We’re All Wise Warriors Of Source


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Earlier today, as I created a quite space for myself, I was thinking about my connection with Source.  I began my usual “I Am Source” ritual when something deep within said “don’t just speak the words ~ feel them in your body.  Feel them in your cells.  In your heart.”  Doing so required me to slow down as I said the words.  As I did, a growing Awareness took place within.  I could feel it expand from my heart and solar plexus, which then traveled throughout other parts of my body.  A growing joy and solid sense of connection, the Knowing that I Am is not alone continued to expand until I slowly began to smile.

It was a beautiful experience.  But it wasn’t over.  Nope.  What came to me rather surprised me for I have had the thought before but always chalked it up to my ego.  What I heard went something like this.

I learn and expand as you do, I heard.  Source stated I was not to think again that Source is All Knowing.  Like us here in these bodies, Source is constantly changing.  Morphing.  Expanding.  Experiencing.  This is a symbiotic relationship.  As we grow in awareness, so does Source.  

Wow.  Really?  Hmmm…  Ok…

For one thing, I heard, those of us who have been a part of this dark takeover and following reincarnation trap (when true rebirth really needs to include our Sovereignty) and who have agreed “no more” to such an experience have created a new paradigm, a new perspective if you will, for Source.  And as such, I deeply believe Source will never allow for such an experiment again ~ because enough of us have said “no more”.  None of this “1000 years of peace” b.s.  That’s just more dark speak.  This is a permanent shift in Universal Experience.

I was still not convinced this wasn’t just my ego or wishful thinking and quietly asked for validation what I was hearing was Pure.  Two hours later, my friend Rick sent me an article, which I will link next.  Here’s what this blogger, Lisa Gawlas, had to say about what I just wrote above:

As cells in the awakening body of God, we have a responsibility here as well. God has invited our suggestions on how the Incarnation can occur with a minimum of disruption. As God’s cells we have a more comprehensive knowledge of our immediate environs than does the Spirit responsible for the coordination of the Whole Body.

Can you imagine God seeking OUR suggestions???  We are so programmed to seek Him out and yet, that which we seek, seeks us!  This is our game, true partnerships share the load, share the experience, not one telling the other what to do or worse, always doing it for the other.

We ARE Partners,  All Is One.  Individuated only by personal experience and emotions.

Another experience of Divine Synchronicity.

The next time you feel small, or in doubt, or in fear, remember YOU ARE SOURCE.  Source doesn’t need to “do” doubt or any of those other lower vibrational behaviors.

I will struggle with this, and yet I know I will also release this struggle at the same time.  For as I reminded myself when I was at a crowded, noisy, brightly-lit store earlier this evening and began to think oh my god get me out of here this environment is so insane until I caught myself.  Paused. Wait a minute.  I am not just me.  I am Me.  I Am Source.  

And slowing down my speak and movement, I remembered and finished up my shopping minus the mind chatter.

And with practice, this will become the Experience.  The way of Being.

For every one of us.

Energy Update Part II



How long is this going to continue?  lol  Seriously ~ how is one supposed to function under these conditions?  6 days.  Normally I have acclimated by now.

I slept soundly until 6am then was wide awake (after 6 hours of sleep) as was my child.  An hour or two later, we crashed out again until 10am.

It’s 3pm ~ we have a dinner to go to tonight.  Good that I don’t have to cook but not-so-good as I cannot keep my eyes open.  A friend stopped in today and he and I spoke of these energies.  He said he as well has been napping a lot lately.  Mate continues to have the same experience.

Having the ringing in the ears although this time it feels like my entire brain is ringing.  That’s a new one.  Also having weird wobbling sensations in my mind ~ feeling I am elsewhere before I tell myself to come back to the present.  I was able to travel to a few timelines last night during my meditation and could feel the energetic difference in each.  Trust me when I say the New Earth Realm is a much better feel.

Must nap now.  How are you all doing?

UPDATE:  We arrived at the bbq tonight ~ it was a community bbq. Immediately left.  Energy was horrible.  We all felt it immediately. Drugged out people with the zombie stares were what we experienced, most chain-smoking.  It was so sad.  But we all agreed ~ must watch what we allow in our space.  So we picked up some take out and enjoyed the meal in the sanctuary of our own space.

