The Arcturians – Awakening Adolescents

Editor’s note: I am sharing this one because of the dream my mate had last night and of the experience I had awakening.  He had a dream we all went on a huge mothership and I awoke saying I went somewhere last night and felt so tired – kinda like partying all night.  Then I read this piece.  Of importance to me are the words I italicized below.  

The Arcturians ~ Awakening Adolescents by Suzanne Lie

By Suzanne Lie, 09/24/2016

Awakening Adolescents

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,

What happened last night? I don’t know what it was, but it was much like with the story of the dancing princesses where they went some place, and then were really tired after they have spent their sleep time in a long fourth dimensional adventure.

 Dear Suzille,

What occurred is that there was a celebration on the Ship because there was a reunion of some old Pleiadian friends who had just come back on the Ship after a long assignment on Earth. There were also other Crew Members who just returned from scouting out the Solar System.

Therefore, there was a reunion of different groups that returned to the Ship after their away missions. During our “celebration,” we were all trying to figure out the best place, which is actually the best frequency, to send the Illuminati to. Many of the children born under the Illuminati, at least within the last ten or twelve years, are not taking the brainwashing like the old guard did.

 Theses adolescents are not accepting the brainwashing because they have been having interdimensional experiences with beings of light and love. Therefore, they are not as easily brainwashed as their parents and grandparents were. They can see and feel the new energy fields even though their keepers and/or parents still live in the old negative, energy fields.

 These awakening adolescents of the Illuminati can feel the love outside of and beyond the negative energy fields that their families have generated. Since they did not feel love from their Illuminati parents, who were often cold, distant, angry, and usually a bit drunk, they are highly attracted to the energy fields of Unconditional Love.

 Hence, they are less frightened by the old school Illuminati who can not believe that there is any chance for redemption, nor would they accept it if it were offered. On the other hand, the adolescents of that generation, who are coming close to adulthood themselves, did not accept the indoctrination like their parents did.

 This generation of Illuminati children is just as prone to clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience as the non-Illuminati children. Their parents tried to tell them that the waves of light that they perceive are just illusions, shadows against the wall. But who ever heard of “light shadows?”

 We Galactics have been keeping an eye on this new generation of the Illuminati, and have found that they are quite different. For one thing, they have maintained their fifth dimensional imagination. It is for that reason that they can perceive the Light Beings that are calling them to break the family pattern and look toward the light.

 Some of these Illuminati children and teens still scoff at this “illusion of light.” But others are discovering that when they are very quiet and patient they can speak with these beings of light. These teens even understand that these beings do not speak in the same manner as you would speak with a human.

 They understand that when this “light” flutters and moves around the room that they are communicating in a higher dimensional fashion. Therefore, they do not accept the excuse that it is just “light shining into the room.”

In fact, this light is shining into the children, the teens, and the young adults of the Illuminati. Their parents are quite upset, but secretly some of the awakening members of the Illuminate are proud that their children can refuse the programming that they were not able to release.

 There are now many humans, especially in the United States, who have fallen into the illusions and the indoctrination around money. How can they get money? How can they spend money? How can they buy something with money? How much power will they have with more money?

Many humans are still hypnotized by these concepts of money. However, there’s a large group of awakened teens that are ready to see what was and is behind the curtain of fear of their parents’ generations. By releasing that “curtain of fear,” the higher frequencies of light have been flowing into the opened minds of the generation that are now teenagers.

 Thus, those of this generation are “pioneers”, and are ready to release the old reality of believing what their third dimensional senses reveal, in order to move into a new world of perceiving and believing what they experience via their higher states of consciousness.

 The children, teens, and young adults around the era of 2016 are more open to the concept of Starships, other inhabited worlds, and multiple dimensions than any generation in a very long “time.”

 These adolescents are able to experience the higher frequencies of light as it enters their body. Furthermore, because the teens of the Illuminati, as well as all adolescents, have shunned the brainwashing of third dimensional life and media and can more consciously decide to work toward ascension.

Because more and more the members of the generation that is now teenagers, are able to accept an interdimensional experience as “real,” their consciousness is greatly expanding. Hence, they are increasingly able to consciously experience more and more interdimensional experiences.

 As this experience expands their awareness, it allows their interdimensional experiences to become normal. What is occurring with the teens is also being experienced, consciously or subliminally, by all ages.

 As each of the “you” of all ages, allow your interdimensional experiences to become “normal,” your consciousness expands enough to fully accept, believe, and follow the guidance of your own higher dimensional perceptions. These “higher dimensional perceptions” become “interdimensional perceptions” when YOU accept them as REAL.

 When you document these perceptions and communicate with the Higher YOU that is sending them, the “interdimensional perceptions” become “interdimensional communications.”

 As you completely accept your experiences, you will be able to more easily explain to others how they, too, can “accept their higher perceptions.” These higher perceptions of reality also include how your Lightbody SELF can visit these higher worlds on a regular basis.

 As you accept these higher dimensional perceptions, messages and beings, you will progressively realize that this “Higher Being” is actually YOU. That higher frequency of your SELF is asking you to join with it, and is asking you to invite it into your home, into your meditations, into your car and into your mundane life.

 Therefore, we remind you to allow this frequency of you that appears to be ‘just light’ to shine it’s way into your core. This light can appear as a huge Angel, a very human looking member of a Starship, a Master, as well as any perception that you might have.

This “higher light” can appear as a flash of a huge being or a small dot that seems to follow you everywhere you go. As you enter deeper and deeper into the fifth dimension, you will begin to consciously perceive the fifth dimensional energy fields that are:

·      calling you,

·      educating you,

·      guiding you

·      and, most of all, unconditionally loving you all over, under, around and through.

