Update On THE Event From The Cats (Confirming My Own “Feel”/Insight)


Ok friends…  If my memory is correct (and it may or may not be – lol), I shared some insight last month as to when this big pulse of Christed/Love energy would be coming from the Cosmos.  I heard “january february” over and over – almost in one word.  I concluded then this meant late january/early february.  I have changed my “feel” on this event – in that I see/feel it as us easily (finally!!) being able to FEEL the Connection/Unity with Source and All.  That will then lead to other changes, abilities and adventures which will be MUCH more in alignment with what WE choose.

So last night a friend had tagged me on social media to read a psychic medium’s post.  It was so horrible – the prediction’s for this year for nothing but dark/tragic events – I felt my energy drop as I continued to scroll through.  It didn’t resonate with me in ANY way.  At that moment, Higher Self nudged me.  “Go to the cats page.”  I don’t go there that often so I followed through.  Happy I did given their prediction of this “Event” are in alignment w/my own guidance.  

Interesting to note (and what I have seen for over a year myself as well and just known):  This energy does not come FROM the sun but rather THROUGH it from, in their words, “another dimension”.  

I am also reminded of Allison Coe (QHHT) and her clients of last year all saying the same thing in terms of this event ~ first quarter of this year, between january and march.  It is now on my calendar as a focal point to Welcome and Celebrate.

Reminder for me:  TRUST MYSELF FIRST and MAINTAIN that energy of trust and do not give my Power away to anyone else’s thoughts, opinions, words, etc.  


So, Step 7 happened. Actually, it kinda happened before the countdown finished (except for one CAT who got flattened on January 2nd), but oh well. Some of us got hammered, here and there, some of us were hot-and-cold (literally), some of us had ice cream. You spins your bottle, you takes your frame-of-reference smooch.

Enter Step 8 

STEP 8 is supposed to be THE BIG ONE, according to our guides. We must’ve asked 10,000 times. It will be around January 31st, which also has a lunar eclipse and full moon/SUPERMOON associated with it. For whatever reason, the last few steps have revolved around the lunar calendar; we have no idea if this will be the case with remaining steps.

Most importantly, the energy from Step 8 looks to come through the sun, not from the sun, from an extradimensional source on the opposite side of the sun, using the sun as an amplifier. This is apparently “The Event” that everyone came back for this one lifetime to see. Will it be? We’re not sure, but our guides are saying “Step 8 is the big one.” It’s on a Wednesday, too. Over the hump!

Will you go to a new place? Will you find yourself on a new timeline? Will cats become sentient? We don’t know. What we DO know is that the energy will be epic. Most of us plan to fast around that time, as fasting makes energy transitions a lot less painful. What we do know if that lots and lots of beings have been coming to witness this; some have been here for over a year. Frankly, we’re all pretty darn exhausted. Hopefully, this really will be The Big One.

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Age of Aquarius Alignment ~ January 7, 2018


Age of Aquarius” ALIGNMENT January 7, 2018
When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
Age of Aquarius

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
(Mystic crystal revelation)
And the mind’s true liberation, Aquarius

Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sunshine in
Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sunshine in
Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sunshine in



Lifted from a f/b page.  

2017 and 2018 for the Different Ascension Waves


by Vera | Jan 4, 2018

2017 and 2018 for the Different Ascension Waves

Note: This article is talking about general trends. Free will (the choice between love and fear) can change the individual experience and accelerate or postpone certain personal intentions and desires. By no means does this blog intend to put stamps or labels onto people and put some people over others. No one is better or worse, as we are all part of the whole. The categorization used in this article is only there to give a better understanding symptoms and the awakening and ascension process. The transitions between the waves are fluent. 

The new energetic template is established and we are now moving into a new era of embodiment and co-creation. Although chaos and polarity is still widely experienced by the collective, the process is pure magic and perfection from an energetic perspective. Time to take a look into what the different ascension waves experience now.

Wow, what a year have we just left behind. 2017 surely has been wild mix of experiences, surprises, growth and expansion individually and collectively. We have completed the establishing of the new fabric of the earth grid. The new template for new earth is in place. Cosmic rays are coming in now on a regular basis and we are now moving into a phase of embodiment and physical creations. Many former gridworkers/travellers that have been moving around the planet to establish the new template and connecting energies as well as people/gatekeepers with each other, are now feeling a very strong pull towards a certain destination. Many have lost the desire to travel completely. This is not a coincidence, for as we are now finding the people in so called “ripple-centers”: Places on the planet of high energy, with a good energetic and/or physical infrastructure, that allow the new energetic information to spread quickly around the planet. In these places, we are starting now to physically co-create New Earth in flesh, form and material. We are now translating the established new grid structures and patterns (the new sacred geometry). The earth grid serves as the new blueprint, where the light of the sun (and through the sun also the central sun) is playing out a new reality collectively. We are getting different information and different impulses energetically, as soon as our human body and system is able to receive it through an opened heart center, a changed operating mode of the human mind (parallel instead of linear) and a changed DNA structure. The times of being and doing alone are over. It is time to put things into action. Together with other powerful beings.

