Today’s Experiences and Rambles ~ 1/16/18


Hello everyone~

Well now, the Schumann is indeed spiking creating an overall feeling of inner “aaahhh” ~ and bringing out either the desire to sleep NOW or moments of bursts of energy.

Also had a sudden “all over” itching earlier today ~ and it felt as though something was wanting to come out of my back – both sides – lower shoulder blades.  Angel wings perhaps?  My girl had itching at the same time.

Also having the desire to smack away – permanently – anyone or anything that isn’t in alignment with who I am/what I desire.  “Not in my reality” is my go-to tagline.  Not to be “better than” ~ just deeply longing to have real connections and that sense of “home”.

I express the desire to have experiences where I can have real conversations with others about love and healing and our awakening and new earth.  All of these topics I share here ~ and aside from my mate ~ I have no one else in which I can have these conversations I so DEEPLY need and desire.  I feel like I am about ready to pop out of my skin lately – an inner scream of NO MORE! I cannot do “how are you oh i am fine” go-nowhere conversations ~ I can’t! I would rather just pass on by or ignore the person altogether.  I had a couple of attempted conversations today while out-and-about that just ended up with me walking away feeling depleted ~ certainly not energized ~ at one point covering my child’s ears so she wouldn’t have to hear system bullshit speak.

It is bullshit.  At this point if one is still deeply plugged in, I don’t want that energy around me or my family.  Call me a bitch or lacking in spirituality.  I no longer care.  I have ZERO connection to this reality, to this realm.  I have made numerous attempts to really connect with others on a real, authentic level, to share my stories and insights and to ask questions to find out the truth and REALNESS of the other…. and that has not brought me ANY connections in this area…..  Online is where it is for now and that is waning for me.

I need MORE.

And so I seek that which does resonate.

Interestingly enough today while on a walk that connection came in the form of a tree (picture at the top).  It never dropped all of its leaves.  It always does ~ at least all the years I have been here.  I also noticed another tree a block away had not dropped its leaves either.  In some garden plots I see tall sprouts of spring flowers.  In other spots, I see nothing growing yet. Same with grass.  Perhaps a metaphor for awakening – some are on it, others still slumbering away.

I have had several very subtle experiences where, in spite of the air having that winter chill, I sense spring is “somewhere” ~ really close.  It is palpable and only growing.  This is more than spring fever too.  It is something “different”.

It’s as though the New Realm (which I have sensed is in Spring ~ and I am not the only one to have this sense) is merging with the old realm.  Some will blend into the New given their awareness and thus frequency.  Some will continue to stay in the old for the same reason.  The term I use is “overlay” ~ the new will overlay itself on and within this one.

Seeing this tree with its leaves still in place gave me hope.  It touched and thus softened my heart, put a smile on my face.  She allowed me to remember “home is coming”.  I could “feel” what she is doing ~ the message she is showing for us.  Instead of people staring and thinking or saying “how odd” ~ she is nudging us to look deeper.  Feeeeeeeeeeel inside the message of her appearance.

Just like with me, and with every one of us (supposedly ~ I have doubts) there is much more than just appearance.  I share that with others and I am far past ready to have those real, lasting connections with my tribe.

Face to face.

It is time.

It is time.



A Fun Exercise ~ What Do We Imagine New Earth To Be?


Image result for montana house on hill in forest image

(this image is pretty darn close ~ side of the house ~ tha

I was inspired to write this after hearing from one of you wonderful readers, saying it felt time now to focus solely on what we imagine New Earth/5D Gaia to be.  I think this is a very good idea.  I have written in the past about focusing on bringing this realm into our reality and what we imagine it to be.  I “feel” at this time the energies are much more supportive of this process.

For now, I will share what I have seen.  This is a repeat to some so please forgive me for that.  The first vision/dream goes back 10 years ~ this was long before I knew of “New Earth”.  I am in a large wooden house taking care of a group of kids.  All are in overalls.  I know one was mine – a girl (this was about 5 years prior to the birth of our daughter).  I feel different. New.  Very healthy and strong.  Content.  Free.  The energy of everything is different.  It is a very calm feel ~ and quite powerful in how palpable it is.

