Some Words to Ponder On Reclaiming Our Power


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I write this piece every bit as much for myself as I do for you…


I used to read channeled messages and believe in them.

I used to follow folks like ArchAngel Michael and the other “Arch” angels. The Galactic Federation.  Commander Ashtar.  Sheldon Nidle.

My heart wanted their promises NOW and my desperation was so powerful, it made rather silent the Inner Voice that was ringing the b.s. bell.

Read the words of others.  However, please pay attention that you are not “following”.  Following as defined by accepting each word as Truth while dismissing your own inner voice.  Also defined as looking outside of yourself, ultimately, for the answers.  For the truth.

It’s easy to fall for this deception.  Been there – more times than I can count.  Think about it this way.  Many of us who are here for this Ascension Process ~ this journey of awakening to remember and release and heal and return again to Pure Source – we have had it tough.  Much of this third dimensional reality feels foreign to us.  Many have had abuse and health issues, ongoing quite often, and the like which we then choose to isolate ourselves from the world.

Isolation can lead to that state of desperation.  Again, been there – and continue to pull away from that state.

Tell yourself “I Am Source”.  As often as you can.  Even if we don’t “feel” it, keep saying it, as affirmatively as you can.  Say it slowly.  Say it loudly. Say it softly.  Just keep at it until you begin to feel the words in your body. Feel it in your Core.  In your Heart.  Keep at it and you will begin to experience the connection again in your body.  You will know when you have come Home.

One other issue I have dealt with is the need to please.  The need to show others who I feel have wronged me “SEE?  See how RIGHT I am now?  Do you approve of me now?”

D I S E M P O W E R I N G.

The only one there is ever to “please” is thyself.  Ever.  And even that is an illusion for being in our Full Source Power is just about Being and Knowing and Creating from that power.  We don’t stop to make sure we are doing ok or pleasing ourselves.  In Full Alignment we just know and thus Do.

So my personal rule for thyself is this:  I may choose to read these channeled pieces.  My red flags are anything that begins with “dear ones” and any information that says “we are working hard on your behalf”.

Ah, that last one.  We are working hard on your behalf.  So just wait dear one and trust in us.

While I believe we have Source Light Beings helping with this, far too many of these beings aren’t of pure source.  IMHO that is.  Pure Source gives forth energy that empowers.  It doesn’t dangle carrots of “hurry up and wait”.  In fact, as I am seeing and feeling it at this Now moment, I see that our Intentions of Remembering are working with and assisting the TRUE higher dimensional Source Beings.  A collective gathering, building energy that, working also with Cosmic Energies, are all creating the breaking down of the old false matrix energies.  It’s a rather quiet process too.  Not a lot of fanfare.  Just Source Beings DOING from that state.  None of this “lookie what we are doing for YOU.  Just hurry and be patient dear one.”

Does that make sense?  Let me know if it doesn’t.  I have moments I experience such as writing this piece where I FEEL the experience within but really struggle with coming up with words and sentences to explain the experience of knowing I have.

And another thing that I have read and resonate with.  When Source and Higher Self Source communicate with us – it isn’t with words per say.  It is usually with impressions and feelings that we then use our human brain to put into words so ALL of our Being can have the insight.  It’s also supportive. Loving.  Feeeeels gentle.  Solid.

I see the difference today.  I have indeed heard words of a masculine voice – authoritative.  False Light Crap.  Indeed NOT helpful.

ANY words of “we know best” or of doubt or judgment – toss that shit aside.  Say I do not consent to this.  Break down the agreements to follow this stuff.  And as we do, command and intend the return of our own energy we gave away to such agreements.

ANY words of “you are special because you are here to x y z…” – toss that too.  We are all special.  Such language is not Source.  It’s meant to feed on our fear of separation and loneliness and not being enough.  Our need for validation at the expense of going within.  No one is above another.  

Something else I notice ~ when I get a new insight and it feeeels so true and powerful – that inner doubting voice usually says “too good to be true”.

Again, TOSS IT.

Formula:  I receive an inner feeling and knowing that feels Pure and Source and All Possibilities.  Believe it.  Toss out the fear-based programming.  That’s all it is.  Programming.  We all know what fear is. No one escapes falling victim to that program.  But we can all break out of it.

So TOSS IT.  Give it a kiss on the way out.  Say “thank you – but no thank you”.  No need to go into drama over it.  Get to the place where it’s the same energy movement as is throwing away a tissue.  There are no stories surrounding it. 