So let’s take a look into what is going on for the different ascension waves.

First Movers/Innovators

The first part of 2017 included the final cleansing of the emotional and the mental bodies. Their chakra system was changed completely from “sucking mode” to “sharing mode” (see this blog for more info). The Divine Energies of love and light, flow and consciousness, Shakti and Shiva, Yin and Yang, electron and proton etc. are fully running in balance through the system, connecting earth and the heavens through a pillar of light. The energetic movement has changed from a spinning movement to a cycling movement in form of an infinity symbol with the center in the heart. The energetic immune system is fully established for this group, so nothing that goes on in terms of human chaos, drama or pain can affect or drain energy from first movers any longer. They are able to walk between the dimensions with ease, touching everyone they interact with with the new energetic codes to assist and inspire them to come into this energetic place, too.

“The first movers are able to walk between the dimensions with ease, touching everyone they interact with to assist and inspire them into the new energetic place, too.”

The second part of the year was kicking this group into embodiment and physical restructuring. The DNA changes were accelerated and physical releases from the cellular memory were intensified. This was manifesting as deep physical and emotional pain, as the whole family lineage is cleansed and the template replaced. Last releases of shame and guilt patterns were experienced, in order to re-discover sexuality, creativity and manifestation power. Polarity has shifted from former opposites of love/fear to love/light as the Mature Masculine was fully integrated for perfect balance within the individual. This also was an important step towards the Sacred Union with a Divine Partner. Mistrust has been dissolved, any possible remainders in the cellular memory will dissolve within the first two months of 2018. Judgment or blame is no longer possible for this group. They are fully anchored in the NOW, the mind has shifted completely into parallel operation mode. Time is perceived as an illusion and everything not in the now already feels like a past life memory. Memories are only contained when they are still needed and future thoughts only consist of intentions from the NOW, without any drama, attachment, projection or expectations. All that is left is the pure acceptance of all that is and the deep knowing that everything has its purpose. The ability to learn and integrate new skills is becoming faster and faster.

“All that is left is pure acceptance of all that is and a deep knowing that everything has its purpose.”

2018 will continue with the further restructuring of the whole physical body, becoming the new human. Human design is changing rapidly. This group is serving as the beacons and wayshowers for those now arriving and anchoring in the new energies.

Early Adopters

The first part of 2017 was all about learning acceptance, seeing the purpose and perfection in all that is. Early adopters were leaving the human perspective of drama, judgment and blame and stopped searching the answer and salvation outside of them. They let go of certain ideas and teachings and trust the inner guidance more and more. Although doubts can still randomly creep up. They learned to react from a place of love instead of fear to experience real energetic shifts and changes for themselves. They gained a larger understanding of how energetic dynamics work and that all we have to do to change the collective is to change ourselves. They have realized that they are powerful creators and everything they experience is their own production based on their own energetic frequency. This lead to real forgiveness through ownership and taking responsibility instead of blaming and judging others.

The second part of 2017 lead them into deep deep mental and emotional cleansing processes, depending on the type of energetic design and ratio, the process was experienced either more physically/earthly or more spiritually. The result was to realize that there are no “have to’s” in life, only “want to’s”. The early adopters are also the main group bridging heaven and earth as powerful gatekeepers and wayshowers, to assist the masses that will become conscious in the course of 2018, and to draw people into the higher frequencies. So this split in experiences amongst this group is very necessary.

” The early adopters realized that there are no “have to’s”, only “want to’s” in life. Last dogmas, methods and rules will be dropped to reach full freedom and independence to let life become an intuitive and conscious full time meditation.”

The personal energetic blueprint and design has been changed and last remainders still stored in the emotional and mental bodies will be released within the first months of 2018. Last dogmas, methods and rules will be dropped to reach full freedom and independence, and to let life become an intuitive and conscious full time meditation.

The New Year will anchor the early adopters fully into the now moment, the mind will switch completely from linear to parallel mode and the physical releases from the cellular memory will accelerate. At the same time the human design changes are continuing. So learning to listen to the own body/system and what is needed will become extremely important.

