Energy Update and Some Thoughts on Making The Choice ~ Discernment or Doubt.


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Word of the day:  OUCH!  I am having one of those “get ready you are on a massive upgrade at the moment” days.  I just ride it out, put heat on myself, stretch, and move (slowly today) my body as it calls me to and as I finished up my day after going out and about, put my little massager on my back.

I am also being called to eat light.  Fruit, fruit smoothies (pineapple, strawberry, banana, coconut milk – yum!).  Rice.  Prepping for the 11/11 energies.  Or whatever else is coming in at the moment.  High amounts of Protons earlier in the week.

Before I went to bed last night, I took a look at myself in the mirror.  Flexed my muscles.  Am I getting bigger?  I certainly feel my body needs to expand (certainly in my center region) for the energy that is wanting to enter (energies of my Higher Selves).  Then this morning, as I stood at the silverware drawer, putting away the utensils, I suddenly felt like I had grown several inches.  That dang drawer was seriously lower down than it was yesterday.  I thought “slippers on?”.  Looking down, nope.  Was I on the rug?”  Looking down, nope.  (Yes I had to do that.  I am seriously not “of this world reality” today.  More on that later.)  So I look back down at the drawer to see if I was still experiencing this strange sensation ~ yep.  It seemed waaay down there.  I shook my head, blinked, looked down and said “ok enough of this” and walked away.  My insight?  As my Highest Selves merge back with me in physical form, are able to do this as my physical body continues to vibrate at a higher frequency, my perception of my surroundings will not just be contained to the eyes of my physical body but also of my light body.  She’s quite large!  But no surprise given past visions/experiences, including one I had last night which I will speak of in a moment.

Another example of “not being in this world” today ~ stopped in the store to get my kambucha and a couple other items.  As I began to pay I said to no one in particular, “what’s that cold thing under my arm?”  I look down – there was my kambucha.  I almost walked out without paying.  The clerk smiled as I said “I’m not in this realm today”.

So onto the experience I had last night of my Higher Self.

I tuned in, made the command to connect with her.  An image flashed before that third eye mind area and I saw her, reaching out to me.  Same image of her I have had off and on for years.  Is this part of me female or just projecting herself as female?  I don’t know ~ this is just what I have received from the Essence of Who I am.

“Hold on – reach out – allow – ALLOW”, I felt her call to me, her own arms reaching out.  “We are almost in full connection.”

I felt that presense within me and then I began to feel doubt kick in.

Immediately I felt and heard and knew – doubt is matrix programming.

Disconnect, I felt.  So I did.  And as I did so, I could see, again in that mind’s eye, what this doubt “grid” looks like.  Yellowish in color.  Webbing coming out of it, this “object”, which was shaped more or less like a rectangular.  I found all of this fascinating and quite reassuring as lately one of the things I have requested to know and see is the energy of the matrix ~ the energies of the programming.

Feeling myself release that energy of doubt, I was again reminded that it is our discernment that is Original ~ that is our Highest Radar ~ guides us in the direction of our truth.

Doubt often kicks in when there is something we desire – a truth we desire for – and it says ‘nope’ and is usually followed by “too big, too much, never gonna happen”.  It’s an energy of deflation.

Discernment however pulls us back before we go rushing into something and says “observe for now until you know”.

And unlike doubt, which keeps us feeling stuck and detached in the particular situation, discernment allows for us to naturally remain detached from any particular outcome.  It allows us, to, well, ALLOW.

One last tidbit then I will wrap up this one.  I read this last night and decided to give it a try today as I found myself in a moment of overwhelm while at a local shop.  The woman posting had been discussing the traits of the empath and what to do to help in this situations of overwhelm.  She said to take your palm and place it on your forehead and say “calm”.  So while I was in this situation today, my body aching, having to wait, surrounded by others including someone who is obvious a smoker (meaning I was in a situation with hard floors, uncomfortable body, waiting, noise and seriously yuck odor), I thought back to her words and gave it a try.

