Wow! Or “What’s Happening To Me??!!”


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I don’t know if I am uniting more fully, incorporating my multi-dimensional Selves or I am simply allowing them to become One with all of who I am, human and otherwise.  I am having these experiences where I am seeing and sensing what I have been calling and continue to call the matrix energies.  The false programming.

I am strongly feeling the “wait until” program is one of these false programs.

I am equally feeling the “we must be x y z” and DO “x y z” before we are liberated from it.

Everything is energy, right?  Frequencies.  All life forms, even the ones we call/label as “fake”.  So perhaps there is authentic and fake energies?  I don’t know.  Will have to sit with that one for now.

I had the feeling experience and quiet little thought this morning – could there be an Ascension matrix program?

This energy field, program, likely knows it will be ending.  And like ALL life, whether it is AI or “real” as in human with Soul, etc. it wants to survive. And it senses its demise.  And even though it “knows” the end result, it is trying to keep as many of us here for just a little while longer.

I have long felt and believed, contrary to many who have disagreed with me and attempted at times to instill fear in me by telling me I’m delusional or trapped in the ego, that we “fell” (or pushed as one friend recently said) quite quickly and thus can rise as quickly.

We are multi-dimensional Beings, right?  This means we can reside in different dimensions with different frequencies?  And I KNOW to Who I Am one of our inherent abilities is the ability to travel between these dimensions.

Is it possible that all of these complex rules we have been told signify we are going through Ascension, these should’s and should not’s, are just another matrix program?

Source is LOVE.

Source wants to be FREE.

Source doesn’t communicate with me “you HAVE to do this before you are One With Me”.  Source shares with me to just BE.  Allow.  Trust.

Since ALL is already existing, we have the ability to “GO” – to transform – to this particular realm we each desire, right?

When people say “Source is in charge of the flash” I say “WE ARE SOURCE”.

Don’t we have control over this?  Why is this desire to actually be in charge of our life experience always attributed to the ego?  Is this another matrix program?

I remember, more fully than ever, being in COMPLETE control of my experience as Source in Body.  I was in “control” of how I looked.  When I say “control” this equates to the truth that I created FULLY without interference ~ perhaps that is more appropriate than using the term “control” which so many have an issue with ~ another “something” to look at.  I fully created, without interference, how “long” I stayed in my body. What I did.  Absolute freedom.  That is what Source is.  Source doesn’t say “hey come on and take away my ability to create.  Limit me.  Control me.  Let me fall.  Let me go through an experience of lessons and rules you have to master before you have your liberation.”  That is a VERY uncomfortable experience.  WHO WOULD CHOOSE SUCH AN EXPERIENCE CONSCIOUSLY? Only a being who would wish to violate the freedom’s in another.

If this game (illusion) of separation is ending then why would anyone say “Source is in charge of this.”  That in and of itself implies separation.

I have been having experiences lately, as has my mate, where we are in a new realm.  He is in a center being restored and healed.  My girl and I visit.  I am already undergoing any necessary physical healing but do not need to be in a healing center full-time.  His health problems are more complex and “serious” so this makes “sense”.  As I shared in a previous piece on “my first few days of being in the new earth realm”, there was only myself and my girl in the house.  We both see it.  We feel it.  We can therefore manifest it as we need and want.

I choose to transform.  I choose to transform out of this low density realm. Yesterday.  lol  I truly wish to be free from this low thick icky density.  I want to be returned to my Rightful State of Wholeness.

I truly wish to have REAL connections with others. Oh god I want to be liberated from the land of the zombies!!!  There, I said it!  But that is what it feels like to me.  I don’t want to judge.  It is a deep observation I hold.  lol  If I have another experience where I attempt to have a heart-ful and heart-centered conversation with someone and get the glazed over “there is nobody home” look, I may just scream.  Or perhaps I will gently place my hands on their shoulder’s and smile and say “remember who you are.  You are waiting to return home.”

Oh wow.  That could be beautiful.  I imagine the possibilities of that one…

I can feel it.

Perhaps I need to put less energy into “escaping” the matrix, describing my symptoms and stuff like that, engaging in bitch and moan moments, and focus more energy/attention into BEING all that I wish to see and all I want and desire.

