is my protector and I feel a very deep connection with him.  In July 2oo9, I had this telepathic encounter with a glowing white orb that called to me to come outside.  When I did, there it was, communicating with me.  I received an impression of who was inside.  They looked very human and the first thought I had (other than “MY FAMILY”) was “from the future”.  I’ve been thinking of this encounter a lot lately and, again after seeing this crop circle below, I had this thought the beings in that orb/craft I saw in 2009 were actually a mix – the humanoid/lioness appearance and they made themselves appear humanoid as to not frighten me (at the time such an appearance would have frightened me for I knew NOTHING about other races of beings other than the grays and reptiles).  I recently, just for fun, took a quiz on my true spirit animal. The result?  The Lion.  Anyway, listen to this amazing piece and you will understand why I was BLOWN away in a very wonderful way.  Enjoy!  And again, if you so resonate with the idea, look at this circle and see what happens.  And share any results if you so wish.  Much love!  

In5d’s Michelle Walling Discusses The Cley Hill Crop Circle With Sean Bond

Lion’s Gate 2017 ~ Let Your Truth Roar


Received via e-mail newsletter.  Awesome awesome piece.  

By Isis Sofia

This is a POWERFUL time to be alive!

It can also feel excruciatingly painful at times. Lion’s Gate, 8-8 Portal of Cosmic Energy is our big operating system update. Just like your computer or cellphone shuts down while running updates, your body, mind, and energy systems may go a bit “wonky” while you are running cosmic energy updates!

Fortunately, this is all for a big REALLY GOOD reason and purpose. We are collectively as a planet ready to be Sovereign co-creators of the Universe and work together in harmony, without our old baggage (sometimes known as karma).


I am so beyond ready to create what I really want instead of being bogged down by everyone else’s bullshit, aren’t you?!

But wait…

Why is all this chaos showing up for me?

Well lovebug, I’m afraid to say it… you ARE creating everything you’ve said you wanted… with your thoughts, feelings and energies. Some of which, you aren’t consciously aware of. Others, have become part of your world view and you can’t even see that it’s causing this hot mess.

Sovereignty, or personal autonomy requires that you acknowledge everything you’ve created. And the big kicker… appreciate it, without judgment. Even if it was a big mistake. SIGH. I know, it sucks, right?

But honestly, this is how you unlock your Truth. Own up to the times you’ve bought into someone else’s bullshit because it was easier than rocking the boat. Forgive yourself. Validate your gnarly feelings of resentment and jealousy… and turn them into confirmation that the success you see in someone else is just as possible for you.

Invest all that energy in yourself instead of wishing for someone else’s life, or that one magic pill or course or oracle deck that will make everything clear.

Take one step. Then take another. And another. That’s the badassness of being a Lion, a Leader, a Co-Creator of the Universe. You can create anything you want, but it’s not going to happen either without magic, or ONLY by magic.

Watch for the magic. Listen to your intuition. Ask for signs and guidance. Ask the Universe eleventybillion times a day “What would it take to do xyz that I don’t know how to do” until the Universe shows you the answers so clearly you can’t help but take action. This is how you make Miracles.

Because the Truth is, beloved, you are here to do amazing things. You are meant to touch lives, to change the world, and to have RADIANT joy and delight in your life. Your abundance, support, and ease is the Universe’s desire for you.

But to receive it all, you must be fully Sovereign. You have to know what you want more than what you don’t want, and you have to be able to ask for the best, knowing it’s beyond what you know. This means TRUSTING the Universe.

Yaldabaoth Tentacle Removal


Editors’ note:  An interesting tool/visual.  Studied this Yaldabaoth energy here and there. Let’s visualize and intend it at 100% so we can have 100% of US (memories) back.  I feel the event/cosmic flash will wipe out any remaining matrix/control energies so don’t particularly resonate with the concept of “first this has to happen before the event”.  