Therefore, set your consciousness to, “I am ready to perceive and OWN my own higher expression of self in my third-dimensional, daily life.” It is the daily recognition, perceiving, and owning of your Higher Expressions of SELF that will assist you to:


Blessings to you all, The Arcturians

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Energy Update – Crystal Skull Activations

Editor’s note: While I follow these energy updates, I don’t post them much on my site.  However I wanted to post this one given what I experienced today during rest time.  It was a definite first and it perplexed me for a bit. As I laid in bed, eyes closed, I heard this loud, piercing ringing just outside of my right ear.  It didn’t hurt but it was enough of a noise to make me sit up and ask out loud “what the hell is THAT?”.  I tuned inward, relaxed and felt it was incoming energies doing their thing to my body.  Then I received confirmation reading the piece below. Gotta love those moments.  I have also been having an unusual amount of gas and bloating – even for me and my sensitive polish tummy.  

Energy Update ~ Crystal Skull Activations

By Lisa Brown, 09/23/2016

OMY Huge… Crystal Skull Activations…… They started a couple hours ago and increase in power. Wowzers’s on how intense these are. (We love intense, while we moan through it all, and no we don’t require pain here, that’s the old way). Expansion of the bones & teeth are an understatement. Right ear adjustments too. Pineal feels like it’s about to explode…. These are awesome as our bones become more “bendable” for “shapeshifting” as they release density and make more space in the physical bone itself… This plasma energy will take your breath away while it works through the system and yes nausea with the amount of gas activating can be substantial for some…. Throat muscles, brain… seems we’ve got it all going on….. breathing breathing breathing… no resistance (which causes the muscles to tense and make it “worse”)…. total flow… lots of turmeric and now adding in some MSM, already brushed the teeth/gums (as the teeth absorb foods/liquids and that is painful in itself)… Neem Mouthwash… oil pulling in a abit….. Off to run errands and get outside to see if the intensity subsides, since nature always brings balancing energies…….

WE love upgrades! We love expansion. We welcome, embrace and breathe through these alot… oh yeah, tongue swells with these too. Seems everything is a part of upper body calibrations, since the last 2 weeks was lower body and now that’s gone. lol. Gotta love it!

Just sharing for those who notice/experience too. Oh yeah, crystals/start particle still activating under the skin/eyes too.

Usually we go through a huge period then it subsides… dunno if this is an all-day thingy or just a few hours, yet it’s only 1:44 p.m. here now… so I guess we shall see! Happy galactictivations loves! ♥

p.s. I ain’t a woos and I can handle the toughest… we’ve been doing this for eons/this whole lifetime, yet this part of the phase is going to push all of our bodies hard, because of how much we’ve got to anchor in/embody right now, infusing light through the depths of the core of every little particle of our bodies now… While those entering “higher self LightBody mode” may not notice much at all, for there is a part of the process where you don’t feel the body for while. Then there’s the human that is primarily still carbon-based and chalks everything up to sickness or injury or diagnosis or whatever……

Cells/crystals are charging and shaking in our bodies too. Inner Earth should have movement and possibly some “shake realities” stuff up too.

Okay. Back later. It’s ship out packages of awesomeness time! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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Op-Ed On Current Geopolitical Landscape and RV/GCR


September 23, 2016

Seems to me the RV is a weapon. And the New Powers That Be (NPTB) are using the RV to inflict weaponized mercy upon all sovereign nation states to exterminate the cabal once and for all.

Let me explain.

Take the recent India / Pakistan false flag event for instance. When the cabal attacked India via a faux Pakistani military unit earlier this week, it was like they were openly attacking Russia through its mandatory BRICS alliance. The cabal, therefore, is now trying to drag Russia into a war on every possible front before the RV–to stop the RV–so they can remain in power. Not gonna happen, but lets explore the possibilities.

Their multi-pronged false flag lead up to war approach includes ginned up conflicts in Syria, Palestine, Israel, Turkey, Iraq, Ukraine, even the Black Lives Matters campaign and related racial shootings in large urban cities… even the NFL’s Colin Kapernick national anthem resistance campaign 100% a cabal set up (athletes have long been used as crisis actors–see Muhammad Ali pivoting Muslim).

All of these false flags are highly inflammatory planned distractions that make every attempt to incite riots in very sensitive cultural and religious hot beds, in order to change geopolitical strategy or public opinion in their demented favor. It’s all coordinated propaganda and thus not real. All of it. That’s right, 99% of all the major news networks and beloved anchormen you watch are fake, intelligence agency operatives, trained to mislead you and eliminate critical thinking, with the remaining 1% helpless waiting like sheep for slaughter as only 6 corporations control all the world’s media and pounce on new content providers without buyout offers before they know what hit them.

Yo, that goes for 90% of alternative news, political commentary websites and social activist blogs. All coordinated by a central messaging center, with oversight out of Eastern Europe. I know, it totally sucks right, finding this out for the first time, but keep exploring, it gets so much better. Trust me.

Now if the cabal believes they can still create order through chaos–which as a strategy has worked very successfully for many centuries–they must be still doing. Yet this tactic is clearly backfiring, and the cabal octopus of control simply cannot adapt fast enough to change the course of history–which in turn only accelerates their public exposure and immanent demise. Seriously, what good is a grand invisible conspiracy if nobody gives a shit?

