A Return To Nature ~ Time For Me To Walk The Talk…

Insect, Nature, Live

I had a most powerful experience a few moments ago.  It put together the information from my previous piece, which includes the meditation I did with nature and Gaia to bring out the sun again as well as the Anastasia book reference I made.

I decided to return to reading the Anastasia book (which is book 1 in the series).  Anastasia is based on a real experience a Russian man had in the Siberian taiga in 1995 over a period of 3 days with a woman who called herself Anastasia.  She speaks of the darkness and the fall of humankind and the return of the light.  Topics include child rearing, education, ufo’s and sex.  It is very enlightening and very much in alignment with what I speak of and desire.  In this particular section I was just reading, Anastasia is speaking of our interaction with plants and nature.  She herself has the ability to “see” others who are working with plants and nature and is able to send a message to assist the person at the time in a way that I can only describe as life altering and healing for the individual. She then speaks to how plants react to humans, with love or hate.

Upon reading this last part, I burst into tears.  I think of how I speak so much of returning to nature when I have neglected the nature that is around me and within my own home.  I spend far more time vacuuming the floors than I do in tending to my plants – these living creatures – these beautiful life forms.  I water them (forget to do that at times).  But that’s about it.  Sometimes I will speak to them but for the most part, they are a very neglected roommate.  I have long known this.

But tonight was different.  Something in me shifted.  I suddenly knew something changed in me as I stood at my window earlier in the day and did my meditation to intend the sun.  I didn’t speak of this earlier in my piece because it had not yet sunk in, but now it has.  When I did this meditation, at first it started off as a request for sun that would benefit me.  But something spoke to me – almost energetically “grabbing/stopping” me and had me instead focus on the needs of Gaia and the plant and animal kingdom.  Suddenly I was not “me” focused. Again a first for I have intended the sun numerous times in the past (usually with little or no success – perhaps now I know why).  I was focused on the needs of all life in my immediate area and by surrendering my own individual and ego needs, something automatically and easily guided me to tune into the needs of Gaia.  And I felt an energy coming from Gaia that I have never felt before.  It was as though I could be lifted off of my feet by it.

Something influenced me during those moments.  It wasn’t my Higher Self.  No, this was something else.

Perhaps, as I wept, it was another individual – someone like Anastasia herself – who tuned into what I was focusing on and guided me in a new direction.

Whatever “it” was, I am extremely grateful for this change of heart and mind.  I now see AND feel how I have separated myself from Nature.

I see now how I have affected her with my moods and words.

I see the neglect I have created.

I take a step back and look at myself and hear the words I have been speaking so much lately about Gaia and Goddess Sophia.  I see how I have been just feeling the “words” instead of the Life Force of these “words”.

And I see the connection I have to all of Her – if only I tune in and make the connection about Gaia and her beautiful life species instead of just me.

It is time to walk my talk.

Yes, I long to live in a much more rural area.  Rows of trees nestling the back of my property and home.

But until I create that living situation, I see how I can still have my connection with nature, both inside and outside of my home.  The intelligence and beautiful energy of these life forms are waiting for me as they have been all along.  Patiently.  Waiting for this human to wake up fully ~ to remember and feel fully she is not the only one around.

Such humbleness is a beautiful and welcomed moment.


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Where I Am And Who I Am Today

All of this angst and purging I have been doing recently has served a purpose, even if I wasn’t wanting or willing to admit it at the time.  Yes, not knowing anything for sure, not being able to SEE much less PROVE what I feeeeel in my body is Truth and what I desire to be occurring is a challenge for sure.  I want to know Truth.  I want to see Truth.  Now. Not someday.

I keep coming back to the same words:  I Create My Own Reality.

Just how far does that power expand?  I am only beginning to see.

Again, this is just for myself.  The only advice I could ever give someone in this area is to BELIEVE in the thoughts of your Higher Self and Heart ~ especially those ones that don’t go away AND the ones that make you feel HOPE.

Yesterday as I said was one hell of a challenge, at least the first 3/4 of it.  I was on the couch, unable to function.  Having had more or less a week of such a state of being, I surrendered to the experience and just let myself feel like crap.

After I rested, I decided to do some internet research, see if I could come up with anything for the site.  As what often happens, many of the pieces I find, some I post and others I don’t, have a message for me at that time.