Yaldabaoth Tentacles Removal and Universal Dissolution Update

Yaldabaoth Tentacles Removal Universal Dissolution

07-18-2017 – Universal Dissolution Little Step!! @66% 

One more little step forward! Victory of The Light!

Once completed the removal of all Tentacles and the Head will be ready for The Event. Generally, as you can see from the history, small steps are made almost every day, so you should periodically check this page to get an accurate indication of the current situation.



Trying Versus Allowing ~ The Way To Go With The Flow


Editor’s note:  Beautiful piece.  Comforting words of reminder.  Soothing to my ego and heart.  

July 24, 2017
Vera Ingeborg

My oh my… these times lately are really something. It is hard to even express in words what happens because things move so fast and shift so quickly. The concept of linear time dissolves more and more and we are moving into a living from moment to moment. We realize that the answers cannot be found outside, but only within and that we have to own our process, instead of making ourselves dependent of other people. And – it becomes clear that we are NOT transcending the physical body when ascending. NO, we are shifting old patterns and are transforming our physical body to fully embody what wants to be expressed and created through us. We are now finding our way into true alignment of soul, mind and body to live in accordance with the rhythm of the universal energies. When we are in full alignment and embodiment, then we are completely going with the flow.


So what does that mean? The best way to understand what shift we are going through, no matter on what level or in which situation is to understand the difference between trying and allowing. In our old paradigm, based on lack, mistrust and fear, we have been taught that we need to try harder, we need to fight for things, we need to put effort into reaching goals, we need to control and manipulate people, situations and processes to reach a certain outcome. We are conditional. WE ARE TRYING. The new paradigm on the other hand is based on abundance, trust and love. Here, things happen for us magically and effortlessly and we are always provided with what we need and desire from our hearts. Here, we have that deep inner knowing, that everything happens for a purpose and for the highest good of everyone involved. We are open and receiving, we are taking action when it feels right without expecting a specific result. We are unconditional. WE ARE ALLOWING.

Sounds wonderful? Yes! But how to get there?

The old New Age and the New

Let’s dive a bit deeper into that, looking at the “old new age” teachings and the new intuitive knowing through embodiment and alignment. Often, we are not even aware of the fact, that yet being on the spiritual journey, we are still searching restlessly for answers and making ourselves dependent from the wisdom of other people, gurus and teachers. We are signing up for one webinar, retreat, class after another to gain more insights and learn more methods. We book readings to learn more about a certain situation, we are going into past life regression sessions to understand better where our pain and fears come from. We are putting effort into it because our mind wants to understand what is going on with us. We are focused and closed down. And more than that: It wants to find that person or situation to blame for, the root cause of our experience. We are trying harder, we are reading more about stuff and might even become obsessed or addicted to certain methods, rituals, and teachings. Sometimes we feel superior, thinking we know it all and need to convince others, sometimes we feel inferior, as if we never know enough. And… this will continue as long as we let our ego-mind (even though it has now transformed into a spiritual ego) stay in the lead. The ego mistrusts that process, it wants answers. It is trying to find THE solution, THE healing method. It thinks there is something we need to reach, to finally find peace. And with it, it still causes that feeling of lack, of not being whole. And with it and all the searching and distractions, leads us away from where we truly find wholeness. From our heart, from our intuition, from the NOW-moment.

“All the searching and distractions lead us away from where we truly find wholeness From our heart, from our intuition, from the NOW-moment.”

Alignment and Embodiment is Key

Yes, astrology, numerology, channelings from archangels and extraterrestrials etc can give us some peace of mind for a while. But that is not what we are striving for. We are striving for a state of no-mind: A healthy state of non-interpretation of things. We are striving for a state of full embodiment. Where we feel the truth from the inside. No need for confirmation from the outside. That is the ultimate transformation of the ego-mind into a free spirit. A mind that is fully connected to the one-mind / unity consciousness. Our truth and essence comes always from within. As long as we need outside guidance, we are still in a state of attachment, which is fear. It is tough to recognize and admit that one to oneself. Once we do and work through it, we reach true freedom. We reach ultimate trust. We reach ultimate authenticity. We reach self-love. We reach Source. The closer we come to self-love, the closer we come to God/Source. Because God is not an outside force. No – God works through us. We are and expression of God in physical form. Ultimate self-love means truly embracing ourselves as perfect in all ways. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Once we have fully embodied self-love on all levels, we are free. We create a completely new reality based on the new vibration we are now operating on. The vibration of unconditional love. True unconditional love is only possible in the absence of fear and all attachments that come with it: Expectations, the need to control a certain outcome, judgment, blame, duality.

