Focusing On The End Result


This is along the lines of what I heard Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf speak of a couple of days ago ~ focusing on the end result.

We all want this game over.  We want the curtains of deception to be pulled back fully – NOW.  We who are awake are exhausted.  We are tired of TALKING about it.  We are exhausted from sharing the information, the intel.  We are just DONE with it and are ready to see the whole game OVER.

Even though who aren’t awake to the deceptions are tired of this reality. Ask anyone in a very heart-felt conversation, and ALL will express some heart-based thought and feeling that says they want something better and KNOW they can have it.  Whether that be a healing to a disease or secure housing or knowing they have enough to feed themselves and their family or feeling more real heart-centered connections or simply to be free from this archaic pay-to-live system, unless you are a clone or artificial being, YOU WANT MORE.

You long for it.  Somewhere within you long for it.

Today I had a wonderful conversation with a friend I absolutely adore.  I don’t see him that often but he has always listened to me and our conversations are deep and engaging and totally authentic.  He’s like a big brother in a way.  Today as we spoke I was moved to ask him the following:

“Are you happy?”

Immediately his eyes diverted to the side and I could see I struck something painful in him.  I won’t divulge the rest of the conversation of course, but now and then I will feel guided to ask someone that question and the results are always moving, beautiful, painful ~ always emotional. It also inspires me to be more open myself.

We know what we want.

We know what we are worthy of.

We know what is inherently our RIGHTS as Beings of Source.

As just Beings, period.

Or perhaps we are just tapping into what we KNOW we want and what we KNOW we are worthy and deserving of.

Either way….it’s happening.

Things are moving quite rapidly now.

And you and I are helping this.

So let’s keep it up.

Let’s ramp it up.

Focus on the end result.

ALL deception is fully revealed and properly dealt with – removed and eliminated.

ALL forms of control and power-over and enslavement are eliminated.

What exactly do you want YOUR life to look like?

Feel that deeply in your body.

Go into it.  Get detailed about it.

Every day.  Every hour.  Every moment if you are that disciplined.  lol

See ALL of humanity living as freely and fully.

Focus on the end result.

I have felt all year that by the time we reach the end of 2017 life will not be the same.

For the betterment of ALL who celebrate freedom and love.

Focus on the end result.

Focus on the end result.

Focus on the end result.

And feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel it.  You can add in “this or something better” then let it go.

And it WILL be so because it IS so.


Another Thought About Tonight’s Game


This is very odd coming from someone like me – who almost never talks about sports.  I had this thought during game 3 ~ that what we were seeing was another timeline shift ~ for the better.  The Astro’s, being from Houston, were a representation of the suffering that has been caused by the cabal ~ in this case, weather manipulation.  The Dodger’s, being from Los Angeles, which is home to some of the darkest behaviors and actions, represented the cabal agenda.

Again, this was not a reflection of the players themselves.  This was a reflection of what has been our history and what is happening to this matrix realm.

I suddenly knew at that moment – the Astro’s were going to win.  It had already been determined.

The experience was very similar to what I felt last November after the U.S. Elections.  I knew the currently running timeline had crashed – big time. A new one had been put in place.  The feeling was that palpable in my Being. And it wasn’t so much about the players as it was that the old energy grid was not gonna be allowed to play out anymore.  A new one had come online to enact some much needed change, a new direction.

Spiritually speaking, our Truths of Who We Are are permeating this energy space, changing the old codes (which are just frequencies) of control, enslavement, abuse, fear and transforming it into Truth.  Love. Freedom.  Abundance.

All that from a baseball game, from a woman who normally finds most professional sporting events of a low vibe.

Who’d of thunk…

An Experience With Instant Manifestation


A few weeks back I heard Michelle Walling speak of her sudden ability to manifest at times instantly.  I started to notice I was having this same experience ~ at least a couple of times.  Resulting from the plethora of energies and their specific frequencies, what they are doing to our physical bodies plus our work in releasing what is not truly serving us/not really Who We Are, are making this experience, this ability, blossom.

