Today’s Energies ~ August 10, 2017: Remembering The Child Within


Human, Children, Girl, Hat, Together

Well another day where I have been off about the calendar day.  Each day has a “feeling” to me and this one felt like Friday just as yesterday felt like Thursday.  The calendar ~ well SOME calendar as I somehow lost the one in our kitchen and have made no attempt to replace it or look for it ~ says Thursday.  I’m still sticking by my “today is Friday” though.  In perhaps the New Reality.

The Schumann Spiking today and corresponding energies had me thinking about returning to my Original Self ~ the one who I was before I experienced trauma’s, made some decisions that were not in my Highest or best interest.  The girl, the Being within the woman who is trusting, deeply kind and compassionate, giggly and silly and even naive in some ways.  Today I was hit hard again by how much I miss her.  I don’t like this apathetic, doubting, distrustful person I have become over the years.  This is NOT WHO I AM.  It happened slowly.  I really didn’t even notice it. Which is why I didn’t notice it until much later.

I want her to come home again.  I want her to come out and play again. Embrace the world again.  Embrace life.  Adult Wise Woman there when needed or necessary.

Along these lines I received some help in this area this week.

We have new neighbors, very close to our home, who also have a little girl. Our girl and their girl have played together several times already.  The joy it is bringing me watching these two girls play is growing.  Expanding in my heart.  It is bringing me such pure joy in seeing my girl so happy. There has not been a girl her age in this neighborhood since we moved here and oh how we have intended – both of us – for a girl her age to move in.  Just one week ago, at the end of the rope was I in trying to arrange play dates with other parents.  Block after block kept falling in place until I said I had to let it go and Surrender.  Trust.  Allow that the Universe would provide an answer to the intentions of both myself and my girl for the right child for her to play with.  Be besties with.

One week ago this was.

And now today we have created this, manifested such a situation.  A perfect situation.  I don’t know who is more excited over this – me or my girl.  Slumber parties.  Giggles.  Dress-up.  Barbies.

And while I am receiving a gift in expanding my joy again, opening up my heart in new ways in observing the happiness in my daughter, I am also receiving a gift through my interactions with the mother.  She radiates kindness, maternal softness, joyful enthusiasm.  In the past I would likely have pushed the experience away.  But today I find myself savoring it. As we spoke about the city north of here ~ where we both lived and hung out at the same or similar places ~ I could feel my inner girl being return. Excitement building.  A few times we both giggled and got excited ~ just as I did when I was younger.


It hit me quite hard how powerful this was for me.  How healing it was for me.  This gift from the Universe is not just about my daughter.  It is also about her mama.

At this point, whatever my Higher Self and Source send my way to heal, I welcome for nothing is more important to me than that I release all of the stuff that has kept me from Being Who I Really Am.

My Request For Help


After having my own intuitive feeling for awhile now and then having one of you “sensing” the same thing, I have decided to see a Shaman.  There is a local woman in my area who I have spoken with and she charges $50/session.  I just need the money to do so.  So if any of you feel the desire to do so, I could really use the donations to see her.  I have felt “stuck” (fragmented is more the word) with an issue for over 25 years and things like counseling and even energy/body work have not helped.  I had an intuitive read a couple of years back by a man who saw the same “stuckness” and while he claimed to remove it (he was not a Shaman and his technique was far too simple in my mind), I noticed no improvement. Just more of an “oh yes now I see”.

Anyway, it would mean a lot to me.  I want so much to be healed.  Thank you!


Once Again With Feeling ~ NOW is the Time To Intend Our Desired Outcome


I was listening to a video awhile ago that spoke of alchemy and a couple of corporations that create technology that has enabled the elite to see the future outcomes of their plans and adjust accordingly.  Pretty sick and twisted, but no surprise.  Heard of this practice years ago.  And yet because we HUGELY outnumber them and because so many of us are awakened ~ I would say well over half of the entire population can at LEAST feel within how wrong – certainly “off” everything is.

It is time to step up and INTEND our desired outcome.  Master Alchemists we are.  Awesome usage of Energy.  We do it ALL THE TIME with our own thoughts.  Which is why for so long, nothing changed, nothing improved. Our internal dialogue went something like this: “they have too much power.  i don’t have the time/energy/knowledge/ability.  other’s can do it.”

etc. etc. etc.

Most of us know different though.  Know different.  DO different.