Besides, Russia and India are way too committed to their common end goal of peace and prosperity to allow any meaningful escalation to occur in the Kashmir region. Isn’t it all just so obvious now given the timing of the RV, Paris Agreement, G20 and UN meeting? Seems their own playbook is now openly working against them and they just can’t audible to the right play call. Honestly, the big charade is not only out in the open, it’s become embarrassing to watch (see Hillary Clinton’s body double).

So as the pre-RV situation resolves for both Russia and India, they will simply allow diplomatic restraint to control the hysterical child (Pakistan) until it calms down before bedtime (RV) or permanently isolate their nation, putting them in a proverbial endless timeout, until either they apologize for all their past and present bad behavior or ask to play nicely again in the sandbox with the other 209 treaties nations (a la Turkey). And you know what, the BRICS nations are already doing this with every country… including the great United States of America. Their letting the once proud self-perceived king of the jungle wither and die at their own pace, by their own terms, and by their own choice.

Why? Because the BRICS nations know that these bad actors will be back, maybe never as strong or as powerful, or as well funded, or as motivated, but when evil does lurk its ugly head again in the future, they’ve set precedent as to how they will handle their misbehavior. Like a temper-tantrum throwing child who stops crying when they realign no one is listening anymore.

And this UN/BRICS diplomatic threat is permanent and absolute in its commitment to a strategy of isolation, which is why RV has been held back so long as to be used as a benevolent weapon for positive and sustainable change. Non-compiling sovereign nation states have no chance to escape their grasp, as none can exist post RV without acceptable ratification and implementation of the Paris Agreement–which by its default implements the gold standard–and literally over night creates a series of cataclysmic military and economic sanctions that would turn any population against their governmental leadership, as well as activate a unified world peace keeping force who can and will demand regime change.

So the benefit of continuous rebellion is net nothing. While the benefits of compliance and unity with the rest of the world is everything. Assuming this is truly our new earth reality, there truly is no safe haven for the cabal to regroup as every nation in the free world needs this new money to operate its daily affairs, and grow: which therefore makes the new financial system an instrument of weaponized mercy to be followed or else.

Shut the front door! Hallelujah! And you were worried in Topeka!

Free citizens of the world, be reassured that checkmate in this global chess game has long been called. And control for the soul of the world has long been decided. Love has won victoriously over fear, truth has overcome illusion permanently and unity has gracefully allowed destruction to leave with amnesty. All due to the sacred mandate of Heaven in Chirst’s name. Yes, we are intact entering an era of 1,000 years of white light, agape love, infinite abundance and relentless blessings as one happy family.

Brothers and sisters, that’s just the way it went down in our lifetime.

And it’s also why you will not see any meaningful military issues arise between either India and Pakistan; Israel and Palestine; Syria, Iraq and Turkey; Iraq and the US, or the US and Russian/Iran; as no small matter will be allowed to escalate into anything major moving forward. It just won’t happen.

This is also why every nation-state and its leaders are secretly waiting like well behaved boys and girls at the golden Chinese money trough so as not miss it’s flowing gold backed accounts. And why no nation dares risk their nation’s sovereignty over a few small territorial or hard asset matters, as everyone is terrified of facing international political irrelevance and global fiscal isolation. This is the way it always “should have been,” and well, now it is.

So expect your RV release here well before the end of September if not this weekend, and sit back to enjoy all remaining non-complying bad actors humbly and rapidly fall into line, as if by magic or inspired vision, for all will suddenly be humming the international harmony song or else be permanently removed from relevance in modern culture.

No nation can resist (Israel), no grouping of private families can overcome human ascension (dark nobility) and no higher alien species can reverse the truth of Christ with intellectual superiority (Annunaki).

Surrender is the only way because surrender is the eternal spiritual bottom line.


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Life On New Earth

Editor’s note:  It appears this piece was written in 2012.  I must say it resonates with me.  I will bold the statements in the piece that I have also felt we will be experiencing.  Interesting times we are in for certain.  

Life On New Earth ~ Romeo Baron [2012] (A vision from Romeo’s higher self)

New Earth is the name given to our planet after we move into the 5th dimension.

By the end of 2016 new Earth will be fully established, and will take a few more years after that to rebuild many new Earth communities.

After we move to New Earth. We will still have animals, forest, rivers and lakes, grass and birds. However, the Sun will be more bright, yet it will not feel so hot. Everything around us will have more colors and things will look sharper, fresh, and brighter. Not very many people will be here, because many will choose to go to their original home world.

New Earth will not have religions, nor church systems. There will be no political parties, policymakers, rulers, or leaders. We will not have religions, nor church system will have universal rights and there will not be strict laws or regulations on living. The new social system will function on the universal Law of One.

The most important thing about new Earth is how humanity will live. Presently on our planet, we have many disadvantaged groups like people who are homeless, sick, cannot afford a house or have enough food to eat. We have many types of religions around the world and every country has their own laws and rules. We have bad countries that like to hurt people, and there are people that do horrible things to other people and animals. Those behaviors or actions will not exist on new Earth.

All the established careers currently in place such as in governmental, military/police, celebrities, tabloids, legal/taxation systems, banking/financial sector, and various other institutions, will not exist on new Earth in any way, shape or form.

When we move into new Earth, everyone will be treated equally. It will be a world of love, peace, and mutual respect. Everyone will be kind and loving towards each other. Every single person will have the same quality of life. On new Earth, every person will have the same luxuries and we all look after the welfare of each other. Every person will receive free food, cloths, housing, and education. Everyone will have abundance. There will be jobs to contribute to the new Earth projects, working together as a united world, but you will no longer have to focus on survival and struggle to exist, because there will be no monetary system.

