Seeing Repeated Numbers – A New Perspective

awakeningthegodgoddessenergyMany of us in the ascension community have reported seeing the repetition of numbers.  The 11:11, 1:11, 2:34 and others of numerical sequences, 222, 333, etc. etc.  We have become quite familiar with seeing these numbers over the months and years.

My journey with this experience began in the mid-1990’s when I was in my 20’s.  I was a newbie in the awakening state and at the time, I was questioning religion.  It started with seeing 11:11 then 12:34.  In time, it went to triple digits – 111, 222, 333, etc.  I had just gotten online and was blown away that I wasn’t the only person experiencing this phenomenon.  Eventually I found a site that said each sequence of numbers had a spiritual interpretation.  I used that as a guide off and on for years until a few years ago when I felt such interpretation, while well-meaning was more or less new age dogma.  I came to that conclusion because it just wasn’t making sense to me – the interpretations.  While helpful at times, it just wasn’t providing me with the answers I continued to seek.  And when I was honest with myself, it never did.

This past couple of years, I began to read about how these numbers, when we see them, meant we were receiving downloads to our DNA. That made more sense to me.  However, I also felt that there was some meaning behind each number given numbers have their own vibrational frequencies.  Thinking this through, I still didn’t feel fully satisfied with it.  For that I have to feel something “a ha” in my body and I just wasn’t feeling it yet.  Frustration quickly set in so much so that when I would see a number, I found myself dismissing them.  At times, I would my roll my eyes or toss out an unpleasant comment. Then there were times I would yell: “would you TELL ME FOR ONCE what these numbers mean?”  For awhile, I didn’t see any numbers at all and I was ok with that.  However, they began to increase again the past few months again to the point where it was several times daily. That is until around a week ago when suddenly, I seemed to get “cut off” from the experience.

This morning I got something new on all of this.  My spouse has been seeing the numbers in large amounts lately – daily.  But for me, as I said, I’m just not seeing them.  When he announced this morning that he saw the 11:11 again and was all excited, inside my little child said “Why not ME?  Why aren’t I seeing them anymore?”

That is when I heard the word “compass” in my mind.  Then a flood of information came in, giving me tears and chills.  When this happens – when I first receive a 1-2 word response followed by information I then feel in my body – I know I have hit gold.  My Higher Self.

Compass.  What this means, and again this is just for me but I also feel it will eventually apply to all of us in some way, is that seeing these numbers is helping to create some sort of an energetic compass within our beings.  This compass holds all of our information, all of our wisdom, all of US that will guide us where to go and what to do. For most of us, while we are told to go within for answers, most of us have still searched on the outside for answers.  For validation.  And yet I believe we are being lead to an experience where we really won’t need to do that.  Nor will we want to.  Why?  Because we will finally have that Eternal Internal Compass of All Knowing at full operational capacity.

It’s as though this compass will guide us in everything we do – from cooking our food to dressing ourselves to transporting ourselves to communicating with one another.  Whatever we DO – it will guide us. The conductor of our long-awaited superpowers?


I visualize it as slowly turning on an amazing machine of information, bit by bit, piece by piece, with our Higher Selves and Universal Source. This machine has been turned off for eons due to its circuitry being disconnected.  These numbers are the Universe’s way of saying we are being turned back on again.

As stated above, numbers vibrate at their own individual frequencies. So certain numerical patterns contain their own bits of code, of information, that we are ALL compiling and activating individually.

Is it necessary that our ego’s and our brains KNOW this code?  I don’t believe so.  Since we are all evolving to and ascending to a place where we will be purely intuitive/being Being’s living in the NOW, our brains won’t really need to figure it all out. Although I admit it would be nice to know what this is all about and get to know all of those tidbits of information that are being uploaded to our DNA.

So stay tuned.


And know if you aren’t seeing the numbers as you once did, that’s ok. Perhaps you have received enough uploads.  For now.

