A Pledge of Allegiance For All


i never did much care for the american/system version…so i came up with a new one

I pledge Allegiance
to my Higher Self,
the Source of All That Is.
As I commit to Remembering
All that I AM
I live my Truth
more each day…
And quietly inspire
those around me
to do the very same.

It is so.

It is done.

I Manifested Boysenberries


The harvest (after two females enjoyed a feast).  

That’s the best title I can come up because that is indeed what I was able to do tonight, only not in the way most of you are probably thinking.

Before the berry manifest, I had engaged in a one-way conversation with my Higher Self on paper.  I was angry and I let loose.  Did not hold back.  I wrote how I felt I was doing most of this journey alone and I am tired of the struggle.  I questioned how the “f” am I to Remember it all when my energetic memory was wiped.  I intend daily that I remember my abilities and who I am.  I demanded – show yourself.  Prove yourself to me.  I want to Remember.  I want to KNOW.  I wrote out every last bit of frustration until I had nothing left.  I sat there for awhile, did some breathing and went about the task of getting my child an ice cream cone.

About 30 minutes later, she and I headed out on a walk.  As we headed home, we walked by a house that has several boysenberry bushes.  The people who own the house are generous and have invited us to pick from the bushes whenever we want.  My girl asked if we could pick and I said we didn’t have any containers.  Boysenberries are not the type of berry you pick and place in your pocket.  So as we head past the house, the front door opens and out steps the husband.  “Hey girls,” he said “aren’t you going to pick some berries?”

I said “we don’t have any containers, but thank you ~ next time.”  He said “hold it right there,” disappears inside and reappears with two containers.

“Thank you!  That’s really kind of you,” I said.  (I should add I had this strange little feeling inside – the kind of quiet when you feel you are being guided and to just go along without questioning.  It’s hard to explain in words as it is purely a subtle feeling I receive.)

So little one and I go to check out the bushes.  At first we really didn’t see much.  We glanced over the spots we have normally picked on and just didn’t see anything.  Then something weird happened.  My girl walked back out into the street, I looked over at her, call her back and then as she headed back my way I felt a slight shift inside my body.  I then look back at the bush and I swear to you – the thing was laden with berries.

W O W.

I call my girl over and said “check this out!” and as she looks at the bush she said “wow mom there are berries!  Where did they come from?!”

We began to pick and I felt that quiet voice and feel within that left me with the impression that THIS is one of my abilities.  Instant manifestation.  And it was not something I forced.  It happened on its own.  In the flow.  It required no special meditation or crystals or chanting.  It was seriously easy and effortless.  Well other than following the flow of Source that brought the guy out to speak with us and offer us containers to pick from his berry bushes.

Also of interest ~ I had this inner feeling I could have manifested MORE berries if I had been in my Pure Being state of Worth.  If I had Intended more from this state.  Even though we were invited to pick berries, I have this issue with feeling guilt when I help myself to something that isn’t on my property ~even when it is offered to me.  Something needing to be examined and healed.

I am like a kid in a candy store with stuff like this.  I want to expand on this ability. I am super curious to see what will happen next.  In the dream-state experiences I have had of myself in that higher dimensional realm, on this New Earth experience, I did see myself having instant manifestation and while my Self in the dream was not surprised, the part of me still in this third dimensional reality was.

And of course I also gave thanks to my Higher Self.  Humbly apologized.  I really do wish to feel her more.  I really do strongly desire to Remember and to feel and experience and relearn how to use my abilities, in particular instant manifestation.  And yet I know the blocks to this are false beliefs needing healed and released by me, beliefs such as there is not enough to go around and how I am to make sure everyone else has their share before I take anything.  That and the thought I am not as worthy as others are in having their heart’s desire.

Oh ouch, ouch ouch on those, especially that last one.  As we say around here:  Time to change the record!

Also of note ~ last night before drifting off to sleep I had this question pop in my mind – what power would I like to Remember and Utilize.  It was a toss-up between healing myself and instant manifestation, with the very slight leaning towards the instant manifestation ability.

