To The Forgotten


Earlier today in the shower, I was flooded with images and words.  It all brought me back to a memory from college.  I was taking a Philosophy class, which turned out to be a very rewarding and at times challenging class.  I can remember the Professor sharing a story, asking us to share our opinion.

The story was of a family whose wife was very sick and was in need of medical help.  The medicine that helped her was very costly, and one month the family was simply unable to afford it.  The husband made the decision to steal the medication.  The Professor then went on to ask the class if stealing in this circumstance was right or wrong.  I contemplated the situation, going back and forth between my head and heart.  I began to feel in a new way.  I began to feel the real struggle and suffering of so many people in this realm.  I began to just know this suffering as outlined in this story was totally unnecessary.  How could this be allowed to happen?  I could see and still can see these fictional people in my mind.  As I developed my new thought based on new feelings, I listened as many students shared their thoughts.  Most of them stated stealing is stealing and is wrong, no matter the reason.

I found the courage to speak.  Paraphrased I said this was not a question of black or white, right or wrong.  This was a desperate husband who wanted to see his wife stay alive essentially.  I said I would want my husband to do the same for me as I would do the same for him.

I remember my Professor asked me if I would answer the same for a family who was hungry.

Yes, I said.  I went on to say when people are in need, we need to take that into consideration when they do something the system may deem as “wrong”.  My Professor asked me why I held that thought.

It’s just the right thing to do, I said.  I had no other answer.

I have no other answer today either.

And yet that moment changed me.  More than I realized at the time.

That experience came back at me today and I felt it fully in my heart.  It came in alignment with the speech the POTUS gave in Davos yesterday.  I listened to it prior to remembering my college experience.  The part that really got to me was at the end when he spoke of the forgotten.  How he was working to build a new america that remembered again the forgotten.

I liked that word.  It is better than the term “those who fall through the cracks”.  Millions and millions have been forgotten, left behind for whatever reason, health, isolation, financial destitution, doesn’t matter ~ they were unable to keep up with the demands of the system.  And it was a heart warming moment to hear this addressed.  (as long as he is sincere which at this state in humanity’s awakening we will not tolerate anything but sincerity/authenticity)

What are these demands?

We all know.

We pay to live.

We are expected to be tough.

We are expected to compete.

We are expected to go it alone.

etc etc etc

These demands of course divide us, breaking us away from our Real Self which must be pushed aside to “keep up”.

As we divide, slowly we forget.  We then go along with the systems.

And in doing that we begin to wear labels.

This has created a reality of people who are nothing more than bots, or walmart people as I recently heard, wearing our labels like the nascar cars and their drivers do.  “I support THIS system.  I support THIS belief.”

I imagine all of us with stickers all over our bodies.

Many of us of course have been removing these stickers.

It is time for all to do so.

We are so much more than our labels.

Don’t you feel the need to not follow anything out there?

Don’t you feel the need to go within, remember and BE that Being 24/7?

And KNOW that this IS enough?

Because IT IS.

NO to anything that enslaves and demands and powers-over.

Systems collapse when people refuse to participate en masse.

In doing so, we will no longer have that husband who is forced to steal in order to keep his wife alive.

And no longer will any of us be forgotten.


The Truth is Being Shown Indeed



I am seeing some really ugly behaviors right now rising out of people ~ more than ever.  Only thing is most don’t see this as a signal for their own self-reflection and need to release and heal.

Reacting, reacting, reacting.

I engaged it in myself yesterday.  Saw it.  Reminded myself I am more than that.  And yet the story still wants a listening kind helpful ear.

Our anger is demanding to be heard.  And we have to listen to it.

And then find USEFUL ways of resolving and expressing.

LISTENING to one another instead of screaming projecting and blaming.

I’m tired of it all.

A world of adults still behaving like 3 year olds and wearing a lot of pretend hats.

Tired of the words of the religious dogma and rugged individualistic speak.

Tired of the drama.

Fed up and done with one more moment of any being and any system of being’s powering over.

NO MORE, I say to all of it.

No more.

We are more than that.

Step up and BE the person you would want as a best friend.  (be kind – take no shit)

Be REAL without getting lost.