And it worked.  I felt the energy and guided it through my body, grounding myself right there in that situation of otherwise sensory overload.  I then was able to talk with others around me and even help a woman who was struggling with some paperwork.

Connection made where only moments before, I was detached into my own shell.

That is all for now.  Perhaps later I will share the dream I had of Trump and the Clinton’s.  It was not asked for and was quite interesting.

Be loving with yourselves ya’ll as we go through these high level upgrades, healing and changes, within and without.



Thank you for your support of my work.

Good-Bye 3D Linear Time


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A few days ago, (whatever a “day” means), I read an entry on my facebook page where the poster said linear time was gone.  We are in the higher frequencies of the 5th dimension.  Now obviously I have no means of measuring this with science.

I can, however, use my body.  And my body is telling me time is speeding up so dramatically right now, I feel like a whirlwind, spinning faster and faster, until we hit the zero point moment and all just IS.  That is the most solid, strongest impression in my body of what is really happening.

And oh, I am SO ready!

I can no longer use the calendar to tell you about the weather.  The calendar says November.  The temperatures and weather/nature tell me January.  My body, in particular my cycles, are going faster than normal.  Yes, I am at that “age” where things change, but this is ridiculous.  And besides, I keep intending my body to stay as is – hold on – until the switch.  Just not and honestly never has felt in my reality to do the MP thing.

Then there is the internal experience of feeling this massive swirling within. Things are processing for me ridiculously fast ~ which I love.  I awoke itching on my hands and on my belly.  Itching = anger.  So I processed, felt, allowed and was able to move the anger into sadness, where it is now sitting on my heart.  Obviously need to do more work so full processing is not immediate – yet – but transforming it was easier and quicker.

And finally, there is the experience of day to day living.  I get up, next thing I know it’s time to get an idea for dinner then time to go to sleep.  I began noticing this about a year and a half ago – it seemed to ease up – and recently it has returned with a force not yet experienced.

The word of the times for now is “allow”.  And some forgiveness is also a nice way to wrap up this whole experience.

Ya’ll just Be.  



Experience With Sacred Tree


Forest, Sunlight, Trees

Today has been an unusual day energetically speaking.  At one point I felt I was purging my own stuff, another point, the collective.  I could feel the energies breaking down in the masses, the perceptions being challenged, all of the old programming crumbling.  If this crumbling is not allowed into ones Being/being, the upcoming weeks are going to be extremely painful.  Can anyone say cognitive dissonance breakdown?

Yes, that is what I felt.

So I knew it was time for me to head out on a walk and move this energy through my body and get it out.  No real desire to play the empath role any longer.  Headsets on, I began the walk with a lot of physical movement.  Playing on my voice recorder was a recording of an awesome funky dance tune.  I wanted to dance. Why not, I thought.  So I broke out in dance movements.  I twirled.  Funked down.  Walked backwards down the sidewalk.  Sang out loud.

Totally and completely embarrassed my child, but as I say “at times that is my job to keep you aware I am a human being and not just a mama”.

In time we came to the path that leads to my Sacred Tree.  As we approached, I did the usual greeting.  Placed my hand on her.  I felt she wanted me to lean into her, with my back, so I did that.  Felt very nice to feel so supported that way.  Oh how I am ready to let go of all of that isolation and feeling like I am doing far too much of this experience alone. I began to think about wanting and needing my tribe.  As I had that thought, I heard her say “do one of your ceremonies for me”.

What a beautiful request, I thought.  I was very willing to comply.

So I turned around, stepped back a foot or so and intuitively put my arms out at their side.  I imagined I had my tribe standing there with me, holding hands, making a circle around the tree.  Upon doing this, my cells began to vibrate.  Memories returning of how I once did this so long ago.

And how I so long to do this again.