I will leave you with this:

The mystic is not a special human being ~ every human being is a special kind of mystic.  Br. David Steindl-Rast, OSB


Today’s Sacred Tree Message



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I stopped by and visited my sacred tree this evening on my bike ride.  I haven’t communicated with her in a few weeks so it needn’t have surprised me that once I placed my left (receiving) hand on her, I immediately heard “slow down”.  I kept my hand on her, giving thanks and then heard “receive”.

Good message.  Slow down to Receive.

I thought of my typical days.  A-buzz with activity, even when that means staying home.  While I take time to go within and just Be, beautiful Gaia Tree was correct in her wisdom.  I need to slow down on all that I do.  We are receiving increasing energies, which feel like they are pushing us to the extreme to release in order to create our New Human Self and get anchored in the higher frequency realm~ if I do not slow down and ALLOW this to happen, it feels like I will pop.

Slow down to receive.  I dig that.

Currently I have heat buddies on my back, feet on a foot massager and earlier, my little portable massager on my back.  Extreme drug-like sleepiness.  Quite blissful.  Earlier in the day I was on the yoga mat, doing some deep releasing on a couple of rather unattended, old issues.  I was guided to approach the issues in a new way, which I believe is the direct result of a new mantra I was lead to, which basically says I welcome new insights from Source Higher Self.  I had the experience last night with another issue as well.  I give these new insights and opportunities much gratitude.  Well, most of the time.  That is getting easier.

Some days it feels like climbing an endless ladder.  Other days and moments it feels like I’m soaring quite easily with new wings.

And so it goes.

Love and blessings ~



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INSANE Reality ~ Mutton Bustin’


Does this picture look odd?  Upset you?  Horrify you even?

It’s real, as I found out today.

Our local county fair is coming up soon.  I inquired to see whether they were having their pony rides for the children.  There are a few ponies that ride in a small circle, slowly, while young children ride them.

I was told this event will not be put on but instead the fair will offer “Mutton Bustin” ~ which instead of riding a bucking bronco, young children, up to 55 lbs. are placed on the backs of sheep and hold on until they are kicked off.

W T F??!!

I had never heard of this practice.  Isn’t this child abuse?  AND animal abuse?  (I deplore most rodeo events for the animal abuse.  But now we have child abuse thrown in the mix??)

I found this article that shares some more details.  I have contacted our fair requesting they cease this activity for the reasons stated in this piece.

For awhile our fair did have what they called an exotic animal exhibit.  Beautiful animals such as lions and bears and panthers, locked in small cages, approximately 2/3 of a football field away of the main stage which blasted thumping music 12 hours a day (when musicians weren’t performing equally as loud).  They paced in their cages or hid, obviously stressed out.  We were horrified and complained.  Enough of us did so that the fair no longer has this exhibit.  But the people who run this charade still take their animals to fairs, expose them to traumatizing, unnatural settings while the programmed populace ooh’s and aah’s and takes pictures.  Some, we saw, even walked up to the cages to attempt to pet them in spite of the yellow tape.

Just one more reminder how this family does not do this reality.  Where are the higher conscious activities?  Educational models?

Here is the article so you can read and ensure your local county or city fair does not engage in this horrid practice.

This is True. No, that is True. Finding Center in the Realm of Chaos.


The last 24 hours have been a ride.

We live in a giant sea of “stuff” and we are supposed to just know what is “true” and what isn’t.

Seems everyone has a different perspective on reality and ascension and fill-in-the-blank.

People push this agenda as truth.

People pushing that agenda as truth.

Share the “wrong” truth and people will call you out on it.


This is going to happen tomorrow.


Time passes.  Or “time” as we understand it, which again, all is fuzzy on that and other concepts.

The system still rolls on.

Pedophiles continue to destroy the lives of innocent children while those who investigate get taken out.

Politics as usual.  Trump meets with the Pope and people see this as a good thing.

A greedy rich billionaire meeting with a Satanist.

Change is slow, I am told.

Why?  Why does it have to be slow?

I have arrived at this state where I DO NOT KNOW what is true anymore – other than what I desire in my heart.  And that I believe in absolutely.

Does this mean what I believe in and desire in my heart will make its way out into this realm and morph it into what I envision?