Early Majority

After taking the first steps into the unknown territory of spiritual awakening, feeling the unease of “something goes wrong here, and there must be a different way of living” as well as getting familiar with the ego and the programming, the early majority is now really diving into the extremes of polarity. They are looking for answers, following this deep urge of discovering more. This causes a whole new set of judgments and blame as the early majority has not recognized or learned yet how energetic dynamics and principles work. They are still acting from the linear mind and common human belief systems. People from this group entering into the world of spirituality are tending to make themselves dependent from this one approach or this one guru or this one truth and trying to convince others that this is the only way. As the principle of multi-dimensionality and non-polarity is neither integrated nor understood, they are attempting to change the outer. They have not found the key within themselves for true change. There is a major difference for the early majority and their process. Large parts of them will need the experience through the physical body first in order to access the emotional and the mental body as this is the only “real” thing they can relate to and can experience energy through.

“The vast early majority has not incarnated with an energetic setup that allows access to the higher realms, so they need to work bottom-up, not top down.”

The vast early majority has not incarnated with an energetic setup that allows access to the higher realms, so they need to work bottom-up, not top-down – as the process has been for most of the so-called starseeds/lightworkers, that incarnated with the first two waves to assist the majority groups. This is important to know when we are doing our work to support this group. The work we do for the masses needs to be done in a very down-to-earth, easy accessible and understandable way.

The early majority will experience a lot of confusion and chaos in 2018 and the first movers and early adopters are needed to stand there as the light houses to hold space for them and inspire them by leading through example.

Many masculine twin flame counterparts are part of this wave. This connection between the dimensions through the Divine partners is very necessary to create powerful gateways. The masculine counterparts are needed in the lower dimensions to cause a pull effect towards the higher dimensions once they are going into the heart-opening. They were needed to stay there and hold important timelines for the collective until the collective is ready to shift. The masculine, often in places with a large or important reach/influence (e.g. public figures, stars, religious leaders, important governmental or financial functions) will inspire many changes once they start shifting. They are supporting this process from a more earthly perspective.

Late Majority, Laggards, Non-Adaptors

For this group, 2018 will become the first decision-making year from a soul perspective (this will happen unconsciously). The choice whether they would like to go through ascension and the change in human design while being alive, or choosing physical death to continue the experience in a new human body already fabricated in the new design. We will most likely see an increase in souls leaving amongst this group, as the holding of the old 3rd dimensional polarity field (based on love – fear opposites) is no longer necessary as the 3rd dimensional reality is gone. (I have written about this in my last blog).

Again, I would like to emphasize, that EVERYTHING and EVERYONE has a purpose in this whole set-up. There is no better or worse, no further advanced or less developed, we are all exactly where we need to be in order to make this shift happen for the collective. This process is in perfect order, and every time we catch ourselves questioning, know that these are your own doubts, fears and mistrust showing up for you to deal with it and release it to contribute to the collective ascension.

2018 is the start of the collective zero-point experience where powerful shifts will happen. There will be tons of wonderful surprises as long as we continue to see the magic in it all. Time to rock the show!


The texts I share are always based on my intuition (“downloads”) and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage you to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of love, Vera Ingeborg

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Auld Lang Syne ~ Last Song Heard in the Land of Lemuria ~ A Reunion Is Now Forthcoming


The below was taken from a book written in 2004.  I thought to share it given 30 minutes ago I sent an e-mail to one of my readers who had written several days ago inquiring about Lemuria.  Maybe it’s coming back now for a reason.  I have had a sudden uptake in interest in her again and I also started singing Auld Lang Syne a few days ago – which is a song I just don’t sing – not even at the new year’s.  Who knows for sure…my brain is tired from trying to figure all of this stuff out.  Nap time!


“Auld Lang Syne” was the last song ever heard in the land of Lemuria.

The people of Earth have brought this song forth again through the Scottish people and very prophetic words have been added, “Should old acquaintances be forgot!” What do you think we are doing together this evening? Indeed, we are these old acquaintances reuniting again. Those of us from the third dimensional realm are now uniting in consciousness with our former friends and family members of Lemuria, “yet invisible” to our present sight. Hear this next statement well in your heart, my friends:

Before Lemuria sank completely, it was prophesied that one day, in some far distant future, many of us would gather in groups and sing this song again, with the absolute knowingness that the “Earth’s Victory” is won.

Today brings the celebration of this long awaited day and the fulfilling of that incredible prophecy. Today, we are initiating the long awaited “Reunion.” It is with tears in my eyes that I am letting you know from Adama that many of you in this room tonight were among those brave souls who sacrificed their lives for the benefit of the collective. Let’s applaud your bravery then and rejoice now for our return to continue the great Lemurian mission of assisting humanity and the planet into her glorious ascension.