Two nights ago, I thought of this as I watched game #6 of the World Series.  Twice I intended to see a home run in a particular batter and each time a home run was the result.  I forgot about the experience until tonight.  I had the game on and was checking one of my pages.  I saw a post from Gregg Prescott where he shared a personal experience in instant manifestation.  I thought of my experience in manifesting two home runs and thought to try it again.  As the next guy to bat for the Astro’s, George Springer, stepped up to the plate I said “I want to see a home run”.  I checked in to see if this was possible, heard “yes” and said I would like to see a home run out of this player.  Anyone who watched the game know he came through with just that.  That is when I heard/felt the Astro’s would take it – 7 to 2.  I was close – 5 to 1.

Still refining my abilities.  



sometimes i have no title.

today the word of the day is “weary”.  bone tired weary.  throat, mouth, head issues continuing.  what’s the point in talking about any of “that” though?  does it end?  switch?  i read today “you are never alone – call on creator and guides for help”.  really?  i call and get a bz signal these days.

sooooooo not into this halloween gig.  a challenge with a young child.  so we pull it together and do the trick or treating thing.


surreal to me in a way.  i used to completely get into this day.  costume. decorations.  treats.  music.  the whole shebang.  it was once my favorite “holiday”.

today?  i could care less.  literally have zero interest in this day.

a challenge when all around you are dressed up, excited parents wanting to celebrate, giddy to take their little ones trick or treating.

again, how i used to be.

but not today.  and i mean nothing in me wants to “do” this holiday.

i have once again begun imagining this house i have seen in my dreams and visions for over 10 years.  i can feel it now so easily.  it feels like it is just “right there” off to my left or off to my right – i just need the access code or however it is i am to “get there”.  today i smelled it.  deeply felt how it “feels” to “be there” ~ feeling a part of me already is there.

i know.  it makes no sense to me.  then again nothing is making sense to me at the moment.  other than a warm bed, fire in the fireplace and quiet.




loads of support and abundance ~ so much so, I am overwhelmed and overjoyed at the same time.

not THAT is a feeling/experience i welcome.

that is all for now.

merry happy boo and all that ~



A Couple of Timeline Anomalies Experienced Today


Interestingly enough, both of them were bicyclists which made me think how much of this realm is projected holograms…

The first I experienced at the breakfast table.  I was looking out the window, watching people walk by.  I then noticed a guy on a bike ride by. I have seen him before.  He takes this route likely on his way to the University.  I go back to eating, glance up and there he is again – same guy – same bike – traveling the same direction, same side of the street.

Now that’s interesting, I thought.  When you have these experiences, after awhile, you tend to think “ok, interesting but also part of the norm these days”.

Later in the day, my girl and I head out for some errands.  As I exited the parking lot at our last location, I started to turn left as I normally do. Something told me to turn right and take the long way home.  I listened.

As I turned left up the hill to head home, I noticed a guy on a bike (again), at the stop sign at the bottom of the hill. He had on a bright red jacket and I remember his fact was quite angular.  As I head up the hill, I notice another guy coming my way on a bike, on my left.  He had on a bright red jacket and his face was angular.  Whoa, I thought – either this guy has a doppelganger or I am experiencing another timeline hop.  Or matrix glitch.

Or something else.  I don’t know what to call these things.

But I am having them.

Twice in one day today.

Anyone else watching the stars lately, having a strong impression that suddenly they’re going to start moving visibly (while I point and say “SEE I TOLD YA IT’S ALL FAKE!”)?  That began for me a few weeks ago although I also had the feeling last summer.  My mate says he’s having the same feeling/thought lately as well.

That’s all for now – “for now” being the key words.  