Or perhaps it means you simply no longer need to see them and all of the information you “need” has already been put in its place, awaiting activation.  WHEN exactly will this full activation occur?  The million dollar question.  I haven’t a clue.  My Higher Self is quiet on this one at the moment. Yes, this frustrates me too as I want answers and I want them now!  But you can be sure once I do receive that information, I will pass it on.  If I even need to.

I will end with a prayer I just started saying that helps me Remember my vast database of Universal Wisdom.  It’s a variation of a prayer I found on Doreen Virtue’s site.

“Dear Source – Please guide me and remind me of the Power in which you instilled within Me at the moment of my Creation.  Please help me to feel completely comfortable with my Power, to Remember and Know how to direct this Power with Love and Pure Intention so that I may live the life of freedom, joy and abundance I desire and am oh so worthy of.  Thank you!”



We Are Not The Same – But We Are Still One

I had an experience tonight at the grocery store.  It was crowded and there were only 3 spaces available that I could see.  Two were in an area that is difficult to navigate (this particular store has a very poorly laid out parking lot) and one was in front one of those charging stations – easy to pull into and plenty of room for a young child who likes to open up doors wide (parents will get that one).  There are no signs indicating only electric vehicles may park there.  I have actually never seen an electric vehicle park there and use the service.  I also see non-electric vehicles park in the spaces frequently.

So we (child and I) pull in.  We get out, proceed to walk to the store, when a woman in an electric car stops in front of my car and asks me if that is my car.  Yes, I reply thinking did I leave on my lights or something.  She then tells me I can’t park there, she has to charge her car and I need to move my car.  At first I glance around the lot – where can I park?  The place is packed.  So I tell her “there are no signs indicating only electric vehicles can park here and I believe I can park there.”  She tells me I can’t.

So what do I do, I thought.

I opted to be generous, got back into the car with my child, made sure she got buckled up in her booster seat and made a mental note that once inside, I would get the store policy on this.  I didn’t want to violate it unnecessarily.

Well, turns out store policy says those spaces (of which there are two) are open to all vehicles.  The clerk apologized and said the woman was not in the right to tell me I had to park elsewhere.

The fact that I moved my car doesn’t bother me.  It was this woman’s attitude.  I’m ok with doing the kind thing for my fellow human.  However I am not ok with this sense of entitlement some have. Those with more money.  Those who drive these types of vehicles and their air of “Lookie me saving the environment.”  I am sensitive to energy and this woman had the “I am better than you” stick far up her ass.  I could feel it, see it.

For at no time did she ask if I wouldn’t mind moving my car.  And when I did, at no time did she thank me.

This higher dimension better get her fucking sooner than later so I do not have to engage with such people anymore.  I am tired of the bullies.  Tired of those who think they are more entitled to x y z.  And good lord tired of folks who think their shit doesn’t stink.

Truth is – it stinks for us all.  At times we all stink.

We may be different.  And as hard as it is for me to swallow sometimes, we all – this woman included – come from the same Life.

If this happens again I may move.  Or I may not.  It all depends on how I am asked.  Kindness combined with gratitude, after all, goes a long way.

Choose Love

Today’s Daily Notes is simple. On this 11/11, Choose Love. 


Post-Election Wound Licking and Hopefully Some Humility

I am 50 years old.  I have been voting since I was 18.  Voting unconsciously for the lesser of two-evils for much of that time period.  That is until a part of my awakening prompted me to dig deep into the political arena and things like the New World Order and the Shadow Government.  It was during this time, around 2002/2003 that I stopped voting the two-party system.  And I have been receiving a verbal brow-beating ever since – primarily from my left-leaning folks.

No more.  Today I speak my Truth.  Today folks like you LISTEN.

I have watched election cycle after election cycle come and go while people continue to support the lesser of these two-evils and then, come another election time, are demanding the same damn changes they did 4 years prior, often scratching their heads in frustration wondering WHY nothing really ever changes.

Perhaps the problem doesn’t fully reside with these puppets who claim to work for us.  Which they don’t.  But that’s another topic.

Perhaps the real problem rests fully on the people.  On people like yourself.