Tears formed and easily fell.  I hummed a tune and sent her my energy.  I thought “we did this to give back to our trees for the energies they give to us, for the shelter they provide us”.  I had a knowing appear again where I knew we are supposed to live surrounded by trees.  We are ONE with them. I have had this “knowing” for over 20 years.

This is why, in the new realm, I have continuously seen my house being surrounded by this beautiful, lush forest of tall pines.

With that I said my good-bye.  As I walked away I felt “see you on the other side.”

Ok then.

Until next time…




An Insightful…Comical Question


The Shaman I am working with contacted me tonight about a recent energy session she performed for me (at a distance).  I had sent her a photo of me that showed an unusual orb on a part of my body.  I wanted her take on it.  So she did a journey work around it, found it highly unusual and said what she encountered was unlike anything she had ever seen before.  She said around me was a very powerful, very loving Being who was sending me the energy for healing.  It was the question she asked me next that both moved me deeply while also causing me to burst out laughing:

“Do you happen to have a strong connection with the galactics and star beings?”

WHO ME??!!!

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A Very Strange Voice On The Emergency Broadcast System Today


PBS had a couple of emergency broadcast announcements today on the television.  Nothing that unusual.  However, while in the car today, there were then two on two different radio stations (playing at the same time). I experienced that because as I heard the first one, I changed the station and noticed it again.  The voice was male, was unusually low and spoke very slowly.  It perplexed me and scared my girl a bit.  I swear you guys, it sounded alien.

Then if that wasn’t enough, on the local kids PBS channel, the image froze and the strangest signal I have ever heard came on and would not let up so we changed the channel.  When we went back a couple minutes later, it was still showing the same image and had the same signal.

What’s interesting to me is reading some intel from 4Chan who said sometime soon, after most of the arrests (or was it all – I can’t remember at the moment), they (the good peeps) would be having their own announcement broadcast via the emergency broadcast system.

Was what I heard today on the radio ~ a voice I have NEVER heard before ~ a prelude?  Practice run?

Who knows.  Just putting it out there…

That Moment When… (a brief pause for some humor)


…you have saved some articles you feel perhaps your wonderful readers will want to read only after going through them you realize there is far too much speak of “dear children of earth” and “you are not quite ready” and “we are your ascended masters” and other lines of pure delusional bullshit that you think what i could have been doing instead is enjoying the sausage, cheese and cracker treats i bought today which my stomach and brain have been calling out for this entire time as well as a lonesome guitar asking to be played…

THIS is how i feel in this now moment.     (but not for long.  snacks and guitar calls being responded to…)


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An Experience In Frustration Leads To A New Approach


Germ, Seedling, Scion, Forest, Grow

Shortly after posting my piece earlier today about releasing our programmed responses of division and instead asking such questions as “what do we want”, the Universe/Higher Self provided me the chance to put that into practice.

Such a brilliant sense of energetic humor that surrounds us.

A visiting neighbor stopped by and within moments was discussing politics and the latest (false flag) shooting in Texas.  False flag of course meaning that the system is not going to tell us the full truth of the event. The old power structure supporters are pulling out all of their final punches ~ something that does not surprise the truth seekers.

Upon hearing our neighbor begin to once again express his hatred of Trump, spouting nothing but programmed responses he picks up from CNN, MSNBC and their kind, I had to interject.  To begin with I have made it very clear we are not to discuss such topics in my house.  It is an experience that is a complete waste of my time.  He is holding tight to his reality – at times even when he is shown something different.  When this happens, as it did today with learning that his candidate has been shown to have rigged the primary, he brushes it off. This has for so very long made me want to scream out loud – “this is why this shithole system has been allowed to continue as long as it has because of blind ignorance such as you are sharing.  You are SO fucking addicted to your programming, so fucking afraid of having a new thought, to even CONSIDER having a new thought, you cling to your perceptions like a baby clings to its blankie!”

Today I made the choice to express myself in similar fashion.  I ended it by saying his candidate could drop a bomb outside his house, clear as day, and he would still be looking for Trump and the Russians to blame.