Yesterday was no exception.

I kept seeing the theme that I Create My Own Reality (or as I also tell myself ~ I have far more Power than I own and admit).  And I also saw something powerful – that when I focus on all of the things that happened to me, I am living in the past.  As I read – I am focusing on what happenED.  That stuck with me.  It spoke the necessary words my wounded heart and ego needed to hear.

All of the sheot, it’s just a story.

And I want a new story.

I also read and had already felt in my body (sensing it as a lightness) that the matrix grid is more or less gone, which includes the reincarnation trap.

Ah ha, I had something to ponder.  The reincarnation grid being gone means all of the lies of karma and lesson’s to be learned before we can do xyz and all of matrix speak – it’s gone.  Which means releasing all of that low vibe stuff is going to be easier.

It can now be released.

It can now be eliminated.


All three words coming to me from 3 different sources.

Then there was the video I saw describing the Anastasia series of books (of which I recommend).  The young man was sharing the basic premise of the books and that is FOCUS ON WHAT WE DESIRE.

(Noticing a theme yet??)

Lastly had a powerful experience last night.  I saw the weather forecast for today.  Cloudy and rain.


What would this be, day number 172 of this type of weather?

So I stood in the kitchen before I went to bed and intended sun instead.

Last night I had a dream where I was standing again in the kitchen, looking out the window.  It was cloudy.  I intended for the clouds to part and the sun to appear.  I then heard a voice “you have the power to do this.”  The sun began to appear and the dream experience ended.

This morning, I awoke to sun.  After a few hours the clouds returned.  I started to get frustrated and instead, calmed myself.  Tuned in.  Grounded with Gaia and connected with the clouds, the sun, the animals.  It was so powerful.  I could feel all of that beautiful energy – and I know I was just feeling a small piece of it all.  Wow.  Anyway, so I then intended for us all to request the clouds part and the sun returned.  I stayed in that space for a time, then closed it up, gave thanks and let it go.

In about 30 minutes, the sun returned and stayed.

We have so much more power than we know.  Than we own.

Every single one of us.

The key is to focus on what we desire.

I need that tattooed on my eyelids.  lol

Focus on what I desire.

Focus on what I desire.

Focus on what I desire.

If I can do it, you can too.

It is that difficult and that simple at the same time.

Let’s focus on making it simple though because I know we are all VERY much ready for a new paradigm.

So much peace and love and blessings to you all.  You have my gratitude.



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A Prayer

I know the last few pieces of mine have been rather hard-hitting, full of some angst and pain.  I’ve had a lot to purge.  And my ego has desired for me to stay safe and avoid being hurt, which resulted in dealing with those voices that say “Look at the world!  Why are you wanting to have faith and hope?  Why would you want to give your Love to ANYONE?”  And my personal favorite, “Screw being patient!  I want what I want NOW!”  As I continue to tend to my wounds and see the wisdom in my ego (yes, I do believe it has something to say) I rise back up into Who I Am and intend the reality in which I am choosing to help create.  Tonight, this came to me in the form of a prayer, which I now share with you.

Children, Play, Rock, Swing, Leisure

I visualize a world that is safe for our children to play in the streets, at the parks, in the homes of their friends and family.

I visualize a world free of disease.

I visualize a world with pristine waters, clean air and fertile soil.

I visualize a world economy that is resource-based.

I visualize a world that offers all people healing modalities that are effective, quick and painless.

I visualize a world where all foods are truly organic, in abundance, provided for all.

I visualize a world where Truth is something to share freely and equally desired to hear freely.

I visualize a world where thoughtfulness and kindness are in the hearts of all people.

I visualize a world where freedom reigns.

I visualize a world without borders and endless laws.

I visualize a world where access to clean water, abundant healthy food, clean air, housing, education and healing are Sovereign Rights.

Mostly, I visualize a world in which I feel safe to send my child out into, in which I feel proud to share with my child, in which I can finally say “yes honey, what you are being taught and told is true”.


Please, visualize this with me!

Peace and blessings now~


Wiped OUT!

Sleep, Bed, Woman, Bedroom, Sleeping

No daily notes today.  Way too wiped out.  Barely functioning.  More when I feel “human” again.


Are You Feeling Stuck?