“We are striving for a state of no-mind: A healthy state of non-interpretation of things. A state of full embodiment. Where we feel the truth from the inside.”

And all of this can only be reached by allowing. By finding complete detachment. We need to lose and let go of everything that is not authentic about us, which often includes our roots, people, nutrition, work, a certain lifestyle, health etc. The more we resist, the tougher it gets and we are manifesting and creating situations that force us to break. That force us to stop trying and start allowing. Allowing is the ultimate surrender to the universal flow. The moment we realize that this flow wants to work and be expressed through us, and everything that blocks us from there is shown to us. Our own doubts, fears and mistrust are simply reflected back to us. The more we go into alignment with this flow and embody it, the quicker our experience and our reality can shift. And that means to face the fears, face the pain and go right into it. Feeling it for a last time, consciously, with gratitude and compassion, to transmute it. Allowing means also to allow that energy we are experiencing in a moment to be there – without attachment. The ego-mind always wants to add a story or interpretation to it to make sense of it rationally. The more we learn to not listen to the stories and see it for what it truly is, the easier shifting energies will become. It is just energy that wants to be transformed. No storytelling, no answer to the “Why” necessary. Because once you’ve shifted, you don’t even understand anymore why you were so caught up in it so much in the first place. It will not matter to you anymore. You have changed the pattern, so the past becomes irrelevant. So does the future. All that is, is NOW.

“Allowing and surrender does not mean to be in a state of waiting and being passive. It means to feel what the energetic impulse tells you to do. It is about learning the universal language of energy.”

Allowing and surrender does not mean to be in a state of waiting and being passive. That would just be another expression of fear and mistrust. Another form of trying: Trying to just sit this one out. No… allowing means to feel what the energetic impulse tells you to do. It is about learning the universal language of energy. And that can only be felt, not spoken. We learn to feel, when it is time to be active, and when it is time to be passive. When it is time to give, when it is time to receive. We learn to fully balance the masculine and feminine energies within. Allowing also does not mean to have to do it alone. It just means to not give our power away to others. Asking for support is part of the Oneness we are learning now. And yet, this is a different form, as we find balance between independence and dependence: The healthy way of being interdependent.

Feeling the Flow needs a physical Body

Going with the flow and experiencing what IS, is only possible while having a physical existence. If we were just to float around as an energetic blob, we would not be able to touch, see, sense, hear, taste, smell anything. It is a wide-spread misconception that we will transcend our body when ascending. No, because that would take away the sensations and experience. All we do during our awakening process is detox. Detox from all attachments to be then able to just enjoy as long as it is there, without having a need out of lack. We do not transcend our body when ascending. We transcend duality.

So no matter what the experience or issue or situation you are going through. Always reflect: Am I choosing fear or love. Am I mistrusting or trusting. Am I seeing lack or abundance. Am I conditional or unconditional. AM I TRYING OR AM I ALLOWING.

The texts I share are always based on my intuition (“downloads”) and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage you to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg

If you feel ready to work on raising your frequency, to align all of your bodies, to connect with like-hearted people within a unique environment, come to one of our “Own It! Retreats”!

You want a true change in your life and reality? Although spiritual awakening can become quite challenging, there are many simple ways to navigate it as smooth and effective as possible. The key: Learning the language of Energy. Check out  the wake up program that I have created, to make this journey an exciting life changer for you! 