Being in Truth is about having an open heart, an open mind with solid footing in the ground, which includes having a scrupulous eye, which for me says I will fully believe it to be so, these “happenings” those keep saying are “coming/being created”, when I see it manifest.  Until then, all I can do is intend without giving my power away.  No one or no thing or no idea gets that any longer.  No longer will I fall for this “look over here at this carrot I am dangling your way”.


No desire to deal with another disappointment here Source.

I do not do this “blind” faith business.  Not anymore.

A couple more things.

  1. I could use more donations.  I have pressure on me. And I need to buy some supplies for the products I am wanting to make/sell.  I spend a lot of time keeping this site going each day and I am worthy of receiving regular financial support to continue this work.
  2. I do not need anyone telling me to join their MLM nutritional support system.  Thank you but that is not my “thing”.


A Little Pep Talk


Image result for POWER images

With the fear and concerns people are having, with some not knowing what to do, thinking they need to be doing more ~ remember this:

Just by simply questioning your reality, awakening to it and remembering more and more of who you really are and BEING that Self ~ all of this in and of itself is changing the energies of our reality.  WE have already stopped a timeline of destruction and controlled apocalyptic endings JUST by changing our energy signature through our awakenings, individually and collectively.

So when things feel ick and crappy and the world seems insane, please remember those words.  Birth is messy.  Painful.  But the result is a miracle.

You are having a positive effect.  Most indeed!  Keep it up!

Much love.  


Authenticity Required


I read a recent piece by Kauilapele where he shares his “PITA” (pain in the ass) moments, allowing his teenager or 2 year old self to have the moment then allowing Higher Self to return.

I had to laugh.  I love the authenticity of such stories.  I value them.  There are people who blog of ascension and they don’t share those personal moments of UGH.  I wish they would.

Ascension – Remembering – any kind of self growth journey is messy at times. There are moments of purity and moments of pure mess.  Kinda like my kitchen.  Sometimes it is pristine, floors and counters sparkling. Other moments dishes are everywhere and somehow globs of sticky have found their way onto the floor.

Here is my authentic PITA moment of today.  I am the type of Being who prefers to ease into my day.  I am not one to jump out of bed, dive into activity and nor do I resonate with having company first thing ~ especially the unannounced kind.  I laugh as I type this but I really deeply need and value a slow, quiet start to my day.  Most days I have that.

Today was not one of them.

Our dear neighbor, who is retired, widowed and always in search of a project, came over wanting us to help him with his doorbell, which was on the fritz.  I opted to stay here and get breakfast started while my mate and little one went to help him out.  Somehow, don’t ask me how, I don’t know, I didn’t ask and I still don’t know, this turned into us dealing with our own doorbell issue.  Next thing I know, lights are being turned on to get a close-up look of our doorbell parts.  Amp meters are brought over to test ours out.  Door is opening, shutting.  Opening, shutting.  Talking. Lots of talking.  More lights need to be turned on.  Then the batteries need to be checked.

Did I say there was a lot of talking going on??

Talk about sensory overload.  For me.  For the start of my day.  I am not exaggerating.  It was chaotic and overwhelming.  As I’m cooking breakfast, the thought “i don’t care about the damn doorbell” kept going through my mind.  Can’t it wait?  Like say until 10pm when I really come alive?

I remained quiet.  Calm.

After almost 40 minutes, the doorbell situations, his and ours, were resolved.  At least the next plan of action for both houses had been decided.  Breakfast was ready.  Family sat down to eat.

Then mate and child began to talk.  About doorbells.


Eyes got big.  I looked at them…

…And had a 2-year-old PITA reaction.

“Can we PLEASE just have a few moments of SILENCE??!!” I said, to surprised looks by both members of my family.

The two year old was not done.  She had more to say.

“I did not get my quiet this morning.  I cannot DO that level of activity first thing in the morning.  OK?!”

It was not one of my better moments.  But I saw it for what it was.  And a little while later, my state of Inner Calm had returned and I went about my day.

And so it goes…


On Greed ~ I State To Source: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


Horse, Herd, Fog, Nature, Wild, Equine

A neighbors house went up for sale 7 days ago.  What we witnessed was nothing short of sickening.  Herds of locusts (people) rampaged the place by the hour.  Hour after hour.  Day after day.  At times until late in the evening.  Lines of people at times. Those with the mostest getting the bestest.



Housing is our Sovereign Right.

So says Source.