The Goddess Is Tired


A little stream of consciousness fifted from my mind earlier in the day…


going through my mind now.
this going it on your own is programming.
this pull yourself up is programming.
this do it your own.
live alone.
live in isolation.
no original tech
the goddess needs help.
the goddess needs her tribe of people.
who work together of one heart one mind one creation
each working with our own uniqueness to keep the Whole going.
growing food.
tending to.
guiding our children.
for i have had this type of life/existence…
and it makes me sick inside knowing i do not have this
the memories are getting stronger
so i can have it once again NOW
not just as a memory
but as a reality
for we once were this way
and we are called to be this way again
and not just experience it as a memory only.

Schumann Resonance ~ 10/30/2017 ~ And A Bit of Sharing…


Quieter today, which is interesting as I am feeling my heartache I have carried through this lifetime – and most likely all previous lifetimes after this manipulated “fall”.  This realm is the hell we read about and those of us who remember Paradise (while in physical form) know it.  Many of us have carried the thought and the feelings around “I want to go home” and many of us have been chastised for it, judged, told Home is always within when we KNOW it is much more than that.  We are not little islands. Playing these games of illusion – which is what they are – games – not based on any Truth as to who we really are – are over for us.  We know we can no longer participate.  We know what we want and desire.  The return of what was stolen, taken from us.  There is no work to do other than to accept where we are, who we are and help one another heal until we break out of this false paradigm (which yes can be any moment now, right??!!).

I awoke this morning after having such a beautiful dream where I had followed something my heart longed for.  The results in my feeling body were beautiful and open.  At least I am thankful the wall of anger around my heart has opened again and the beauty of pain that comes through tears is felt.

I am Amazing.  I only wish I had begun to remember/know that decades ago.

The Void


I skimmed a piece last night on being in the void ~ that space where nothing is going on.  The space where one feels in between worlds, where one feels they have let go of old stuff and are waiting on something to come along.

In my go-to space of receiving higher stuff (my bathroom), today I received some info on that void space I feel I am in.  And others too apparently.  First to validate with a judgment – the experience sucks.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I thought about my child. When we organize her room, I like to make more space.  She will seem to enjoy the “more room” for awhile but then she wants to fill it up with more stuff.  She does not get this from me – I like space and clutter can send me into a tizzy.  Ok that’s interesting – as I typed the word “space” suddenly the words began to move on my screen as if in a wave formation.

Matrix glitching?  GOOD!  lol  End it!

Anyway, so I thought about my little one and received insight that I am more like her than I realize.  I do not like empty space in my mind.  When I feel I have let something go and am ready to move on, I wanna move on. YESTERDAY.  See Higher Self?  See Universe?  See this beautiful empty space I have created in my mind?  In my life?  Well come on let’s fill ‘er up again with some new experiences, people, thoughts.

Maybe part of transforming, part of “going on” is about BEING in that void.  That space of emptiness.  Nothing going on.  Nothing new to look forward to.  Nothing old to hold onto.  Just pure BEING of absolute NOTHINGNESS.  I have become used experiencing those moments of pure Being for moments here and there.  But this is different.  There is an empty feeling that I am not enjoying so much.


And so I own and embrace my resistance and follow my inner self which is saying the Schumann is today having a huge impact on me and my desire to DO is NIL.  When I am honest, this past week, I have not wanted to socialize.  Have not wanted new projects.  My gathering with my Shaman did not work out for this weekend and inside I was relieved.

So that’s where I am.  Typing this and sharing this was an effort so I am going to finish up and say, “until next time…”


p.s. ~ dinner ideas – quick and easy and healthy ~ are a bonus right now. What I wouldn’t give for a food replicator right about now…

Good-Bye 3D “Reality”


I originally recorded this one in my digital voice recorder.  A neighbor had a visitor, whom we know, and he heard me speaking.  He asked what I was saying so I told him.

“What are you going to do then?” he asked.

“Leave,” I said.

“Go live in the woods?” he asked.

“Yes to the house I have seen for over 10 years.”