Let’s Get Authentic & Real About Money


I recently read the following (paraphrased):  To those who believe the release of humanitarian/prosperity funds is going to change their lives for the better are going to be sadly disappointed.  True change comes from within.

Yes indeed there is an element of truth in that one ~ namely the last sentence.  Authentic change is an internal experience.

And yet, I take strong issue with the opening statement.  I can share several examples to challenge it.  And honestly, I wish those in the ascension and new age communities would stop chanting such thoughts. They can be hurtful and often miss the entirety of other’s experience(s).

But first I wish to speak of the thought process on money ~ those who claim thoughts alone create financial abundance.

If that were the case there would be far more of us who are swimming in financial abundance.

If that were the case, why is it those who have the most are often the darkest in their deeds?  You really think people like the Clintons and the Walmart’s sit around and speak heart-felt words about financial abundance?

They got to where they are through over-power and greed and thoughtless, ruthless behavior.  Period.

Thoughts are powerful.  And they create.  But we still live in a system of control-over, power-over and as such, the people who have been the most harmed by this system need some love.  Not judgment.  Let me now share some examples for whom financial abundance would deeply change lives for the better.

Take for instance my mate.  The gift of money would enable him to get more treatment for his chronic health issue he deals with.  It would allow us to locate to a bigger home where he could have the private space, namely the private bathroom, he desperately needs on many days.  One of the results of his issue leaves him in need of a bathroom, at times for hours at a time.  It would enable him to get the massage/bodywork treatments, the sauna and hot tub treatments his body needs.  It would enable him to buy the necessary supplements that help him repair and restore his body instead of cherry-picking what we can afford.  (You want to know real stress?  Try having to pick between paying a bill, putting food on the table or buying a health remedy your body needs.  IT IS WEARING!)

Then there is a friend of mine who has chronic health issues as well, has limited income and deals with housing insecurity.  Like my spouse, he has tried a variety of remedies to alleviate his health issue.

I have other friends for whom their chronic health issues have left them with limited incomes, where they have to choose between which supplement or health treatment is most needed, needing to dismiss others, often forgoing necessary treatments/remedies.

Healing oneself is an approach and effort that often requires many different modalities.  I know that from personal experience.  I too would deeply benefit from a financial blessing for my own health issues.

So while authentic change is an internal process, in this pay-to-do system, (that many of us feel will be ending) money in the NOW provides one the freedom to pick from a variety of remedies and modalities when the internal process of self-talk, self-belief and the like alone has not been effective enough.  We are multi-dimensional and multifaceted beings and thus have a multitude of needs.  Money indeed alleviates a lot of stress and that stress, especially when it’s on-going, can create a host of unnecessary suffering and struggle.

Seriously – this is not difficult to understand, you know?

Let’s stop this pie-in-the-sky, right-brain only focused new age la-la speak on money.

Let’s add in some practicality to the issue of money – from the heart.

We owe it to ourselves.  And we owe it to those who are struggling unnecessarily all due to pieces of green paper.  ALL are worthy of abundance in ALL forms.  And while it starts by Affirming this for oneself, being on the receiving end of financial blessings is often a necessary piece of the return to Wholeness and Health.



Sharing Some Of My Intentions


I Am, Being, Be, Am, Spirit, Spiritual

Hello my wonderful readers~

Here’s a little piece sharing the intentions I have been doing/saying lately.

I Am A Sovereign Being.  No one owns me.

I embrace all of the healing energy being sent to me.

I Am healed.

I also go into meditation and speak to my cells and target areas in my physical body in need of healing, giving thanks.  I will wait until I feel that tingle to know I am tuned in.

I have also been telling my body I Am in control.  I give it thanks for how hard it works for me.  It must listen to Me.

I practice this 12D Shield Guided Meditation, which is quite powerful. Here is a link to the audio video I use (it’s only about 5 minutes).

I look at old pictures of myself and say “This is no longer important.  This is not me.  I let these memories go.  All they are now are just perceptions of what once was me in a Now moment.”

When I get triggered (happened again today – lol), I make myself take a deep breath and ask what needs healing then ask “Do I really want to let myself go down this path?”  Kinda like Neo in The Matrix.  Victoria ~ You’ve already been down this path.  You know where it leads.  Yep – drama that I don’t need because it provides me nothing but the addiction to the ego of a little insanity/chaos.  NOT authentic to Who I Am.