This court case involving the State against Heather Tucci-Jarraf, which I see as a case against you and me – all of us – and our right to freedom and sovereignty – has the controllers scrambling what to do.  Their desired outcomes are not turning out as planned.  Too many of us know.  Too many have awakened.  The Many have stood up and are taking back their power.  Plus we have some amazing very Powerful Beings at the helm of this, working diligently on our behalf to bring down this Ozland Curtain.

So let us intend they back down, drop these ridiculous, fraudulent charges, release Heather.  Release Randy (Randall Beane).  And grant us the rightful access to our TDA’s (Treasury Direct Accounts).  Whatever you wish to label them, this is money used to trade in OUR names using OUR personal identifying information.  Without permission.

The very definition of Fraud and Theft.

Intend a peaceful, righteous outcome vibrating in the Most High.

All Is Well for You and I.


Thank you~


Focusing on Joy ~ Focusing On What I Want and Desire


Ascension, Celestial, Planet, Heaven

Universe is speaking to me at lightening speed lately ~ I am having a difficult time keeping up.  Much of it is coming through some of you, my wonderful readers.  Today’s power message, well #1 (cause I had another come to me as well) is “I Create My Own Reality”.

This is one of those “no duh” philosophies, and yet I have been on the fence with this one.  On one hand I want to believe it, somewhere within I DO believe it, and on the other hand I think “yeah but what about xyz dark powers doing this and doing that and interfering with MY reality”.

Then I think back to this video I watched a couple of years ago that showed atoms changing based just on ATTENTION.  Given the human body is compromised of, on average, seven billion billion billion atoms (made up of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon – which is changing of course), this overwhelmingly shows the power we have just with our ATTENTION and INTENTION.

This has risen in me again over the TDA event I continue to watch.  I gotta admit, as much as I desire this, feeeeeel it and have envisioned such a gift for humanity going back over 20 years, I also pause and think “the people who have created this fraudulent system, under our names and personal information to make a lot of money, are not going to walk away quietly.  If at all.  And…how can we find a court system, of which all are under the system of fraud, willing to acknowledge paperwork filed?”

And then I had a thought occur to me.  All throughout these TDA messages, there is a running theme of being in alignment with abundance for this gig to work.  Not from ego but from Source.  Heart.  One of the people, on their own doing, was being rather rude and nasty about this TDA stuff.  He was upset with people asking a lot of questions and many not following his guidance.  In a nutshell he dropped a lot of nasty words in a recent video, telling people they were on their own, he was not gonna help as he once did.  Something in me said he better watch himself as he was no longer in the spirit of this movement.  To have frustration and anger is one thing of course (been there done that as have all of us) but to spew it out and attack your very viewers went up to another level and I immediately felt was going to have ramifications if he did not chill and do some healing/reflection.

I did my focused best to remain neutral without judgement, just feeling the observation I received.

Sure enough, he did have a very challenging life-opening/altering situation occur a couple weeks later.  He has returned, more humble.

All of this tells me it is indeed our thoughts individually AND collectively that is changing this system.  Being of Higher Vibration is assisting in bringing down the corruption.  Sending out ripples of loving frequencies, intending for those who have created this system that has been exposed, is going to have an impact.  Either they make new choices upon reflection or else they simply weaken and go away.  The incoming high frequency energies (another piece to follow on that by James Gilliland) combined with our own IS enough to bring down the house of cards and create abundance energy and systems for ALL.

Through attention.

And intention.

As I add after I make a new intention for myself:






Your financial, spiritual and emotional support of my work is greatly and gratefully appreciated!




Another Small Tidbit/Insight on New Earth and 5D


I am watching a video by a couple out of Portland, Oregon.  I had an e-mail from them earlier today and decided to check out their newest video. I want to share but want to ask permission first before I do so.  Their energy is so authentic, grounded and just pure.

The video discusses the subject of “how do I ascend”.  It is so much alignment with what I feel and what I have shared here.  They add in some extra, beneficial goodies though.  Shared is how we need to get out of the brain and let go – don’t get into the worries of “I am doing this right.  Am I good enough.  Am I healed enough.”  etc. etc. etc.  (Sound familiar?  lol)

I wanted to share an experience I had earlier today, before I watched the video interestingly enough.  I was engaged in some activity in the kitchen ~ I don’t even remember what it was.  But I was suddenly frustrated.  The monkey mind began to chatter.  Grumble grumble am I the only one who ever…, why do I have to do this…

Higher Self then spoke through me.  “Is this how your 5d Self would be engaging in this activity right now?”

