A Collective Call To The Lightworkers ~ And All Else Who Resonate With This Message


In the middle of paying a bill to the debt criminals when I decided writing this was more important.

I awoke this morning with the strong urge to gather as many of us together energetically with the focus of putting an end to this matrix for good.  I read article after article, comment after comment of beautiful people waiting for this “end” this “shift” as though we have no control over it.



We are the Creator’s!

Reality is more malleable than it has been in a very long time so come on. Join in with me!

Let us make this shift together now.  Let us call forth an end to the matrix grid energies now.  This is OUR reality.  OUR experience.  OUR realm.


What do we want?  Do we want to continue on with the way things are going – with this shift seemingly to take far too long for us?  Or do we want to LET GO NOW and intend the end to this control NOW.

I opt for NOW.

And I hope you will join me in this.  This is not just some piece I write up and move on to something else.  This feels like a MISSION.  A mission to be created NOW.  Not some day down the road.

If you are with me, let me know as I am going to be holding myself and all accountable with our words ~ which must be impeccable at this point.  Not to sound like a dictator.  We have had enough of that.  I am saying do not agree to something – do not agree to this unless it resonates deeply within your heart.

This doesn’t need to be complicated.  Just setting some times throughout the day for a few moments – pause – and say the words and feeeeel the impact of them.  Something like “All energies of control are removed NOW.”  or “The matrix grid as we understand it is OVER NOW.”  Or “I bring down the matrix grid NOW!”  Or “I am FREE NOW!”  Then visualize and feel your life being completely free – in paradise.  Please offer suggestions too.  This is not about my ego so I have NO attachment to how this is done and am COMPLETELY open to hearing your suggestions.

And I am just one person.  One powerful person of course – just as you all are.  Together we can bring down the matrix with our thoughts alone. Months ago I heard “we can bring this down in a nanosecond together”.

So then let’s stop talking about it and DO IT already!

Who is with me?


~please share this with everyone on your social media pages and encourage them to share as well.  i want to make this global and i want to see it started/created asap.  


Gift From Sacred Tree


On my walk this afternoon, I decided to stop in and see my tree.  Like yesterday, I had this feeling there was no need to walk over to her.  It wasn’t as though she was saying “go away” – but today, the experience was one of I no longer needed to receive messages or validation from her. I have “graduated” from that need.  The only Being – human or otherwise – that I need to seek guidance from is Me.

Interesting too as I am listening to the last few minutes of the Cosmic Awakening Show with Michelle Walling and her friend Sonya and they are speaking as to this phenomena.  After this last shift in late August (eclipse), we no longer need to search outside of ourselves for answers. Not that we no longer need one another.  It is now that we can find what we need for ourselves within.  Tune into that and follow what flows.

I blew my tree a kiss, gave her thanks and went on my way.

And so it is.


What Reality Am I In?


What the hell is going on?

What reality am I in?

Do I have ANY control in this experience?

People are incommunicado.

Feeling a huge disconnect from it all.

In a lot of back pain.

Homes that had sold in our area are now back on the market again suddenly.

Feels like another timeline was reinserted.


I do not consent.

I command to be out of this reality.

I command the veil drops now.  NOW.

I feel it.  I see it.  I experience it.


And so it is.


Today Is An Interesting One…


That’s about the best description I can call today.  Interesting.  I am seeing how I can completely alter my reality by just changing my focus and inner dialogue.

I do sense great change “out there”.  A friend of mine has been saying to watch for system changes with the banks, stores, corporations and the like.  Glitches and the like.  I believe it!  Yesterday I placed a phone call to one such bank to clear up an issue and wow – for some reason – the csr says he could not get me to an associate.  I waited for over 10 minutes and was willing to wait longer.  He was very embarrassed, said this doesn’t normally happen, but I would have to call back (which I did not consent to doing, btw).

My mate went to the store today – a big ‘ole corporate owned store.  The items he picked out, well he ended up getting them for free.  Why? Apparently there was a HUGE system “change” leaving the clerks scrambling to figure it out.  Stuff was coming up in Spanish, not ringing up correctly.  This particular clerk was so frustrated she handed the items to my mate and said “forget it – they’re free.”

Ok then that’s how things are supposed to be!

Is it the energiezzzzzz?  System changes already put in place, now coming online?  Both?