Butterfly, Hand, Glass, Bottle, Trapped

Ok peeps I have heard from numerous people who have told me the same thing:  I feel STUCK.  In fact I feel MORE than stuck – I AM stuck.


Unable to get out of a current situation.

Any of you who haven’t written me feeling this?

And what can we do about it?

Any ideas?

Here is my current situation.  I want to move.  Where is the question.  And how (resources $$).  I LONG for new (and current situation says we have a certain time to find this new home).  I am working diligently to increase my income.  Intending out my goddess ass for a new house, the right house.  We have “x” amount of dollars to pay for rent, and given evidence I am seeing with my 3D eyes in my 3D body, we have been priced out of our area if not most of the country.

I am really at a loss.  I communicate with higher self and now on this issue and feel/hear nothing.

I am aware of the changing timelines.  I felt one last night in my body with an experience with some neighbors where I physically removed myself out of the low energy of sludge I was experiencing.  That was a first.  So I know the importance of my intentions and focusing on the experience I desire, internally and externally.

I am also full of angst, as my latest writings are showing.  I don’t like feeling this way but I need to accept these are my internal experiences, right?

The big one in my face today – I see injustice and this lioness in me roars to make it right.

I have a strong intolerance in seeing others “getting away with stuff”.  I am the perpetual tattle tale with a sense of purpose.  (Ok that made me laugh.)

I live in a community that has a natural foods co-operative.  It’s totally changed.  They removed many of the old-timers and replaced them with the cheaper ($$insurance/benefits) variety – those under 30.

I know the story as I know someone who has worked there for over 20 years so I receive intel first-hand.  The former store manager ran the store into the ground financially and things got so bad, they had to call in some national organic co-operative organization.  The suits.  I heard about these meetings and I heard these folks weren’t, well, they didn’t come from the heart-space.  They marched in and took over.

If they hadn’t, bankruptcy was in the picture.

However, this manager was able to retire and walk away unscathed.  I saw this individual in the store today, being ass-kissed by the young workers.

I growled.  I (as a paying owner in this store) wanted to call her out.  Tell her what I know.  Tell her she needs to make amends.  Own her shit.

Seriously – it is that simple.  OWN YOUR SHIT.

It isn’t right she was able to get out of this unscathed, especially since as a result, others lost their jobs and/or their benefits – the older ones being the biggest target.

It just isn’t RIGHT.

It isn’t RIGHT cost of living is so outrageous.

It isn’t RIGHT the dark has been allowed to get away with their filth for so long.  With no consequences.

So many things that aren’t RIGHT in my mind and yes my ego but also my heart and soul – I don’t know what to do about any of it at this point.

So I rage and cry and release and purge and find my center again.

And refocus.

Refocus on what I DESIRE.  MY outcome.  MY paradise.

For reasons I yet do not know though, I feel a lot of blocks right now floating in the ether wishing to block progress.

Is this of the dark?

Or is this of our individual and collective “stuff” still needing a final cleanse and release?

Or a bit of both?

I don’t know but I will share my insights as they come…

And I will intend to post a more uplifting/high vibe piece soon.

But first, the tears…



More Questions Than Answers

Leo, Animal, Savannah, Lioness, Safari

I’m having a hard time at the moment.

Finding something to Believe in ~ other than my own abilities ~ is a challenge.

What do I give faith in?

Do I continue to put my faith in this Ascension process?

Do I continue to put faith in the idea that dark is falling, arrests are being made and Paradise is slowly (behind the scenes maybe?) manifesting?

Days like today make this faith difficult and my desire is to just stay in bed until the Event.  Or until “it’s” all over.

I read those words and shake my head because today I don’t even know what the Event is, what I want it to be or what I mean by “it” being all over.

We could have had a beautiful, blue sky today but the chemtrail criminals were at it, turning our sky into a haze, chilling the air.  That and smelling round-up and who knows what other chemicals neighbors are spraying on their yards around us brought us inside.

Taking a nap didn’t help.  Stretching.  Nada.

I feel like shit.

I feel lost.

I don’t want to be here in this reality any longer.  (Repeat that 1,000 times).

We are told we must release the need to go home and yet this is what I want!