On the material level, you will see that on the new Earth, people will be more satisfied with simple means. They will be more respectful towards Earth and have a lifestyle that is more in harmony with nature. Instead of nourishing themselves with material things they will satisfy themselves with spiritual ‘food’. They will feel nourished by the relationships they have with themselves, with nature and with other people.

Living on new Earth means, every single person will be united and equal, without any competition. In our current world, some people think they are more important than other people, and some people have more things than others. All living things that reside on the planet will be respected. New Earth will operate as one large united world, meaning you can live anywhere on the planet, without any passports or restrictions.

Everyone will follow the universal principles of Unconditional Love, Unity, and our faith in the Creator. The Creator is the Life Force Energy that exists everywhere and within everything in the universe.  All of us are connected to the Creator and this is the reason we will live by the simple law of love and unity.

Our new world will be more relaxed, stress free and you will have a healthier lifestyle, which means you will live much longer on new Earth.

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Sheldon Nidle Update:

Editor’s note:  As I wrote last night in my Daily Notes titled “My Predictions”, speaking of this feeling I have had of urgency that something is “supposed” to happen, around 18 years ago and most certainly today.  This piece speaks of how so much of what I speak of WAS supposed to happen almost two decades ago – which is the time I first began having these visions and intuitive messages and felt I was in this waiting period from 1997 to 2001 – when this wave of disappointment came over me.  Validation for my experience is always helpful. Much love to you all.  Use discernment.  Let go.  Be Open.  And Believe.  

Sheldan Nidle Update – September 20, 2016
4 Ben, 16 Zip, 13 Caban

Dratzo! Since we first arrived en masse at the end of your 20th century, we have learned in detail how your world works. We have allied ourselves with your Ascended Masters and their numerous Earth allies. In addition, we have had extensive planning sessions with our Agarthan cousins. All our meetings, along with our lengthy scientific study flights and accompanying record-keeping, have prepared us for what is currently taking place on your planet’s surface. Surface humanity is now at a crossroads. Those who seek the Light have achieved much and are finally ready to begin announcing the terms of their incredible triumph. A new global financial system, worldwide freedom and new governance symbolize this victory. Two decades ago, the dark’s minions decided to forego the surrender that their former masters, the Anunnaki offered them. This refusal led you into two decades of unnecessary wars, government-contrived terrorism and a general series of continued corruption and misguided violence. This prolonged era of misdeeds is coming to an end. The much-sought time of peace, freedom and prosperity is about ready to begin.

As this new time starts, we wish to tell you a few more things about ourselves. Our primary intention is a full disclosure. This can permit us to be more open about how we relate to you. We dearly intend at that time to open a broad communication with you. Many still believe that thought of this world being visited constantly by ETs is nonsense. We intend to dispel this concept shortly. When we were told decades ago by Heaven to put this special first contact mission together, we were somewhat skeptical Our Science and Engineering fleets had unanimously labeled your civilization as not yet ready for contact. Our sudden intervention to save your Sun, combined with a number of decrees from the Federation’s Spiritual Council, was a forerunner for what later happened. Hence, we enthusiastically endorsed this huge commitment to your planet and its people. We sent a rather large fleet and started to interact with all dedicated to the Light, such as its many active proponents. It has taken us nearly two decades to achieve countless initial objectives.

The result of these years of getting to know each other is that the Earth-born elements now fully accept us as a part of this very diverse team. Our liaisons regularly plan and advise with other parts of this group. We understand their plans and have contributed to what currently is the final schedule for this immensely complex operation. We are thoroughly dedicated to this project and know when we can, in the near future, land and interact with you personally. Thus, our mentors can make their daily preparations knowing when all of this is to actually happen. This surface world of yours is going to be surprised when what we have discussed unfolds. The new banking system, the prosperity and the freedom that comes with new governance require avid participation from you. The world that you have grown up with is suddenly going to “explode” right in front of you. This immediately needs you to accept a number of game-changing events. It becomes incumbent on you to listen, carefully review them and act.

This rapidly changing reality is being set up to allow you to discover how wondrous your environment has become. This is a new world in which you are to be given a great deal of vital information. You need to receive it all and take the time to review it. Governance is to be dedicated to repeating all of this a number of times. It is essential that you understand what is to be expected of you. In addition to all of this, some of you are to be the first to begin, with a huge learning curve about the new prosperity and its relationship to the new and friendlier financial system. These experiences are to help you achieve your dreams and spread an ever-growing global prosperity. Along with these special events is to be governance that truly requires your active participation. Community groups are needed to interact with this governance at local and regional levels. We intend, as well, to provide some guidance and enable you to fully participate in our contact procedures. Your time as a sort of “mushroom” is truly ready to come to a rapid end.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! This time is especially sweet to us! The great works of our associates are finally coming to fruition. Long ago, Heaven told us that a time was to come when the Anunnaki and their minions were no longer to rule this realm. This long-awaited time is emerging. Those who came to us centuries ago and set up spiritual secret orders dedicated to the Light and its good works are on the edge of monumental success. The Light has forced the last of the dark to contemplate their surrender and arrange for it. All of the major minions have informally surrendered and special dates approved. The dark’s last acts are at present being carried out. We can prepare to rejoice shortly. Glory to Heaven for all of these magnificent blessings! The transformations required are almost ready to occur. These glorious deeds are due in great part to your continuing focus and support. Take the time remaining and use it to come together and thank all in Heaven for these truly grand events.