Then, after I left the space and took some deep breaths, I returned and apologized for the intensity of my speak.

I then approached the relating by asking him what he wanted.

His first response was “well I could say I want a lot of money”.  His arms were crossed and so I instantly knew he was closed off.

I then thought of our old friend, Robert Hunt, who left this realm almost 10 years ago.  He was one that, before he spoke, would ask those around him to “get in that heart space”.  He would pat his heart and give a smile that always included a beautiful twinkle in his eyes.  I am thankful he gave me that gift as I think of that choice he made often.

I put my hand on my heart and said “speak from here” and again asked him what it is he wanted.

Taking that approach, from that energy space, he dropped his arms and actually opened them wide and said “I want peace.”


“Me too,” I said, with tears in my eyes.  “That is what we all want.  And do you think anyone in our government has helped ensure we all have that peace?”

He paused.

“No,” he said.

“So then isn’t it time we have something brand new?  We make new choices for ourselves, be open to having new thoughts and ideas so we can help create the new?” I asked.  I reminded him, again, how I had once been a rock solid Democrat, even voting for the male version of his candidate – twice!  I then said more important to me though was seeking the truth ~ which is an ongoing process.  I was saying that if I could pull myself out of my comfort chair, even if it meant my version of reality was temporarily broken, so could he.

While he wouldn’t quite agree fully, he couldn’t disagree either.

Will our conversation stick with him?  Will that seed I shared with him grow?  I don’t know.  I can hope it does but I also hold no expectations for it.

For one of the most difficult truths I have had to accept is that for some Beings, it is far more comfortable to hold onto a thought, a belief, even when it has run its course.

And yet I also hold faith in knowing that no seed ever dies.

It is always waiting to sprout.







My Wish On This Calendar Day of November 5, 2017


Children, Forward, America, Usa

Writing the days of the week, the time, etc. feels quite superficial to me at this point.  It’s just a construct to keep us out of the Now moment, keeping us in the confines of all of that stuff out there in 3d illusions.

But nonetheless, in this now moment in time, according to the calendars, I have a big wish in my heart I wish to share.  It came through me as I watched a video on one of those alternative news channels.  The moderator was speaking his truth on Michelle Obama.  And while I am not a fan of hers (or the majority of folks in the political arena), she made a good point that was completely dismissed by this person.  Why?

Because she is a Democrat.

No, because she wears the label “Democrat”.  For she cannot be defined by a label alone.

Now, if you were to have put on Ann Coulter and have her say the same words as spoken by Michelle Obama, he would not have had an issue with what she spoke.


I post something about Trump, show him support, I am automatically accused of being a Republican (as though it is a dirty word).  When I have declared I have never voted Republican in my life nor did I vote for Trump, the person doesn’t know how to respond, so they don’t.  And I am quite sure if I were to have posted a comment on the video referred to above, showing support for what Michelle Obama said, I would have been given a label as well… Democrat, Liberal, snowflake, etc.  When this has happened, I say I wear no political labels.  Haven’t voted the two-party system for almost 20 years.  Again, I state this and am met with silence.

Don’t they “get” that this is a chance to open into a new dialogue?  Isn’t it POSSIBLE to let go of the label and just see and feel the situation from being a Pure Being?

A Republican says “x y z” the Democrats attack.  A Democrat says “x y z” the Republicans attack.

ENOUGH of this nonsense.

This division must end.  On all levels.  In every area of our lives, individually and collectively.

Haven’t we had enough?

Aren’t we tired of this wasted energy?

We must see in our own lives where we have participated in the division.

We must see in ourselves where we have created this division within our own selves (ignore the ego and feed the higher self, for example).

What is it we are so afraid of?

Seeing our programming.  For the division IS the programming.

Admitting we have been programmed.

And yet THAT is when we find our TRUE voice.

What is it we want?

