One Last End-of-the-Year Piece


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This is a brief one, but something I have been feeling and pondering lately.

So much talk now, of course, about 2018.  Numerologically it is a “2” year.

And yet, we have been lied to about every single darn thing, including what “year” it is.

So I no longer care if it’s a 2 year or a 3 or 4, etc.

I have the creative ability to make it ANY year I wish, ANY energy I wish.

That is My power.

That is Your power.

Personally I am done with calendars.  Clocks.  What astrological sign means this and that.  What number means this and that.  What book says this or that.  What “expert” says this or that.  Fill in the blank….

That all once served a purpose.

But no longer.

For now I am sensing and feeling the New.

An entirely new realm and field.

A pristine piece of land with nothing on it, just awaiting my input.  My creative powers ~ powers that are all online now once again.

Happy End of “all that” and Happy Beginning of the space where ALL IS POSSIBLE once again.



Thank you for all of your wonderful support this past year.  It has kept me going in many ways, primarily from my heart.  Blessings to you all.

Some Feels Put Into Words On The Event and Our Transition ~ An End of the “Year” Piece


I finished an e-mail exchange with my buddy Rick on the transition to the new realm.  The new earth.  The event.  Whatever label you wish to call it.

I found it very interesting that lately he has been wondering HOW this transition occurs.  Like myself, he has seen the new realm.  He’s seen his house (which is remarkably similar to the house I have seen my own family in).  We both feel we are in the same ‘hood, if that’s what you can call our new communities.  So I was intrigued when he said he was beginning to wonder HOW we transition as I began wondering this myself about 2-3 days ago.  I can even tell you where I was.  I was in the kitchen, walking to the food waste container when I thought “how do we transition”?

The old is crumbling for the new to be built.

Or has it already been built?

I have seen it.

My mate has seen it.

I just feel strongly it has already been built.  Created.

And it is not here.

NOWHERE in me do I feel this realm is going to be the New.

Not for me.  My “NEW” is elsewhere ~ similar but the energetic feel is different.

I feel no draw to the talk some share about building the new earth.  Cleaning up the mess of this one.  Starting new.  I just do not feel that will be my path.

I may be wrong of course so I remain open and ALLOW the Flow and Divine and All Of Me to be the navigator.  The only “thing” I allow and trust comes from the Divine Me.  However, all along and up until this very moment, I do not feel I will be staying in this new realm.  I can logically dismiss that.  I can question it.  The feeling though, remains.

I do not feel I will be with most of humanity either.  I have seen where I will be going.  It is very sparsely populated.

And it IS indeed divine to my heart and soul.

The energy is totally different.

It’s like the energy of those long beautiful bulges of spiking on the Schumann.  Just pure contentment.  It would take a lot to agitate me.  The ability to just flow and go and Be and let go ~ is really effortless when I am fully immersed in that energy field.

Practice, perhaps, for the new?

I am also being all but inundated with personal portal’s.  Today and tonight I saw two posts on social media referencing personal portal’s.  I saw a movie tonight that showed a flash from the central sun traveling throughout all aligned 9 planets, hitting the earth last.  Also saw a lot of portal’s in the movie as well as personal portal’s in a kiddo tv show.  So I am thinking perhaps there is more to the experience I had earlier this year ~ three of them ~ almost back to back ~ of a space out in front of my property where I saw a portal form ~ indeed a split in the realities.  In the one I was able to step through and into the new realm, right onto the road that holds the house I have seen.  I reached down, took my child’s hand, and we walked up the road until we arrived at the house.  There is sat, atop of the hill, rustic, rugged and vast.  Once we saw it, I smiled and was “tossed” out of the vision.  Brought back to “reality”.  Groan.  lol

Seriously though ~ finding real heart-felt value in this realm is getting difficult.  I.  Want.  New.  NEW NEW NEW NEW NOW NOW NOW NOW

The feeling is palpable.

I am fine with letting all of “this stuff” here go.

Although I have to say that there is a part of me that wishes to see all of these arrests take place so I can fully feel/see/say “ok they will never be allowed to harm humanity again ~ we’re good to go now”.

A saying my mate began stating awhile back ~ which resonates.