In a nutshell, own your dark shit, hug it, make amends and remember the Pure Divine and let it Out.

Even when in the company of someone who is still engaged in the struggle of projection.

Yeah, that one right there, is the hardest of all.

And we are ALL struggling right now in one way or another.

Let us own this and remember:

For when I appear invisible to you.

You really are invisible to yourself.

For we are all apart of the same Life.

Look inside.

You know it’s true.

Reach out to me

and take my hand.

And then we can truly walk together

into Eternity.



Thank you for your support of my words that attempt to express the most heart-felt, perfectly imperfect human story that I carry that also brings forth the wisdom of my Soul ~ that is when my pain is willing.



Ode to the Trolls


Gloves and glasses are off.

Truth is exposed.

Sometimes it is a flowery meadow.

Sometimes it is dark and difficult.

Other times it’s a mix of all of the above.

Always though, Truth = Authenticity.

The trolls are out in full force.

Their reality is collapsing around them and they are having a difficult time.

Those who own this are seeking help, asking questions.

Those who refuse to own the emerging transition(s) are attacking.

If you are one who wishes guidance and help, ask away.

If however you are attacking, know your words are powerless.

They bounce off of those who only wish love and freedom and truth and come right back on you.  You will be ignored.

The new energies are working this way.

They do not support deception or anything that is not of Truth.

Some of us find this out the hard way, some the easier way.  Most, somewhere in between.

The choice is yours:  seek Unity or find yourself alone in internal chaos.

hint: choosing Unity makes you feel better in spite of what the ego likes to shout


A Devotion for the Children


I have been feeling an overwhelming sadness for the children who have been used for horrible, evil purposes.  I have been reading others having the same experience.  All of us know we are empaths ~ some are saying we are transmuters for the traumatic energies the children are feeling.  As I type this I went beyond the word “feeling” and want to type “releasing”.

They are being rescued.  Perhaps all have been rescued.  Certainly I feel the rescue mission is almost complete.  I have watched a few videos lately, at “random”, that share the knowledge that the children are being taken off-planet for full healing.  It has been soothing to my heart to read this.  Many of us have had this discussion at times in the past few months ~ where will these rescued children go?  How will they be healed?  I have to have faith in the messages I was guided to see in these videos ~ for I know there is nothing this realm offers (yet) to fully heal and restore the soul and the young, precious mind after such trauma.  All that energy is being released in large amounts and I really feel I and many others are feeling that quite strongly now.

My wish for the children is full healing.  Full restoration of the Soul, the mind, the physical and energy bodies.  All pieces that were fractured to be returned, fully restored and healed, vibrating at the highest of love frequencies.

It is my wish they go on to be loved, protected and guided for the remainder of their years by loving parents ~ either their biological or adoptive/guardian.  Oh how I wish I could hug these children ~ the way I hug my own child.

It it is my command ~ and our Collective Call that this horror will never be allowed again in any realm.  

It is done.

It is so.

Thank You


Child, Girl, Cuddle, Cuddling, Hugging

Thank you, each of you, for not only visiting my site, for subscribing, for donating but also for your sharing your stories, your words ~ both on here and privately.  Your love and sharing mean so much to me.  SO very much!  I am honored to know each and every one of you.

A virtual but energetic hug from me to you…



Ok ~ WHERE ARE WE?? lol


or shall I say “when”…

here’s another strange time anomaly for you i just experienced…

first the strange “Q” drop dated monday the 22nd (when here in the states it is still sunday the 21st)…

now in an e-mail exchange w/one of you, i screen-captured the date that my gmail server said i sent the e-mail:  Monday, January 22, 2018.  (the next one i sent had the correct date – sunday, january 21, 2018)

maybe i need to be asking “victoria where and when are YOU?”

Tonight’s Shares… On Love (mostly)


warning ~ you are about to enter a stream of consciousness piece…  


I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment ~ ok ~ a lot overwhelmed ~ at the stupidity and insanity of what humanity has created.

We are here to love one another.

We are here to connect.

We are here to create.

To experience.



And repeat.

I was out today, walking around, talking with others.  I zipped my mouth more times than I care to admit.  It hurt.  It was depleting.