Will I experience this again tomorrow?  Tonight?  Next week?  Next month?  I don’t know.  It’s up to me.  Supposedly from what I have read, our ability to manifest is becoming easier.  All I know is I had a berry manifestation experience that I cannot explain with my human mind.

The proof is almost two pints of delicious boysenberries.

And another human/ego/spiritual experience of humble Remembering and healing.


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My Commentary On The Prosperity Funds Drama


House, Blockhouse, Tree, Balance Beam

I had not wanted to comment on this subject, but given some of the drama and judgment being tossed around, I have chosen to speak out.

I feel most of you know what I am speaking about.  I do not want to assume though.  I am referring to not only Nesara/Gesara and the currency re-evaluation(s) but the various trust accounts and prosperity packages.

At this point, I only see one actually being implemented and that is the OPPT, or the One People’s Public Trust.  I will not be going into detail about this, mostly because this is all pretty new to me as well.  You are free to google it yourself.  You can get some basic information from this site.

The OPPT, taking steps to roll on out, has now become the target of others who have been promoting their own version(s) of financial jubilee.  I am not saying any one of these folks are “wrong”.  For me to know for sure I have to see it with my own eyes and feel it with my heart.  However, it find it highly suspicious that these folks are all crying “foul” about the OPPT and yet they continue to tell humanity we just have to continue to wait until the right time for THEIR people to give us money.

That’s essentially it in a nutshell.

All the while, those behind the OPPT continue on without engaging in finger-pointing or pleading with humanity to believe in them, follow them.  In other words, quietly going about their business.

Just something to think about…  (It would be beautiful to see all of these “let’s liberate humanity with abundance” work together, wouldn’t it?  A refresher course in Kindergarten education could be quite useful.)

For now, I am remaining the Observer, watching things play out.  I know one thing that has made itself clear: the masses have had enough.  People have had enough with this financial slavery system we all have lived under.  People have had enough suffering.  Enough struggling. They have made a collective cry of “NO MORE”.

There are stories of people paying off debts.  Paying for utility and hospital bills. Then there are some of people who are buying Tesla cars. Successfully.

And some not successfully.  It does seem to be a hit or miss and one needs to know what they are getting into if they choose to participate this early.

One thing though, more than anything I have mentioned above, that is bothering me, are the judgments coming from many private citizens on social media.  I have read comment after comment from folks who are judging people who are buying the elaborate items.  Comments range from “these funds are not to be used to make yourself rich or not have to work again” to “you are to use these funds to serve others, not yourself”.


Here is where my comments come in.

  1. Who has a right to tell someone how to spend their money (or money that is in their name)?  (answer – NO ONE)
  2. What in the heaven is so wrong about wanting to live a lavish lifestyle?  (answer – NOTHING)
  3. Why is it not appropriate for someone to want to quit their meaningless job or not NEED nor want to have to work for a living again?  (answer – it is absolutely “appropriate” to hold any of those thoughts)
  4. Why can’t people use these funds to serve themselves?  (answer – they can)
  5. Isn’t it possible to serve ourselves AND others?  (answer – of course!)
  6. And lastly, if these funds are to be used by ALL – then doesn’t that make rather moot the point that we need to share our wealth with others?

The comments I have felt both stinging and coming from the most in my heart are the comments on how some are choosing to spend their money (on otherwise perfectly legal ventures and items, just lavish in nature). When we think of ourselves as not worthy or deserving of what we desire, we serve no one.

Let me repeat that:

When we think of ourselves as not worthy or deserving of what we desire, we serve no one.

We are each worthy of and deserving of having everything our heart desires, in so long as it does not cause any undue harm to another or violate another’s inherent worth and freedom.

And when the desires are from our hearts, our choices will do none of the aforementioned.

For far too long we have been conditioned to believe we have to work hard in order to prove our worth to have the nice things physical reality has to offer.

We have been programmed to think small.  Believe small.  Be small.

Sweetheart, we are Source in physical form.  Every single one of us.