I also say “Only the NOW matters.  All else is perception.”  Let me tell you this one is helping me focus and remain in the NOW.  This may be the most difficult of all behaviors to master for it involves getting control of the monkey mind.

I have also been stating that I release all trauma as stored in my brain stem.  I also visualize cutting the energy around that area.  I feel energy move big time when I do this.  It is my belief we do not need the reptilian brain stem ~ I feel it was another tool the archon system used to insert into us and keep us in the fight/flight state. This is NOT our original state.

I am fully restored to the Wholeness of Who I Am.

And always, give thanks when you remember to.

Forgive yourself for everything.

Lighten up.  Be just as kind to yourself as you would a loved one in need.  I am quite aware I speak to strangers or even people I don’t care for better than I do myself.  So now when I am tuned into the Now and not feeling so well about myself, low energy, inevitably I am not thinking the highest thoughts of myself.  So I ask myself ~ would you speak this way to someone else, someone I don’t even know?  Nope.  So why do it to yourself?  Old programming.  A big ‘ole illusion.

Let it go.  Let it all go.

And as I type those words I laugh for every day for the past 3 days as I walk into my daughter’s bedroom to either open her blinds or close them, I bump into her Elsa Piggy Bank and when I do, I am privy to the “Let It Go” song.  Now mind you it’s been on the floor for ages, but for some reason I am “choosing” to bump it in just the right space right now to be reminded to “Let It Go.”

And so I do.  Because deep within I know – we all make it.  I think of the Love I have for my child and there is nowhere within Me/me/ME that would ever tell her she is not worthy of or ready for Paradise.  Heaven. New Earth.  And that is speaking from the perspective of Knowing I am still growing into/returning to again this state of Unconditional Love. Anything to the contrary is fear-based, judgmental crap that has no place in this Ascension/Returning To Oneness journey.

The pure Knowing that I have is that just having the desire and taking whatever action, gentle action I can NOW to Heal and Rise into the Higher Energies of this New Earth Realm is enough.

9/11 ~ Remembering My Personal Experience and a Message For This Memorial Day Weekend


Hands, Teamwork, Team-Spirit, Cheer Up

I don’t know why I am choosing to write this up ~ it’s just an intuitive feeling.  It’s something that just came to me as I am enjoying a highly unusual quiet/alone time (child and mate out of the house).  As fellow truth-seeker Kauilapele says on his blog, he follows his intuition, his right-brain.  Not much into “data” (in spite of his science background), he now follows the promptings of his heart.  That too has been my overall focus with this site.  So why question it that suddenly I have a memory from 9/11.

And as often the case, I have no idea where this is going to lead or how it will end.

The 9/11 memory I am sharing is what I chose to paint on the front window of the house.  I remember feeling so deeply moved watching the rest of the world mourn for us ~ especially in those parts of the world that see civil war and violence on a daily basis.  The fact that these beautiful people would take time away from their OWN suffering and show such concern and grief for us was deeply humbling, especially knowing most of us here in the States (including myself) didn’t particularly pay much mind to their daily sufferings of such violence.

After 9/11, some here in the states, including some within our family, opted for the ego-centric “Rah Rah America/God Loves America First” thought train.  At first it pissed me off.  I have always been, by nature, one who has disdain for conflict and longs to see Unity.  I have the ability to see the varying sides of conflict and remain neutral while offering up solutions for All.  (I laugh as my Higher Self reminds me as long as the conflict doesn’t involve me personally.  That is where the struggle still is but I am evolving and healing in this area.)

So after a trip up north to visit family and seeing the “God Bless America” painting on their window, I decided to do something.

Source doesn’t “bless” one country more than any other, just like Source doesn’t “bless” any one of us over another.  I hadn’t really thought about it that way before, not until the events of that time.  Certainly I hadn’t given it much consideration.

So upon returning home, I got out my acrylic paints and painted “Bless Humanity ~ Every Single One Of Us” then added rainbows and hearts. Interestingly enough I had no comments on it, except for one:  “what does that mean?”

So I shared my thoughts on Unity and got the “look”.  Little did I know, as 9/11 sparked in me the biggest so far of my awakenings, that “look” would become quite the norm whenever I opened my mouth to share the thoughts of my heart.

Perhaps it is appropriate to end this piece in this manner.  As we here in the States celebrate the Memorial Day Holiday, which is the honoring of those Veterans who served and died while in the military, let us also include the same intention to Honor All Life.