There is just a feeling of wonkiness in the air and certainly agitation collectively since the events in Las Vegas Sunday evening.  Trying not to get caught up in that drama – but the seeker of truth in me already knows the whole story is not being told.  I already listened to one video that clearly shows the sounds of two vastly different weapons being fired. Certainly there was more than one “shooter” and everything in me says this was staged (or allowed) to lower the energies, instill more fear and god knows what else is up these lying thieves sleeves.  Was the accused shooter a mind control individual?  Did he do this willingly?  Did he really even pull the trigger?  Who knows.  Questions, questions, questions ~ it is easy to get lost in them.  I’m too tired to dive much into this one.  I just know capturing the truth in these tragedies is akin to holding water in the hand.  No one “wins”.

What can people like you and I do?  Keep the vibe high…  Send out thoughts of peace and healing to all…

After such events, if you speak your thoughts and views on what you feel to be true, some will support what you say, others won’t.  Emotions run high at times like this and the energies of division come in strongly – again – which is exactly what the controllers want.

I will leave this with what I got from my sacred tree today.  I didn’t go up to her.  I didn’t feel the need.  I stood at the end of the gravel road, acknowledged her with my heart on my hand until I felt the connection with her.  We are all One.  And yet we are all each on our Individual Journey’s.  Specks of amazing Source Truth within each of us, experiencing life in these physical forms, gathering experiences and perceptions that shape Who We Are and Who We Are to continue to become.

And that’s ok.  As Tom Petty (et al) sang (had to include him in this one – may he continue to create beautiful music):  “Well it’s all right.  Remember to live and let live.  Well it’s all right.  The best you can do is forgive. …  Well it’s all right.  Even if the sun don’t shine.  Well it’s all right.  We’re going to the end of the line.”

Today’s Experiences ~ Or “How ya’ll doin’?”


Thought I would write while in the middle of an energy/schumann moment.

Currently couchin’ it.  Blissful, calm state today.

At the moment:  i do not wish to hear any voices.  no noise.  no other people’s energies – big or small.  mate and child are whispering making me want to scream on outta here into a true quiet zone.

Inside the cells are vibrating like mad.

Throat and voice are scratchy.  Things feel inflamed.

Chest/heart energies feeling quite heavy.  Feel like I am a tightly wound coil.  Will be stretching after I get the child bathed, snacked and in bed. Which by the way did I mention both of them are talking?  Whispers even. Don’t know what is more annoying when I want quiet – regular tones or whisper tones.

I came home from an after dinner talk with my girl and suddenly needed to sleep.  As in right here right now it’s coming and not gonna stop.  I crawled onto the couch, put some warm buddies on my body and zonked out.  Forty-five or so minutes later I am awake again, typing these words, feeling like a zombie.  With a very tense body that is screaming to be massaged.

Hands trembling.  Vibes on-going.  I love it.  I am doing well with these zappings.  That is until I suddenly need to sleep in absolute quiet.

Did I mention I need quiet??!!

During these high-energy moments (of which this is the new norm and will only continue in duration) this parent needs a volunteer babysitter.  A volunteer massage therapist.  And a volunteer cook.

Any volunteers?  lol


Energies and Latest Experiences


I have been having difficulty speaking lately.  And chewing.  It’s as though my mouth is not doing what my brain wants it to.  I am also becoming quite clumsy in a new way ~ dropping things especially.  And it isn’t like I don’t actually pick them up completely – I do.  At least I think I do.

We had some friends over today and as I was speaking, I suddenly felt like my mouth was not moving the way I wanted it to, I bumped into the garbage can and for a moment I thought “what the FLIP is happening to me??!!”

But I do know that answer.  And tonight I had this thought that the false parts of me are shutting down.  Maybe in some way we are all robots – energy “parts” in this matrix – and as this matrix grid is getting ready to shut off – we are experiencing our own change within.  The old programs changing to make way for the NEW.  In short: we are prepping to get our super powers returned (DNA upgrades).

As I heard on a video in the previous article I posted that speaks of we are now ready to head out of the matrix – we are literally headed upwards as we exit this realm which is the exact image I received from my sacred tree this week.  I could feel her trembling strongly like a rocket ready to be released – and could see her rising in an upwards movement as she prepared to “jet on outta here”.  To not only hear my mate had the same vision but to hear this and read this describe by another tonight has me shaking like crazy inside with anticipation.  I feel another doorway within my awakening has opened.  If ever there was a time to be in the Being of Allowing and Observing with the utmost compassion and gentleness with ourselves, it is NOW.