We’re good to go now.

For many of us, we are, aren’t we?


Healing The “Boo Boo’s”


Little Girl, Toddler, Sitting, Monster

We have a saying around here we have used with our girl.  Whenever someone has a disease, whether it is considered mental, emotional or physical, we have always said so and so has a boo boo.

Earlier today, she and I were speaking.  We found out our neighbor and adopted grandpa’s cancer has become more aggressive and will require more intense treatment.  I could write up another piece on that altogether (he is the type to go along with whatever the doctor says while ignoring alternative treatments).

Naturally my girl began asking questions.

“Are they going to heal grandpa d’s boo boo’s?” she asked.

“They are going to try,” I said.

She was reflective for awhile before she began sharing her thoughts.

“Mama have you realized how many people have boo boo’s in their bodies that need healing?” she asked.  She then went on to talk about our neighbors and others we know who have boo boo’s in their bodies and in their minds.

Three neighbors.  A few friends.  Her dada.  Even mama.

I began to think – again – about this new healing tech – these “mystery machines” as Trump has said.  When I think about the desire I have for my own family and for humanity, being healed is right up there at the top along with financial liberation.

I cannot imagine there is not one of us who needs some kind of healing given the assault(s) we have all been faced with for years, decades.  I think of the Executive Order, the term Human Right’s Violations and I would think things such as chemtrails/geoengineering, vaccines, fluoride, gmo’s and glyphosate, etc. fall under that category.  Not just human trafficking here I am feeling ~ but ALL violations of our Inherent Right to Freedom which includes health, happiness, justice.

We need to see these healing modalities, these “mystery machines” released to the public asap.  The People deserve healing.  Now.

The healing of all of their boo boo’s.

Then, one day, oh so soon, we can tell our little girl the people in her life are healed and restored.

As Source has always intended.

Quick Thought on Judgment


As I contemplate my previous piece, I have been thinking about judgment.  I don’t want to judge anyone.  Myself.  Others.  And after this incident that got my child sick, I have been full of thoughts of judgment.

There is a lot of talk in the spiritual communities about judgment.  How evil and awful it is.  Damaging.  How we should not do such a thing.  (all of which are judgments of course – lol)

I try not to.  Oh goddess I try not to.  Overall I am very much a live and let live type.

So I think on this.  And this is what I have come up with at this Now moment…

I request others to not engage in a behavior that is going to violate my basic right to freedom or my child’s basic right to freedom.  Or anyone’s basic right to freedom.  Because if you do, I am going to hold some thoughts about you that are less than pleasant (especially if said behavior has a negative impact on my child.  As we say around these parts “do not poke the mama bear”).

I agree to do the same with all others.

And so it is.


Thoughts On Consideration


I have resisted writing about this one the past few days as I have been focused intently on forgiveness, acceptance and letting it go.  But this involves my little girl and right now she is back in her bedroom, crying, speaking about all of the things she has missed this week because of one act of inconsideration.  A few days ago she was invited to a friend’s house to play. Unbeknownst to us, her friend’s dad was sick.  Once I learned that (after we had already entered the house and stayed awhile), I said “no” to playing over there.

The next day my girl woke up vomiting and has been sick with a virus since.

I was upset.  Very upset.  Any parent knows when a child gets sick, the schedule for everyone gets thrown off to some degree ~ often the mama. We had numerous activities planned for this week and had to cancel every one of them.  Two of the activities centered around my girl and other friends, including baking cookies at a friends house ~ which she had been looking forward to for over a week.

I shared my frustration with my girl’s friend’s mother ~ saying in the future if any of them are sick, tell us before inviting my girl or any of us over.

I couldn’t believe I would even have to say such a thing.  Isn’t this common consideration?

And yet, I have had to do this twice this year with parents.  The previous time the parent sent their child to our house to play and after a bit, I noticed the boy coughing abnormally.  I texted the dad and asked if his boy was sick.  The reply?  “I don’t know, maybe.  Why?”

I was quite dumbfounded.  I don’t know.  Maybe.  What kind of a response is that?  Anyway, turns out the boy was sick, the dad has suspected it but sent him to our house anyway, and within 24 hours, my girl was sick.