You find it helpful what you read? I am grateful for your support of my blog and writing and appreciate your contribution today. Thank you <3

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Editor’s note:  What a beautiful connection of synchronicity as I was just writing about one of these programs of financial liberation, how they are to be temporary as we transition into the Higher Realm where there will be no need for money.  I will say though that I find nothing lacking in Source Love to wish to use these funds, in part, to create the experiences you have only dreamed of.  In my heart, I believe as long as the intention is to do no harm, comes from heart purity, it matters not what the funds are directed towards.  ♥

July 22, 2017 ~ Rick Jewers


Natural occurrences will assist with the transition for many Souls, which means, You will see deaths increasing as this Soul relocation process continues. Again, Death is not what it was perceived to be and it is merely a complete transition into another Timeline. Understand that the global increase in deaths is this process in action. You are to have no reserves if family members are to be relocated via this process, for more understanding will be given to You in the future, with also enhanced gifts to You, that will for the time being, allow You to have slight interactions with loved ones, although they may be on another Timeline. So, You are actually never separated from them, and can contact them from Your Higher place, Your Higher Dimensional experience. Although many of You still experience and temporarily operate from linear time, in actuality, there is no time, and once You become more fully into Your gifts, You will Know and will perform, transcendence of Time. It is then, when You are able to visit any time, that You will discover that time does not exist and that everything happens, actually in Your Now. Currently, some of You are being showed this through the recent departure of Your pets, where because, they have Ascended, they are able to send back energetic signs to You that they are in fact NOT DEAD, just some where else.

We currently address the “death” issue because the thought energy surrounding what was/is Known as “death”, is actually a lower frequency/vibration, and it must not interfere as we go forward, by bringing down the overall vibration of the Collective, the Planet Gaia, and the quality of the Ascension as a whole. The Ascension requires energy that is High vibration by each of You, to allow it to continue forward less unhindered. You must accept “death” as being part of the process, and any preconceived notions of “never seeing them again” must be let go of, upon Knowing what is actually happening. Space and Time are not constant to You Now, and as You go forward, they will respectfully be, less constant. Where some current belief systems celebrate death, this is the way to go for Now, until You are at the Higher level, while still in Human Form, to more fully understand the Truth.

The Timelines are swiftly separating because we are at the crucial pivoting point in the Ascension, the Divine Plan. But also, because a Light Quotient by You has been reached, that allows for All of You to more integrate within and importantly, Create the New 5D Reality, of which You are/will enjoy, while still in Human Form.

The “Create the New 5D Timeline” is currently happening. The most significant Creation by You Now, which will continue to free You further from the “mundane” 3D/4D world, are All the Programs in Place to secure Your financial freedom on a temporary basis. There are many of these Programs set up globally, that assist You with not being attached to current monetary system control. You are importantly instructed and encouraged to get more informed on these global programs and how You access Your own monies based on Your own worth, which is in reality, unlimited. This means, as an individual, YOU MAY CREATE, out of thin air if You will, money that HAS TO BE ACCEPTED BY CURRENT INSTITUTIONS AND GLOBALLY. It is very IMPORTANT for You to Know, that any of these funds accessed by You in the future, are to be utilized and used with the utmost discretion in respect to Humanitarian Reasons, as well as any “greed” or ill intent like “selfishness”, must be out of Your procedures, or it will not work. These temporary Programs to set You further free from the current monetary systems, are part of the transition into the 5D Timelines/existence. In reality, You have no debt, You only require enough monetary exchange to get You through this transitional period, into the period of an equal bartering system, where the richest person in the world, will have the same amount as what was the poorest. This is happening, it is real, get informed on these Programs Now, there is NO need to be concerned about bills and debt, for they are well on their way to becoming non existent for many of You, and are part of the 4D that You are exiting from, detaching from. Your full belief and trust in these New Programs will propel You to their fruition, it is essential that You believe in them, so that You go forward.