Outside the air is clean and smells wonderful.  Pure.  The house is surrounded by large pine trees.  The road out front is soft dirt.  I could not see other houses around although I know we have neighbors.  Just couldn’t see them from the house in this first experience.

The temperature is perfect – 70’s.  I sense a small downtown/town center to the right of the house, probably a mile away.

Inside the house has no furniture.  No wall hangings.  I am able to make peanut butter sandwiches for the kids simply by intending it.  I am amazed I have this ability.  I also feel I am just learning how to use it.  “Wow, I am manifesting all of this simply by using my thoughts!” I recall thinking as the Observer in the dream experience.

As I awakened, I knew this was more than a dream.  It was real.  I went someplace wonderful.  I set out to find it here in this realm.  I came up short each time I made this search.  I finally concluded where I was was not of or on this planet.

Two years later my mate had the same dream, down to the structure and the kids in the overalls.  I had not told him of my dream.  Like my feel, he too felt he was not on earth but rather on an earth-like planet/realm.

Since that time my mate has returned numerous times to explore the area (that’s who he is).  He has seen the ocean near our home.  I haven’t seen it but I have sensed it when I have returned.  Both of us have seen the dirt road and know it is the only kind of road there is.  No asphalt.  No concrete.  It is lovely!

There are small stores in town.  Mom and Pop types.  My mate has visited one a few times in his dream-state ~ it’s where he gets seeds.  There is no money exchanged.  You just go in and ask for what you want and it is given.

The one dream I recall where I visited the town I was in a diner.  I saw some very large hills close by ~ on the edge of town.  I was playing the piano for the diners.  There were about 10 people total inside.  It was wonderful. Small town, small community.  Quiet.  Serene.  I knew this was simply part of what I did in this new life of mine.

I have gone back to the house numerous times, both in the dream state and in my waking visions.  I have furnished it.  We have a food replicator, a door leading to a teleportation room, and this massive basement that I insist holds a flying craft.  We have both seen a large garden on our property as well as a creek.  In the last dream I had, I was standing in front of our beautiful, massive house.  There was a bit of snow on the ground.  I was so deeply content.  Deeply satisfied.  The feeling “there” is so palpable.  To my right was a very large covered wooden structure that held several cords of firewood.  I had on the same winter coat I currently have as well as an off-white pair of winter boots, which I did not own at the time.  That is until one day, weeks later, I was looking for a pair of winter boots and happened upon the exact pair of boots I had been wearing in my dream.  I now own them.  

It has been a very awesome surprise to learn others have had very similar experiences while in dream-state ~ down to the type and size of home, the smallness of the community AND the kids in overalls.  !!!

New Earth is Healed Earth.  Healed Humanity.  Free Humanity.

I am as ready as you are.  And I stand with you in bringing Her forth, in bringing us in Uniting with Her.  We wish to Go Home.

Let that moment be Now.

In gratitude~


What do YOU imagine New Earth to be?  Please share what you have seen and/or what you imagine/desire her to be?



A Bedtime Story…


Thank you to Snoopy for the inspiration…



Image result for galactic central sun image


It was a beautiful, blackened-sky, starry night.  The sun, however, had other ideas.  The sun decided to come out to play.

She had carried so much grief for eons.  She had not only witnessed the fall and suffering of humanity, who had been held down for so long, controlled and manipulated by evil dark wizards who took the Beautiful Gift of Source Life Energy and used it for nefarious, ugly, dark purposes, she herself had experienced the pain of humanities sufferings.

She witnessed one reincarnation cycle after another of humanity’s blindness and forgetting of who/what they really are.  With each cycle, the spark within each Being began to glow again.  As it did, chaos ensued.  The Beings who played the role of the dark wizards amped up their game.

Living Sun, in cooperation with Source, decided enough was enough.  She sent the message to Source: “The time is now.  Use me to channel all of your Love to humanity.  They have carried the memories and grief long enough as have I.  Their desire to once again carry Home within is strong. Bathe me so that I may bathe each of these beautiful Being’s while they sleep.”

So it was decided at that moment that tonight was to be the night ~ the night of the release of Love for All.

As each beautiful, precious Being slept, Source, in all its Glory, emitted a massive pulse wave of Love through the cosmos.  It passed on to the Central Sun, who in turn amped it up further and bathed the earth realm in these high frequency energies.  Every being felt it.  Many woke up, confused at first.  Others awoke knowing what had happened.