Wow.  Stopped me full on.  Talk about a powerful statement/feeling.

What a great approach to implement.  Stop myself throughout the day and ask “Is this how my 5D self would speak?  Eat?  Do?  Move?  Think?  Feel?” Fill in the blank.

Ascension is not an outside activity.  Yes the energies are indeed changing us at every level.  But this process is strictly an inner-focus and journey. And as I wrote about earlier, we all ascend when we are ready.  When we intend.  Surrender.  Let go.  And now I will add – practice BEING our 5D self.  Get used to the experience.  We will be guided in this.  As we always are when we ask.

I feel like I have been giving the recipe for making cookies and left out the most important part – actually baking the cookies.

Getting there, one intended moment at a time.   

Love to you all ~


Today’s Energies and Some Thoughts On New Earth



(you will have to forgive me for typing in all lower case.  that is my natural way of typing and today i am just not concerned with proper grammar skills.)

Image result for BIG A FRAME HOME image


not as intense as yesterday but still zzzzzzz.  leftover sleepies.  i did ground and integrate/release yesterday.

i noticed something new today ~ an inability to tolerate the smell of my bathroom cleaner.  it is one of those organic/all natural ones and i have used it for years.  not anymore.  immediately my inner self said “NO” to the smell today.  ok then.  from now on vinegar and water ~ if i can even tolerate that scent much longer.  may just turn on the hose and spray down here shortly.

i am indeed sensitive to smells – which really went through the roof in 2004.  this was before i was aware of energies and ascension and changing body chemistry.  at the time i wasn’t sure what to think – it kind of bothered me.  so indeed anything chemically – unnatural – sends me into a tizzy of “MUST LEAVE NOW”.  i can also actually “feel” the frequency of the scents/odors.  so at times a scent may just resonate with my frequency and i am fine.  other times a scent may be mild – totally natural – and i cannot stand to be around it.  must vacate scene.

ok – deep breath with this one as this is some new stuff i am presenting. i am also receiving some insights into new earth.  i am going to keep much of it to myself as it is highly personal but i do feel ok in sharing this (and please know this is just my perspective/feelings):  the realm of new earth, that frequency “construct” is already in place.  we can now choose to go. while these energy frequencies are allowing us to Remember and giving us the chance to heal/let go/purge, there will not be one such energy wave that puts us all there at once, for lack of a better description (although i still see this event people speak of as such an energy wave that NO ONE consciously escapes the experience it brings).  it is a CHOICE at this point. an intention.  the frequencies, the structure, are in place to support us. there are others there.  teams to help us acclimate.

weeks back i was intending to go – and stay – and my higher self said “are you really ready to do this?”  baby, it was a powerful experience! the feeling i received was ok we can do this now.  but is human self ready to let go?  and i mean TOTALLY LET GO.  leaving behind certain people (temporarily as ALL will be rising to the occasion, so to speak, along this journey).  leaving behind the “stuff”.  ALL of the old ways of this 3D construct.

not that there isn’t “stuff” on the new realm.

human me became afraid and said “no stop”.

the feeling was kind of like the feeling i remember having when i entered this world.  an energy “vacuum” sensation that happens in an instant. transports us – only this time of course it transports this entire vessel.

it is indeed a totally new experience and feeling.  new earth.  i am so grateful for the dreams/visions i have had over the years of this beautiful realm.  the feeling – this total sense of “YES ~ everything is ok”.  i am also believing this is not an end point – but a step “up”.  some will stay. others will go on to other experiences. kinda like stepping out of a mud puddle you have been in for a very very long time ~ that disappears permanently once you remove yourself.  and the sweet land you place yourself upon is in absolute alignment with who you are – at the moment.  i must remind myself energy NEVER remains static for long.  it MUST explore/move/expand/experience.  i believe this is why most of the population has varying levels of claustrophobia.  our energy bodies and human bodies have been more or less stripped of this ability ~ certainly to explore it in a manner that is limitless.

i wish to add one last thing:  anyone who would say you aren’t ready.  this isn’t how this process works.  etc. etc.  pay them and such words no attention.  your inner self will KNOW, ok?  listen to him/her.  if you feel you are truly ready to go, truly done with this realm, go within and explore this further. go BEYOND the desire that simply says “i want to ascend”. see what comes up for you.