Keep vibrations at the Highest.
Educate, inform and assist others with these Programs to access their temporary monetary relief. Research and inform Yourselves Now on these Programs. These Programs, as we go forward, will become more simplified and accepted, the ripple effects of these programs, changes everything, support them fully with Your Being and Your energy. Any resistance, Cabal, Dark Angels ,etc, is futile against these Programs and any obstacles will be overpowered and overcome by You, for they are Divinely Supported as part of the Ascension and Your Sovereignty, and must happen as a crucial point in the overall Divine Plan. You must realize and accept Your Prowess and understanding that there is NO Human upon the planet that is better than You, that controls You, that enslaves You, that suppresses You. Connect fully with Divinity and go forward with these Programs, fear is not a factor any longer and it does not interfere, unless You give Your consent on an individual basis, for fear to separate You from Your freedom.

You have Now flipped the tables on the whole Cabal, Khazarian, Elite, etc. While the fore mentioned entities represented approximately 1% of the Human population, You represent 99%, Know Your Power, and get to it. Get informed Now and get in their and support the 5D Programs, support what You longed for and desired, Your freedom.

Love and Light

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Sandra Walter ~ Gridwork Guidance


For those drawn to gridwork for the crystalline grid.  Beautiful!  Thank you Deborah for sending this to me.  I love the simplicity and instruction. Very much resonate.  

Gridwork Guidance – Ascension Path

Here is a pdf link to the written format of Gridwork Basics.

Cosmic waiting room or extra time, earth warriors vs the elite?


Ufo, Space, Stars, Science, Spaceship

Is planet Earth, and maybe even our solar system, in a cosmic waiting room? Are we in an orchestrated glitch of the time space continum? Buying us time to reach the tipping point for humanity raising our frequency. A holding cell or decompression chamber to allow us to integrate upgrades to our dna? Gaia is shaking off lower dimensional vibrations and raising her game, the new earth is being created. So why aren’t we there yet? Why are we still waiting? Are we in a manufactured time loop? We go round and round the same issues, the same problems of pyramid control, but what is changing?

Are we in stasis to give us more time to come online, mind body spirit systems energetically fluid, balanced and aligned. When we are fully activated as quantum beings it should organically follow that we would be taking care of our planet and each other. Higher frequencies are by definition positive emotional energies. If even half the planet’s population were to wake up and embrace higher vibrational living we would put empathy, compassion, love and peace on the world stage agenda. We could rebuild, recycle, redesign and redevelop our cities, our energy sources, our eco system and our future. Fair and free distribution of resources. A financial reset, releasing hidden funds around the globe, establishing equilibrium and abundance.

We can see how we change things and we know why we have to. So why does it feel like nothing is changing? Or it’s not changing fast enough? 8 billion people is a vast number to empower, even with the web as a tool for global communication. It still comes down to the individual to take on the establishment in their own lives to speak up and be counted. In a world where we are watched and monitored, where a sinister web of control underpins our society, disclosure, transparency and truth are long overdue.

Sometimes the matrix is revealed to us in uncomfortable ways. Passport control at airports and stations, whole body x rays, hostility in the eyes of the uniforms searching you, your bag, your kids buggy. It’s degrading. It’s frightening. It’s disturbing. We are jolted out of the comparative safety of our little bubbles and exposed to hostile scrutiny. We are reminded of violence and fear when we see policemen armed like military soldiers. When we see the needy, the vulnerable and the mentally ill begging on our streets, we are reminded all is not well in our world. The news, global politics, popular culture and organised religion continues to manipluate us with twisted rhetoric. We go about our daily business but where is the change?