Ready for it.

And as I am now more ready than ever, having let go of so much, continuing to have zero interest in most if not all things in this realm, I wish to bid it all “farewell”.  Want to sing with me?  You can put it to the melody of So Long, Farewell from The Sound of Music.

So long.


To banks and corporate thieves.

To the church and public schools and mainstream media.

doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo….doo doo doo doo doo do.

So long.


To spraying in our air.

To GMO’s.  And fluoride.  And nasty vaccines.

doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo….doo doo doo doo doo do.

So long.


To paying to live.

To all those things that take away my freedom.

doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo….doo doo doo doo doo do.

So long.


To wars and politicians.

To corruption.  And lies.  And all the pedophiles.

doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo….doo doo doo doo doo do.

So long.


To nuclear crap.

To coal.  To oil.  To microwave tech.

doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo….doo doo doo doo doo do.

The sun has shared her energies of truth.

I have prepared and embraced the new birthing Me.

So long.


Maybe see you all again…






3D Living Has Just Become Boringly Monotonous


Child, Girl, Dormant, Boring, Indians

For Rick…  

I feel like this young girl does ~ bored.  It’s an overall state of mind. Waiting on this “something” to “get going already” so I can “get on with things”.  Making my own plans just feels unnatural, overall.  Being in the flow isn’t enough any longer either.

I FEEL I am in this holding pattern, waiting to begin DOING.  New. Different.  It’s fall.  All year I have felt “fall” for big changes – not just collectively but also for me as well.

I’m about ready to pitch a fit here.  Well not a fit – that requires too much effort.  But certainly go on strike perhaps.  Hey Higher Self ~ guess what? I am tired of doing all the work.  Tired of purging.  Tired of accepting and allowing.  Tired of healing myself.  Tired of looking within.  Tired of DOING.  Tired of reminding myself to do all of the previous only to do the same thing all over again.  I command the EZ button now.

This is all just boring for me.  Too damn boring.  Most everyone around me is still so indulged in 3D illusions and drama.  Many of my friends are still so hung up on their disgust for the president, they cannot see anything else (where was this disgust for Bush?).  Most everyone in my world wants to discuss the weather or what football team is on the tube or now “what are you doing for the holidays?”  OMG DISAPPEAR??!!! so I don’t have to listen to another holiday jingle or be assaulted by red and green and ribbons and bows entering the store or to be asked if I am going to stuff an effing turkey this year……(and this makes me sad – i’m not the grinch – i love holidays and gatherings and eating good food – i just want something N E W)

I go to social places, hang out with people (because I need social interaction – duh – and yet…..) and OMG if I have to endure the “look” one more time when I attempt to talk about something I’m interested in, I may just spit.  Oh so UFO’s aren’t real?  NASA tells the truth?  Weather modification is a myth?  Ascension and paranormal experiences are too spooky to discuss?  Climate change models are based on truth? Those trails in the skies are normal?  Please, share more of your wisdom with me…rolling my eyes…


Time’s up with me to try anymore with the masses.  One individual tonight said they were headed home to watch Rachel Maddow.  He knows I don’t like her and enjoys prodding me.  I didn’t invite this conversation. He just tossed it my way.  Today, instead of ignoring or feigning a laugh, I tossed back and said “Destroying more brain cells again, eh?  Balance it out with a little Alex Jones” and walked away.

This used to be enjoyable in a way.  It isn’t any more.

I am tired.  I am tired of intending my tribe of people.  Tired of intending the life I want.  I can feel it, ok?  I have felt it.  I feel it daily in those moments when I am not so fucking bored I want to scream.

So get on with it already Higher Self, Source, Cosmos.  You have sent me visions and dreams of this place I and my family are ready to jet on to.  I have done the work.  I am tired.  And now you can add the boredom energy to the mix.  Waving the white flag.

Let’s get on with it already.

Let’s get’er done.