Reflections for 2/6/18


As I mindlessly dried my hair I thought back to a reading I had last year.  I was seeking information on a long-standing issue in which I was wanting some clarity on – namely how to deal and heal.  The message that came through the “psychic” was “you are not ready to receive that answer” before adding I would be dealing with it for the rest of this incarnation.

Naturally I was not ok with that so I said I did not consent to that information.  I was indeed ready to hear and receive.  Dig deeper, reach higher, I implored.  You are still in the matrix.  There was no guidance to offer other than that message, I was told.

I knew right then I was in the presence of darkness, even if it was well-intentioned.  Love shares.  Dark withholds.  I cannot imagine being in the presence fully of Source with a request only to be told “you are not ready”.  I would say “wrong answer matrix being”.  As Source in Body and as a Free Being I know what is best and right for me.  We all do.

Another awakening moment for me.  No more psychics ~ at least those who are not in alignment with my feels and perspectives.

The chemtrail sprayers have returned today for another full-on assault of criminal, murderous activity.  It is time for each of us to file a Human Right’s Violation with the Trump Administration.  If you have considered such an action, please do so.  Meanwhile we are forced to deal with the very stupid masses who continue to believe these lines are just normal contrail lines.  Here, I have a microchip for your body, some round-up for those weeds you are too lazy to pull and a gmo potato to add to your delusion.

The trolls who come around my site and attack.  The family members and those who would otherwise say I am a friend ~ allowing themselves to be controlled.  Not one of them visit my site.  Not one support what I do.  I have one person in my day to day life who supports what I do AND reads my site – my mate.

Thank Love of Source for every one of you!

It is time I begin to ask these sleeping trolls what it is they do to save the world?  What are they doing to awaken the people?  If you aren’t helping awaken you are complicit in the agenda to destroy and control.

Even the act of just being aware, exploring and searching for the Truth is enough.  But to remain blind is not an option.  I was told by a family member my site would not be shared with the rest of their family (their?  thank you for clarifying the feeling that I am not really a part of the family) because I discuss politics and politics is just dark, my topics too conspiratorial.  This individual refuses to research what I share.

Don’t believe it – research it.  Hell, prove me wrong.  If you can…

But no longer is it ok with me to remain blind, to remain ignorant, to refuse to explore that which is beyond what you are spoon-fed by your media outlets, your church, your school’s, your science and your deep state politics.  Not that such people view my site regularly.  But there are some.  And my message to you is if you come to this site I expect you to be diligent in your mental, emotional and spiritual work.  I expect you to research what I post instead of being intellectually lazy and sharing smart-ass comments.

What is it these beings want?  More of the same?

Yeah, not me.  And not every one of you who support this site and my messages.

Something must change.  Something must shift.  These people, if they even are human (I think of “They Live”), are helping continue the crimes against us all.  Greater Selves are calling forth the awakening.

They must take this step.  For if not, when the energies reach us, it may be too late.  And I for one, feeling as I do more and more lately, will not be around to help ensure their transition is as smooth as possible.  I went about this journey more or less on my own – certainly received far more criticism and judgment than I have support.  I will be moving on to greater world’s with the rest of you.

I am tired.  I just don’t feel tired.  I AM tired.

And am ready to breathe the clean air and drink in the pure water’s, jam with my tribe and greet the skies of pure blue each day.



Thank you for supporting me and inspiring me to KEEP GOING.

Isn’t It Ironic ~ A Reflection


The song, Isn’t It Ironic by Alanis Morissette has been going through my mind this past week.  It isn’t because just I like the song (I actually love her and her music including this song) ~ it’s because of winter happenings in this house.

One sick person after another.  February 4th and the illnesses have been passed around since mid-December.

Intend health.  Eat well.  Exercise.  Communicate to others clearly “do not come visit if you are sick or invite us over if you are sick.”

People come visit or invite us/child over anyway while sick.

Irony happens.

We all get sick.  And it isn’t like all at once.  That would be too easy.

First the child.  Then the papa bear.  Then the mama bear.

Then there is the story of our dishwasher.  Took over a month to finally get a working one and properly installed at that.  Go to use the 2nd newly installed version only to realize the newly installed dishwasher doesn’t work.  !!

AGAIN!!  (yes that created a WTF???!!! moment)

Call to the place, AGAIN, and send mate to the store to get some dish soap.