that is all i have to share at the moment.  it’s hard to share when it’s a feeling and something i have seen.  so i am no longer convinced this is about us being in a state of total healing in as much as a total willingness to surrender and let go and just…go. any healing needs will be taken care of upon transition.  love works like that, imho.  it’s like taking a leap into the unknown.  higher self knows when ego is ready to align.  just like ego knows to trust higher self.

a symbiotic relationship taking us Home.  (that one deserved a capital letter)


My Experience In Remembering My Humbleness


We have a neighbor who lives on our block.  She has some health issues, physical and mental.  Overall at this point she is stable and gets around on her own just fine.  We have looked out after her since we moved in.  If we notice certain behavior patterns/changes, we call her sister.  Her younger sister is a wonderful soul.  She brings our neighbor food, flowers and little things on a regular basis.  Visits her.  It has been humbling to watch.  At times painful as it reminds me of what I do not have with my own sibling, in spite of trying to connect at those authentic, emotional levels.  My family doesn’t do that.  They are very in-the-head, individualistic types.

I recall in my early 20’s I was quite individualistic myself.  That is until I began to experience episodes of panic.  It got to the point where I couldn’t leave the house, for awhile my own bedroom.  I tried all sorts of things at the time, both traditional and holistic.  Talk about humbling.  I began to see myself and others in a different way.  For a time.  Until I got the sucker under control by freeing myself of some things that no longer worked for me.  Then I more or less fell back under the spell of individualism.

Then life happened again.  And again.  Cost of living skyrocketed, my income stagnated.  Spouse got hit with health issues.  Relationship troubles.  I would find work only to have the company close up or my position no longer needed. Self-employment failures.  Being forced to move twice within a year with a small child took a further toll. More health issues for my spouse.

I continued to quietly reel downwards on all levels.

As I was experiencing all of this I began to soften my view on people who struggle – especially those who struggle long-term and/or chronically.  I had this old ridiculous family view that it’s ok to have problems – as long as they are temporary.  You deserve help – but only temporarily.  At a certain point, you aren’t worthy of help.  On your own, sweetheart.

Interesting how life will lead us through hell to see our own dark thoughts.

I still struggle with panic and at this point I don’t know what to do about it.  I have moments where I surrender it, moments where I fight it.  I have a couple of chronic health issues – physical as well – that I do what I can on my own to treat.  My insurance doesn’t cover anything alternative and mainstream medicine doesn’t recognize my issues.

Given all of this, I am now a pretty humble puppy.  At least towards those who struggle long-term – or even short -term.  I KNOW the pain with that.

Where I am not so much humble is my disgust towards those who have turned their backs on me – and others who struggle to live with chronic ailments in this individualistic system.  I also am not so humble towards those who have financial means to help their family members needing help with treatment, living expenses and don’t.  A friend of mine has chronic health ailments, pays a ridiculous amount of money in rent (because that’s what the system dictates) and often has to for-go certain treatment protocols and holistic doctor visits (again because mainstream docs do not treat or recognize her health issues) while having siblings who are healthy and very very much in the position to help pay for her treatments.  It is an issue that goes right to my core.  Going back 15 years or so I have prayed for and intended to be blessed with a financial fortune so that I could help people like my friend.  Whatcha need?  How much?  Let me write you a check.

I have often thought that kind of wealth and financial abundance has ended up in the wrong hands for far too many.

It is unfortunate to say, but for some of us it takes getting kicked in the ass to remember our kindness.  Our generosity.  Removing us from judgment and into those states of unconditional Being.

So today when I have moments where I am feeling some bitterness and pain, wishing I had much more of a real support system, a real family I can count on unconditionally, I will see my neighbor’s sister pop over to check in on her big sissy.  Arms full of food and as I said, flowers (such a beautiful gesture – simple but beautiful).  And while it still pains me, I smile and give thanks.  I give thanks to the sister and affirm our neighbor’s absolute divine gift to be treated this way (another belief I have had – the “i am not worthy” crap).  At one time I told our neighbor’s sister how wonderful she was – how it was a beautiful gift to me to see her care for and show concern for her sister.  For there have also been a few occasions when our neighbor more or less locked herself inside her home – police there – sister there as well, waiting, for a few hours, doing all she could to get her sister to just open the door, feeling helpless.