Upon returning home, later in the day, doing dishes I was telling my mate how I checked out a friend’s twitter account.  I haven’t spoken with her in over a year.  Her husband decided I was not worth having in their life after he learned I was showing support for Trump.  I told my mate I had the desire to write her a letter, telling her the one reason I support Trump ~ remind her I am not an evil awful horrible person.  Reach out to her from the heart.

Telling my mate this, he got upset with me.  Out of fear he doesn’t want me speaking politics with anyone who has deep hatred for Trump.  Not in this current political climate.

I can understand that and yet again ~ what came out of my mouth was a solid loud tearful “I AM TIRED OF NOT BEING MYSELF!!”

Keeping it p.c.

Low key.

Comfortable so others won’t react.

Careful so I won’t be attacked.

I don’t want to be that person.


We are royally fucking up as long as we continue to point fingers, out here in la la land of the united states of amerika…point fingers at those who love hillary or love trump or hate hillary or hate trump and really WHO THE FUCK CARES?!


Can we just get OVER our labels and affiliations and remember WHO WE REALLY ARE??

All of this makes me want to jet on outta here that much quicker.

Take me home to new earth realm NOW please!

Take me to my new earth realm where people have evolved past this petty stupid shit.



I do not belong in this energy.

I don’t play these games.

Certainly not well.

Oh, marriages have failed over politics.



Seems to me if this is the truth, the relationship was fake to begin with.

How about instead of using the term #fakenews

we use the term #fakerelationships?

Isn’t that what creates fake to begin with?  People being fake?  The news isn’t fake.  THE PEOPLE CREATING IT ARE.

People are the fake!

We all participate in that, in one way or another.

Each time we withhold a truth.

A real desire.


Can we now decide to just stop?

We all want the same thing.








Words unspoken leads to hearts broken.

“Cause we’re livin’ in a world of fools..

breakin’ us down…

When they all should let us be.

We belong to you and me.”


In other words, off on another tangent, going to my sacred tree the other day, I walk up to her, greet her, lean into her.  Place my left hand on her.  I stand there, silently.  I look up her massive trunk.  She’s so tall ~ I cannot make out the top.

“Well,” I say, “do you have a message for me?”

At that moment, a big drop of water plops on top of my head.

I giggle and can feel her giggle as well.

Tree has sense of humor.

“Good thing you didn’t do that while I was looking up at you!” I joked.

Continuing to stand there, both hands on her now, feeling her massive bark, how it is both hard and soft.  Crumbly.  Rough and yet smooth here and there.  Cool.  I don’t have to say anything out loud.  She knows what I am thinking.  “Can I give you anything?  Do you have anything to share with me?”

She responds ~ almost motherly is her energy ~ very soft and gentle ~ a first:  “Go home to your family. Get warm.  Rest.  There is nothing I can offer that you don’t already know. Trust.  It is almost over.”

I am tired.

Quiet, reflective.

And tired.

Did I say I was tired?  lol

I reflect back on this journey, in this incarnation experience.

The awakenings.

The moments that made me feel sick inside…

the moments where I went numb…

the moments where I aligned with a Truth that made me hug myself and cry in joy…

All of this continues.

The experiences.  Awakenings.  New awareness.

And yet now I feel I am ready to take a new path…

New experiences…

New people…

New, well, everything

In an altogether new way.

Imagined, desired, longed for ~ oh how longed for it all is…

I could sigh a thousand sighs and cry a thousand tears…and that would only touch the energies of longing/desire I carry…

I cannot and will not do this “world of fools” experience.

I need to be let BE.

Just as you need to be let BE.

I need to let ME BE.  That’s where it stars.

I want to reach down in my heart, bring out all of that LOVE and share it with everyone.

Just the way I did as a little girl, a young girl, a young woman and even today, this middle-aged woman…. and never understood the resistance I would and have received.

My ex once said “You wear your heart on your sleeve.  You continue to do that, the world will crush you.”

It almost did.

And I almost listened to him.

In spite of my weariness, I am happily grateful I didn’t.

Love is all there is.

Nothing else matters.

It’s the best thing going ~ here there and everywhere.

Always has been.

Always will be.