Car won’t start.

No, seriously.  Won’t start.

Dead battery.

Charge it up.  65% charge.  Have to live with that one for now.

Intend to use dishwasher.

Irony happens.

Mate finally gets insurance approval for a new knee brace after hassle with a doctor who doesn’t know how to write up an order for insurance approval. Finds out he needs to pay 20%.  That’s about $250 (those things are expensive!).

Intend prosperity.  Have a little cushion.

Irony happens.

Sleep on the couch as to not awaken your mate and child with your cold-induced hacking.

Child wakes up anyway.  For some reason decides to turn into a 3 year old and whines off and on until 4am.

Need sleep.  Do what you can to create the environment.

Irony happens.

The biggest irony of all:

Come to this realm called earth.

Work hard.

Do as you are told.

Be a good person.

Irony happens.

Now we await the escape, the “truman exit door” where the only irony I wish to see is so much love and kindness and consideration and abundance and generosity and truth I am blown wide open and away.

In the most awesome, beautiful of ways.


Today’s Reflections…


I finished watching a brief video of a mexican-american young male speak of how his dad taught him that hard work, or working your “ass” off as he said, was the key to success.  That he and he alone was responsible for his life.

Big deep sigh…

The words of rugged individualism.

Yes, there is value to what he says.

And yet he is young.  Healthy.  Strong.

What happens to that mindset of his if he were to develop a disease or get into an accident or experience any number of life’s little unpleasant/unwanted moments?  All of that “go it alone” takes on a new meaning.

Been there, done that.

Balance is needed.

Sometimes we are the giver.

Sometimes we are the taker, the one in need of the giving.

Sometimes we are the one who is strong, capable and healthy.

Sometimes we are the one who is weak, struggling and sick.

Life is a dance.

And the dancers in this realm are sometimes flowing into a beautiful, gentle, easy waltz.

Other times the dancers are stumbling about, at times falling, struggling to find the beat or hear the music.

Young, old.

Rich, poor.

Weak, strong.

We are ALL ONE.

Different.  Not the same.

But still ALL ONE.

I know of no one who does not need to read these words daily…

…to be reminded.

To remember to stay focused on what we all want

while remembering our vulnerabilities, acknowledging our strengths as well as our weaknesses.

For no one is above another.

And that my friends is indeed The Universal Decree of Love.



Thank you for supporting my work.



Reflection Numero Tres…


I began reading a piece on changing timelines.

Timelines splitting.

Timelines merging.

Which is it?

My biggest question ~ moment of ponder ~ is “if all of these timelines are changing, why do I look out into the world and see the SAME DAMN THING?!”

I want the timeline where there is pure Freedom.  No power-over.  NO PAY TO LIVE.  CLEAR SKIES.

Where is that timeline?

As my late friend Sue would say “Yeah, that one!  I want that one!”

How much of Life is what I make of it?

I’m not sure today.  I am just done with hearing others say be patient ~ which is really just another word saying “you have no control here. Only others do.”

Isn’t that MORE of the same?  Sit back and watch.  Others are creating this new reality.

How much of reality is created by thoughts?

I can see this as an absolute easy possibility in a different frequency realm. But here in this shithole?  (tickled to hear BZ Riger refer to this realm as just that earlier this week)

Action is required.

So telling (someone like me – ahem – lol) to let go and allow (others to take the reigns) just does not sit. well. with. me. at. all.

I had a one-way discussion with my guides and soul today ~ whoever/whatever any of that really is.  It isn’t anything to see ~ or even hear.  We are just supposed to be content with having faith and an occasional knowing.  I don’t like invisible conversations and guessing games.  Again, this just does not sit. well. with. me. at. all.

How are we supposed to know who we really are?  This is all an experience in guessing.  Swimming in dark waters trying to find the truth and a destination or two ~ when you struggle to dog paddle.  It is my experience that for a time I have THE knowing, until I don’t.

All I do know – and continue to know – is what I want.  I have the bag of tools.  I have read the books on creating.  All of those “secrets” we must have in order to obtain the reality we want.

And yet ~ some of us want our dreams to be created and made manifest OUT of this reality.  If you read my words regularly, you are likely one of those.

I believe it was Maya Angelou who once said something like if you cannot change your reality, change your thoughts.