What is now occurring is a long and very eventful strategy that originally began at the conclusion of the Second World War. The American minions and their followers had finally achieved their centuries-old goal. They had become a vital part of the Anunnaki’s post-war plans. America was founded, not as a potential world power, but as an alternative. We Masters wanted to set an example and give the world a blessed alternative to the global minions that ran this realm. We knew that one day, the Anunnaki was to be turned toward the Light, and this globe needed another example for running a large nation. However, America was in reality being torn apart by two vastly different ways of running it. These differences came to a head in the last half-decade. In the present time, the “powers that be” and their evil agenda are being done away with. A new time is arriving for all peoples.

America at present is to lead this realm into a new period where freedom, prosperity and equality are unbounded. Those who have kept this nation, and the world in general, in bondage no longer are to be in any position to resist this new way. The old perceptions long taught you are to go. Your vision and focus on a new state of Being are to triumph! America’s history is to be revealed and openly discussed. Use this amazing history as a point to avoid even the most evil of agendas in this wondrously evolving realm. Stay strong and be willing to listen and learn all about America and its amazing prophecy! We have many other things to tell you as well. The deeds and lies of the dark need to be made known and the energy of these deeds transformed to Light and sheer blessedness. You are in transition to a new consciousness and are to be treated to true, and newly growing, wisdom. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we carried on with our weekly report. As you can see, many exciting events are ready to take place! Some of these may astound you at first. Remain patient and focus on the good that is to show up! Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Sourced from: Ascension with Earth

Planetary Shift Timeline

Planetary Shift Timeline

Planetary Shift Timeline


by Romeo Baron,

The Fall Equinox 2016 will allow another huge acceleration of ascension energies to blast through the Christic Grids of Mother Earth. And then the Winter Solstice, the final BLAST of cosmic light energy coming from the Collective Consciousness of the Elohim Guardians, including the alliance of the cosmos. When this great explosion of divine light flows throughout the planet, Everything Will Change!

* This Fall will bring the first stage of the planetary shift; the opening of Ascension portals that will allow all the Star gates to activate. The opening the Ascension Portals will be completed and this will allow the original Christ light consciousness to REMOVE anything that is not in harmonic alignment with the original divine plan for mother Earth. This is what will truly shift us into a new Earth reality.

* The great awakening commences between September 22nd and October 21st. The big energy wave will unleash the Truth and it will mark the end of the false reality and the outdated modalities. It will mark the beginning of the new Earth reality in the unified field of consciousness.

* In this Ascension cycle, the soul will see past events transmuted into the frequency of completion. We will transmute all previous experiences and emotions in the highest frequencies of Source. There will be a Huge activation of Cosmic Memory for many thousands of human beings. This is the time of remembering who we really are. Our Starry Families will make sure to make it to our Graduation at the end of this year 2016.

* When we speak of the “Second Coming of Christ”, it means we will be returning back to the vibration of God Source, the frequency associated with the Absolute Divine; Christ Consciousness. This is what we have to look forward to in the Fall of 2016, the return of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

* The Cartel will be exposed. Corrupt Pharmacy will be exposed. All Corruption will be exposed. Everything! This will continue on through the second half of 2016. And then a brand new Earth reality will appear after the Truth Sets us free from the layers and layers of lies that we have been living in.

* By the end of 2016 after two high dimensional frequency waves of the Cosmic Christ Light consciousness pours into the Christic Grids of Mother Earth, the collective consciousness will be changed so much, that the controllers will just Loose their control.

* There will be a mothership that will arrive in the 4th quarter 2016. The City-Size Ship was created by the Elohim Guardians with the help of the Galactic humanities of the cosmos. The good people will live their until the earth changes are completed. We are in the FINAL STAGE of this process that will complete by the end of 2016.

* The 5D frequency jumper will commence in the Autumn Equinox and we will completely merge with Earth’s 5D parallel body – new Earth in the Winter Solstice of 2016. We will separate from the third dimension and it will not seem as if reality is quite right. There will be a strange Feeling that we have moved some place and the world will seem brighter.

* There are Ascension portals between Earth and Parallel 5D Earth. Those living within the Inner Earth Cities of Light will be able to remove all of the radiation from the oceans once they are given the signal to move between domains after the portals are fully open by the end of 2016.

* By the end of 2016 new Earth will be fully established, and will take a few more years after that to rebuild many new Earth communities. A new social system will emerge and it will function on the universal Law of One. We will have universal rights and there will not be strict laws or regulations on living.

We are at a time of the most exciting experience you will ever have. For those of us who are ready, it will be more like a Huge Miracle appearing before us. It will be the most wonderful of all occasions. All will be redeemed and reformed in miraculous ways. It will be the most glorious, harmonious, divine flowing reality we could ever imagine.

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Mass Consciousness – Your Energy And Intention Are Needed NOW

Hello beautiful people of Mother Earth~

We are in unprecedented times.  It is so important that we as a collective whole make the conscious effort to Remember Who We Are.  Turn off the outside world and go within to find again that powerful, still quiet voice that leads us Home to Self.  Let me help you by reminding you of some things you may have forgotten.  Say each one slowly and repeatedly. Let yourself FEEL the energy of the words in your body.

I Am a Powerful, Master Creator.

I Am God/Goddess/Source Energy.

I Am Whole, Beautiful and Worthy as I Am NOW.

I have the ability to totally change my reality and make it into the reality I want. Continue reading “Mass Consciousness – Your Energy And Intention Are Needed NOW”

As We Shift – A Disclosure Manifesto

Editor’s note: TOTALLY spot on agree with this.  This resonates 100% with me and I have had such thoughts for a long while now.  Love HELPS. Love NEVER watches suffering and claims “sorry you aren’t ready yet for help”. How in the hell are we, as a species, supposed to stop the insanity of the psychopaths who are hell bent on destroying us?  They have technology that we don’t stand a chance against on our own without outside helpers who have the means to at the very list, ASSIST us.  Work with us.  So yes star beings – Disclosure NOW.  Show yourselves NOW.  Humanity demands it.  