Most parents shrug off stuff like this.  Kids get sick.  I get that.  But what I do not “get” is when my girl is exposed to others who are knowingly sick and we are not informed of it.  Inform me, as the parent, so I can make a fully aware choice as to whether I wish to risk exposing my child.  My main job is to keep my girl safe and part of that is to keep her away from others who are knowingly sick.

Basic consideration.

The morning after my girl came down with this virus, her friend as previously mentioned along with her dad (the one who was sick), came over to our house, knowing our girl was sick and the girl proceeded to knock on the door.  It was pretty early in the morning too.  When we did not answer, she continued to knock and moments later began to pound on the door with both fist.  My mate then got out of bed to see what the hell was going on. Who does that?  And most obviously – what parent lets their child do that?  

As my mate looked out the window and ascertained who it was, he saw the girl then press repeatedly and quickly on our doorbell – over and over.  It now does not work.  The dad watched the whole thing and said nothing until finally he said “we’ll try again later” and took the girl home.

Again, I had to contact the parent and said their girl’s pounding on our door awoke my daughter.  One knock was sufficient.

Basic consideration.

I always communicate to other parents – others in general – when my girl is sick or any one of us is.  I request the same in return.

Basic consideration.

Yesterday afternoon we had a local group deliver us some food for a holiday meal (non-profit that helps those in need).  I answered the door, said my girl was sick, I did not want to expose them, so I would just receive the food at the door.  As I took the last bag of food, I thanked them for their kindness. They asked if they could come inside and bless the house.  I have learned I do not allow anyone to knowingly pray for me unless I know who they are and what their intentions are.  So I said “no thank you” and that I prefer to take care of the blessings of my home on my own.  That was not enough for them.  They said “well then can we at least come inside and pray FOR you?” Again, I said “No that is not necessary.  Let’s just wish one another blessings and a happy holiday.”

Basic consideration.

I cannot tell you how often these church-type groups use their working’s and doing’s to push their religious dogma on you.  Or assume you are a member of their cult, I mean church.  A few weeks ago we ran into a woman at the store.  She runs the local thrift store we visit.  The store supports the local food bank.  The woman asked if we had gone to see the nuns. Perplexed I said “Uh, no.  Are they putting on a concert?”  She then looked at me perplexed and said “Of course not they are getting consecrated.”

Oh my.  She assumed that because we visit the thrift store (which is open to the public), we were members of the Catholic Church.  I almost laughed but instead said we were not members of her church.  At that she ended the conversation and left.

Are we now seen in a new light in her eyes now?  I really wanted to say “your church is evil” and other things but I didn’t.  I have very strong “smart-ass” style to me at times.  Perhaps I need to employ it.

I continue to intend a new system ~ a new way of being and living where total transparency and authenticity are the backbone of interactions based on love.

Where humanity has expanded hearts and consciousness fully.

Where when someone offers to provide me or my family help there are no ulterior motives or agenda’s.

Where when I visit a place that is run by a church there is no assumption that I am a member (of it or any other christian-based church).

And where I can feel safe knowing I can bring my girl to someone’s house without having to ask “is anyone in the house sick?”




Steppin’ It Up For The Event


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I will be linking the latest Allison Coe, QHHT, where she shares the latest information from her clients in terms of The Event and New Earth.  It is very exciting – gave me chills – and confirms what all of her other clients have been saying all year.  The Event Flash will hit in the first quarter of 2018 (Jan-March).

Watching her video charged me up.  Reaffirmed inside what I know to be truth.  Every one of us is here for this soon-to-be moment.  Every single one of us.  There is not one person/soul who did not sign up to be here.  It is our roles that vary.  What I see is some will stay in this realm and others will go to their own planets.  Realm.  Realities.  All dependent upon the our unique frequencies.

In the interim, I feel it is important to welcome in this energy.  Start talking about it if you haven’t already.  Start prepping others.  Who cares if they don’t listen or give the look or even get defensive.  Yes, it sucks and hurts and annoys and angers when disrespectful behavior is tossed our way.  This energy wave is coming and nothing or no one(s) can stop it.  I have seen it and I have seen at least some of the effect it has on the masses. The feel I have received is we don’t know how people will respond ~ especially those who are completely unaware of it.