Source does not “do” small.

We are GRAND.



Worthy.  Oh, so worthy.


Just by being US.  You.  Me.

True worth is not about proving ourselves to anyone in order to obtain our hearts desires.

Not to some internet troll or still-programmed individual (unaware of their programming).

And most certainly not to the very controllers and creators of this game of deception.

This is a grand time for ALL of us to individually and collectively go within and purge out those last remnants of “worth” programming.  For I do believe standing strong and solid, quietly (or not), in our worth will absolutely help bring down this house of cards and return the decision making back where it belongs:

In Our Own Hands and Hearts.

Love and Abundance and Prosperity to Every Single One Of Us.




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This One Is For The Ladies


Beach, Feet, Summer, Sand, Sea, Vacation

I was thinking about our reproductive cycles earlier today.  While there are women my age who have stopped cycling, I continue on, setting the intention that menopause will not be in my reality.  I intend for my full shift to occur before this happens, thus allowing me to have full access again to my DNA, which includes no monthly cycles and no menopause.

I have long believed if men cycled the way we do, we would have recognized days off each month for each of us.  (Jokingly I have also said we would have monthly deliveries of chocolate, chick flicks, heating pads and for some who so indulge, wine.) Looking back I do not recall ever missing a day of school or work due to my cycles.  Not that it would not have been warranted, just that I was still under the spell of DO/BE/PRODUCE no matter how I was feeling.

When I was in my late 20’s/early 30’s, I recall reading books about celebrating our cycles.  Dr. Christiane Northrup has said for years that this is a time for us to slow down, rest, not engage in life the way we normally do.  Her words empowered me for some time.

Then I began to Remember.

Remember within my Being that prior to the beings messing with our DNA, we didn’t have these monthly cycles.  If we wanted to have a baby, we communicated this with our body and then, being in a state of love and intention to create, we so did with our mate of equal consciousness.

When I began sharing this concept, I was told that it was a nice concept but I was nuts.  I have held firm to this belief though.  I know to the deepest parts of Who I Am that I get to control my reproductive system.  I get to consciously determine when and if I wish to conceive.

Religions tell us that our cycles (as well as the pain of birth) are to punish us for our sins.  Yeah, nice try archons and all others who messed with our beautiful, perfect DNA.  We women don’t buy that line any longer.

We were born in purity.  We ARE purity.

And so let us intend as we continue to evolve, awaken, REMEMBER, that part of this process is the return of control of our reproductive cycles back to the rightful owner:  US.

Until then, I rest and slowly savor a piece of home-made dark chocolate with coconut and walnuts.



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Ssshhh ~ Do You Hear That?


Forest, Path

(isn’t this a beautiful scene?  it is very similar to the road i have seen that we live on in the new earth realm.)

Neither do I!  Silence.

I love it!

Locked back here in the bedroom, blinds open so I can watch the trees dance as the coast breeze kicks in, making for a beautiful sunset experience.

Oh that and my mate is in another part of the house and my child in bed. Well, in her bedroom.  Good enough.  I am alone and it is quiet and that makes my inner world sooooooooooo stinkin’ flippin’ happy you have no IDEEEEEEEEEEEA…….

Quite the opposite experience I felt upon awakening this morning. Agitated.


What is up with this state of agitation, I wondered.  And the dizziness. The stomach upset.

I pulled myself out from under the covers.  (I would make a great hermit, btw.)  Got online (I usually do not do that first thing but this morning something said “go do” so I listened).  First two posts on my social media page talk of these symptoms.  Extreme agitation.  Dizziness.  Stomach and g.i. distress.

Misery loves company, I grumbled, but still appreciated the validation.

Reading further again I was reminded of the importance of meditating, grounding myself.  Facing the old emotional stuff head on – it is go time.

And yet I have a feeling these old trauma’s will be removed upon the arrival of the cosmic pulse.  I know, may sound silly to some, perhaps pie-in-the-sky, but this is what I have felt and seen.  And that inner experience is still there.  So while it may seem easier, for me that is, to just wait until then, I would much rather release of my own accord, as much as I can that is.  Ignoring the issue only makes it hurt more.

