Invisible.  Copyright 2004

Do I appear Invisible to you.
Do you even care that I exist.
I’m really not so different from you.
You know it’s true.
Just look in the mirror.
And you will see
me staring back
at you
through the same eyes.

How can you and I live in the same world
when all you seem to care about is yourself.
People are dying in their hearts.
Their sense of self
is slipping away
and people like you
who say you care
but when they reach out their hands
you just walk away.
Pretending you don’t see.

When I appear Invisible to you.
You really are Invisible to yourself.
For we’re all apart of the same Life.
Look inside.
You know it’s true.
Reach out to me
and take my hand
and we can walk together
into Eternity.

Another Impromptu Piano Concert


Purple Rain – Cover, Prince
Ordinary Day (Original)
Ordinary Day – Cover, Duran Duran
Hands of Time (Original)
Invisible (Original)
Imagine – Cover, John Lennon
Angel – Cover, Sarah McLaughlin
Boogie in D Minor (Original)