The nation was so fired up just one year ago, rallying around this Bernie Sanders gentleman.  Progressive passion was quite beautiful to watch.  But then slowly over time the dark reared it’s ugly head.  The DNC establishment wanted Clinton and they stopped at nothing to make that happen.  They got their wish and the people were angry.  Rightfully angry. Some brave, courageous souls filed a lawsuit, which continues today.  Unfortunately, the rest of the Bernie supporters grew apathetic and frankly, damn lazy by failing to support the lawsuit, by failing to demand justice. Instead, they once again fell into the same ‘ole trap by opting to support Clinton, the lesser of two-evils.  (Or so they claim.  If they had done their research, they would quite easily find Clinton is by far the more evil.  Remember there is a difference between being an asshole and the devil.)

The results of this election are painful for many of you.  I feel for you.  I do.  Going out and about today, where my town overwhelmingly voted for Clinton, the depressive energy was palpable.  I had the urge to hug a few folks I spoke with.  This is by far worse than the Bush/Gore election in terms of how it has affected the voting populace.

However, there is always something to learn from such situations.  As I told one store clerk today, obviously deep in despair: “Perhaps it is time for us to recognize ourselves as Sovereign Individuals.  Perhaps it is time for us to realize we can Self-Govern ourselves.  Why do we put so much of our energy and hope into one person?  Perhaps we need to put that energy and hope onto ourselves, onto one another.  Who says we cannot still create the type of communities we want on our own?  You and I.  Working together. All of us.”

Self-governing.  Putting on our big boy and big girl panties and creating our own lives without D.C. politics.  Are we brave enough for it? Courageous enough?  And most importantly, are we willing enough?

I am.

Are you?


Addendum:  If you are really interested in expanding your social and political perspective, I invite you to check out the Ubuntu movement. What started out of South Africa is now a global movement and they are currently looking for people in all countries to continue the movement in communities and cities worldwide.  Their basic premise is that we do not need a political or banking elite to survive.  And their human philosophy is quite spiritual and beautiful.



“God (Friggin’) Bless The United States of America”

takebackamericaCome election time, when politicians are desperate to look like decent folks to their constituents, they chant the “god bless the united states of america” mantra.  I don’t know what is more annoying to me – the fact that these dolts chant it or the fact that so many of the masses fall for it.

There is far too much hypocrisy in that statement for my tastes – and has been for almost 20 years.  I remember when I first tasted that bitterness…

It was the week following September 11, 2001.  Visiting some relatives in another city, I noticed the slogan “God Bless America” boldly painted in red, white and blue on their front window, a contribution by my sister-in-law, notoriously known for her strong Christian belief system.  It bothered me.  A lot.  While that event marked part two of my awakening, the slogan itself, which normally I would embrace patriotically and proudly, suddenly turned my stomach.  But why?

Continue reading ““God (Friggin’) Bless The United States of America””

Are You Feelin’ The Energy of Transformation?

winds-rlDon’t you feel it in your bones?  In the blood that runs through your veins?

Don’t you hear it in the whisper’s of the wind in your ears and the warmth of the sun’s rays?

The energy of change.  Of transformation.

It’s here now.  It is happening.

The breaking down of the old to make room for the new.

The people are awakening and rising up saying NO MORE.

No more to lies and deception.

No more to corruption behind closed doors.

No more dismissal of blatant lies and devious dark criminal behavior.

No more blindly following others who tell us what THEY think WE ARE.

How dare they!  How dare ANYONE attempt to tell you or me who THEY think we are or should be.

We’re onto them.  More and more of us.  Those floodgates are open friends and there is no going back.  We see them for their dark actions and lies.

We no longer blindly accept religions false dogma.

We no longer blindly accept the words and promises out of our elected official’s mouths.

We no longer blindly accept the words out of the puppets who sit behind newsroom desks and read their teleprompters, purporting to tell the truth.

We no longer blindly believe a damn thing big corporations like Montsanto and Vaccine Manufacturer’s tell us about how “safe” and “healthy” their products are.