All were touched… deeply.

People walked out of their homes, flooding the streets, wanting suddenly to connect with everyone around them.  Smiles were shared, even while mind’s struggled for many to grasp, to understand what had just transpired.

Tears flowed from the eyes of those who were already consciously aware of this event.  Some simply laid on the ground and wept.

All knew ~ a transformation had just taken place and nothing, no thing, would ever be the same again.  

And our Central Sun, oh she celebrated with us, quite grateful she had decided to come out and play.


My wish for all of us.

Good night beautiful Earth Beings.  Sleep well.


Current Experiences and Energies


Sleep, Child, Girl, Blanket, Sleeping

I really wanted to share an article I just finished reading as it perfectly describes what I am experiencing, but I can’t use it to promote myself on a blog or website so instead I will just share my own recent journey.

Just when I begin to question this ascension/change/transition, I seem to get hit hard with proof showing me it is foolish to question the reality of it.    Then I will often “find” an article detailing what I am experiencing ~ down to new/strange experiences, as I did w/the above referenced article.

Currently I am experiencing a lot of bloating as in O M G.  Food sensitivities perhaps ~ noticing that a lot right now.  Either I am not hungry or I am ravished.  Fruit continues to be the center of my cravings/dietary needs ~ that and parmesan cheese and the proverbial dark chocolate w/nuts.  And sourdough toast w/butter.

Headaches/pressure in my cranium.  And while the fatigue has returned, it has taken on a new level.  When it hits me, which I don’t know when, I absolutely need to sleep right there and then.  I can push myself for awhile until I am literally falling asleep where I am.  Yesterday I crashed so suddenly and hard, apparently I slept for an hour.  I don’t remember falling asleep ~ just know that I suddenly crawled into my daughter’s bed mumbling “mama needs to rest right now” and that’s about all I recall. When I opened my eyes I thought 5 minutes had passed.  That is until I looked at the clock and noticed I had been z’ing for 60 minutes.  It is like I am being forced to sleep. I have had an on-going “feel” for a good year now that the closer we get to this transition/solar flash event, the more we will be called to sleep.  Getting out of bed so far in this month of January in the year 2018 has been a huge challenge most mornings.  HUGE HUGE HUGE More days lately my mate and I say we just want to sleep until the transition/event.

I am also purging things out of my body more than normal some days.  I will just leave it at that.  Indeed unusual!

Itching continues, although it is quiet today.  A few nights ago, around 1am, I began to itch all over ~ sides, legs, back and especially my head.  My mate experienced the same thing at around the same time.  The only feel/visual I get on this is crystalline energies coming online in my body, replacing the carbon-based structure.  Unless (and until perhaps) I feel/learn different, this is the analysis I continue to provide.

Please feel free to share your experiences.  I love to hear them!  I could share more of my own but to be honest, I am wiped out and my brain and body is saying “STOP” so stop I will.

Love, peace and freedom~



Thank you for supporting my work!


Trumps Says he wants the lottery for immigration ended. I say I want the delays to release the tech and our return to and remembering of Source Oneness ENDED.


Woman, Madonna, Sculpture, Statue

I read an article a few days ago (which I did not save and cannot find at the moment) that spoke of Trump’s knowledge of the thousands of suppressed patents for things such as healing tech and free energy tech.  He even spoke of this tech in his inauguration speech when he said: “We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow …”  In this article it was stated that Trump went through the list of some 5000 patents, selected around 1000, and asked, in January of 2016, when this tech could be released.  Government officials said “10 years” to which he is reported as saying “make it happen in 2-3”.

My first (obvious) question:  Why not now?

Why not get on it NOW?  I mean my god there are every day people who already have tech that can heal us and free us up from the archaic crap of oil, coal and the like.  We have tech that can clean up our oceans and (likely) our air too.  We have tech that can heal us quickly.  NOW.  Why not empower them ($$) to put that tech to use NOW?  Let’s make some business deals, Mr. President, get the best of the best to mass produce this stuff beginning NOW.

2-3 years?

Not an acceptable answer to me.

Months.  M O N T H S.

People are suffering.  Dying.

Our realm needs cleaning and healing.