Oh I know, that wouldn’t give me much to talk about here ~ at least it would change up the experience ~ perhaps a useful idea.  Imagine if all of the Ascension-type bloggers suddenly stopped using so many words.  Stopped talking about the gateways opening and all that, the physical symptoms. Stopped talking about waiting and lessons and patience and “WHEN” is this “event” going to happen?

Source says the game is over.  Now.

We are Now liberated.  All who wish to join may join in.

For Source says ALL have the freedom to make his/her own choice(s) to LIVE BE FEEL EXPERIENCE DO.

Without interference… of any kind.


Thank you for your awesome support of these words I type up, of the stories I share, of my heart that I put “out there”, in the only way I know how.




When A Feeling Continues To Emerge…


…rather than resist it, it’s best to just accept it for what it is.  The feeling.  The words that accompany it.

Earlier today my girl and I went to a local thrift store.  We had recently donated some of her toys and books (that she selected) and she decided she wanted one of her treasures back.  As long as she paid for it, I was ok with her decision.

Shortly after arriving, a young woman entered who was obviously on something, meth most likely.  She looked sketched out.  Marks on her face. She held an item in her hand and became fascinated with it.  The most disturbing though was her attire.  She had on stockings that were cut off at the thigh, very short shorts that were too big and let’s just say she was obviously not wearing underwear.

I was horrified.  My girl was horrified.  I pulled her close to me and we left the store.

“Where I come from we don’t have to deal with this,” I heard and felt.


I have the same experience when I see people who are hungry.


Without a home.

I feel it when I am given the choice of paying a bill to keep my family warm or following my heart which says “paying to live is barbaric and absolutely not in the energetic realm of Freedom”.

I even feel it and experience it when I have conversations with people that do not go past the weather or what the news says is “true”.

I feel it when I hear we must wait for this or that to occur.

I feel it when I hear we chose this experience of hell.  To learn.


No, no and no.

I know Who I Am.

I know where I come from.

I know my Origin.

My origin as Source in a physical body is Freedom.


I never agreed to any experience that stated otherwise, that took away my Freedom to Be.

I have, however, agreed to return ~ again and again ~ to keep the Flame of Freedom alive, knowing at some “time” (time as being in these bodies in this density), Freedom would be taken back again.

I have moments where the feeling of Home is so faint, I wonder if I will ever have it again.

So when I feel “I don’t belong here” or “where I come from we don’t do this”, I remind myself of Who I Am.  And to Be Her.

For in doing so, I keep Home alive.


Any Starseed Brother’s and Sister’s Up For This?


Once the financial stuff takes place and healing tech is released, anyone else interested in meeting up in Mt. Shasta?  Or move there and begin to create our own little world?  Unless the opening to New Earth(s) happens prior.  I am letting go of this little part of my world I have lived in for so long and the desire to GO THERE NOW TO NEW is very very palpable.


Protection ~ Clearing


Felt the need to do this.  Felt the need to share…


Only Love Is Allowed In My Space

Only Truth Speaks From My Being

My Healing Is My Right, My Healing Is Now and Comes Only From Source Love

It is Done

Miigwech Chi-miigwech


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A Moment of Clearing And Heart-Centered Clarity


I had some much needed time to myself today and I used it to play the piano.  This is one of the easiest ways for me to get right into my heart space and clear out anything creating blockage from feeling that pure Divinity. Sometimes it takes awhile and then there are times where the clearing is immediate.  Today was such a day.

As I played, I released some “stuff” and got into that Universal Cosmic Consciousness space.  I felt love for All.  I felt and saw the games we play that keep us separate and that leave us detached from our Divine Right to Be…Feel Source.

I thought of New Earth and the dreams and visions I have had of her.  At least the realm, the new earth that I have seen myself on.  I could feel the energy.  It is so wonderful.  Easy.  After waking up this morning and thinking, again, “still here…” only to feel frustration, I had decided it was time to stop investing my energies into this frustration of “waiting”.  That creates more of the same.  I had a divine moment of synchronicity when I got out of bed, checked a social media page and saw someone speaking the same words on new earth, waiting and focusing instead on the end result.

