A Plethora of Heart-Felt Thoughts


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I have a friend who has health issues (like who doesn’t these days, right?) who is also in need of housing.  Being on disability, combined with the (insane!) cost of rentals in the area, is making her choices very limited.  It aches my heart. I have intended myself to have the resources of a philanthropist for a long while now so that I can help people like my friend ~ and I am not giving up on that dream.  I would love nothing more right now, nothing more, than to write her a check and say “here you go ~ go get yourself stable!”  Whoever says “money can’t buy you happiness” does not understand the new age fluff behind those words.

Nonsense!  It was likely a Rockefeller or Royal who came up the phrase to quiet the masses they have controlled.

I know many of you can agree money has quite often ended up in the wrong hands, “wrong” because of the greed that has gone on among the elite for so very long.  There are plenty of resources ~ of all kinds ~ to ensure everyone has safe, secure housing, healthy food and water, education and healing.  You all know that.

I have followed a variety of intel for some time now.  We all know the phrase “use discernment”, which is important, and yet how many of us are just damn weary of using our discernment, either resonating with a message or not being sure about it only to have the info. turn out to be false.  This is why I always appreciate it when people do share their intel and it turns out to be false, they have a big enough heart and a small enough ego to admit they missed the mark.

We all want the Truth as to what’s going on behind the scenes in the world of money, politics, health and healing, disclosure, Ascension, the truth about Gaia and the Universe/Cosmos.  And knowing that Truth is every bit as much of a basic human right as are the issues mentioned above.  

Currently there is talk that the RV has already begun.  The restored U.S. Republic, already in progress.  Healing tech, about ready to be released. Pipe dreams?  Truth?  Who knows.

All I know is that the unnecessary suffering of far too many people has gone on long enough.  How many more people have to die or remain sick due to lack of accessing healing methods that work?  How many more people have to lose their homes?

We all deserve liberation.  Freedom.  Sovereignty.

Not some day.


Hello Everybody is it Wednesday, April 26, 2017 1:43pm PST


I am copying dutchsinse who always greets his viewers on his youtube channel with similar words.  I find it sweet.

I have an idea to keep this site going.  If everyone who is a regular reader would commit to donating $1 – $5/month, I could keep this thing going. I am deeply appreciative of those who have donated and just as appreciative as those who regularly read and comment, both here and in private.

Thank you and blessings to each of you.


Another Lemuria Experience



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I had another Lemuria experience a few nights ago, friends.

I haven’t been feeling so well lately.  I’m currently working on healing what I believe to be a decades long issue of candida/fungus and so I started a treatment protocol about 10 days ago and I’m starting to feel the effects.  Mostly the biggest symptom being this drain, a new type of fatigue, where it feels like my energy force is being drained.  I’ve also been quite grumpy lately, and until this dream visit I had of Lemuria, I was feeling uninspired Spiritually and felt it was showing in my personal writings on this site.  And this was really bothering me. I figured my Higher Self and Source would guide me out of this if only I would accept and surrender, which I did.

The night of my experience, I went to bed about 2-3 hours earlier than normal.  I fell asleep quickly and, well, went to Lemuria (or wherever that place was when we were last High Vibe Light Bodies is).

And when I say I “went to” I mean I left my body and traveled.  This is a highly unusual experience for me.

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Greetings on this Tuesday


I had another vision this morning as I held the moldavite stone.  I could feel myself going from this frequency upwards to the space where we don’t think with our brains but rather we BE and KNOW.  I was trying to think of an answer to something and I heard in that left ear “expand higher and Be and Feel within”.  So I did.  And wow ~ did I feel myself in a much lighter frequency.  Really peaceful.  Of course I got too excited over the experience I didn’t stay in it long enough to get the guidance I was seeking but oh well.  That is where we’re going.  The work lands straight on us to practice going there and staying (well with the help of the increasing energy fields coming at us).

Will be working on the Lemuria piece today.  In the meantime, here’s some cool old music to listen to.  I’m intending it to be played at the Reunion Celebration when this 3d gig is up.

Thoughts On Boundaries


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Well, what an interesting week this has been.  There have been some challenges for me, as I have shared.  And I am processing and dealing so that I may let go.  Today, over my left shoulder, I heard “it’s ok to love yourself and be gentle with yourself as you heal from this”.  I felt my Higher Self embrace me.  I immediately softened.