I see my inner pains and trauma’s as a scared child who very much wants to join in with me and Be and play and enjoy.  But she’s, well, traumatized.  She needs reassurance.  And love.  Attention.  Lots of attention.  And quiet.  Lots of quiet.  Rest.  Lots of rest.

I’m the type who will find anything to do to distract myself from giving myself this kind of attention.  Floor needs swept.  Need to post some pieces on here.  And oh wow what is that smell coming from the sink… that needs the vinegar clean now.

Obviously the self-worth stuff coming up.  And this driving need to produce/be/do that I have continued to employ ~ long past the years of childhood upbringing and some crappy relationship experiences of the past.

Lighten up, I tell myself.  Relax.  Let go.  It’s ok.  Life is not going to fall apart, the house won’t shrivel up in a moldy stink fest, my girl won’t suffer or starve and my mate can go it on his own just because I need a good amount of alone time to nurture my needs.

Tonight in the shower I thought about this.  I ran through my mind the list of things on my “to do” list.  Gotta order supplies to make my tooth powder and body sprays and get those hooked up on etsy.  Some pictures need uploading.  Have some things to research.  Oh and gotta send off some recorded piano pieces to my friend who is going to transcribe them for me.  (I’m actually really excited about that last one ~ but still – it’s on that list.)

Then I thought “oh yeah and I gotta figure out what my purpose is ~ I should be doing more to help the planet, to help out in this ascension stuff ~ what else should I be doing…I (fill in the blank with utter nonsense) I (fill in the blank with more utter nonsense)…….”  Oh my… how patient my higher self is.  I heard her speak quietly over my own monkey-speak. Here is what she said (again I get impressions from Her which I put into words):  “Just being aware of this ascension process is having a helpful effect.  By being in your meditative and quiet states and healing yourself, you raise your own vibrations which helps raise the vibration of Gaia and the greater All.  The more you allow yourself into these states, the more you help anchor these incoming energies of Love.”

That’s all I need to be doing? I thought.

You don’t need to do anything, I felt back.  But put it that way, yes, that is all you “need” to do.  This is not complicated.

No it’s not.  It isn’t an experience of the human brain.  Nothing to figure out.  The answers are within.  Always.  In those quiet moments.

Of which I am still in as no one, big or small, has disturbed me since I began this piece 30 minutes ago.

Although now… it is time to go deeper, beyond the words.

So I will close up and say “good night”.



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I Created A New Category ~ People In Need of Help


Friendship, Help Black-And-White, Hands

For about 20 years or so I have intended for the kind of financial abundance that would enable me to call myself a “philanthropist”.  My idea has been simple ~ I hear of people in need of help due to financial reasons and I write them a check.  No questions asked (other than to make sure there are no abhorrent behaviors or addictions creating the situation).  No strings attached.

I know each of you reading this is fed up hearing this “hurry up and wait” crap the “intel providers” continue to spew, seemingly solely for ego intentions at this point: “lookit me lookit me – I and MY people have the financial answers for YOU – but you will just have to wait”.  Same message, repeated ad nauseum day after day, week after week, month after month.  You get the picture.


Too many have suffered for far too long.  Too much damn struggle while well-meaning but misguided people tell such folks the answer is to change their thoughts. Such individuals need to be telling those who created this deplorable economic system and who have profited tremendously off it it and us to employ new thoughts.

So I decided I can to my part in some way.  I created the new category “People Who Need Help”.  Brilliant title, eh?  lol  I like to keep things simple when I can.  Anyway, when I see/hear of someone in financial need, I will link it on that category.  It is my wish that you then turn around and share the story with people on your social media feeds and donate if so inclined.  We can even turn this into the “It only takes $1” campaign.  Enough people donating $1 can help tremendously – when the numbers are high.  I know myself at times when I have seen others in need, I feel like my ability to contribute just $1 or $5 or even $10 isn’t enough and it this has stopped me at times from donating.  But I have since changed my perspective and I know that the $1 or $5 I feel inspired to contribute has a lot of heart behind it and can lead to great abundance when shared with enough people who hold the same intention/perspective.