Every Single One Of Us.  


Be Aware Of False Light


Again, I have been attacked by someone, suddenly.  Those of us who have the purest of hearts and the best of intentions and aren’t out to promote a false agenda are receiving our fair share lately.

I will say this ~ I will not be knocked off my path.  Such attacks don’t hurt me any longer.  I have had such similar out-of-the-blue attacks, leaving me to think “where the hell is this coming from and  who really is this person??”, throughout my life.

Intuitively I know why.  I am here to share my version of Love.

I am here to help clarify what it is and what it looks like – in action. Hence the title of this little site.  lol

I am far from perfect, but I know to every part of who I am that when vulnerability and the pureness of one’s heart are shared, there are beings lined up ready to take advantage of that through others.

Love helps.  If it cannot it does not seek to harm through judgments and assumptions.

I do not understand such behavior.  I never have.


My thoughts to those who are sharing their truths from their hearts~

Stick to the course and promptings of your heart.

Trust in what the Universe sends your way.

Discern.  Discern.  Discern.

And remember ~ there are people who will be dressed in pretty angelic clothing but who are, within, false light darkness.  Or unaware this is what they carry.

When you put yourself out there in this manner, in this world of internet anonymity, you set yourself up for anything and everything.  Most has been supportive, joyful and challenging (respectfully and lovingly) as well.

Such challenges like that ~ I can handle.  But not when they come out of the blue or are handed on an ugly plate of passive-aggressive behavior.

A few encounters have only affirmed my Knowing that dark works through others and these others are usually the type to think their sheot don’t stink.  They are above and beyond that.  They have done all their work.  As such they project all over the place.

NO ONE can tell me or you who you are or what you need to do to make it to the finish line.


For me, this journey is about stripping away the layers of opinions, words, and energy binds attached to me as I Return to Self.  Removing the false illusions of little self.  It is a process we are still undertaking, some “further” along than others of course.

There is NO “right” or “wrong” path to Ascension, ok?  If the intention to awaken is pure, we all make it.  Love would have it no other way.

Actually, I wish to stop calling it Ascension every bit as much as I wish to stop using and hearing the word Lightworker.  Instead I prefer the concept Remembering and a Return to Wholeness by stripping away all of the illusions I have created and allowed to be created.

This is an individual journey.

We take in information, process it and spit out what doesn’t resonate.

To judge someone as being on the “wrong” path and that their path is the true path is the EPITOMY of false light.

Who knows this FOR CERTAIN?

Currently there are many in this community who are pointing fingers at one another.  “They are speaking lies.”  “No, THEY are speaking lies.”

What purpose does this serve?


This is petty.

Self-righteous ego drama.

Love is kind.

Love is strong and determined.

I question everything that comes my way.


Sometimes I stumble.

Then I rise back up.

There is no shame in the struggle.

Either we are in this together or we’re not.

We are here to HELP and ASSIST one another ~ when we can.

Encourage one another.

Love doesn’t walk away ~ unless of course there is power-over and abusive behavior.

Pointing fingers in judgment and a sense of power-over is not Oneness.

It is just another part of the dark agenda to keep people divided and small by triggering them with smart-sounding, pretty words that are nothing more than the classic passive-aggressive behavior patterns.

So – not that I should have to say this – but I will.  I am who I am.  I know what Love is.  And now I know for certain what energetic attacks are about. I can tell the difference between words offered up in Love and those offered up in attack form.

So to those doing the attacking ~ I only get more empowered in my Sovereign Self.  My authenticity comes out even more.  My ability to share my perfectly imperfect self solidifies.

I remain with the desire to continue my journey of healing and remembering and I remain here to share that journey with you.



A Healing/Clearing Technique


Pendulum, Metaphysical

I certainly felt an energetic “stab” yesterday, collectively, yet another attempt by the disappearing PTB and their staged event yesterday in Manchester.  22 killed on the 22nd.  The gunman being 22.  You can’t make this shit up anymore.

This is not to dismiss those who were killed.  It is a tragedy.  It is horrid. And it should enrage every truth-seeking, heart-focused individual to know this was just another trick to keep us afraid and willing to give up more rights ~ definitely to lower the collective rising energies of you and me.

Not.  Going.  To.  Happen.