So….back to my point….as we are quite literally being moved and positioned in the right “position” TO make this exit – this literal exit – we will feel this in our bodies with symptoms such as loss of balance, clumsiness, coordination issues.  I am spilling water on myself at times. Having a hard time keeping tooth powder in my mouth.  As I said today, laughing, “it’s like I am turning into an infant in some ways!”

Go within as much as you can.  And buckle-up (words I have been hearing in my mind for awhile now – words also received from my sacred tree as well as words I saw tonight the video I linked).  I will share any insight I receive.

That is all for now.

Much love.  Compassion.  Acceptance.  Strength.  Wisdom.


The Energies of Today ~ Maybe There Are Some Leftover Dark Straggler’s Acting Out In Other Life Forms


Ok, I have encountered three pieces today speaking of this experience going on at this moment – leftover lower density entities trying to create a little bit of havoc.  Nothing serious but enough to induce some moments of unnecessary fear in others.  When I first read such statements earlier in the day, I dismissed them.  Fear porn.

Well now I am “feeling” it may hold some truth.  And I say that not to instill fear – but to pass along an observation and a couple of experiences that have left me to think maybe there is some truth to the statements. I don’t really like writing up pieces like this – especially after I had such an awesome week overall.  But life in this dimension is a myriad of colors and experiences at the moment, although I continue to intend more of the beautiful, peaceful kind of both.

First experience came from a child who was playing with my girl.  He has exhibited some bully behaviors in the past, enough to warrant my mate and I to say until this behavior stops, no more play time.  After a time we were told the boy gets it, is sorry and the behavior has stopped.

Actions, not words, paint such a picture, although I remained hopeful on the words part.  Just two days ago he visited and the two kiddos played for awhile.  In time the kids, my mate and the child’s father were out back engaging in a variety of ball playing.  The kid wasn’t happy and was making it clear.  Inside I thought “oh no, not again…”  Moments later I hear yelling – from the same kid – and name calling – which he was aiming towards his dad.  Wow – a new level.  At this moment, my mate ended the playing and brought himself and our girl inside.  It was a warm day, the windows were open, so I could hear the ongoing battle.  I watched the child and his dad walk front to our sidewalk, the child continuing to yell, call names and now, hitting his dad.  Well that was enough for me.  I had to do something.  My mate said “stay out of it”.

“I can’t,” I said, walking outside.  I asked the father, who looked helpless, if I could say something to the child.  He smiled weakly and said “sure”.

So I told the child calmly but firmly I did not like how he was treating his dad.  His behavior was absolutely unacceptable.  He needed to show respect towards his dad and if he was going to insist on engaging in such behavior he was not welcome to play here.

Well that triggered such an intense reaction in this child, he screamed a rage I have never seen come out of a child.  I remained cool though and said “that is the consequence of your actions.”  The child turns around, still raging/screaming, and takes off for home, the dad following.

I had a moment, seeing this child’s behavior where I thought “I wonder if something acted out through him.”  Looking back since knowing this child throughout the past year, I can tell you that not ONCE have I felt fully comfortable around him.  In that spot in my core, something is “not right” with this child.  (And yes – he will not be playing here or anywhere with my child anymore.  That connection is over.)   I had someone say “some people are just born bad”.  I don’t like that thought but it isn’t the first time I have heard that opinion lately.

Earlier this evening, my girl and I head out on our walk.  As we walked down one of our normal streets, we saw a friend sitting out and next door, a couple I had not seen with a dog I had also not seen.  The dog was not on a leash, so I slowed down as did my child and I tuned in.  I didn’t sense anything unusual so I was quite surprised – and quite enraged – when the dog looked my way and immediately ran towards me, barking aggressively while lunging at me.  Thank goodness my child was already in the yard of our friend, so it was just me and the dog.  I made myself big, put up my leg and yelled “HEY!” – glanced over at the owner who just stood there watching.  “Control your damn dog!” I yelled.  So he calls the dog over.

No apology.  No “are you ok?”  Not from anyone, “friend” included.  (a term I use loosely at this point in my human experience)

I told my girl I was not comfortable staying and chatting so we turned around and went home – in the opposite direction.  This is the 4th time this has happened this year in our neighborhood.  I will now be bringing my billy club with me.  My mate has wanted me to but I have felt that would invite such a situation.  I walk confidently.  But apparently asshole-behavior is not quite done in this experience.