Not in 2-3 more years.

This whole “wait” and “be patient” has done worn a hole clear through my ability to take another breath and go back to “wait/be patient” mode.


We are already being sold a lie when new age acscension people say we have to stop eating meat or raise our vibrations or wait for THIS energy frequency to expand and do X Y Z in order to create the ascension experience.  We have to wait and let the process happen.

Wait.  Be patient.  DO DO DO in order to receive Source Connection.

Doesn’t anyone stop and think that maybe by giving our belief and focus and energy on “oh I have to do THIS before I am given my (RIGHTFUL) gift of the garden of even returned” we are further pushing away the experience?

Do you think we “fell from eden” slowly, over eons?


Falls are quick ~ with lingering effects.

Rise can be quick too.  (With loving assistance and guidance.)

I would now firmly state that by saying such things as we have to wait for outer healing tech to be released and letting ourselves believe we have to become these near-perfect, flawless beings (no nasty thoughts – and no bug squashing either) to appease Source so we can be returned to our energy space within All There Is?

The Source in me says to every one of you – you can come to me, broken, afraid, eating a mcdonald’s cheeseburger and say “I want to come home!  I am tired of this experience!  Can I please just feel the fullness of our connection again?” I would say YES!

Free gift.  Given just like that.  No strings.

And THEN perhaps after that you remember the connection – hey I don’t want to eat meat.

I don’t want to squash bugs.

I don’t want to harm others or hold power over them or hold them in judgment.

Because….you remember again and realize:

Hey, I AM Whole!

Hey, I AM fully remembering.

And hey, as POTUS, I AM getting on this tech release today – and it is going to happen quickly.

Dark delays (and often uses a lot of words in the process to pull you out of your desire to have what you need and want NOW).

Love acts.


Love in Action Now.

Much love and ALL NOW~

Goddess Victoria



Strange Phenomena ~ Bugs, Birds, Sunset Patterns, Disappearing Water, WHAAAAAT?!


Several nights ago I shared some photos here which captured a beautiful but rather strange sunset.  The sun was setting much farther north, something not seen until late spring and into summer.

Last night something called me to go for a walk before dinner.  As I headed out the door I noticed the skies, post-sunset.  The glow was coming due south.  I took some photos which I will share below (the quality is not that good as the sky was too dark for my camera to pick up the details).  The glow extended a bit to the east as well.  I found it strange, especially given just those few nights ago the glow was NNW with the south being completely subdued.

We are noticing an unusual number of birds lately, being very noisy ~ chirping in a way we don’t typically see until Spring and warmer weather. We have also noticed an unusual number of bugs ~ flies, mosquitos, fruit flies and gnats.  In the video below you will hear the birds and see the swarm of gnats that were flying above my head.  I NEVER see gnats until spring and summer.

Now our weather out west has not been unusually warm.  The temps have been pretty normal overall and we have had plenty of cold days and very cold nights ~ enough that we put a towel on our battery.  So what is allowing for the bird and bug activity ~ I cannot explain.

Yesterday, with the spiking Schumann, I began to feel unstable in my body. I intuitively knew this was not due to the spiking energies showing up on the Schumann.  I just knew this realm was and is wobbling, moving.  I am sensitive to magnetics and movement.  I used to experience severe car sickness as a child ~ and to this day certain movement patterns make me feel either quesy or unstable in my body.

I then put all of this together with a video put out by Michael at MBB333 on youtube, showing the ocean waters off the coast of Ecuador disappearing only to seemingly show up as very high tidal water’s.  We also saw this “disappearing” water act off the coast of Florida this week.  Then we had the strange planetary object showing up “under” Antarctica as captured by Steve Olson, WSO.

All of this leads to the following conclusion:  SOMETHING AIN’T RIGHT.  lol

MY “feel”?

I have felt for the past year/year and a half we have been moved by a large planetary-type object/system, magnetically.  Being perhaps pulled “up” and out of this realm we were “thrown” into by those dark beings.  I have “felt” that the “good” ones among their race/races are helping free/liberate us.  This would explain the obvious wobble of the earth and the experience of instability I have had in my body a few times going back to spring 2016.

