That Moment When… (a brief pause for some humor)


…you have saved some articles you feel perhaps your wonderful readers will want to read only after going through them you realize there is far too much speak of “dear children of earth” and “you are not quite ready” and “we are your ascended masters” and other lines of pure delusional bullshit that you think what i could have been doing instead is enjoying the sausage, cheese and cracker treats i bought today which my stomach and brain have been calling out for this entire time as well as a lonesome guitar asking to be played…

THIS is how i feel in this now moment.     (but not for long.  snacks and guitar calls being responded to…)


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Some Humor on Daylight Savings “Time”


Had to share…  


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Some Humor ~ What The Heck Was That?!

Editor’s note: I laughed so hard watching this ~ I subscribed to his channel.  

*SUBITITLED* what the heck was that?! 😂