You know the saying.  Sometimes all it takes is one kind word to turn a person around.

And sometimes all it takes is a dollar.

Here is the link to the first “person in need” story in case you missed it.

Blessings of abundance and thanks ~



What Day Is It Again?


Image result for image where am i


I had a first-time experience today ~ I had no clue what day it was.

None.  Zero.  Zip.  Nada.

Thinking about it didn’t help.  I honestly didn’t know.

For the past year or so, off and on, I have been losing track of the day of the week.  Usually I can go by the feel if my thinking brain cannot figure it out.  Today, neither feeling nor thinking brought me the answer.

My daughter said it was Saturday.

My mate didn’t know the answer.

I thought back to this past week and was able to ascertain it’s Sunday.

And yet is it really?

Where are we?  What season are we in?

My body tells me we are aligning with new physical space/realms.

My body tells me we are headed into fall.  Each year when the seasons switch, my body (in particular my nose ~ I feel the pressure change ~ I know, it sounds weird but that is my radar) tells me when the new season is entering.  My body is saying “fall”.  Certainly the smell is in the air, the nights are very cool, nippy lately.  Leaves are changing on trees around here.

A quickening.  That’s what feels like happening.  After this lull of “time” seeming to proceed (at times painstakingly) slowly, I feel it speeding up again.  Speeding up, leading to the next leap of awakening.  This one is feeling like a big one.

Buckle up, let go and enjoy the ride.  And just Be.


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Feeling Through the Energy Experiences of Today


Woman, Silhouette, Lichtreflex, Joy

Well we had the very strong and unusual frequency bands showing up on the Livemeteors.com live feed (which is still going nutso now and then) then the Schumann literally spiked off the chart 3 times.  I also saw some other energy charts ~ every single one was “off the charts” with individual reads.

Some folks (who are in the more alt. science communities but not in the ascension-speak) are saying some of these energies aren’t coming from the sun much less our system (as we know it to be of course).  My hunch? This is Source Energy.  Certainly Source frequency.

I can now see the effects this is having and today it was very clear ~ some of these energies are literally forcing us to be in the NOW.  Well, not forcing us but indeed if we are to integrate these new frequencies we will naturally Become a NOW Being.

I realized in a very solid way ~ could feel and experience deeply ~ that if I resisted the NOW moment and got caught up in future stuff or past stuff, I felt agitated.  Overwhelmed.  But when I was completely in the NOW, not planning for a thing (big one – no planning – just ALLOWING – see what comes to me in the moment when I know it is “time” to DO), I felt blissful.  I could feel the energies.  Calm and serene.  After dinner I told my mate “you know, I really don’t care about any of the usual worries right now.  I’m just really at peace and pretty giddy.”

Awesome moment!

Another tetras moment.  Words line up with the inner self and there ya go. We have a connection established.

Be in the Now.  Allow.

I think I’m beginning to get the hang of this.


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Programmed Responses and Behaviors Plus Tackling My Sense of Separation


Earlier today I caught myself both saying something and doing something that I suddenly knew did not come from my own creation, but rather what I copied from others.


This is a growing awareness of mine ~ seeing even further down the programming hole for myself.  The feeling is rather icky.  I can feel these energy tentacles attached to me, much like Neo when he was still living inside the pod.  It is sticky and heavy and I want all that off of and out of me.

I had a conversation with someone who is so deeply programmed, when they attempted to dissuade me to drop my questions over an issue, I saw how tightly the most programmed cling and how passive aggressive behavior is used as one of those tools to keep the awakening questions away from their safe zones.

I have been there myself, although overall not very often.  I have always had this need to question and understand – KNOW – everything.  I was just too afraid to, aloud that is.  You get hushed up enough when young and lack encouraging adults around you, life becomes a solo journey in the area of awakening.