Plant the seeds.  Speak of a huge galactic event coming up.  Speak of the ongoing increase of the Schumann Resonance (I use that one as it gives people a visual ~ something that is difficult to deny).  Speak of peace finally returning ~ freedom.  Ask them to imagine what that will feel like.  At times when I speak like this I say I know I am here for this and have waited 25 years in this incarnation ~ and perhaps hundreds of previous times of existence in body.

If you want (I have done something similar), write up a note to pass around to others after this energy wave enters our realm.  You can say something like “I know you are feeling confused at this point.  Perhaps blissful ~ intense energies and feelings.  You know something has happened but you cannot explain it.  If you need to talk, let me know.”  Simple and to the point.

I am unsure as to whether all of us will be staying here after the Event. Some may.  Some may choose to go on to other realms, other experiences. Sometimes I get this feel I will be leaving, with an inner feeling of “I have done what I came here to do.  Mission accomplished.”  I realize this may change into something else, a new perception and interpretation.

However the thing I am fully sure of is this moment is coming.  The big one. I feel small blasts of this energy have been hitting us for some time.  How long?  I don’t know.  I know the Schumann began spiking to new levels this past year and when they have hit ~ when they have been what I call those long stretching bubbles ~ it feels AWESOME!  Lately I have been seeing if I can tune into this Galactic Wave of energy as given in the multi-dimensional aspect of All ~ everything happens in this NOW moment therefore this energy CAN be accessed.

We welcome it in.

We welcome in New.  Truth.  Peace.  Love.  Healing. UNITY.

And when do we want it?


We all have a role, a purpose in this.  Let us each use it wisely, with an open heart and with our FULL POWER.  And remember (I am saying this every bit as much to myself as I am to all of you):  Our Full Power will be unique for each of us.  There is no one picture here of Who We Are.  We are like a field of wildflowers.  Some are seemingly quiet, subdued in color ~ others are bold, some prickly, some small, some large.  Each is beautiful in its own Light.

Embrace your inner flower.  

Much love~



Thank you for supporting my work.  For all of the new subscribers, I welcome you and thank you for giving me a chance.  And for those who write me and tell me why you visit and for those who share your personal stories, I give you my deep thanks too.

On This Solstice (Soul-stice) Evening 2017…


Life has pretty much forced me to go within the past 48 hours.  My little one came down with some virus and has been pretty couch-ridden as well as quiet.  It’s strange to have the house so silent.

All day I have thought and felt ~ what does this day mean to me?  In years past I didn’t give it much thought.  In my younger years, I would go to a friends house and have grilled salmon and drink the local holiday batch of Widmer Beer (it was nice to have friends who knew the Widmer Brother’s). Given my friend was an avid fisherman, the Winter Solstice was a grand day as it signaled the slow return of longer days, thus longer time spent fishing.

Becoming a parent, I was happy to see the day arrive as it meant those longer, light-filled days were beginning thus more time spent playing outside.  (a big deal when you are a parent)

This year though I desired to find the “meaning”.  Solstice, derived from sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still).  In pondering that, I hear the following words…

Oh though the noise
of my beautiful human brain
calls to me to listen
to yet another story
I hear a Higher calling.

Beyond my comprehension
and yet familiar to my heart
it speaks in simplicity.

Be still and feel.
Go within and hear.
For there is the wisdom of All.

And just as nature quiets herself
this time of year
so too much I.

For there
in the silence
I find my own Soul-stice.


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An Inspired Writing ~ Here Is What I Consent To


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This piece was inspired both by my own experiences in the past 48 hours as well as a beautiful e-mail I received from a reader and friend who was questioning WHY our New Earth Home has not yet been unveiled.  He is done with the waiting.  Done with the suffering. Enough is enough.


Interestingly enough, I was just having a conversation with my mate minutes prior to reading his e-mail.  (which btw i LOVE receiving e-mails from you all – i love the private conversations and hearing your insights and stories and words of inspiration – i do have much gratitude for this mode of communication as it has allowed me to connect with what feels like a tribe)

Both my mate and myself ~ we are just done.  We are so very ready to “go” to where we have felt and seen for so long.  For so many years.