In Telos, one aspect of the mission has been to hold the balance and energies of ascension consciousness for the planet until such time that “surface” dwellers can do so for them-selves. Now the time has come for our two civilizations to do this together as “One Heart.”

Earth after the Sinking of the Two Continents: At the same time Lemuria was going down, Atlantis started shaking and loosing pieces of its continent. This continued for over 200 years until the final stage when it sank completely. For 2,000 years following the Lemurian and the Atlantean catastrophes, the planet continued to shake. Within 1,200 years the Earth lost two major land masses, a major setback and trauma which required several thousand years of recovery to restore balance. For hundreds of years after the destruction of both continents, so much debris was thrown into the atmosphere that the Earth did not experience bright daylight. The temperature dropped due to lack of sunlight and a large percentage of the animals and plants perished.

“From Telos Book 1” by Aurelia

Flight Gets Canceled After Rat Caught On Board ~ No Seriously!


human kind or the little furry kind…


Oh, rats!

An Alaska Airlines flight got altogether cancelled after a rat was seen getting into the aircraft at the California’s Oakland International Airport.

The critter presumably hopped from the jetway to the plane as passengers were boarding the Portland, Ore.-bound flight on Jan.  2, the Associated Press reported. Flight Alaska 915 was originally scheduled to depart at 8:30 a.m., according to KPIX 5.

Passengers who had already boarded were asked to exit the aircraft, and most of the 110 travelers were rescheduled to fly on a later trip to Portland.

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Is there a Planet Parked Under the Earth? South Davis Skycam Shows Pure WIERD


Given this appears to be a new find (captured on December 31, 2017) by Steve that has him at a loss, I would think that veil is about ready to be completely dropped.  The Door’s lyrics “break on through to the other side” run through my mind right now…  All that was hidden continues to be revealed.

As I commented on Steve’s video:

well given the meteor count is over 14,000 it would make sense a massive magnetic “anomaly” parked nearby would be drawing that much debris. a multi-dimensional object that is making its appearance known more and more (as are other multi-d objects) as the energy veil between dimensions continues to weaken. plus i have a hunch this “anomaly” is moving our realm/planet – into position – where we need to be and once resided. think paradise and garden of eden.

Is there a Planet Parked Under the Earth? South Davis Skycam Shows Pure WEIRD

Published on Jan 3, 2018

Psychic Energy Report: Pure Crystalline Energies Arriving


well i am itching like MAD right now ~ as in this now moment as i type this up – and before i saw/read this piece i thought “must be crystalline energies coming in given where and how i am itching”.  and i am having moments here and there of bursts of good up energy – followed by “must nap now”. fatigue therefore has not “left” – but today it was less than it has been in some time.  after several days of a lot of crying, today i’m a little more joyful.  and yet…..some days i am just tired of exploring all of these symptoms, rather over reading about them, writing about them….  what comes to mind is the scene in “it’s a wonderful life” where george and mary are throwing rocks at the old house, george is talking away and the old man says “why don’t you kiss her instead of talking her to death”.  let’s just have it all merge NOW, drop the veil NOW instead of just talking about it!  


By Diane Canfield

Beloved Tribe,

Today and yesterday we awoke to huge crystalline energy coming in wrapping itself around our entire being. This energy is so PURELY Christed. All of the fatigue from the past few weeks has left us and we are now focused with energy to get things done again.

The psychic energy right now is off the charts, you may feel SUPER connected! if you don’t feel this crystal energy now you will shortly, if you are on a similar vibration to mine. If not on a similar vibration I advise to keep working to raise your vibration so you can feel these awesome energies as they make their way to us. The KEY to feeling all Energies is to RAISE your vibration.

We are still having VIVID dreams, as this too can be a sign of major upliftment by itself. Your sleep may still be scattered as last night I was not tired at all. Today it may feel like you had too many cups of coffee as we rocket off to the stars ! I have mentioned this all before in my other articles as this is not the first time nor the last we will experience this PURE ENERGY arriving!

I am working to make EVEN more ENERGY reports this year, as they come in, in the VERY MOMENT of NOW. I will do this through my articles such as this one, instead of using my Facebook page so that all of these IMPORTANT reports can reach a much Larger audience. We need the upliftment of so many more to CREATE the NEW Earth right now. This is one of the major focuses on 2108, to co – create the NEW EARTH that is waiting for us.