In my own city, we had a violent attack yesterday as well.  This was a highly unusual event here.  And watching the news (for the first time in ages) to get more information on what happened here, I was privy to other acts of horrific violence that occurred yesterday.

As an empath, I felt this in my body.  The fear.  The horrible sense of loss. I went to bed and woke up shaking.  Again.

Enough.  (And I just heard James Gilliland in his latest presentation say “we need to align in the higher frequencies” as I typed “enough”).  Thank you Divine Providence.)

So after getting out of bed and getting onto my social media page, I saw someone’s message on clearing out energies as a result of the situation in Manchester (or you can use it anywhere actually, imo).  I decided to share it with you.  If you feel inclined, please consider doing this in your own way or as outlined.  The only thing I did differently was I used a pendulum instead of the Diamond Mandela as was used by this facebook friend.

So, here it is.

*The transmutive code to use:  9947391 (I chanted this code as I worked my pendulum.)

  1. Spin the pendulum counter clockwise, down into Gaia, breaking up all densities, in action and word, that occurred and transmute it back to Light. To the Higher Vibrations.
  2. Then spin the pendulum clockwise to lift all of the heaviness back up into the Divine, rendering the space clear and pure again.

I noticed I immediately began feeling the heaviness in my body so I had to focus on being the observer and whatever I began to take on, I released it. It was an amazing experience, quite beautiful actually and I will be doing this again.  I have done some gridwork before, when done collectively, but I haven’t really done much earth/energy work, transmuting, etc. on my own.  I have changed my mind after today.  As my readers know, insecurity has been an unwelcome disease in my life that I continue to purge as I step more fully into my power and damnit, even if I turn out to miss the mark some, the very ACT of saying “YES” to whatever I feel called to do and DO IT, is healing and empowering and will only feed itself energetically.  And it is long past time for me to BE this being and fulfill this role as Healer.

If you decide to give the above a try or wish to talk further about it privately, feel free to contact me.

Blessings and Peace to you all~



Quick Update


I am rather quiet right now ~ dealing with some ugh bug.  That and this sudden heat and I am just down for the count for a time.  (5 days ago I was wearing winter coat, scarf and boots.  Today it was 93. !!)

I did create a $5 gig on fiverr if anyone is interested.  Very old Chinese Card Reading System.  Something I’ve been doing for fun w/self and friends/family for about 20 years.  Check it out here if you are interested.

For now, I am off to rest and heal.  Hope everyone is wonderfully well. ♥  

A Prayer

I wrote this a couple of years ago.  It gives me comfort during the challenges.  May it provide you comfort as well.  

Tea Lights, Church, Light, Prayer
Where there is regret,
let there be the Promise of the New.
Where there is anger,
let there be Forgiveness.
Where there is sadness,
let there be Hope.
And where there is fear,
let there be Peace.

Thoughts For Today ~ May 19, 2017


Well, I had it happen again.  Received information while in the shower.  I swear, I need a waterproof recording device so I don’t have to “hurry up and finish”, grab a towel and head out to write stuff down or record.  Is there even such a thing?  Who knows.

Anyway, so here’s what my higher self or whatever that part of me is that gets these pictures and images that come through my center like the speed of light, racing up to my brain, leaving it to try and put it together in some sort of a logical sounding story.

Separation is ending.  Unity/Oneness is incoming and will culminate with the flash.  The event.  Whatever label one wishes to put on it.  We will feel that Oneness again.  I have seen this.

This also means, as I have written on before, that our multi-dimensional Selves are merging back.  In fact, I also felt we can call on them now.  I did it myself at the time by calling on the part of me that is well and immediately elevated my mood.

This coincides with a vision I had a couple of nights ago during my late night meditations/intentions.  I wanted to know more about this multi-dimensional self stuff.  I asked for a metaphor as that is what I more resonate with.  It is easier for me to understand otherwise difficult-to-grasp concepts with metaphors.  In fact, it makes me laugh as I am a writer so I should like words, right?  Well I do like to put them together and form a story – quietly – on paper.  But speaking?  No.  I prefer and long for the realm where we can just project pictures if speaking with the vocal cords is not desirable, especially when I am struggling to explain something.  A not so unusual experience.

Anyway the metaphor I received was a pebble in a pond.  We have the pebble, which is fully Us, and each ripple is a representation.  Make sense? Good!  Then can you please explain it to me because I am still trying to wrap my mind around it.

Returning to the shower message.

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