Why the wait?  Who is in charge?  Seriously asking these questions now. This is either our journey or someone else’s and freedom to me is about us getting to make our own choices – without hindrance.  

When I hear our higher self is o\in control ~ I think “what about human me? Aren’t we a team?  What control do I the human Victoria have in this?”

And just what is “control”?  Freedom to choose, right?  And freedom to choose includes freedom to create that which we DESIRE.

When I hear I made the choice to come here – Who is “I”?  My higher self? Certainly my human self Victoria did not ~she is the result of the other part(s) of me.  The (0ver) use of this question makes me wonder why some even say “you chose to come here” when I HAVE NO FULL MEMORY OF THIS so what is the point in saying such a thing?  Not that it isn’t true but for me, it feeeeeeeeels this statement is often made as a means of silencing those questioning current spiritual paradigms and agenda’s.

Carrying this further, what part of me typing is Victoria and what part of me Higher Selves?  Future selves?

Aye aye aye all of this leads me to wondering just WHO in the cosmos life of all source of all AM I??!!  Who AM I in my Totality??


Last night I read a beautiful piece that I will share some of here.  It was written by the man who goes by the name TANK ~ he posts about the RV. Anyway, he wrote up such a beautiful piece on what he wishes and envisions to give to the world and to his children.  I cried so many tears reading this as it was in alignment with what I have been feeling lately about my own precious little angel and what I so long to give her.  Here’s a bit of what he wrote:

“This is not fluff or spiritual mumbo jumbo. This is science. The most powerful tool in the Galaxy tonight is YOU. Connect to the emotional reality of being free to express yourself as a father, a mother, a leader, a healer, an inventor, a sage, a puppeteer, monkey trainer, musical therapist, cruise-line director, ski instructor, Long Island medium, organic gardener, cosmic fisherman, Galactic horse trainer, or whatever else it is that allows you to connect to joy of being the full expression of yourself.

•I focus on bringing my kids to their new house on Christmas Eve, covered in beautiful, ostentatious, white Christmas lights, so bright that our new neighbors call the police because they can’t sleep at night because it’s too bright.
•I imagine having their dream puppy come running outside to greet them and having the ridiculous bedroom designs that my twin boys and I dreamed up together come to life.
•I think about those first few weeks of going back to fulfill every promise I’ve made and broken during this process.
•I imagine looking into the eyes of the few people who stood by me, despite their skepticism, thanking them, and giving them a chance to change their own world.
•I imagine an over-the-top marriage proposal to the woman I love and I can feel her energy opening up as she realizes it was all real.
•I think about opening a gallery in Miami and reducing the obscene prices for the art work and giving it all to help local families who need support, and to build schools to develop leaders and create better ways to do things in the future.”

I could and will say DITTO DITTO DITTO.

Today I was triggered – a deep mama guilt thing – oooh those are painful. One of my girl’s little friend’s mama’s was making special treats and asked if my girl wanted to be included.  I was so touched – but also felt this guilt. Why aren’t I doing the same?  We have plans on making cookies this week but this little treat was more involved.  On many days it feels like a miracle that I am able to school her, feed her and make sure dinner is cooked.  No joke.  When I say I feel weary at times – I ain’t joking!  It’s difficult for me to see otherwise normal little families where both spouses are healthy and fit and energetic and are doing well financially as well.  They take trips and enroll their children in programs and classes because they have the funds.

I see and feel my own life and I feel so far removed from their world.  And it pains me.  It just damn pains me.

*I too envision a new realm where I too can give my girl that puppy she longs for because we don’t have to worry about some landlord who holds power over us and who dictates how we live.

*I too envision my realm where when my girl asks to take a class or enroll in a program or go to a concert (where tickets are $25 each) and I DO NOT HAVE TO SAY NO.  No more.  No more because money is no longer an issue of enjoying our lives and living freely.

It PAINS me deeply to have to tell her no because of m o n e y.

I envision my realm where there is the kind of Learning my child deserves and needs.

I envision my realm where I NEVER AGAIN mutter the words “sorry honey mama cannot afford that”.