We no longer blindly accept the fluoride they put in our water.

We no longer accept the notion that nuclear technology, oil, coal, fracking and the like are somehow ANYTHING but archaic, deadly and criminal.

We no longer look to the skies and accept those trails as normal contrails.

We no longer believe that war is a necessary evil.

What started as a small pebble in the pond of awakening has now grown into a number that is simply exponential.  We are remembering who we are.  And there ain’t no going back.

We are now a force to be reckoned with.

And now it is THEY who are fearing US.

My beautiful earth friends, keep on loving yourselves.

Keep on speaking your Truth.

Keep on questioning your reality.

Keep on shining that BEAUTIFUL spirit.

Keep on Believing that WE create this reality.

Keep on Believing that WE CAN HAVE ANY THING WE WANT.


All of this chaos and destruction is allowing us to create the reality we want from an energy space of Truth and Love.  From respect and reverence for ourselves and others.

So my fellow earth family~

Love yourselves deeply.

Love others just as deeply.

Live passionately.

Live truthfully.

For that is who you really are.

It is who we ALL really are.





Thoughts Of A Weary Starseed Human – A Continuation


Crossroads road sign. Pointer to the right Truth, but Lies left. Choice concept

Yes, it is me, the weary starseed human, back at it again.  This time my beef is with deception.  There seems to be a lot of it – some among the community of folks who claim to be of the Light.

But are they?

Take this NESARA/GESARA topic.  There are millions of us asking “If this is real, when is it going to manifest?”  This woman has been intending it daily, all year.  There are people who are given free space on websites to spout their predictions and their promises, all of which come and go.  Then when we are told we must be patient, well, if you read my original piece, you know my thoughts on that whole patience thing.  When it comes to awaiting our debt jubilee and financial freedom from not just this lifetime of economic enslavement but LIFETIMES of it, well our patience is up.  People are losing their homes, their savings, their lives – right now – all because of this enslavement.  If this is really going to be happening, DO IT NOW.  Please.  If this is nothing but a scam, a hoax, let’s stop feeding it.  Let’s stop reading about it.  And website owners, please stop giving these folks an audience.  At the very least say “no more free space on my site until your promises manifest.”  Simple enough, right?

Nibiru.  Wormwood.  Planet X.  Lots of names for something that I intuitively believe is an inner-dimensional craft that is here for our Ascension.  Yes, it is causing some chaos.  Yes, it isn’t going to meet up with us without some destruction.  But catastrophic?  Global planetary destruction?  I’m not feeling it. But, as we all know, lots of money is to be made off of fear-mongering.  I am always, ALWAYS very dubious of these folks saying “Nibiru is coming! Destruction will ensue.  Chaos!  Death!” which is then often followed by a link that says “Buy my product to protect your family NOW!”.  I’ve even seen one such site actually stop selling one of their products and instead go onto another product.  For you see, Nibiru had suddenly gone from a catastrophic threat to our friend.

I wonder if the site owner offered a refund to those who bought the first product. You know, since they no longer need it.

But I digress.

Then there is the whole RV/GCR story.  And yes it is indeed a story to me at this point.  Oh, it would be a wonderful thing, like NESARA.  But how many years – yes YEARS – do we have to listen to this same ‘ole story before someone (like me!) calls FOUL.

And then what about this infighting among those in this currency situation.  This side of the coin says WE ARE TELLING THE TRUTH.  We are the real bearers of this gift.  The other side says the same thing.


It is one thing to make a mistake or an error in judgment.

It is quite another to intentionally mislead people.  People have been unnecessarily suffering for far too long at the hands of some very dark psychopaths for whom, if I had my say, would spend some time in solitude confinement with hungry, man-eating snakes.

However, since I am a Starseed Human, I must focus on forgiveness.

But I am also human.  And as I said in my original piece, I am weary.

I am weary of deception.

I am weary of glorious promises that fail to transpire.

I am weary of seeing these folks receive internet attention.