The response to this edition of the newsletter was off the charts.  What you are about to read is a nice summary of most of them.  It was penned by a reader and edited by me.  It is meant to be shared, so please post freely.  The people are speaking.  Now let’s see what kind of answer we get…

Hi Sophia,
I’ve just finished reading your newsletter of 9/2/2016 that describes your conversations (in late February 2016) with an off planet being named “Ra” regarding the extension of Disclosure for another 100 years.
I am appalled and very upset (as I know you are also) at the possibility of such matters being discussed without any representation by Humanity.  I would like to respond to some of the issues you raise Sophia and to Ra and all other beings that are responsible for FULL DISCLOSURE:

“We, the collective of planet earth, are approaching 8 billion in number.  Imagine, 8 billion strong, what a group we are, what a force of sheer power, & I love them all.  How could I, I’ve never met them you say, and I say because I’m connected to them. I’m connected to 8 billion people, yep, that is the lifesaving part of this human construct we enjoy.  You see, the conscious & unconscious part of ourselves connects us to other people whether we know it or not.

The connection is always there; like picking up the phone and talking.   When we focus a great deal of our energy within our own inner world in order to solve a problem, another parallel energy arises (at the same time) in the people & the situations around us.  This parallel energy is our communication line.  In this way, we can amplify our powers of creation.

This is perhaps the most powerful force individuals have at their disposal. It assists them with all parts of their lives. Further, even when we are not around each other physically, what we do in fantasy and imagination goes out through the collective unconscious and is felt by everyone.

Anyone can communicate with 8 billion brothers and sisters – what a family, not counting our Star Brothers and Sisters (who at the moment we cannot see).  The nice thing about all this is we don’t need smart phones!

I am going to estimate there are 500 people that run the planet (a quick number to keep it simple).  What’s most important to understand is the proportions, for therein lies the rub – 500 people vs 8 billion people?  Scales are really tilted aren’t they?

Keep this in mind as you read through this missive.   There is a game going on here, a very hurtful game that has been going on for centuries.  It’s time to stop!  Demand that it stop! Send a message throughout our planet.

This group of individuals (known as the Cabal) & their ancestors has controlled earth for a very long time.  For example:

“The Draco made an agreement 16,500 years ago with the indigenous people of Earth and we have been under the Draco’s global martial law ever since. Believe it or not, the Galactic Council and Universal Protection Unit felt they had to honor that agreement and so the predation and persecution that was going on before the agreement was allowed to continue.”

That is a great deal of CRAP that we carry.  In addition:

(2) “The Draco came into Atlantis covertly and collapsed that society causing a global catastrophe and ice age.  Humanity barely pulled thru that.” The Draco’s are not nice neighbors!                                                  (1)(2)

Sophia has documented a conversation with Ra in February 2016.

Ra said: “The holdup is deemed necessary in order to preserve order.  We are not following the Will of One; order must be maintained to prevent destruction of too much life…”  Order maintained to prevent destruction of life, you’ve got to be kidding me, you’ve really got to be kidding me?   That’s all we have here is planned destruction of life!

What are you saying “Ra” that you know better than the Will of One?   Is chaos and poor judgement entering the higher realms too?  Why aren’t you following the Will of ONE?

(I’ve always complained about this, that the some of the higher beings were out of touch with us, and that can be very deadly for us as a whole).

What the heck is going on now, we have murder, famine, starvation, poison water, poison air, poison food, totally corrupt government, worthless money, a complete breakdown of the feminine principle, (chips are implanted in our bodies, our DNA is taken without our permission, machines are made that generate an electromagnetic field  that keep us at lowered vibrational frequencies that promulgate states of depression, anger, tension, hopelessness, aggression, division, separation, and the list is endless), programs developed to pit male and female genders against one another,   racism,  ethnic cleansing,  wars all over the planet, millions of people displaced, millions of homeless , the sale and kidnapping of children, giant pedophile rings, entire nations turned upside down, towns fighting against towns, cities against cites, false histories being published, lies laid upon us year after year to hide our origins and our power, every imaginable darkness has been put on us …and you “Ra” call this maintaining order.  You are hysterical, don’t make me laugh!

Because the 9-9-9 Portal Gateway is the completion of the 3rd Dimension, this planet will never be the same again after this month.  That means all vibrations that allow for separation will no longer be perpetuated or tolerated.  I fully realize my words & thought forms promote separation and division,  but I’m not a “Galactic correct” person yet, and I find your “utterances” very stressful, so there is no time for decorum.

It’s total chaos here, and with another 100 yrs. extension it will get worse, humanity would not survive and I am sure Gaia would not approve.   She is our beautiful Mother, Protector, and Sustainer …She has “felt” all that we have gone through so it would be a transgression of Her Will also.  We, the 8 Billion of the planet  Earth will not stand for another extension, not even one second beyond the time planned by the Will of ONE.

We demand Disclosure, many of us know of it already, what’s the point. Oh! You’re afraid…… “A few of us would be frightened and panic” …when we see our Star Brothers and Sisters?  I politely disagree.  Bringing access to technology that affords healing, food, free energy and sustenance on all levels will be supported by all humanity.   Our Star Brothers and Sisters can handle any eventuality that arises, I’m sure of it.