So I made that mental note but feeling the end result, that experience, I was unable to do.  Thinking the words, easy.  Feeling it?  Not happening.  I needed to clear.

So playing the piano as I said, brought up that clearing.  And as I then thought of New Earth, I turned the experience into a story.

My First Days On New Earth.

I wake up in my bed in the new room.  It is the size of the house I lived in prior to arriving.  The windows across from me, floor to ceiling, allow the sun light to come in.  Off to my right are beautiful french doors leading out to the deck.  And surrounding the entire back of the house is a lush, beautiful forest of tall sacred Pine Trees.  I stretch and smile.

I know our child is going to want to probably eat something.  Even though it will, in time, be just an option, we are still eating.  I almost glide out of the room.  The heaviness is gone.  The energy here is so light.  Serene.  My body is learning to almost float in this new energy.  All of the “chatter” of the old world is gone.  The collective chaos, gone.  It is a new “day” and all is possible.

God, it is so good to feel alive and breath again!

We have a giant replicator in our kitchen and while we do not eat meat here, we can create foods that taste like meat.  Being we were bacon eaters on old earth, I enter the code for “bacon” which funny enough is spelled “bakon”. Typo or on purpose.  Probably a humorous gesture.  There is a lot of humor here.  While we have powerful intent and focus, we are very flexible.  The phrase “Lighten Up” is taken to the fullest of all definitions here.

As I wait for the food to be created, I ponder the day.  Take our girl to her new school.  It is perfect for her.  PERFECT.  Learning designed just for her. I will then go to the Healing Center and see how my body is doing with the healing I have been receiving.  I will also meet up with my wonderful team who is teaching me and helping me remember how to use my newly developing skills and abilities.  After that, perhaps I will stop in at the diner and play a few tunes on the piano.  In the evening, a few new friends will visit and play music.  I have a collection of drums and crystal bowls in the living room, which sits on the floor of our floor to ceiling, river-rock fireplace.

Did I already say how frigging AWESOME and PERFECT it feels being here ~ finally?


The memories of old earth are slowly becoming less important.  It’s like having a past life recall.  In time, it becomes less important.

I am deeply focused on the New and Creating New.

It is simply Natural.

All is well.

All just is.

In these first days of Being on New Earth.



I had a very interesting dream last night.  Actually it wasn’t just a dream.  I really felt I was traveling that astral realm, “doing” some work.  I was with Michelle Walling and we were doing things with crystal’s.  I am not sure exactly what.  My “mind” doesn’t recall.  More of an inner body/inner feeling (that I am intending will be revealed to me so I can bring ALL of me on board with what I am feeling is another part of my mission ~ perhaps my next step as I was referencing recently).

Anyway, as my human self began to observe the Higher Version of me, my human mind began to feel doubt.  Me?  Do this kind of work?  This magic?  I had this kind of power?  Really?  ARE YOU SURE??!!

That is when I heard, up above me and spread all around me “You are a wayshower.”  I then felt “it is time to embrace this”.

I also felt called to begin working with a massive quartz crystal rock my daughter and I recently found that sits on my bedroom dresser.  I don’t really know what to do with it other than sit by it, hold it if I feel called, and see what comes to me.

As things out in our world we call “the system” change, so too will many of us be called to begin our next missions.

Some healing and a vacation are much needed in the interim…


Today’s Pondering’s…


Well, I did have some good insight’s that, as always, arise when I am in the shower.  Now I seem to have forgotten them.

So instead I will begin with a thought I have been having lately:  How much longer will I be needing to do this site?  I really feel we are on the cusp of such massive change, I have this ongoing feeling I am going to be called to a new role.  Certainly if what I and you and so many others have seen/felt is going to be occurring in the upcoming weeks/months, I will be one of the ones in my area to be a go-to.  I have given out enough business cards and spoken with others in my little ‘hood here, I am sure some will say “Hey let’s go talk to Victoria.  She’s into this woo-woo stuff.  Maybe she can explain.”