These energies are bringing up all sorts of behaviors in all lifeforms, two legged and four.  Are they acting alone or with the help of some straggling, dying parasitic entities who know their time is up and are clinging on, trying to keep as many people in fear as possible while they still have a breath to take?  I don’t know.

But I do know I’m not walking blindly anymore – metaphorically and literally.

Sharing A Conversation My Mate and I Are Having…


The two of us are talking about our individual visions we each experienced yesterday about “where” we are “going”.  We both fully completely feel at this point that Gaia is being elevated in frequency as well as being moved physically. She is being moved and we are all invited/welcome to go with her.  Things are speeding up – as the frequencies become less and less dense.  It’s like a rocket lifting off and Gaia is the rocket being lifted out of this dense energy well.  Spiraling up through the dimensions.  Each layer gets less dense – and also stronger and lighter (light meaning higher frequency).  This will continue until we literally are transported through this portal we both saw yesterday in our own experiences.  The entire planet leaves this region of density and when that happens THAT is when some sort of an energy grid literally seals off this dimension so that NO planet or NO life form has to experience this density again – certainly not against their/its Divine Will.

After that, I believe that is when we will be seeing a Whole New Reality. And each of us will be residing where we most match in our frequencies which of course are based on our Highest Selves and the type of reality we wish to exist in.  That is why some insist we will remain on earth.  Others a new earth.  And others a whole other planet in another galaxy.

Isn’t it possible all of us are in truth in making these statements?

Let’s not argue on this one any longer.  Let us support one another by not judging others for their views on what is really going on and what it is they desire to experience.

Let us wish one another well.

In short – let’s accept one another as any brother and sister of Love does.

(i just had a vision of a t-shirt that says “keep your nose out of my ascension journey”)  Hmmm…

Love to you all ~ whatever your journey and story is!


Magic Is In The Air – And Within Me


Woman, Female, Beauty, Lady, Red Hair

Oh boy – so many amazing things today where do I begin??

Listening to Michelle Walling’s video with Allison Coe the other night, Michelle spoke about an unbelievable amount of magic and instant manifestation among other things happened to her quickly over a period of just one week – leading her to KNOW she was transitioning to New Earth.

Hearing those words sparked something within me.  Let me share with you another true story (only this one doesn’t involve the silly 3d world systems).

The day started out with me trembling in bed.  I was feeling so much anxiety – but didn’t feel fear.  Just anxiety.  If that makes sense.  I didn’t want to get out of bed either – even though I was feeling claustrophobic. Again, an experience in paradox but that is the state of mind and body I was in.  I was also full of doubt.  Money.  Was I going to find someone to help me with my site.  Those were the two big ones.  Right next to those thoughts was the doubt I at times experience that I am going through this phenomena called “ascension” and is this new earth experience I have been having visions and dreams of for almost 20 years really just another illusion?  A lie?

Ugh.  Not a happy experience I was creating for myself.

So….I get up and going.  Got nothing in the shower so I sang to myself to find some motivation.  Ran some errands.  Unlike me as of late, I was in no mood to see anyone I knew and socialize.  Which of course is what happened.  lol  A local farmer whom I adore walked up to me at the local store.  He’s one of these awakened individuals who could be resting on his laurels and enjoy retirement that way.  Or he could be like many his age and hold no concern for the planet or humanity.  Not this dude.  He heads a couple of awesome local organizations and is passionate about small organic farming and healthy living/eating.  I have so much respect for him.

We spoke of one of his latest projects and other tidbits.  That lifted my mood a bit and helped re-inspire me that I too can (and do) make a difference.  I just have this feeling/calling to do more.

After we arrived home and began the process of putting the groceries away, I heard the noise of thumping bass.  Loudly.  It is a noise we rarely hear in our neighborhood – I can actually say we never hear it.  Certainly not longer than a few seconds which is a good thing as my body cannot tolerate that frequency and hearing it makes me want to hit someone – namely the one blasting it.  Today the noise continued.  As my mate began to comment how long the assaulting noise was going on, I suddenly stood up tall, put out my right hand and announced loudly to no one in particular “NOT in my world!”  (thank you deborah for that one)


My mate looks at me – eyes wide – huge smile on his face – and gives me a high five.  Way to go Goddess!  Instant manifestation, I thought, recalling Michelle Walling’s words.  Maybe this WILL become my reality.

After the groceries were put away and lunch made, we did some yard work and gardening.  I had not planned on doing any of this and I found myself feeling as though I was at the beck and call of my family.  The claustrophobia sensation kicked in.  I was not enjoying what I was doing and suddenly knew I needed to do something different.