Related image

I never did much resonate with her…






One Last Reflection…. (for now lol)


While in the bathroom I was thinking about the pieces I read and sharing my own experiences about these “downloads”.  Where is the proof?

I thought “if these downloads are the real deal, I should be flying by now.”

I was reminded of those saying “I am in 5D right now ~ I go to 5D at times!” ~ so then why the hey are you talking to those of us still in 3D?  Why not stay in the higher dimension if it so wonderful?

I feel – IF the visions of the new realm I have had are purely mine and are thus true as in touch/feel/see/hold/experience in the physical, then any new abilities will only come once we arrive.  There are center’s there to teach us and heal us.

For now, I must accept this current reality ~ living in a shithole of power-over controller’s who, as we have seen, don’t care how kind, compassionate and loving people are.  They don’t care because they don’t carry that experience within. And in being accepting of this prison, I must find others who think and feel as I do and unite physically, build and create what we want.  It is no longer enough just to communicate in this manner, through this outlet.

Waiting is no longer an option.



So Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and Randall K. Beane were found guilty on all counts.  Sentencing doesn’t come until June.  !!  So more waiting then, right?

Not for this girl.

We really expect all of this wonderful stuff to happen by thinking and feeling it through?  How is this possible when the very system is so dark and unwilling to budge?

Fight might with might.

Or just pack up and leave the country and find a remote village somewhere to live out the rest of your life.

Time to start planning NOW instead of waiting for some elusive event ~ the release of these funds/accounts.  Prosperity.  The solar flash event.

Who says for certain that all I have wanted and seen and desired is going to manifest?

We are the creators?

I am tired.  And I mean tired.  Tired to the bone tired.  Tired to the Soul tired. Tired to all I AM tired.

I have been at this for so long ~ to see yet again the system of dark win ~ just enough for me.  I am a hopeful person but I am also a REALIST.

Think Trump is taking out the criminal elements with compassion and love?

No.  An army of military is taking physical action to remove.

(Supposedly.  Seems everything is elusive and “figure out the bread crumbs yourself.”)

That is what you do with a system of power-over.

Or as I said you accept it as it is and if you no longer have it in you to fight against it, you leave.

Nesara.  Gesara.  TDA/TDD accounts.  Endless promises year after year.


All I see and feel is the same stuff.  SAME STUFF.

Love in action Now.

That’s why I started this site.

Love acts NOW.

Not some day down the road.

How do you remove dark behavior?

I don’t know at this point.  I do not know.

SOTU ~ Someone In Audience Says “Release The Memo” To Trump As POTUS Leaves

A Pre- SOTU Event Love In Action Now Wishes To See


POTUS walks into the room.  He stands off to the right of the podium.  A booming voice begins to speak over an unknown loudspeaker.

“Members of Congress.  Please stand now.”

They look around at one another, confused, but like little sheep who only know how to obey instead of lead, one by one they stand.  When all are standing, the voice continues.

“We will be reading off names.  When you hear your name called, you are to remain standing.  If you do not hear your name announced once we are finished, you may sit back down.”

One by one, names are called.  Looks of concern appear on their faces. POTUS remains standing off to the side of the podium, his mouth set firm but with a hint of a twinkle in his eyes.

Once the announcer is finished calling the names, we see well over half of Congress still standing.

The announcer then goes on to say:

“Agents, you may come in and do your job.  Guards are in place so escape is futile.”

A swarm of Agents enter the arena and begin zip-tying the wrists of those standing.

The announcer continues.

“Members of Congress, you are being arrested for a multitude of crimes including, but not limited to:   Treason.  Sedition.  Obstruction of justice.  More will be explained to you on the way to your location.”

“What location??!!” numerous members cry out.

“That is privileged information,” the announcer states.

Once the arrests have taken place, POTUS steps up to the podium. Remaining members, some looking shocked, others smiling, sit down upon Trump’s nod.

From the Balcony comes the cry of a lone, unknown figure:  “Let Freedom Reign!  The Republic is finally being restored!”

Applause ensues.

And POTUS goes on to deliver the first real SOTU since Kennedy.


Struggling to Remain UP in this Now Moment


Another virus was brought into the house last weekend – unbeknownst to us.  Yet another parent allowing their sick child to come over here.  My girl was sick 2 days later.  She missed 2 play-dates.  Piano lessons.  Another note was written to said family of the child.  Consideration is non-existent in far too many people I stopped playing the “suck it up and be quiet” game this past year.