How can I possibly enjoy states of bliss when my skies are artificial chemical concoctions of toxic filth and when my neighbors seem to think they have the right to add to that toxic soup by spraying round-up because they are too lazy to pull some weeds and too lazy to do their own research to see if what they are spraying is hazardous?  THEIR ACTIONS PUT ME AND MY CHILD INSIDE!  THIS IS WRONG – on so many levels.


This is not a Spiritual Crisis as some would claim.

This is a crisis of ANGER.

Righteous Anger.

Rightfully Anger my rights and freedoms continue to be stripped away from me due to the ignorant and criminal actions of others.

I try to tread lightly.

I consider other people before I undertake certain actions.

Heck, I even consider you my readers when writing pieces like this because I don’t want to cause any of you distress.

And yet such thoughtfulness, my god, where is it today??

In 24 hours we have had two dogs lunge at my child, both owners dismissing the behavior of said dogs, one going so far as saying “oh she just likes you.”  WTF??  (Yes I challenged both situations going so far as growling back at one of the dogs.  The other was a still more or less a puppy, untrained but the owner still thought it would be fun for my child to play w/her 50 lb. puppy even though the dog may knock her down. Both of these dogs are untrained, owned by women in their 60’s so NO EXCUSES!)

We have had on-going spraying of crap by neighbors around us the past three days.

We have had dogs pooping in our yard because we removed the tape we had placed around the grass because we seeded it last fall.

Do we REALLY have to put up signs asking people to be considerate before they spray, let their dogs poop and/or jump up on my child?


I wrote a piece recently on this topic of zombified states within the masses.

I didn’t go far enough.

Most people are mindless dolts.  Robots.  Or “bots” as someone recently said.

And I have the right to wish for a totally different reality where I live with people who are more in-tune with my behavior, thoughts, vibes.

A reality FREE OF THE BOTS.  They can have their land of “huh??”.  (And Hillary can rule over them all.)

For why I am still here in this land of “huh??!!”, is beyond me.

I really thought I would have transitioned out and away from this prison already.

When others are engaging in behavior that drives myself and my family indoors, I am No Longer The Rightful Owner Of My Destiny.

I have the RIGHT to determine the Destiny of My Day.  Every single day.


Even though I am not a fan of duality, it is time to draw the line in the sand.  I can’t believe I am saying this, but this is where I am, where I have arrived on this 3rd Day of April, 2017.

Those who wish to remain in a reality where chemtrails are status quo, where glysophate is part of nature and the environment, where dogs are allowed to frighten children and poop wherever they wish, where the “Free market” rules, and where the same status quo, the lies and politics-as-usual deception plays out.

Here’s the line in the sand.  They can have that side.

I am choosing THIS side.


Pristine air, water and food.

Free energy.

No money necessary.

No politics.

Thoughtfulness and consideration reigns.

Truth is an honored virtue.

The well-being of ALL are more than words but a way of Being/Living.

Where Love In Action Now is not just a pretty name for a website.

But a way of Being.  (And that way I will no longer even have any need to run this site.  I will be too busy BEING with my family and all of you beautiful souls!)


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I Want The Truth

Truth, Lie, Street Sign, Contrast

I’m sitting here, pondering the term “truth” and how when I have requested it or challenged it in any way of those in the intel community ~ usually their supporters, I am either outright ignored or given some pat-on-the-head response like “look the truth can be fuzzy.  and relaying of intel can be dangerous.  we often have to speak in code.”

That and “the people aren’t ready for the truth.”

What is this, some hollywood movie starring Jack Nicholson?

Then there is my least favorite and that is “Look, we are sharing this information for your benefit.  As always use your own discernment.”

Doesn’t this seem like a convenient way for those in the intel communities to remove themselves from any sort of responsibility in what they share? This isn’t sharing a perspective.  This isn’t sharing a philosophy.  That’s what I do.

This is about – supposed to be about – sharing factual information.

So when those facts prove false…

Own it.

That’s what I say.

Have some integrity and OWN what you say.

You make a mistake?


Then OWN it.

The people deserve the truth.

We deserve the truth about who we are and where we are.

We deserve the truth about what is going on in politics, here in the states and globally.

We deserve the truth about what is going on with disclosure.

We deserve the truth about our history, who really created our current physical structure and when this “dumbing down”, tampering w/our DNA happened.