In Service and Love

Diane Canfield

About the Author: Diane Canfield is a Gifted Psychic, Ascension Expert, Energy Expert and ET Contactee, having had many in person visitations from many different races of our Star Family. She works to elevate the consciousness of the Human Race to evolve into the Galactic Race. Her psychic gifts started in childhood and were reactivated in 2000 when visited by a Pleiadian Mother Ship which encoded her for her role as a Galactic Ascension Teacher. Since this time she has been in constant contact with the Galactics and the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light.

Website and sign up for my newsletter: www.dianecanfield.com 

Follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/diane.canfield1

Copyright © 2017 by www.dianecanfield.com. All Rights Reserved. You may share and redistribute this material as long the full article, all links are included, authors name included and website www.DianeCanfield.com

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More Info on Personal Portals



There seems to be some slight misconceptions by some in relation to Portals. For those that may think they are Dark portals or are anything negative, it is so far from the Truth. These Portals are YOUR DIRECT LINK TO SOURCE. Darkness does NOT ENTER these Portals, it cannot, these Portals are pure energy streams between You, Divinity and Source/God. You are of God, a piece of God if You will, and Your energetic connection to All That Is, IS YOUR ENERGETIC PORTAL/S.

You do NOT open Dark portals in this manner, however, You do have the ability to CLOSE DARK ANCIENT PORTALS, which You will be given more information on in the future, as the DARK CLEANUP CONTINUES. Any of You seeing Dark Masses around Your Portals, it is not correct to think that they came through YOUR PORTAL. You must understand and have been shown, that YOUR DIVINE GIFTS are always enhancing. One Gift involves being able to VISUALLY SEE THE Dark energy, so that You may zap it with Your prowess, and eliminate it from this Now. Any of You that have seen dark masses around Your Portals, is to be understood that YOUR GIFT to see them has been activated as well as they may have jumped out of You, so that they could be eliminated. Everything with these Portals of Yours is positive and Divine. Use Your Divine Prowess to eliminate any Darkness You visually see Now, whether it be around Your Portal or a hundred miles away.

You are ACTIVATING YOUR DIVINE PORTALS TO HIGHER DEGREES. Every Soul upon the planet/Gaia, has these Portals. It is strongly encouraged and suggested for All to Activate them to Higher degrees and become familiar with what they are and the purpose. Keep sharing the info so that MORE MAY open/activate their Portals. You are Bringers of the Light, not Dark, You are Angels here to eradicate the Dark, You ARE fully protected and the last thing any of You could do, is OPEN DARK PORTALS, it just does not work that way.

If You wish to look at each individual Portal being a tractor beam for Ascension, then You may understand How the Activation/opening of so many Portals by individuals around Gaia, actually PULLS Gaia and Humanity into the 5D and closer to the Etheric Realm, shedding all darkness as WE Ascend.

Any fear -based thought of opening portals ACCIDENTLY for the Dark must GO. YOU ARE GOVERNED BY THE HIGH REALMS and all of Your activity is closely monitored and assured that it is kept in line with the Divine Plan and Divinity as a whole. Remember what You were taught; “fear separates”, and it will from Your Gifts if You have not let go of most of it. If You continue to have fear, then You would not be able to Create the New that You desire.

Every Soul that reads this, get informed about Your Portals and continue activating and opening them, it is partially how You bring Your good dreams to reality, do not hesitate. The more that open/activate their individual portals upon Gaia, the higher the vibration raises, the quicker the good things come to fruition and the quicker You slide into 5D.

Thank You
Love and Light

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A Vision for Patience


I would add that as we are given back our inherent right/gift of Full Awareness and Being, we will have instant manifestation and this experience of “patience” will become mute.  


The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Patience

We envision ourselves living in a world where the speediness of life has gone away; where the pushiness on the part of those who are in a hurry has vanished and been replaced by a calm, caring for their fellow travelers; and where we, the people, have learned to wait for the fruits of life to ripen, the wines of good character to age, the metals of impeccable will to be forged, the souls within us to rise, and the Earth to ascend in perfect, divine timing.

For it is with patience that all things mature, including Mother Earth Herself. And we, as having become responsible stewards for Her, find ourselves waiting in wondrous anticipation for Her to finish Her present cycle of growth so that we can take our next step, together, as One.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
You can align with this Vision
by double-clicking the “YES!” Button below.


Clicking the YES Button will also show you the Total Alignments.



Gaia Portal ~ Foreigns to Gaia release.


some weeks i can speak gaia portal speak.  some weeks not.  this is a “not” week.  lol  any insights?  sarabytes may be a play on terabytes?  a terabyte is a unit of measurement.  i don’t know ~ i’m on another tangent right now…


Foreigns to Gaia release.

Higher realms compel.

He-manity awakens to the dealings.

Sarabytes gather.

Foundations are finished.