I have been fighting it off ~ one moment I feel it, an hour later I don’t.  Now my mate is sick with it – very sick.  His immune system is compromised. The last thing he needed, obviously.  Or me for that matter.

It was an extra difficult week for him.  The local hospital system has him marked as a patient who abuses the system.  That’s what happens when you have an unrecognized, controversial (bio-weaponized) illness that goes misdiagnosed for over 10 years, said system being unwilling and unable to treat.  He tried to find a new doctor to get some scans for the tumor he has in his brain as well as the constant, at times stabbing pain in his colon, but was turned down.  It has been a nightmare and I simply don’t want to do it any longer.  The negligence of these criminals who call themselves doctors was one of the most difficult red pills to swallow.  At this point I would like to see them hanging by their testicles and tits.  That is how traumatizing and incompetent their behavior has been.  Years of missed-out-on-so-many-things.  Caregivers.  Dollars spent and wasted.  Fundraisers. Yard sales.  Anything to call attention to his situation and let’s be honest – mine as a burned out spouse.

We went down the road with the local naturopath without much better results.  Now we wait for all of this (supposed) but AVAILABLE tech to be released to the public.  Each day that passes and we have to wait, one more person dies unnecessarily.  Few wish to acknowledge that but it is the truth. Absolutely criminal.

So…….Tending to a sick child all week and dealing with an adult human who is “fed up with it all” has me screaming inside.  I ground, release, meditate but at the end I am shouting SHUT UP.  SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP  I am trying to create and MAINTAIN my own sacred space within.  And now I am battling yet another virus ~ 2nd one in 4 weeks thanks to inconsiderate people who cannot stop for a moment and think “oh yes by the way my child is sick/I am sick/there is a sick person in this house.”  And I am quite fed the EF up with reading articles by those in the Ascension/Spiritual community who are single and financially stable saying “take time off.  Get a massage.  Be in quiet and solitude as much as you can.”

Come tend to the sick ones in my house, step in and take over helping my mate with his medical nightmares and pay for me to get a massage and you betcha then I will hop on that one!

I feel like I came here to be a part of this transformation.  I know I did.  And I am doing all I can with the energy I do have to create something N E W for myself and to keep on going ~ but there are times like this week when I think “fuuuuuuuuuuuuck let me go home now please I cannot do this any longer!”.

Although that is not me.  I am far too stubborn ~ and persistent ~ and in spite of my moodiness, highly optimistic, always picking up and carrying on.  And yet a few miracles in the forms of new people showing up in my daily life would be a welcome relief.  The struggle of loneliness and all of this unnecessary struggle has become a burden I no longer wish to carry.

No longer.

Love. In. Action. Now.




Today’s Divine Energetic La La Crash and Burn Moments…


The day began with a beautiful dream this morning where I saw white swirly waves of a fog-like energy.  “These are the beginning waves of the event energies.  Stick your toes in if you wish.”  As I did, a very peaceful feeling came over me.  As it did, I awoke to hearing the line from a Bee Gee’s song, “Love is such a beautiful thing.”

I had a good amount of energy after that, in spite of having some gastro issues, which have been a thing for me lately.  My energy lasted for most of the day until late afternoon when in the middle of playing my guitar, I was hit – HARD – by exhaustion.  I knew I needed to lay down right there and then.  As I did, I drifted off to sleep within moments, hearing “downloads are happening”.  I allowed for the experience as I slipped into a deep deep sleep.

I awoke an hour later, hearing my mate say to our girl it was time to shut the blinds.


It was time to get dinner together.

Thankful for leftovers.

I stumbled into the kitchen, threw stuff into the oven and realized I was feeling achy.  I moved my body, stretching it before suddenly having to rush off for a purging moment in the bathroom.  Enough said on that one.  Third time I have had this experience in the past year after the feeling of incoming frequencies ~ make room ready or not here they come.

What I wouldn’t give for an inversion table at the moment.  The need to stretch my body is strong.  Yoga and stretches will have to suffice.

Mental fatigue too ~ more than one moment of “what was i doing where a i?”…  That one hour nap really would have been lovely if it had been a 3 hour nap.  So wrapping this one up now.  Off to have an epsom salt essential oil foot soak.

Happy Awakening!