We deserve the truth about topics like Nesara, Gesara, the RV.

We deserve the truth about suppressed technologies that will liberate us, heal us and get us off this damn electric grid.

We deserve the truth about the make-up of our planet.

We deserve the truth about what really IS “out there”.

So much speculation.  So much sharing.  So many promises that fail to happen.

Delay after delay.

Excuse after excuse.

Stop treating us like we’re children and start respecting us as the Sovereign Beings we all are.

I’m questioning everything right now.


Even Ascension.

Are we really ascending or are they slowly altering us (again) and killing us?

Are there really Higher Dimensional Beings helping us?

Is Trump here to restore the republic or is he just another puppet for the shadow government?

Is this global financial jubilee Truth or just some CIA or otherwise psyop?

I’m not saying this to frighten anyone or put doubt in anyone’s mind.

I’m speaking these words from one who struggles with being weary and fed-up.  I fall off the wagon of Hope and question all that I have come to believe.

Then I take what I feel is still useful and move on.

Always seeking the Truth.

For that is really what this all comes down to.  All of the above-mentioned Topics.


And unlike the Jack Nicholson quote “You can’t handle the truth!”..

…We CAN handle the truth.

Not only handle it,

we deserve it.

We are owed it.

Not some day.




Don’t Forget To Dance

Dance, Girl, Outside, Smile, Cute, Happy

Tonight my little one reminded me of a very important lesson ~ don’t wait to do the stuff you enjoy.

We had just started to watch our favorite television program (the only program I watch on television) – Call The Midwife.  In the scene, there is a new Mother Superior and she is quite strict.  One of the nuns was in the living room, watching television, dancing.  The time period is 1962, so dancing was continuing in its popularity.  Well, Mother Superior wasn’t having it, calling the nun’s movements “gyrating”, to which the nun, a woman in her 70’s, was of course mortified to hear for she is about as proper as one can be for the time period.  Mother Superior then accuses the nun of not only engaging in such sin, she also says the nun had not yet finished doing her duty of filling the vases of flowers.

Upon hearing these lines, my girl announced to the television: “Don’t listen to her!  Don’t forget to dance FIRST!”

Don’t forget to dance first.  Such awesome, wise words out of the mouth of my babe.

How often though do we forget to do the fun stuff first?

We were all brought up being told dessert must be last ~ certainly after you eat those soggy vegetables.

We were told we could play after we finished our chores and did our homework.

As adults, we are told we can enjoy life after we work at our mindless, soul-less jobs.  A little thing called retirement, which brings forth huge sighs of relief for most of the populace.

We are told we must do our chores first and then we can play.

We are told we must pay our bills first then anything leftover, we can spend on ourselves.

We know all of this.

I do too.

So isn’t it time to break the trend?

Isn’t it time to dance FIRST?

Never forget to dance.

Never forget to play.

Never forget to giggle yourself into silly-land.

Never forget to eat that piece of chocolate cake ~ BEFORE you eat your vegetables.

Never forget to buy yourself something BEFORE you pay the bills ~ even if it’s a chocolate bar you slowly eat while watching the sunset.

Higher Self says be like the children.

And the children say playing NEVER waits.


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A Hodge Podge Of Thoughts…


Maine, Sea, Ocean, Water, Reflections

Some days I receive an insight and can turn it into a whole piece.  Other times, like today, I receive a cluster of visions and/or feelings/ideas that, left on their own, don’t contain enough substance to write an entire piece. Usually I keep those to myself as, likely due to my left-brain Capricorn “things must be done a certain way” part of my personality, I don’t want to just write a 5 sentence piece and post it.

So I thought well, just put them all together.  Which I now present to you.

Last night I was able to see my house in the new reality from a new perspective, a new direction.  Before I went to sleep I was doing my normal meditation/intention work when I decided to see if I could create the timeline this house resides.  I imagined the dimensional energy “ripple” all around me and as I did, I could see and feel the things in my current reality completely disappear.  I was seeing myself out in my street as I was doing this.  Looking in each of the four directions, I lastly faced east.  For a split second, I saw nothing but white – almost like an empty canvas.  Then as I had the thought for what I wanted to see – which was trees – trees appeared.  As I asked “where’s the road” – there it appeared. Heavily tree-lined dirt road that leads to my house.  I called out to my child, who appeared and took my hand and together we walked a small ways when something guided me to stop.  As I did, I looked off to my left and there, sitting up on a bluff, was the house.  Beautiful.  Majestic. “There it is!” I said excitedly.  I began to weep, my daughter squealed, jumping up and down.  Then the experience ended.