Or maybe this is all just a bunch of silly nonsense.  Some days I have to ponder that as this waiting experience tempts me to just toss the past 20 years and move onto something more practical.

But that is not who I am.

I ponder the changes to come.  I read some channeled piece earlier that spoke of the upcoming changes and how chaotic, abrupt and violent they will be for awhile, implying the necessity in this.

Nonsense.  Absolutely frigging nonsense.

Change is scary.  Cognitive dissonance is going to be a real issue.  However, reading how many will be displaced from their homes, left to fend for themselves and how many souls will simply choose to leave (because it is part of the plan) doesn’t resonate one bit with me.

To begin with, there is suppressed tech waiting to be released to ensure we do not have to experience hunger and homelessness and disease. Tech to clean up our environment quickly.

We have had enough of the suffering already, right?  Hasn’t that been part of the enslavement agenda?  Oooh, it’s good for you.  Builds character.  Teaches you invaluable lessons.


Another question ~ how do these (supposedly) enlightened ascended ones know souls will choose to leave?  Again, more nonsense.

And please ~ doesn’t anyone realize when these beings address the masses as “children” and “dear ones” ~ they are not seeing us as equals?

Again, we have had enough power-over and “we know what’s best”, right?

If I were in the position of being one of those Beings capable of sending messages to the masses, I would be using my Ascended Abilities to HELP.  I would ask “What do you need?” and if I could provide it, by goddess I would. If I couldn’t, I’d search the cosmos for those who could.

This IS a rescue mission here.  And ALL are being called to participate.  For when one is truly liberated, given his/her freedom, that benefits the Whole.

I would also be working with other Being’s to ensure a smooth transition.

It saddens me, frustrates me more than anything, to continue to read this nonsense that is just another layer of this darkness of separation that is ending.

Perhaps some final messages they are trying to toss out in the hopes of keeping people in fear as long as possible?  Realizing “they” won’t be worshiped or looked up to any longer?

The reason I began this website really did start with the phrase:  Love In Action ~ Now and what that phrase, overall, means to me:

Love helps.

It is that simple.



Your support this past year has meant so much to me and to be honest, has surprised me.  I dove into this over 10 years ago and started my first blog.  I was lucky to have 5 followers.  Now I have over 100 subscribers and who knows how many others who aren’t subscribed. Pretty good for going this alone in one year. I am humbled by the experience.



Energy Symptoms and a Thought


Strange sleep cycles.  Nausea that only leaves when I eat.  Very little appetite – only eating because I still believe I need to.  Intense desire for solitude.  Intense desire for quiet.  Itching on right side of body ~ palm, side, area on leg.  Appeared suddenly after my shamanic experience on Saturday.  So much releasing took place that night, I am questioning whether I will do that particular exercise again as I feel I over-did it.  Not sure all I needed to release was released.  At this point just asking for a galactic wand to totally rebalance my energy field ~ within and without ~ total restoration.  It is absolutely not necessary to relive every fucking trauma/painful experience in order to heal from it.  Matrix programming.

Noticing old remedies I once employed no longer work or are not as effective.  I can deal with that as long as I have something NEW to use. Seriously tired of the same issues not responding to my attempts to heal/resolve.  Same for food.  What exactly CAN I eat?

My body and heart and mind knows it needs something NEW.  Needing a little cosmic help with this.  Today it was mentioned I need to remain calm, in control.  And yet I also think ~ that has been my focus for most of my life. Chill.  Get a grip.  Maybe I need to let myself go a little fucking crazy (in a way that benefits me – you know – the good kind of “crazy” lol)…

I had a thought come to me as I have seen and heard of others becoming more shut down, retreating further into their shells meaning not wanting to expand, embrace the new, see the reality around them for what it is and has been (and of course NONE of us are fully aware of the deception ~ for me all I desire to know is where I am and FULLY Who I Am and to have that I AM fully restored again).  It’s a sign to me that the matrix programming crap has indeed been dissolved and people are in panic mode.  What programming do they rely on now?