My internal dialogue, after I have been hurt, is something like this:  “Why did this happen?  I don’t understand!  Why?….Ok, why did you let this happen to you?  What’s wrong with you?”

Obviously none of that is helpful.  lol

So today, after I wailed on my punching bag, I took some deep breaths and went about making lunch for the family.  That is when I heard my Higher Self speak.

Healing from my pains must include being loving and gentle with myself. No exceptions. 

The challenges of this week surrounded boundaries.  And I had begun to backslide into self-blame (after I went through the anger stuff) on this issue until one of my awesome readers pointed out that there are people who will simply be unable to respect the boundaries of another, even when the individual has made their boundaries clear and solid and consistent.

I was very grateful for those words of Truth.  For this was most indeed my experience, overall, this past week.

And it was no coincidence these experiences cropped up in such a big way after the energies that began last weekend.  The dark is clinging onto all it can, likely finding pieces of our ego’s that are still in doubt and fear to grab onto and try and provide sustenance to those seeds of doubt.

See through the Illusion.

It’s all bullshit.

Make care-taking of YOU #1.


Be so Authentically Bright, others will either repel and run away or will be inspired.

Gaia is goin’ up.

And we are going up with Her.


I will be working on a new piece this week on Lemuria.  I had another experience last night while I slept ~ this time I left my body and traveled back to that particular time period and saw myself.  I received such profound information, I know it is meant to be shared with those of us who resonate with this “Lemuria Is Calling” experience.  It was a very moving experience.  Anyway, look for it this week sometime.  


Baffling Situation

I had an experience last night with a neighbor, for whom in many ways has felt like family to us since we moved in.  However, this past year he has shown his dark side with me and I made the decision today to pull back and away.  It is more important than ever, at least for me, to protect my personal space, which means I am not interacting with any person unless I have to and if I choose to, only if they are of my vibe tribe.

On one occasion last summer I was showing him a chemtrail, which he insisted was a normal jet contrail.  I attempted to explain my point of view and he turned hostile and told me flat out I was wrong and when it was shown how I and others are wrong on this issue, we will owe him an apology.  I shook my head and said “no it is folks like you who will owe us an apology.”

During the election, he was a staunch Hillary supporter.  He knew my thoughts on her and on Trump and on the whole swamp that is DC politics.  I finally told him the conversation was not open for further discussion.  Put my foot down.  Was not going to partake of his grilling. One afternoon, as I headed out for a walk, he stopped me and while we exchanged the normal neighborly pleasantries, he laughed and said “ok so WHO are you voting for again?”  I said “knock it off – you know I’m not going there” and as I turned to walk away he says “if I held a gun to your head and you had to make a choice, who would you vote for?”  Wow!  I spun around and said “Fuck you.  That is a horrible thing to say to me.  I would never say something like that to you.”  He smiled and said quietly, “I know.”  I put up my hand and walked away.

A few days ago he made reference to my cooking (of which I have cooked for him on several occasions as he is elderly and widowed) and it was not a compliment.  Later in the evening he came to apologize.  I said “thank you for that.”  But then he ruins it by saying “You seem to know how to take it.”

I know how to TAKE IT??!!


The urge to punch him right in the face was overwhelming.

Take it?


I told him not to mistake my passivity in the face of such encounters as a sign of knowing how to “take it”.

He is not going to be receiving anymore of my home-cooked meals.

And next asshole response, if there is one, I will not be holding back on my gut instincts.

Where do these people come from?  A fucking hole in the ground? I seriously do not resonate nor understand such behavior.  Soulless perhaps?  So controlled by the dark they cannot see light?  I am fucking fed up with getting attacked.  FED UP.  I can stand up for myself now but I SHOULD NOT FUCKING HAVE TO.  God damnit.  Be kind.  Be thoughtful.

As “time” continues on, I withdraw further from the fray of society. Unless I vibe with another, I prefer solitude.  Nature.  My mate and child.

And this little virtual world here.

Speaking of, any one of you care to swap homes w/my neighbor?  Or move into the vacant house a block away?

This emotionally void town could sure use some more Light.