I keep hearing/feeling we are creating our reality, which is getting easier to do.  WE choose the timeline.  WE choose what we want.  Being focused, as I have said, feels to be more important than ever.  I “feel” we have the ability to jump around different timelines right now, all depending upon what we are thinking/feeling and thus vibing at.  I don’t know how much longer we will be able to play around with all of this.  I don’t know if there will come a time where we need to decide, pick a side so to speak.  That feels like duality to me and I also don’t resonate w/time frames.

Along those lines, I had an experience this morning.  Upon awakening, I felt almost blissful, relaxed, focused.  Then getting up, I noticed our child was starting to get sick with a cold.  I felt something shifting – a timeline being presented I did not want.  Looking outside, we then notice people walk by with their dog, who proceeds to poop in our yard.  (Pet peeve of mine, no pun intended.)  The owner picks it up, then carries the waste to a neighbor’s garbage can and disposes of it.  (An even bigger pet peeve number two. Seriously – throw the waste away in your own can.  That stuff sits in the can and stinks up the whole container.  I know because we have had people dispose of their pet waste in our garbage can only to notice well after-the-fact.  And we have also owned dogs.  You want to do this act?  Ask if it’s ok!)

The phrase “mindless human bot” went through my mind.  I felt myself shifting again.  I tried to find some understanding of these people but I simply couldn’t.  My child was by this time sneezing and whining, reminding me she had gotten this cold from her friend who had visited the day prior before I sent him home upon noticing his cold symptoms (another pet peeve – parents letting their kids go play with other kids when they are sick).

By this point I am in my “I am so fed up with being in this world of aloof, mindless robots!!” space ~ I felt things changing all around me.  It wasn’t until an hour later, I put this all together, really thought of it and realized I had fallen off the love vibe wagon.  Obviously something everyone does.  However, given the current energy changes, it’s becoming more important to make sure what I am feeling and thinking is what I really want to be experiencing.  That takes a lot of discipline.  Just like patience, that has not necessarily been a natural virtue of mine.

Another thought that ran through my mind today was the insight that once a Soul has a physical incarnation, it naturally always, ALWAYS, changes frequencies upon its departure of the body in which it resided. Well, we’ve been on the radio station that plays endless Weird Al Yankovic mixed in with mind-numbing death metal for eons.  Time to switch the radio station!

The final thought of the day.  We are a world of desks.  Public schools do their indoctrination while we sit in them from ages 5-18.  College continues the trend, although we have to pay them for this service.  Then upon graduation, many go on to sit in yet another desk until their soul gets so sucked dry they live only to retire.  A world of desks.

I’m ready for comfy purple lounging chairs and 432Hz music with a view of the ocean.



Getting Triggered?

Woman, Female, Beauty, Lady

I am in the middle of reading an article, which you can find here, in which it is mentioned that many of us are getting very triggered right now on certain issues.  This triggering is said to be happening due to the collapsing timelines and is allowing us to fully release while also allowing for the previous timeline(s) in which this issue(s) existed to be dissolved.

Oooh, I thought.  I like the sounds of that!  Very resonating.

Instead of continuing on with my read, I was guided to do a little experiment that I wish to share with you.  It’s short and simple ~ the way I like such exercises (I get lost/bored when I engage in 5, 10, 15, etc. step processes).

I communicated with my Higher Self and asked her how SHE wished me to look at my particular trigger.

Immediately I received an answer.

I then asked how I could transform the energy and heal.

Again, an immediate answer.

(Higher Self is obviously every bit as ready to heal from this one particular trigger issue as am I!)

Give it a try and if you are comfortable, let me know of your experience and/or success.

This moment was also a very beautiful moment of synchronicity as I had also finished reading a piece on listening to our Intuition (which I will be posting here in a bit).  While reading the list, I mentally added my own way my Intuition communicates with me and that is often through articles I read.

The next article I was is the one referenced above.


Love The Universe.  Love Her Flow.