So says Victoria.

And no one argues with either.

Let the TRUTH of ALL that has been hidden from us be revealed NOW for ALL TO SEE.

Go Time is NOW.

This is Source in Victoria stating:  GREED ENDS NOW

Return to our Sovereignty begins NOW.

The debt enslavement and pay-to-live corruption ends NOW.


Not tomorrow.  But NOW.

Time is up.

Freedom for all.

Sovereignty for all.


I command it so.

I request you do the same.

Share it.

Link it.

Chant it daily.



Just do it.

Thank you.

Standing in my Sovereignty…

Reverence to you all~



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Energetically FLAT LINED


this is what i really need to be doing…right now.  had dreams of purging energy bubbles out of my mouth, via my heart center.  engaged in some deep releases earlier.  i always did love my sleep and cozy bed but this is getting ridiculous!  anyway ~ silence from me for now…


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Being in Full Faith


There is a trait I most admire in others ~ those who are of absolute faith. I am not one of those people ~ yet.  A lifetime (likely lifetimes) of intending and having visions has lead to many dates coming and going, dead ends that lead to new paths.  Along the way, much disappointment.  Obviously I still Believe enough or else I would not have this site nor would I share my heart and thoughts.

I had a couple of incidents happen today where I see how the term “oh ye of little faith” applies to me.  I know what’s behind it.  I know the pain.  I feel it.  I let it out.  Where I am struggling is how do I rebuild?

What would I tell my girl?

Believe in yourself ~ even if the rest of the world, the people, the system, is showing a different result or reality.

So ok.  Let’s take a step with that one…

I am hoping, I am seeing…. some of the ideas I have shared over the last couple of decades, the visions and the like are finally going to transpire here shortly.

Those who have hung in there long enough with me know of my issue with money.  Typing that brings out a deep sigh.  No worries ~ I am not going to go on another rant.

I will say ~ I am ready to have this struggle eliminated.

I have done the intentions.  The mantra’s.  Thought outside of the box. Inside the box.  Put myself out there.  Then hide.  Press repeat.

An inner voice has kept telling me “hang in there keep going relief is coming”.  For a very.  Long.  Time.  lol

I have been following very carefully this intel on the OPPT and the TDA’s. (For the basics and latest, here is a good link ~ which I may have already shared.  Memory tells me I may have shared this recently but I am not sure.)  We listened to an updated recorded skype call last night (of which you can find the link to on the above shared link).  According to the information, this is a done deal and all will be able to access and use our funds – without threat or hassle or blocks – this week.  Yeah, I am putting that out there, even though a part of me says not to as the LAST thing I want to do is create any sort of disappointment in any of you.

But if I am going to walk my talk and share what I BELIEVE to be true ~ even if it turns out to be bullshit or off in any way ~ so be it.  Because I have had visions starting in my 20’s ~ long ago ~ of being liberated $$ and living in a way where the stress of “how will I pay for this afford that” is eliminated.  I had become apathetic and burned out following all of this speak about the RV, NESARA/GESARA and the like.  Dates coming and going.  On going behavior of “just wait we are almost there” year after year, behavior that played on people’s hopes.  And then I began to think ~ this is just another system where someone else controls the money.

Who the hell wants more of the same, even if it comes with some pretty unicorns for awhile?

I know I was guided to this information on the OPPT. Why?  I don’t know for sure (hence the “absolute faith” topic).  But I resonate completely and fully with it.  It’s about US being in charge.  We – answering only to ourselves.  (And in time we will move away from money altogether. Another vision/knowing.)

Humanity is owed the blessing of abundance.  Is this about money?  Yes and no.  Yes in that money does eliminate stress and provides much needed ease ~ certainly when the things you wish to do need money to create.  As Forrest Gump says when he’s told he won’t have to worry about money anymore, he responds simply:  One less thing to worry about.  No in that at the heart and core, this is about Remembering our Abundance. It provides the open door to Remembering this experience of Abundance.

For this is just the beginning of a new way of Being for ALL humanity.

By removing the struggle of lack and going-without, we are given the beautiful opportunity to heal from these issues, which are both very real-world created and self-created.  We are given the opportunity as well to remember our Worth.  We see how we have been screwed over royally and thus, we can easily put aside our benign differences and start remembering our Unity.

Start living the way we once did.  And are meant to.

That’s why we are here.

To Live and Be Who We REALLY are.