Throughout it all, our neighbor’s sister has hung in there with her.  For decades, she has told me.  Accepting her sister for who she is, where she is, meeting her at that place.

Beautiful.  Humbling.

And who I continue to become myself.

Visit With Sacred Tree ~ Another Unexpected Message


In my earlier sharing of angst I forgot to include this experience I had today, late afternoon, with the sacred tree I visit.

After a scorching hot week (for our area), today the coast breeze kicked in, dropped the temperature by 20 degrees (to 88 – which gives you an indication of how hot it has been this week).  I got on my bike and took off.  I had a destination – rode past my sacred tree – until I felt an energy vortex literally pulling on my body to turn around and go pay my tree a visit.

I went another block, turned around and returned.

“Hello friend,” I said, placing my hands on her.  “I’m not much in my heart today.  Feeling unsure and apathetic and impatient.  But I will do my best to tune into you and listen.”

I took a deep breath and stood silently.

Sublime, I heard/felt.

A new one.  What is sublime, I wondered.

YOU are sublime, I heard/felt again.

Well I am Source, I communicated back.

I got the feeling I needed to expand on that.  Not just say the word.  And not just identify myself as Source either.  I kept feeling the message to expand my view.

Sublime, I thought.

Sublime.  Yes,  I received back.

I thanked her, still not sure what the full context of the message was until something told me to look up the definition.

Here is the definition of Sublime:

of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe.
AND for the verb definition:
elevate to a high degree of moral or spiritual purity or excellence.

Beauty.  Excellence.  Grandeur.  Spiritual purity.

Wow.  Talk about taking my breath away.

The wisdom of nature continues to astound me.

Expand my thoughts on Me as Source.  Not just feeling through it but using words as well.  New words.

Sublime.  I’ll take it.  Make it mine in my own way.  Such a yummy word, isn’t it?  And never a word I use either so indeed it was a gift for me today on this August 4, 2017.

A Little Visual For The Masses Who Have Had Enough


I have another piece going through my mind but first I need to do this one.

We are powerful, right?  We have the power to change our life.  Our reality. Intent.  Focus.  Knowing.  Being and Doing.

I have seen what I am going to suggest work.  If it resonates, give it a try.

Visualize removing all of the toxins that have been put into you.  The toxins from chemtrails, fluoride, vaccines, gmo foods, round-up, etc. etc..

Then there is the toxins that build-up in our bodies via stress that comes from this pay-to-live enslavement system and the bankers and elite heads of states and big biz who have gotten away with these crimes and utter horror long enough.

Feel and visualize in your body where this stuff resides.  Pull it up and out and, if you wish, imagine putting it back on to the very folks who have allowed these crimes against humanity to go on.  Speak the names of individuals and companies outloud.

Truly pull it out.  Go deep.  Go real.  Put it right back on them.

For a time just put aside this love and forgiveness speak.  That can come later.

I am sensing that this anger I am feeling today is not just my own but part of the unhealed/unacknowledged parts of the collective.  When we call ourselves a Lightworker (fill in the blank with whatever resonates), we fall into the trap of thinking our strong emotions, those moments of rage and anger, may upset others.  Offend.

We need to redefine what being Spiritual is.  And I feel that part of that experience is removing the energies of harm that have been put onto us by these individuals, entities and groups WITHOUT OUR CONSENT and thus need to have it all returned to them, energetically speaking. Where it belongs.

There are times to turn the other cheek ~ certainly if it is a one-time behavior, small offense.  But when these systems sucker-punch us time and time again, it is time to say NO MORE – go deep within – truthfully and honestly – and love ourselves so very much – there is no way we wish to have ourselves discolored by their poisons any longer.

And so it is.

Today’s Energies


Today I do not wish to be involved with or engaged in:

  1. politics
  2. ufo’s
  3. what’s going on with the sun
  4. what’s going on with my neighbors
  5. family
  6. friends
  7. drama of any kind
  8. money
  9. having to eat
  10. having to DO
  11. cooking
  12. cleaning
  13. showering
  14. dressing
  15. brushing teeth
  16. doing hair
  17. hearing sounds of 3d reality

this feeling is overwhelming.  jump-out-of-the-body type feeling.  huge. massive.  inside screaming to be with Me and only Me.  hearing ONLY Me. personal space is huge.  HUGE.  wanting my entire house and an entire street all for just my personal energy space needs.  like NOW.

with that, i will close up.  anyone else feeling the same or similar?