“Ra”, it is not necessary to project yourself as the protector of human life, while at the same time directly sanctioning chaos, suffering, pain and agony. You and the committee are no better than are earth’s current controllers.  This is not living in the Truth. It is deceitful, criminal and in complete violation of natural law, divine law, and the Will of One.  This is not a personal judgement, these are facts that are in plain view and can be viewed by anyone.  There are 8 billion of us looking at you…you are in opposition to US!  I have communicated this information today to my Brothers and Sisters here and they have awakened.

As Sophia has said, “What gives any race the power or right to withhold what would only promote life and expand the possibilities for the human?”  The order that you are proud of maintaining keeps mankind subservient and enslaved, and is against the Will of One.

We the collective of planet earth, all 8 billion people, united as ONE,  in ONE voice and as Co-Creators with the Will of ONE  not only request but DEMAND our release from the predation, persecution, and enslavement by the forces that have ruled this planet for thousands of years.  We DEMAND the reunion with our star brothers and sisters. They are our beloved family that we have been separated from for centuries.  We further demand the release of all technologies that afford us healing, food, free energy and sustenance on all levels. This is the Will of ONE.  What we demand is rightfully ours, all 8 billion of us. So be it!”

Jack Sturgeon ~ edited by Sophia Love
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Are You Experiencing Advanced Energy Shift Symptoms?

Editor’s note: I am experiencing these symptoms.  This past Sunday was the most intense so far with my fatigue being almost crippling along with strange body aches and pains.  I literally felt as though someone had drugged me.  I was able to manage by going to the park and walking barefoot, journaling, crying/purging and doing a lot of stretching.  Today was a new symptom – I awoke from a nap to the feeling of electrical “drumming” going through my brain.  It didn’t hurt and it didn’t frighten me but it did leave me feeling perplexed.

By Michelle Walling, CHLC

Energy shift symptoms have changed since last year for many people. As we undergo the beginning phase of a wave of energy like we have never felt before, the body has to adjust itself to be able to resonate with the frequency that Earth is receiving. Those who have been on the awakening path for a while are experiencing new symptoms with this new wave of energy.

Basic energy shift (ascension) symptoms included things like ringing in the ears, intense sweating, dizziness, forgetfulness, ascension flu, depression, and waves of nausea. It seems that most people who begin the shift into a higher frequency experience these same symptoms physically while their “team” helps them to begin to turn the dial up a little at a time in frequency.

Lately, many people are reporting a batch of similar advanced symptoms, meaning those that have already served their time with the basic symptoms they never thought would end are now experiencing a whole new phase.

Some symptoms in this new batch are:

-extreme lethargy (feeling like you are drugged)

-gut pain and bowel “explosions”

-bad moods, when you are supposed to be “happy”

-ravenous eating or no appetite at all (no normalcy with appetite)

-no motivation to do anything but lie around

-either sleeplessness or sleeping all of the time (not your average eight hours), off and on. Sometimes 3-4 hours of sleep is enough however the next week feeling like you need 12 hours.

-sore throat

-itchy skin or even breaking out in hives

See related article: Ascension Symptoms: DNA Upgrade

Can you see how this ascension needed to evolve over what we know as linear time? When we agreed to this mission we knew that we wouldn’t be able to handle the energetic shifts all at once. It would have killed the physical body. If you’re like me, you have felt like you have died many times over in this lifetime already. It seems like it is taking forever, but as we look back at out own progress we can see just how far we have come.

Now that my basic energy shift symptoms have subsided after four solid years,  I’m not feeling the severity of the advanced symptoms. In other words, I chose to have four years of off and on adjustment vs. some people that get hit within a few months, every day. I have rarely ever had headaches in my life, but in the last month or two I have had very mild headaches. Some people are experiencing migraines.  These can be debilitating, and I suggest asking your guidance team to help adjust the severity so that you can at least function. Most of the time there is certain vitamin or mineral that your body is lacking that would help lessen the severity of this symptom.

I used to have horrible night sweats and hot flashes. These are not the menopause type, many men also experience this phase. Mine lasted for a few years off and on. my body was detoxing through increased body temperature and sweating, and I had to have the temperature colder to feel more comfortable. Now I actually feel cooler and rarely have one of these episodes.

I have had the extreme lethargy for a couple of months now, and can go up to two weeks with feeling like I have no motivation to do anything. It is very noticeable when this breaks, as all of the sudden I will have more ideas for articles than I can keep up with and more energy to do things.

The bowel explosions that some are experiencing start with severe abdominal cramps and then move to a big release in the bathroom. While this may be triggered by a certain food that you ate, it still is releasing stuck energy in more ways that one. Toxins accumulate in the bowel walls and these aren’t compatible in the new energies. Anger and negative emotions are also stored here. This area is also tied to the solar plexus which is really being affected at this time. So although you may chalk it up to something that you ate, somewhere subconsciously you were probably drawn to put that thing in your mouth so that you could move a lot of stuff out.

I have also experienced the ravenous eating. I’ve been craving certain foods and have been drawn towards grounding foods like organic potatoes. I have had to throw out the information I have learned about how starches turn directly to sugar in the body, which causes weight gain. I trust that my body knows what it needs in order to move through this phase. Organic eggs have also been a good source of protein for several months now, I don’t grow tired of them. I went through a period of having hash browned potatoes fried in avocado oil, scrambled eggs, and 1/2 of an avocado for breakfast for a couple of weeks. Some people would scream about the amount of fat in that meal, but overall, I have felt very satisfied by eating the weird combinations of foods that have popped into my mind lately.