Your Thoughts, Please…



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Hello peeps~

I was in the kitchen making some spaghetti noodles for a late evening snack, pondering some of the material I had read on what felt like “correct” ways to ascend.  One piece spoke of being in the heart only – leaving the mind, including the Universal Mind – behind – and to make sure to tune into the archangels for assistance.  While I could get behind the “heart only” part, I see nothing “low vibe” in accessing the Universal Mind.  That to me is Cosmic/Source Intelligence, that wisdom that is within all of us.  And tapping into the archangels felt too much like giving away my power and I’m just not into that these days.  Of course the piece was written by one who claims to channel an archangel so there you go on that one…

Then I read a piece that spoke of most of us eventually (literally) living out of suitcases as we traverse the ascension path.  Written of course by one without small children.  How does this individual arrive at such an specific conclusion for the majority?  Isn’t this journey primarily an Individual experience?  Seriously ~ I cannot proclaim such a must-do specific experience for ANY of us!

What is this Ascension journey looking like for each of you?

For me, as I have written of, it’s primarily about Remembering Who I Am, which includes “forgetting” (letting go) of who I thought I was.  Loving Myself and Being that Love with others.  Intending daily those ways of living and being that resonate w/my inner Soul Imprint.

I often cannot provide information on the particular incoming energies (and honestly, have never felt fully comfortable referring to them simply as “energies”).  I cannot provide my own intel on how each of these energy signatures affects our dna and physical bodies, not in any real detail. Sometimes I think I am not providing enough information in those areas. Sometimes I think I simply should know more about such issues.  I am rather blown away at times when I read pieces by folks who seem to know so much more than I do.  The details they provide.  The in depth intel.

How do they KNOW these things?

I know I need to cease comparing myself.  That only keeps me out of my Power.  Just sharing some more vulnerabilities in need of shining the light on and healing.

I guess I am more of a Simple Woman.  I speak from my heart and let my intuition and questions guide my written words that I share here.  And there are enough of you reading and supporting me, so for that, I am grateful and will continue to Be Me.

(Please feel free to share your current experiences, thoughts, knowings, feelings.  I really do value them!)

What’s Up With The Sunset?


We all know by now reality as we know it has become wonky, the sun being no exception.  We went next door to visit our neighbor tonight and upon walking outside, around 7:30pm, I was immediately struck by not only how intense the sun was, but its location.  It was unusually far north.

Our neighbor, who is one of the least conspiratorial/questioning types you will meet, noticed it as well.  We all stood there, perplexed.  I had a memory of last summer, standing in this same location, having a conversation with a girlfriend and the sun was at this same position.

I took some pics and am sharing them with you all.  I’m sure many of you have noticed sunset’s now include the entire skies in all directions being lit up.  Sometimes we have what seems to be double sunsets.  Another neighbor (who has since moved), also one of those very logical and non-conspiratorial types, did a double-take when I pointed out a sunset last summer which had the skies due north very lit up.  “Wow, that really is odd,” he said.

Mouth keeps on speakin’…  Seeds keep on plantin’…


Due west.  This is where the glow usually is in mid- summer.

Due east.

Due north.

Please share any unusual sun anomalies you have experienced in the comments section.



Today’s Insights ~ Oh So Close To That Finish Line


Good evening folks~

Going to type this one up quickly as I am semi-cognizant.

I felt something in me shift today.  It was subtle but noticeable.  It’s almost as though a bag of fear left me.  This came a couple of hours after I received a message in my message place (in or near water).  I suddenly could “see” my people, who are currently in the higher dimensions, those people I shared a life with where I came from before I set out on this mission lifetimes ago.  I heard and felt I did indeed choose to be a part of Earth’s Liberation.  I could have chosen to be a part of this mission in a higher dimensional plane, but instead wanted to be here on Earth, the “ground crew”, carrying out the mission.  I can see my feisty self saying “Those bastards took us out.  No way am I going to miss out on being in on that gig to help reclaim what was and is rightfully ours right at ground level!”

I knew I was part of the original higher dimensional human tribes on this planet.  I knew this was a risk and there was no guarantee as to how many lifetimes I would participate in in this lower dimensional reality until the Liberation.  We continued to return here, knowing about the reincarnation grid of the matrix and the controls put in place, but we did so in order to keep the planet and well, the human race, from becoming completely “deadened”.  Little sparks of Truth, if you will.

