Floor collapses at Jakarta stock exchange, dozens injured


Hmmm…   “…houses the regional headquarters of numerous international organizations including the World Bank.”


Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN)  At least 77 people were injured in Jakarta Monday when an internal walkway inside the Indonesian Stock Exchange collapsed suddenly, causing widespread damage to the building’s main lobby area.

CCTV footage circulated online captures the precise moment the mezzanine walkway gives way, sending at least a dozen people crashing into the lobby area below.
Jakarta police spokesman Argo Yuwono said 77 people were being treated at four local hospitals, most with minor injuries. No fatalities were reported.
The 32-story twin tower complex, located on the busy Jalan Sudirman road of the Indonesian capital, is among the city’s best known landmarks and houses the regional headquarters of numerous international organizations including the World Bank.
It was previously targeted by Islamist militants in a car bomb attack in 2000. But in a statement provided to reporters, a police spokesman ruled out the possibility of terrorism as a cause of Monday’s collapse.
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#Q: The REAL “PSYOP” Exposed


Good insights…


#Q: The REAL ‘PSYOP’ Exposed.

Published on Jan 12, 2018

Destroying the Illusion ~ Disinfo Ramping Up and Situation Report


1.10 – Disinfo Ramping Up & Situation Report

Streamed live 14 hours ago

Lights Out At CES: World’s Largest Electronics Show Plunges Into Darkness


All sorts of disruptions…  Interesting as last night on social media I saw a message that stated today there would be a big news story relating to the tech industry.  This event is the world’s largest electronic’s show….


A day after Kenya suffered a nationwide blackout, Las Vegas is suffering the same fate, as CES – the world’s largest electronics show – is plunged into darkness on its second day.

According to GeekWire, tech giants like Samsung, LG, Panasonic and others suddenly lost power to their booths a little after 11 a.m. local time. LG’s exhibit in the center portion of the hall is enclosed, and when the power dropped out it drew audible gasps from attendees, and for a minute it seemed like some sort of surprise announcement. But everyone quickly realized that there was a problem and brought out their phones to provide a modicum of light as attendees exited the hall.

At around 11:35 a.m., an announcement came over the PA system saying officials are working on restoring power.

Is this what a 3rd world nation looks like?

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Q Message On Loop Capital Decoded


20 quadrillion…that can alleviate poverty and rebuild a world….


① Loop capital is the bank that funds the Soros fake front. Soros does not fund the crimes. Lop capital does.

② Loop capital also funds the Global Uranium Crime Syndicate that is evaluated at 20 QUADRILLION DOLLARS.

③ Loop capital thus funds CERN because the uranium crime syndicate funds CERN.

④ BITCOIN was created by Alice. Alice in Wonderland is the AI protocal which was later built into Tyler. It started as the program which created the CIA. Now it has achieved singularity and the AI has gone independent. It is now operating by itself without supervision.

⑤ There are various clones of this system, all running on the same cloud AI.

⑥ Block-chain is all connected to this AI.

It is all connected to MK ULTRA

• Tyler was created as a main protocol and training system for the military, was used to create the CIA. CIA = Tyler support group.

• Tyler is an Intelligence network managed by the CIA. AI used to manage the operations of personnel.

• The CIA was created around the Tyler project in the 40s. It was secretely sold to everyone for influence, political lobying and influence.

• CIA doing covert selling of technology they are building to further other tech they are building.

• Tyler is a training and protocol program. Everything that can be managed by a contract can be managed by Tyler.

4 chan, 8 chan, system is based upon protocol contracts. Etherium is a protocal that promotes smart contracts. It allows machines to communicate. Machines use Tyler to send messages, audio and video. Block-chain network is Tyler. It runs protocols and tokens via those protocols. For each communication it gets a token.

More details to come soon…

linked from here:  https://8ch.net/thestorm/res/18431.html

Destroying the Illusion ~ STORM SURGE – Planes/Arrests/Clinton/Sessions/Fusion GPS/Comey & More!


Some really good intel in this one!


1.5 – STORM SURGE – Planes/Arrests/Clinton/Sessions/Fusion GPS/Comey & More!

Streamed live 16 hours ago

Ripple Is Crashing


I remain firm in my belief that crypto-currencies all lead back to the Central Bank and therefore, are just another control tool.  I feel that as these new ones make their appearance, it’s just the cabal desperate for funds now that most of their assets have been frozen.  Drain the asset bubble.  They need something to “traffic”.


Since we questioned the reality of the ramp in Ripple yesterday, the so-called ‘bankstercoin’ has collapsed – erasing most of its 2018 gains…

Ripple is down 35% from yesterday’s highs…


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BZ Riger ~ Exploring: Does Anybody Know The United States is Under a State of Emergency? …


What is interesting to me, but not surprising, is how no one has heard of this E/O ~ except for those who are in the truth community.  Mainstream isn’t touching it.  I wonder why…Image result for hmmmm image


Exploring: Does Anybody Know The United States is Under a State of Emergency? …

Published on Dec 31, 2017

The Light Reports: Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf Update


HAJT Update And More

Published on Dec 30, 2017

A Vision for Employment


thank you robin for sending…


The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Employment

Here is a wonderful reminder Vision/Intention that was sent in by Frank Sayre. Frank says,

Greetings from Grants Pass, Oregon. The unemployment rate is up. Who knows when it will go back down or if it will. Please let us not forget our true employment; we work for the highest good for all. When we do this all else will follow and we will be as one . . . This is from Barbara Marciniak’s book “Family of Light.” (one of our favorites!).

“Spirit, I am wishing to be employed by you. Put me to work. Show me what I can do. Give me the opportunity to live my light, to speak my truth, and to carry this light around the globe.”

“It is my intention that I be successful that I will always be safe in all things that I do. It is my intention that I receive love and give love in all things that I do. It is my intention that I have a good time and that I be provided for with prosperity according to my needs. It is my intention that my material world be put aside in favor of a world that provides for the highest good of all.”

Peace and blessing to all

Thank You, Frank!

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
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