A Vision


Image result for timelines merge image

I had a flash of a vision this morning.  I have shared before that I am not usually a visual person ~ I am much more of a sensing/feeling type.  But this morning, I lay in bed and was drawing forth New Earth.  I was using my heart-space energies.  It was intense and very powerful and the feeling of calling it forward – the depth and purity of it was unlike any experience I have had yet when I have engaged in this practice.  As I was creating this experience, I attempted to look into the “future” ~ march/april and beyond.

That is when I suddenly saw…it’s hard to describe with words but I will try…I saw like this large ball – a mass – which began rolling from (I sensed) the future…backwards, taking up everything with it.  I could feel the power of this ball…and it was destructive (although I felt absolutely no fear).  I felt it was doing a MASS clean-up of all that has NEEDED cleansing/purged.   It was literally wiping out timelines to merge into one, which I felt was The Event flash – creating the NEW timeline many of us ~ certainly enough of us ~ have been creating.  Continue calling it worth.  I feel we can add our own energies to it and make it all the more healing, powerful and beautiful for ALL.  It feels to me at this point that The Event gives us a fresh start – one in which ALL are FULLY conscious and free to live as they desire.

It was intense and awe-some for sure and I am grateful to have had it ~ and to share it with all of you.  


Today’s Experiences and Rambles ~ 1/16/18


Hello everyone~

Well now, the Schumann is indeed spiking creating an overall feeling of inner “aaahhh” ~ and bringing out either the desire to sleep NOW or moments of bursts of energy.

Also had a sudden “all over” itching earlier today ~ and it felt as though something was wanting to come out of my back – both sides – lower shoulder blades.  Angel wings perhaps?  My girl had itching at the same time.

Also having the desire to smack away – permanently – anyone or anything that isn’t in alignment with who I am/what I desire.  “Not in my reality” is my go-to tagline.  Not to be “better than” ~ just deeply longing to have real connections and that sense of “home”.

I express the desire to have experiences where I can have real conversations with others about love and healing and our awakening and new earth.  All of these topics I share here ~ and aside from my mate ~ I have no one else in which I can have these conversations I so DEEPLY need and desire.  I feel like I am about ready to pop out of my skin lately – an inner scream of NO MORE! I cannot do “how are you oh i am fine” go-nowhere conversations ~ I can’t! I would rather just pass on by or ignore the person altogether.  I had a couple of attempted conversations today while out-and-about that just ended up with me walking away feeling depleted ~ certainly not energized ~ at one point covering my child’s ears so she wouldn’t have to hear system bullshit speak.

It is bullshit.  At this point if one is still deeply plugged in, I don’t want that energy around me or my family.  Call me a bitch or lacking in spirituality.  I no longer care.  I have ZERO connection to this reality, to this realm.  I have made numerous attempts to really connect with others on a real, authentic level, to share my stories and insights and to ask questions to find out the truth and REALNESS of the other…. and that has not brought me ANY connections in this area…..  Online is where it is for now and that is waning for me.

I need MORE.

And so I seek that which does resonate.

Interestingly enough today while on a walk that connection came in the form of a tree (picture at the top).  It never dropped all of its leaves.  It always does ~ at least all the years I have been here.  I also noticed another tree a block away had not dropped its leaves either.  In some garden plots I see tall sprouts of spring flowers.  In other spots, I see nothing growing yet. Same with grass.  Perhaps a metaphor for awakening – some are on it, others still slumbering away.

I have had several very subtle experiences where, in spite of the air having that winter chill, I sense spring is “somewhere” ~ really close.  It is palpable and only growing.  This is more than spring fever too.  It is something “different”.

It’s as though the New Realm (which I have sensed is in Spring ~ and I am not the only one to have this sense) is merging with the old realm.  Some will blend into the New given their awareness and thus frequency.  Some will continue to stay in the old for the same reason.  The term I use is “overlay” ~ the new will overlay itself on and within this one.

Seeing this tree with its leaves still in place gave me hope.  It touched and thus softened my heart, put a smile on my face.  She allowed me to remember “home is coming”.  I could “feel” what she is doing ~ the message she is showing for us.  Instead of people staring and thinking or saying “how odd” ~ she is nudging us to look deeper.  Feeeeeeeeeeel inside the message of her appearance.