What is it that makes us happy?

Answering those two questions ~ let that be enough.

That is when we discover again how alike we all are.



Thank you from the depths of my heart and soul for supporting my work. For at times challenging me and allowing me the opportunity to expand my heart as I continue to embrace my Full Being.

Focusing On The End Result


This is along the lines of what I heard Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf speak of a couple of days ago ~ focusing on the end result.

We all want this game over.  We want the curtains of deception to be pulled back fully – NOW.  We who are awake are exhausted.  We are tired of TALKING about it.  We are exhausted from sharing the information, the intel.  We are just DONE with it and are ready to see the whole game OVER.

Even though who aren’t awake to the deceptions are tired of this reality. Ask anyone in a very heart-felt conversation, and ALL will express some heart-based thought and feeling that says they want something better and KNOW they can have it.  Whether that be a healing to a disease or secure housing or knowing they have enough to feed themselves and their family or feeling more real heart-centered connections or simply to be free from this archaic pay-to-live system, unless you are a clone or artificial being, YOU WANT MORE.

You long for it.  Somewhere within you long for it.

Today I had a wonderful conversation with a friend I absolutely adore.  I don’t see him that often but he has always listened to me and our conversations are deep and engaging and totally authentic.  He’s like a big brother in a way.  Today as we spoke I was moved to ask him the following:

“Are you happy?”

Immediately his eyes diverted to the side and I could see I struck something painful in him.  I won’t divulge the rest of the conversation of course, but now and then I will feel guided to ask someone that question and the results are always moving, beautiful, painful ~ always emotional. It also inspires me to be more open myself.

We know what we want.

We know what we are worthy of.

We know what is inherently our RIGHTS as Beings of Source.

As just Beings, period.

Or perhaps we are just tapping into what we KNOW we want and what we KNOW we are worthy and deserving of.

Either way….it’s happening.

Things are moving quite rapidly now.

And you and I are helping this.

So let’s keep it up.

Let’s ramp it up.

Focus on the end result.

ALL deception is fully revealed and properly dealt with – removed and eliminated.

ALL forms of control and power-over and enslavement are eliminated.

What exactly do you want YOUR life to look like?

Feel that deeply in your body.

Go into it.  Get detailed about it.

Every day.  Every hour.  Every moment if you are that disciplined.  lol

See ALL of humanity living as freely and fully.

Focus on the end result.

I have felt all year that by the time we reach the end of 2017 life will not be the same.

For the betterment of ALL who celebrate freedom and love.

Focus on the end result.

Focus on the end result.

Focus on the end result.

And feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel it.  You can add in “this or something better” then let it go.

And it WILL be so because it IS so.


Another Thought About Tonight’s Game


This is very odd coming from someone like me – who almost never talks about sports.  I had this thought during game 3 ~ that what we were seeing was another timeline shift ~ for the better.  The Astro’s, being from Houston, were a representation of the suffering that has been caused by the cabal ~ in this case, weather manipulation.  The Dodger’s, being from Los Angeles, which is home to some of the darkest behaviors and actions, represented the cabal agenda.

Again, this was not a reflection of the players themselves.  This was a reflection of what has been our history and what is happening to this matrix realm.

I suddenly knew at that moment – the Astro’s were going to win.  It had already been determined.

The experience was very similar to what I felt last November after the U.S. Elections.  I knew the currently running timeline had crashed – big time. A new one had been put in place.  The feeling was that palpable in my Being. And it wasn’t so much about the players as it was that the old energy grid was not gonna be allowed to play out anymore.  A new one had come online to enact some much needed change, a new direction.

Spiritually speaking, our Truths of Who We Are are permeating this energy space, changing the old codes (which are just frequencies) of control, enslavement, abuse, fear and transforming it into Truth.  Love. Freedom.  Abundance.

All that from a baseball game, from a woman who normally finds most professional sporting events of a low vibe.

Who’d of thunk…