If we really studied all of the various vitamins that the foods have that we are craving, we would realize why we get latched on to one thing and then move along to another obsession. It is important to break the programming about what diets are good for you  when your body directly tells you to eat this or that. I have experienced how I actually feel worse on a strict diet when moving through energy shift symptoms. I have noticed that if you give your body what it needs, the ascension symptoms can lessen over time. You still may experience some of them, but they could have been much worse.

All people will have different symptoms. You may or may not have these combinations of symptoms right now. If you do, then know that others are going through them too. If you aren’t experiencing symptoms of this caliber, don’t think that you aren’t on schedule! You may have even moved past the need for any of them. Or maybe you took such good care of your body that you aren’t going to need to experience many of these symptoms at all.

I have noticed that many people who grew up eating fast food like I did are having more trouble than others as the body detoxes from years of bad stuff. It’s important to know that everything is happening just the way it should. If you aren’t treating your body with respect and listening to what it would like, free from judgment, then some of your symptoms might be a bit extreme as it yells out to you to listen.

In the end, it’s all about vibration. We are now in a month where the waves of energy are stronger than we ever have felt before. All of the symptoms that you have felt in the past have prepared you for this time. We have literally done something that has never been done before in an ascension as we move through physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental detox all at the same time while staying in the body. Our consciousness level is increasing and our DNA is rearranging itself thanks to the source field waves we are receiving. When you look at what is happening right under our noses, energy shift symptoms seem to be well worth the discomfort.

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My Ascension Symptoms

I’ve been posting other people’s ascension symptom articles and thought I would write of my own experience.

To begin with, I came into this world with a feeling that I was here for something big and transformative.  I began getting visions of what can only be called New Earth in my 20’s.  In the early 2000’s I noticed articles on The Age of Aquarius would come my way.  For some time, I kept waiting for something to happen to me.  Around the year 2012 I got into Human Ascension and again, waiting for something to happen, noticed nothing so let it go a couple of years later.  It wasn’t until very late 2015 I began to notice a shift within and thus started reading articles on Ascension, especially the symptoms.  From what I read, a galactic wave of energy hit the planet, creating all sorts of symptoms in the human body. This was the first of 3 such waves, the second having arrived in March of this year and the third one, coming in the 3rd week of September.  It is said this 3rd wave is going to be the strongest, with the initial “force” of it being felt by some already.

While I cannot prove any of this (although NASA has referred to them as ‘energy waves’), what I can go by is the sensations and feelings in my body.  Here is what I have experienced, in no particular order:

  1. Extreme fatigue followed by bursts of energy where I feel almost giddy.
  2. Spaciness, feeling drugged at times.
  3. Short term memory issues.
  4. A sensation of losing “time”.
  5. Unusual body aches and pains.
  6. Muscle weakness.
  7. Chronic sinusitis.
  8. Scratchy throat.
  9. Mixing up my words – at times being at a loss for a particular word.
  10. A growing desire to use telepathy for communication.
  11. Along those lines, a growing desire to use my Light body more and my physical body less.
  12. Strong desire to be alone.
  13. Being around others is at times unbearable as is being in any loud, bright or confined space(s).
  14. Inability to listen to loud, jarring music.
  15. Strong food cravings that last and go in waves – from craving root veggies (a first for me) to salads/greens to simply wanting fruit.  While I still eat meat because my body needs the particular protein, I am finding the desire for it is slowly, overall, waning.
  16. A desire to “go home”.
  17. A near obsession with the Stars and Star Beings (think Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters).
  18. Strong urge to downsize and simplify.
  19. Need to be in nature as much as possible and walk barefoot on the ground.
  20. Feelings of being completely in the moment, in the Now – that is becoming easier as well as a necessity.
  21. Feeling time is speeding up (also known as The Great Void).
  22. Very emotional with a strong need to purge.  Revisiting old memories and experiences which many I thought I had already healed from.
  23. Synchronicities.
  24. Strong connection with The Flow.
  25. Along those lines, having more moments where I feel lost, alone and cannot seem to feel Spirit/Source.
  26. Feeling like I lack clear direction.
  27. Goals I created/create go nowhere.  It’s as though I am being stalemated.
  28. Needing peace, quiet and extra sleep.  And naps.
  29. Insomnia.
  30. Overall just weird sleep patterns.  I go through periods where I need 10-12 hours a day plus a nap to getting by on 6-8 (often interrupted).


Get as much sleep as you need.  Rest when you can.  Meditate.  Do NOTHING.  Stretch.  Commune with nature.  Ground yourself by walking barefoot on the Earth.  Drink a lot of water – purified.  Bless your food and drink.  Heck, bless everything starting with yourself.  Move slowly and deliberately.

Before heading out, especially if you are driving, get in the “now” and intend what you are doing and where you are going.  Sometimes I feel I am walking between two worlds and feel quite “invisible” to the outside world so I literally say “I AM HERE” outloud when I drive, especially when I come to intersections or am pulling out of a parking space.

Pay attention to your body and give it attention.  Pray.  Listen to quiet, meditative music.  I’ve found on my cable carrier, Comcast, an awesome station called “Soundscapes”.  It plays new-age type music, much of it piano and I have it on daily, all day.  Play. Engage in quiet, creative pursuits.  Gentle exercise – walk.  Yoga.  Spend time alone.

Overall – love yourself.  Nurture yourself.  Treat yourself the way a mama cares for her newborn baby.  Sounds extreme?  Well look at this Ascension process the way that I do: you are literally birthing a whole new You.  And this You needs Love In Action in much the same way as does that newborn baby.