Just like with me, and with every one of us (supposedly ~ I have doubts) there is much more than just appearance.  I share that with others and I am far past ready to have those real, lasting connections with my tribe.

Face to face.

It is time.

It is time.



A Fun Exercise ~ What Do We Imagine New Earth To Be?


Image result for montana house on hill in forest image

(this image is pretty darn close ~ side of the house ~ tha

I was inspired to write this after hearing from one of you wonderful readers, saying it felt time now to focus solely on what we imagine New Earth/5D Gaia to be.  I think this is a very good idea.  I have written in the past about focusing on bringing this realm into our reality and what we imagine it to be.  I “feel” at this time the energies are much more supportive of this process.

For now, I will share what I have seen.  This is a repeat to some so please forgive me for that.  The first vision/dream goes back 10 years ~ this was long before I knew of “New Earth”.  I am in a large wooden house taking care of a group of kids.  All are in overalls.  I know one was mine – a girl (this was about 5 years prior to the birth of our daughter).  I feel different. New.  Very healthy and strong.  Content.  Free.  The energy of everything is different.  It is a very calm feel ~ and quite powerful in how palpable it is.

Outside the air is clean and smells wonderful.  Pure.  The house is surrounded by large pine trees.  The road out front is soft dirt.  I could not see other houses around although I know we have neighbors.  Just couldn’t see them from the house in this first experience.

The temperature is perfect – 70’s.  I sense a small downtown/town center to the right of the house, probably a mile away.

Inside the house has no furniture.  No wall hangings.  I am able to make peanut butter sandwiches for the kids simply by intending it.  I am amazed I have this ability.  I also feel I am just learning how to use it.  “Wow, I am manifesting all of this simply by using my thoughts!” I recall thinking as the Observer in the dream experience.

As I awakened, I knew this was more than a dream.  It was real.  I went someplace wonderful.  I set out to find it here in this realm.  I came up short each time I made this search.  I finally concluded where I was was not of or on this planet.

Two years later my mate had the same dream, down to the structure and the kids in the overalls.  I had not told him of my dream.  Like my feel, he too felt he was not on earth but rather on an earth-like planet/realm.

Since that time my mate has returned numerous times to explore the area (that’s who he is).  He has seen the ocean near our home.  I haven’t seen it but I have sensed it when I have returned.  Both of us have seen the dirt road and know it is the only kind of road there is.  No asphalt.  No concrete.  It is lovely!

There are small stores in town.  Mom and Pop types.  My mate has visited one a few times in his dream-state ~ it’s where he gets seeds.  There is no money exchanged.  You just go in and ask for what you want and it is given.

The one dream I recall where I visited the town I was in a diner.  I saw some very large hills close by ~ on the edge of town.  I was playing the piano for the diners.  There were about 10 people total inside.  It was wonderful. Small town, small community.  Quiet.  Serene.  I knew this was simply part of what I did in this new life of mine.

I have gone back to the house numerous times, both in the dream state and in my waking visions.  I have furnished it.  We have a food replicator, a door leading to a teleportation room, and this massive basement that I insist holds a flying craft.  We have both seen a large garden on our property as well as a creek.  In the last dream I had, I was standing in front of our beautiful, massive house.  There was a bit of snow on the ground.  I was so deeply content.  Deeply satisfied.  The feeling “there” is so palpable.  To my right was a very large covered wooden structure that held several cords of firewood.  I had on the same winter coat I currently have as well as an off-white pair of winter boots, which I did not own at the time.  That is until one day, weeks later, I was looking for a pair of winter boots and happened upon the exact pair of boots I had been wearing in my dream.  I now own them.  

It has been a very awesome surprise to learn others have had very similar experiences while in dream-state ~ down to the type and size of home, the smallness of the community AND the kids in overalls.  !!!

New Earth is Healed Earth.  Healed Humanity.  Free Humanity.

I am as ready as you are.  And I stand with you in bringing Her forth, in bringing us in Uniting with Her.  We wish to Go Home.

Let that moment be Now.

In gratitude~


What do YOU imagine New Earth to be?  Please share what you have seen and/or what you imagine/desire her to be?