I remember as I entered high school, I desperately wanted to and needed to challenge every single thing these teachers of mine were passing down as “fact”.  I wanted to rebel.  Break the shackles.  Why did I have to sit in some damn hard, wooden desk in a stuffy, smelly room and be told I had to memorize (false) history dates, play sports I had no interest in, and learn how to cut open frogs.  Eat the crappy cafeteria food.  Have to tolerate the clicks, the gossip and the drama.  My adviser told me I would go much farther in life if I took more math and less writing (my passion).

Good thing I didn’t listen to the little twerp.  Talk about programmed.  All I wanted to do was cut class, be free, smoke a little grass and talk all things philosophical.  Which I ended up doing, most of the time, solo. I learned early to have solo conversations with myself, hence to this day I deeply love my own company.  A real gift given much of what I hear from others is how they fear being alone.  They always want someone around them.  Claustrophobic nightmare for me.

Which leads me to my next issue ~ the ongoing growing awareness of the pain of Separation.  I was writing about this a few days ago.  How do I fill up what feels like a hole?  Something missing.

Money won’t do it.

Connecting with others is never permanent.

And being of service to others isn’t the answer either.

Everything authentic comes from within.

It’s a paradox it seems that I can love my time to myself while still longing to “fill something up” within.  And that within space is about as deep of a layer as I feel I have.

My insight at this time is as I continue to Remember I will continue to feel the authenticity that is Me.  And remembering requires me to feel and release and heal the pain and rage I have gathered over the eons in what has been an experience in separation, which some say was a controlled agenda and others, purely one we willingly chose.

I’m sure by now most of my readers know which theory I feel is true.

That’s all for now.



Today’s Observations ~ Gaia Is Ascending


Does the energy feel different to you today?  I awoke this morning, shaking almost violently.  It took a good 30 minutes before I fully awoke. I was unusually groggy.  It felt like I had been doing something intense before the calls of my child “MAMA WAKE UP” awoke me suddenly.

I “recovered” as best as I could.  Later I packed up the car and headed to the park with the same little child who awoke me earlier.  Smiley, Lilac, Ball, Emoticon, Funny

After we arrived, I noticed the skies were brilliant blue.  Puffy white clouds.  Not a chemtrail in sight.  I was guided to take a pic of the sun, so I aimed and took the shot. You will note a rainbow-like very defined object on the right. Any ideas?

The trees seemed vibrant, one in particular, which I took pictures of and have included in my collection below.  It seemed to speak to me.  I could not take my eyes off it.  I sensed she was raising her frequencies.  I felt a sense of joyful energy radiate through my center.  I thought back to The Celestine Prophecy and how they speak of seeing the aura’s of plants and trees.  I could literally see this tree shimmer.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.

After a picnic and some playtime, my girl and I took a walk.  We came across a deer (included in pictures) ~ a young female ~ alone.  Very unusual behavior.  We have seen her before on our street a few times, always alone.  I then noticed a butterfly was flying all around my head, almost as if it were dancing with me.  I smiled, spoke with it, giggled and took pictures (as best as I could).  I finally captured it – a bit – it’s the bottom picture in the collection.

A bit later we ran into a neighbor on the walking path.  He had his dog with him.  The talk turned to 4th of July and he said his dog behaved in a new manner with the fireworks.  This is the fourth such encounter I have heard from local dog owners, all saying the same thing: their dogs behaved in a new manner this holiday ~ all of them showing much more sensitivity than in years past.

It’s the energies.  What is old and of lower frequency is simply showing itself it can no longer be.  Explosive fireworks are in that category.  Not only are they harmful and traumatizing to the ears of animals and some adults and children, they also emit toxic fumes that affect all life (my nasal passages included).  I only went along with it this year as my daughter begged us to get some fireworks, although after her reaction (she was disturbed for the first time in her young life by the loudness and the smoke), this will be the last year for this.

The closing of a chapter to welcome in the new.



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Thank You, Label, Card, Sign, Wedding