Am I making any sense?  It came to me so fast, I was recording myself and talking very quickly and animated.

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Yes Dorothy, Life IS Supposed To Be Easy!


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I was such an annoying child.  Well in truth I was deeply curious and wanted to know WHY to everything.  In fact, when I was around 3, long car trips with me would annoy my parents so much, they would bring along those jujyfruit candies.  They were chewy and long-lasting, making it difficult for me to talk.  Today I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over that.

It’s just Who I Was.

So the questions continued until I had heard “Oh Victoria you…” (fill in the blank) enough times that many of my bubbles and observations became an inward experience.

The questions, however, didn’t slow down.

I can remember wondering why my daddy had to spend all day doing things he hated.  Why did he have to be gone so many hours of the day? And what was this “retirement” I kept hearing him talk about, hearing enough that I learned this “retirement” thing would bring him relief and happiness.

Why couldn’t he have retirement now, I wondered.

And why did we have to pay to eat?  And have a house?  And keep ourselves warm?  Why?  I didn’t get it.  (Thankfully I was never forced to go to church, thanks to a dad who despised religion and saw the hypocrisy of it or else I would have had some very strong thoughts on that deal – even as a young child).  And why did I have to sit at a desk and memorize things I ended up forgetting?  (However, I learned the desk could be used as a nice place to nap.)  And why oh why did I have to get these shots to make me healthy?  I thought someone had told me God gave me an immune system to keep me healthy.

I can remember one moment in my teen years when I finally burst out, “Screw this!  Life is supposed to be EASY!”  I was young but I KNEW it in every cell of my body that I was speaking a profound truth.

That earned me, uh, zero support.  lol  Just more looks.  (Yes, I do drink a special kind of kool-aid.)

The questions kept coming until I exited the public school system.  Oh so thankful the indoctrination didn’t silence my curiosity or my mouth.

It was in my mid-20’s when the visions began to accompany the questions.

A way of living that was, easy.  E A S Y.

Tribal living.  Technology that kept us off the grid.

We grew our own foods.

There was no money and no need for it.

We were vibrant and healthy.

We had healers.

And yehaw, some of us could fly and travel anywhere we wanted – IN OUR OWN BODIES.  Or with flying cars.

Governments?  Didn’t see any of that.

War?  Nope.  No need (see the above).

It wasn’t as though there weren’t problems or challenges.  There were. However, they were solvable ~ with little effort.  (Remove the middle man, bot drama and laws that violate our Sovereignty and solutions are easy to employ.)

At the time I was both excited and perplexed.  It felt so familiar to my body, I knew I was not only seeing the future but also the past.

However, I was also perplexed because, still only in my 20’s, looking around at the outer world, such a way of life seemed impossible.

Today, I obviously hold an altogether different perception.

This way of living is not only possible but an absolute.

For we learn NOTHING useful when we struggle.  When we suffer.  When we get sick.


This is why I get annoyed as anything at some of the Spiritual Community who fall for the trap of “suffering is necessary for growth.”


Much of human suffering is unnecessary for it is caused by the very systems of darkness that create it to begin with.  Disease.  Poverty.  Divide and conquer.  Indoctrination of lies in our schools and churches.  GMO’s. Chemtrails.  Pollution in our water and foods and air.  And lastly, the strands of DNA that geneticists like to call “junk dna” which of course as we know by now were really turned off and altered by off-world beings who robbed us of our way of Being and put in things like the cancer cells and viruses and gave us their lovely reptilian brain and blah blah blah. You all know the story.

Remove ALL of this darkness and restore us to Sovereignty and Health and Tribal Living and you will eliminate almost every bit of suffering.

And hey, isn’t that a much better way to Live as Christ Conscious Beings?

So those in the Spiritual Community, you can go ahead and let yourselves suffer away, thinking you are somehow advancing and learning.

I myself prefer to have the damn Truth of Who I Am fully returned and the freedom and means to live as I outlined above with my Tribe.


Without intrusion or hassle.

A life where pushing the “Easy” button is not just some annoying commercial but a Reality.