We are waiting for war to end. Poverty and unnecessary disease to end. Cultural narcissism to end. Meanwhile the Trumpocalypse rolls on in the US and May and her DUP cronies continue on their merry way, destroying the fabric of British society. Europe has lost its global voice. South America and parts of Africa continue to try and extricate themselves from the violence of imperialism and the fabricated war on drugs. Scandinavia, and Portugal, storm ahead with progressive social and political reform. South East Asia continues its nervous existence sandwiched between secretive and foreboding China and North Korea. The globe shakes with frustration. Her seas continue to fill up with plastic, poisons and pollution. Rainforest is still being destroyed. Animals and humans are hunted as trophies or sold to the highest bidder. All the darkness bubbling up, spilling out into our vision, into our souls. We demonstrate. We sign petitions. We change our habits. We wait.

Google tells us, based on its search data, we are a lot more racist, sexist and homophobic than we appear outwardly. We have been pushed so far apart we no longer deny the polarity. We accept it. Lightworkers continue to be devastated by dark workers depths. Service to self folk continue to gape at those lefty, commy, hippy, do-gooder, interfering, conspiracy theorist, paranoid, over thinkers. So is this a stalemate of sorts? A waiting room for awakening to tip over to mass awakening and peaceful revolution? Are we waiting for our alien comrades, and possibly enemies, to show themselves finally? Disclosure? Where is it? Is it all really biblical after all and we are waiting for the fire and brimstone to release us like phoenix from the fire. Ghostbusters was right and the souls will rise from their graves etc?

Are we in extra time, all to play for, earth warriors versus The Elite? A few years ago the words ‘the elite control our news, our culture, our religions and our economic welfare’ would have provoked accusations of paranoia. The label conspiracy theorist is believed to be one of the CIAs most sucessful strategies. Yet this language is now commonplace. People are much more aware of how the matrix operates, politically, economically, culturally and spiritually. We see the traps, the deception, the corruption and the greed. We understand there is a depravity at the heart of this cabal. That we have been conditioned to apathy and paralysis of our sovereignty. There seems no end to the grooming of this planet by the Big Bad. The freemasons, the elite, the lizards, the AI…whatever they are, they are not Good and clearly need to be vanquished from our beautuful, sacred lands. This has to be the end goal. Restore sovereignty for Gaia, free will and liberation for humanity. Establish grown up contact with intergalactic neighbours. Be part of the cosmos, more than a slave planet in an obscure corner of the multi verse.

The veils are lifting on the four horsemen of the apocalypse – the church, the crown, the state and the financiers. Truth will out. Mainstream media is being exposed as a mouthpiece and key programming tool of the elite. Quantum awakening, conspiracy theory and ufo rhetoric has penetrated the mainstream. This is the activation of our collective consciousness, waking up to ideas beyond the established narrative, on a global scale. The world wide web has shrunk the planet. We have daily access to ordinary people like ourselves all over the world. People power has become a real threat to the establishment. Heart led leaders, whistle blowers and earth warriors are leading a global revolution of ideology. Empathy, compassion and interconnectedness are back on the agenda.
Nature, animals and birds are interacting differently with each other and with us. A universal language is making itself known and our interaction with nature, with each other and with ourselves is where we learn to speak this frequency. Disclosure is pending, hello cosmos! Timeline loops, cosmic waiting rooms, extra time or time out? We’re in it for the long haul friends, anchor your light to Gaia’s grid and hold your space. Everything is changing, at a foundation level. Fundamental and profound.

Meditation can be hard when we are frustrated by this sense of waiting. Irritated by the slowness of it all. This static energy breaks up and degrades the flow of energy through our trinity beings. It brings us down. We are challenged to haul our vibration back up to where hope rests, belief in a better world. Meditate meditate meditate is the consistent message from our spiritual intergalactic comrades. Raise those vibrations, anchor our light to Gaia’s grid and breathe love. Stay positive friends, we are changing our world one ripple of high frequency love at a time. In love and light beautiful people. Namaste.

Mantra: I am one with universal love frequency.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.

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Accessing Your Value, Part 3


WSO ~ More Multi-Dimensional “Objects/Planets” Captured

WSO – Hard to Hide This One! Plus, Explaination for SMOKE RINGS in SKY

Schumann Resonance Read for Today ~ July 16, 2017


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Schumann Resonance Today