I envision my realm where I am healed.  Where my mate is healed.  Where all are healed because the technology to do so has been rightfully and lovingly returned to us.

I consent to this realm NOW.


WE ALL consent to this realm NOW.

Those of us who are weary and tired and just done with the suffering.

We SEE it for what it is.

We have awakened to it ~ for many of us as much as we are capable of ~ but always open to expanding our experiences and perceptions for Source Life is never-ending flow of Being and Doing.  But for this NOW moment?  We need a vacation.  Rest and healing.  Truly truly NEED this.

We are ready to forgive.

We are willing to forgive.

We are Love.

And Love does not wait.

Love. In. Action. Now.

That, I consent to.

I hope you will join me in creating that energy experience as well.

Let’s do this warriors!  



Thank you for all of your amazing support this year.  Your support has brought me huge hugs for my heart, laughter, some pretty good tears and at times a much-needed challenge (even if at the time I resist).  For my first year in running this site, I feel pretty darn supported, loved and heard.  I hope this little corner of the Cosmos has brought you something you have been able to take and expand on the beautiful Human Soul you are.

Blessings to you all.

Today’s Word: TIRED


Tired of waiting.

Tired of intending.

Tired of speculating.

Tired of the struggle.

Tired of letting go only to go through the same shit all over again.

Tired of doing all of the “spiritual practices” only to experience the same damn result.

Tired of feeling alone.

Tired of not having my ideas and heart SEEN and EMBRACED.

Tired of the same message of “try THIS do THIS” while those saying DO offer up nothing of assistance.

Tired of putting myself out there.

Tired of seeing the dark continue to have their way.

Tired of the those experiencing such extreme cognitive dissonance they lack the ability to SEE the suffering and instead dismiss it away with “they chose the experience” or “they needed the lesson”.

Tired of feeling I am falling behind.

Tired of anything that is not Love.

Tired of it all.

Just, just………… T I R E D.

Getting Help In This NOW Moment ~ A Collective to the Ascension/Spiritual Communities


I was speaking with a friend today who is struggling every bit as much as I am financially.  She cannot afford her apartment, cannot afford to move even though for health reasons she needs to as the place is moldy.  These things fire me UP.  I want to help her.  I want to help her NOW and it enrages me inside that I have the desire to and yet I am as stuck as she is for a solution.

I was sharing with her my thoughts and opinions on what I see happening. What I desire to see happen.

What I INTEND to happen.

She listened, nodding and then asked the million dollar question ~ the same one I have asked the ascension/lightworker community without a response (who say we must get away from money and not focus on it for it is dark and has created the destruction and suffering):  What do people who need the financial relief do NOW?  What do we do in this NOW moment given money is still required to house/feed oneself?

Argh ~ that frustration is so palpable for me.

Later in the day, I was told my ability to apply for winter heating assistance won’t be happening until the end of February.  I have been making regular attempts to reach these people for the past month – phone calls/messages, e-mails sent.  Today I finally connected.  Sorry, no appointments available until the end of February.

How will I pay my winter heating bills?  I asked.  And why didn’t anyone call me back or e-mail me?

Yes, I know they are overloaded with people in need.  I GET that.

And yet again – what do we do in the NOW moment?

All those preaching on letting money go – who have it/have found financial success in this system – could be doing more by sharing what they have.

Isn’t that what Love does?

Love helps.

Love shares.

Create a FUND already.  DO something.  Find people in need and give them a financial blessing.

Ah, let it go, let it go, let it go, I hear within.  All is well in this NOW moment.

Trust and know all is well.  Know.  Feel.  Trust.  And allow.

To which I also wish to say – tell that to the homeless person who has nowhere to sleep because the local shelter’s are either full or don’t let anyone in until it reaches 30 degrees.  A crime, imho.

This system needs to change and change NOW and I am fed fed fed fed UP with waiting.

Share this with all in your spiritual community.  I watch enough channels to know there are people in the Spiritual Communities who are doing quite well.

Share the love.  Spread it.

There is enough for us ALL – NOW.  This has been stated over and over again.

So ok then.  Time to walk the talk, loves!

Presented with as much respect as my distressed heart can share~