I am mostly weary of carrying the feeling in my heart that so many good people, myself included, have followed such stories only to be filled with unnecessary moments of fear.  To have our hearts bright with anticipation only to be disappointed.

Love acts the moment it sees pain and suffering.  Love never says “I see your suffering.  I will be with you on this date.”  And never shows.  And offers some excuse.

Perhaps I am completely off on all of this.  In fact, I hope I am.  I deeply do.

In the meantime, using discernment, I remain dubious.

But as always, with a hopeful heart.

I may be weary, but I am still a Starseed.  And always will be.


Time To Get Real, People

Can’t you feel it?  That sense that something is in the air, changing us from the inside out?  The feeling is palpable for many of us in the Ascension communities.  For us, we are doing our inner work, many of us having undertaken that journey decades ago.  We have questioned the systems.  We have seen the matrix of control.  We spot bullshit a mile away.

So why haven’t the rest of humanity done the same?

Isn’t it time?

Don’t we want to see ALL of us ascend?

Time to get real, people.  Time to remove the masks we wear.  Time to stop this passive aggressive behavior.  It is time to be brutally honest with ourselves.

It is time to see the system for what it is.  Dark.  Controlling.

It is time to dig deep into the onion of personality, spirit and emotions.

It is time to look at ourselves in the mirror and announce “I Am Eternal Awareness and Eternal Consciousness”.

It is time to look at our beautiful reflections and announce “I Love You. You are beautiful.  Thank you.”

It is time to forgive ourselves and one another.

It is time to look at another deep in the eyes and see that part of you within them.

It is time to recognize Source in one another and in ourselves.

It is time to stop pretending.

It is time to stop worshiping.

It is time to stop this blind obedience.

It is time to stop settling for less than what we deserve and are worthy of.

It is time to stop believing the very same systems that have been in place for decades, for hundreds of years, and those that dictate the terms, care about us.  THEY DON’T.  Therefore, they will not be solving our problems.

It is time for us to take the reigns of responsibility again.  It is time to self-govern.

It is time to start authentically begin thinking for ourselves.

It is time to stand up to corruption.  To darkness.  To bully behavior.

It is time to unite together in a massive collective “NO”.

We are ONE.

And we are TIRED.


And we are remembering quickly WHO WE ARE.

And WHO WE ARE ain’t gonna take abuse anymore.  Not from the system. Not from our friends or family.  And not from ourselves.

We are all One Humanity.

It is time we begin behaving like it.





Good-bye Abuse: You Are No Longer Welcome Here

As I start this daily notes, I look above and see the “Enter title here” space.  Empty.  I really don’t know what to call this piece for there are many things I wish to discuss.  Maybe by the end of my stream-of-consciousness writings, the title will come to me.  Until then, it remains empty.

Much like my trust in the system of control.  Much like my trust in anyone, male or female, who supports bully, controlling, abusive behavior, both passive and aggressive, by dismissing hard truths.
I would like to discuss one truth in particular.  White. Male. Bullshit.
Oh dear, I swore, likely offending someone.  Oh dear, I have shown my anger.  Again, likely offending someone.

You know what?  I no longer fucking care who I offend with my anger. Continue reading “Good-bye Abuse: You Are No Longer Welcome Here”

On Spiritual Guru’s: I Would Rather Hear YOUR Story

my-story-is-beautiful-960x640I received an e-mail about an upcoming spiritual summit.  There must be a list of over 50 well-known individuals in the Spiritual and Self-Awareness community.

And for $50,000 I can listen to them all speak in a luxury 4-star resort.

Ok so that last part was an exaggeration.  But I must say that, at my tender age of 27 (ok 40, um, ok FINE over 40), I am simply weary of this obsession we have with people who are well-known as well as this ego-based thinking that often plays in those circles that says THEY have all the answers for you and me.  And most indeed am I fed up with/finished/absolutely done with the price tags of some of these gigs. Many of these folks are already multi-millionaires. How on earth can they justify charging such outrageous prices just to talk?

Argh! Continue reading “On Spiritual Guru’s: I Would Rather Hear YOUR Story”