That is all for now.  Going to unplug from this matrix ~ what remains that is ~ for the night…


Today’s Cosmic Gems


Hi, Shaking Hands, Friendship

I woke up at 5am this morning feeling absolutely calm and peaceful. I began thinking about the matrix grid – turning it off. For good.  Feeling it.  After I got out of bed I checked my social media page, a group I belong to and I read this share: Mission to free humanity from the control Matrix. New 5D Matrix is 100% fully activated now! Suffering will now end on Gaia.

I read on and saw others sensing the same thing, all occurring within the past 2 days.

To add something more interesting, last night (where I was wide awake until 2am ~ sleep is really interesting right now) prior to falling asleep, I was suddenly struck with this energy of poignancy.  I could see and sense the huge changes about ready to take place.  A giant switch.  The total and full and complete ending of how things have been.  And I was struck with a sense of compassion for every single one of us, regardless of what each has done.  It is ending so the new can be returned, restored, created.

I was surprised there was sadness there, but then again whenever I am about ready to experience change, even if it AMAZING and something I long for, there is a sense of loss for the old, for how things have been.  There has been some comfort in familiarity (which I feel is part of the old programming).  So I acknowledged it and let it be.

As I went about my day, there was a lot of tension in the air.  My child was struggling.  My mate as well.  I felt much of this was the collective.  I decided to take some items to the local thrift store, get out of the house, clear our some space, and help a store that works with the food bank, donating their proceeds to the bank.  I often meet some amazing angels at this place.  Today was no exception.  And I also saw myself in perhaps what may be my next role.  Mission.

After my girl and I dropped off the items, we browsed around the store and headed outside.  There’s this huge shelf that provides bread to anyone in the community.  It’s a great service and people are welcome to come anytime they want for bread.  I found a small loaf from a local bakery and noticed a woman standing to my side.  We struck up a conversation.  She began talking about the ridiculously high cost of living, housing in particular, and how people across the states are just fed up.  She was only “passing through” and had a wealth of experience to share.  I was only too eager to listen.  The overall sentiment is wherever she has traveled/lived, even among those who have good jobs, there is this sense everyone is about ready to burst.  Every one of us have had it.  Every one of us want and need change.

She was leaning more towards people losing it, chaos and destruction.

I offered my perception.

Well next thing I know I’m off and talking, sharing, offering hope.  Another woman joined in, listened.  My new friend said “I hadn’t thought of it like that”.  I told her and she agreed to avoid anything put out by mainstream media outlets.  I spoke of frequencies sent through the television.  The colors used.  All of it is designed to make us feel afraid, powerless, small.

“We ~ all of us ~ you, you and me ~ are ALL Source in Body.  WE are the Creators.”

I spoke of the outlets I follow.  I ended things by handing out my business card to my site, encouraging to please check it out and follow the links to other sites.  “Change is happening,” I said.  I shared how strongly I felt there are good people “on the inside” who are working to end this archaic enslavement system.  I also briefly touched on what I call my “beyond the beyond” content on the matrix and great awakening of the Heart.  (I don’t want to totally overwhelm people.)

The one woman stayed and listened.  The other simply said she didn’t ever watch the news and I could sense she wanted to hear nothing new or different that would change her perception.

Doing this, standing in front of these fellow humans, speaking, sharing felt right.  And very natural.

As I said good-bye to my new friend, I told my girl “You never know what angels you will meet when you leave the house.  And you never know when you might have the chance to share some hope to those who are struggling for it.”

Driving home I said out loud, to no one really, “Maybe my next step is to give people some hope during this time.”

Let the flow of the Universe guide me.  Let it guide us all.

Much love peeps~



Thank you for supporting my work.  For supporting me.  





last night prior to falling asleep i suddenly was feeling a sense of poignancy – knowing this experience is wrapping up – about ready to change – and felt compassion for ALL involved – knowing new was upon us.

Well, It’s Official ~ I AM Taller


Image result for measuring child image

I decided to measure myself tonight after recent experiences.  I stopped growing at age 14 and have since always measured at 5′ 4 3/4″.  Tonight’s measurement shows I am now a little over 1/8″ taller.  Not much, but given my age, I am not supposed to be growing, right?  Well, in this realm that is.