What did I want to do?

Go for a walk.

So finishing up the gardening project with my girl, I said mama was headed out for a walk.  She begged me to go until I finally said “Ok.  But when I go for my walks, I walk fast.  And I do not talk.  And I listen to music.”  Of course she claimed she would be JUST FINE with me doing this.  I already knew differently but instead of telling her she had to stay home, decided she needed to learn for herself how she would indeed NOT be “just fine”.

Ten minutes into the walk she’s whining that I’m going too fast and she doesn’t like I am not listening to her.  I said it was time to take her home. She didn’t argue.

So having to interrupt my usual route (which annoyed me), I took her home, bid her and my mate good-bye and took off.  The claustrophobic feeling overcame me again.  Finally able to hear my own thoughts, they were screaming quite loudly in my mind.

I cannot live this way one more second.  I need help.  I need a new direction.  A doorway to open.  I was DONE trying to find someone to help me with this site.  Just DONE with it all.  I needed positive change.  Now.

I commanded the Universe and Highest Self to BRING ME WHAT I NEEDED NOW THIS INSTANT.

Miraculously, this just flowed out of me and I completely let it go.  Calm and a quiet mind immediately followed.  I rounded the corner and taking off down a new road, I glance up and notice a man I have been seeing lately.  I had seen him several times – in a cluster you might say – a few years back.  Then the encounters stopped.  We never spoke past a greeting. I always liked his energy though.  Very positive and up – very confident with himself – which such energy has often intimidated me as that is a state of mind that has not come naturally for me.  I have had to really work on it and I am the first to admit if there’s an easy way to do something, I’m takin’ the easy way – which often means I have let myself go into the self-doubt and depression option.

I walked up to him and we greeted one another and this time we began to talk.  I told him how I had to get out of the house for some “me” time.  He nodded, understanding then proceeds to ask me the most amazing question – what else did I do to bring me passion?  

Normally such a question would stump me at first.  People don’t ask such questions of one another – even though I LONG to have conversations like that.  Today though I had no hesitation.

So I happily and easily I shared with him about writing music, playing piano and guitar, writing and this site.  It was almost as if I stepped outside of myself and witnessed the pure confident Me.  In that moment I knew Who I Was and how gifted and amazing I really am.

Now here is where the “instant manifestation” experience comes in (#2 for the day):  Guess who used to mentor men and women in marketing their businesses?


And guess who offered to help me with this site?

Yeah baby!

I had tears in my eyes and I asked him if he believed in synchronicity.  I can’t remember his answer fully as I was in a state of high flying disbelief and bliss – but I know he said something to the positive.  I shared what I had just put out to the Universe and wow – it only took half a block walking to be created.

We left our conversation with the promise of a get-together to talk more, or as he said “you talk and I will listen”.  Another huge wow! for me.  I am not used to that experience (unless I am paying someone…lol).

As I walked away, walls of emotion overcame me.  My sacred tree was not far away.  I suddenly needed her.  So I walked quickly and half ran up the gravel road where she sits in her majestic beauty.  I ran up to her and fell right into her strength.  The tears came and wow – they did not let up.  I must have clung to her for over 5 minutes, sobbing all over her.  “It’s ok. You just let yourself go, girl,” I heard.

In time, I wiped my eyes and headed home.  Refreshed.

Has there always been such magic in the air?  Is this the result of the schumann frequencies and what is being called “outside of our galaxy” pulse waves of energies allowing for the end of the illusions of separation and the return of Full Oneness?

I know the answer.  And in another moment of paradox, I also don’t need the validation this time.

We are magic.  You.  Me.

It has always been in the air.

I think, at least for me, I have just forgotten to claim it as my Divine Right to experience.

The day ended with another object just mysteriously disappearing.  This time it was something that belongs to my mate.  We have begun making a list of such experiences.

That is all for now.

Much love.  Much bubbles of happy.  And much in the way of moments ~ new moments ~ new ways of Being and Living and Doing where we are fully engaged in what brings us passion.

And that will be enough.  



Thank you as always for supporting me, my work and my vision.




Urgent Prayer Request Needed For A Reader/Subscriber


I am asking all of you to please put out healing energies/vibes of love and strength to Robin, who I was just informed is in the hospital.  She had a very strong rash show up on her face and neck overnight.  I also ask for focused thoughts of protection and clearing as well.  See her Being Well.

It is done.

Thank you!