I “feel” perhaps this water is being removed, displaced to avoid cataclysmic results (which has not happened in spite of predictions going back 5 plus years) while also allowing the as-gentle-as-possible rising of land masses that we were once hidden.  Remember I have been saying what was once hidden is now being revealed.

This wobbling/moving of our realm could also explain the strange locations of the sunsets.

As far as the birds and bugs showing signs they think it is spring…out west that is….  When I had that one and only dream of the Flash Event ~ the weather felt like it was spring time.  Nature, in the dream, showed me spring.  (at the origin of the dream I was thinking it was either spring or early fall that I was seeing this “event”~ prior to the leaves turning/falling as there were leaves on the trees)  So perhaps we are on the cusp of this event, as many of us are saying, so nature feels it as well.  If I were a bug, I would want to be awake to experience it!  lol

And given the energies of the 3d dimension, which is based in this construct we have called time, are being transitioned into the higher frequencies, who knows what month it is or when the weather patterns of spring will come into play.  I am saying much sooner than any artificially-based calendar says.

As do the bugs and birds.  Listen and observe below.  



Thank you so much for supporting my work and my words.



Website Issues


Hello Subscribers~

My site is still up and going but I have noticed my subscriber list is gone.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the plug-in to no avail.  I am also noticing lately my hosting site is lagging behind in getting you the latest posts update.

On another note the newly fixed dishwasher is continually beeping and won’t stop.  I am walking away from all of this tech stuff I am not familiar with.  So if you don’t see any e-mail’s from the site, that doesn’t mean I have ceased posting.  It means the tech issue continues and until I can either figure it out on my own (w/my limited knowledge of stuff like this) or can find someone who can fix and will barter, the issue will continue.

I apologize!


Taking A Moment To Bring Forth Warmth To Those Stuck In The Frigid Temperatures


We are powerful creator Beings so let us do this.

Visualize and feel the strong rays and warmth of the sun permeating through all of the frigid temperatures, bringing warmth for all affected right now.

Warmth NOW.

KNOW we too can alter the weather.

Too many are suffering and believe me when I say THERE ARE NO LESSONS HERE to learn.

Goddess Gaia ~ mother to us all ~ we THANK YOU NOW for bringing forth warmth NOW to all of those who live where these frigid temperatures have gone on long enough.  No more.  That experience is OVER.  Time for a NEW.

Time for WARMTH.  Relief.  NOW.

I ask ALL reading this to participate and share with all you know.

I thank you, humbly.

My Daughter and Her Analysis of What’s Going On


My daughter essentially spoke of Quantum Entanglement tonight as she suddenly wanted to share with us what she sees is going on.  Wish I would have recorded her – she was very animated and powerful.  The child has been receiving schooling in other realms ~ likely came here w/this knowledge.  She’s been dropping little truth moments like this for the past couple of years.

She sees 8 different timelines that have been merging into one.  During this process, there has been a tangling and a detangling as each timeline merges with the whole.

Nibiru will be bringing 2 more timelines and will be the last to join in and will become one of our Suns.

An Important Message: In This Now Moment We Intend….


I already know this Power we have ~ but was inspired just now as I read the following message:  “If we could all get together and meditate X, X would happen almost immediately. Such is our power.”

In this NOW moment WE ALL intend:

*Abundance for ALL

*Perfect Health and Instant Healing for ALL

*Peace and Safety for ALL

*Beautiful homes, healthy abundant food and water and clothing for ALL

*The release of ALL technologies that will make our lives joyous and easy…EASY EASY EASY

*Freedom for ALL

*The capture and removal of ALL of the controllers and dark team players and organizers who have manipulated, enslaved and used us in this realm.

*The immediate safety of the children and their immediate release from their captors and enslavers.

*The revealing of New Earth.

*The removal of the remaining veil between dimensions.

*The event solar pulse.

*Clean, pure skies, water, land

*The return of our inner tech – our inherent abilities

*The Uniting of ALL under the energies of Love

*The Above Is Done NOW ~ We Speed Up The Manifestation and Command it ALL be INSTANTANEOUS.

Feel each of the above words.  Say it slowly until the feeeeeeeeeeling accompanies each statement.

Share and spread far and wide…

And repeat above statements until manifestation…


As I read something similar ~ don’t just think about the above:


I’m counting on every one of you, my tribe, my galactic warriors.