Is there a Planet Parked Under the Earth? South Davis Skycam Shows Pure WIERD


Given this appears to be a new find (captured on December 31, 2017) by Steve that has him at a loss, I would think that veil is about ready to be completely dropped.  The Door’s lyrics “break on through to the other side” run through my mind right now…  All that was hidden continues to be revealed.

As I commented on Steve’s video:

well given the meteor count is over 14,000 it would make sense a massive magnetic “anomaly” parked nearby would be drawing that much debris. a multi-dimensional object that is making its appearance known more and more (as are other multi-d objects) as the energy veil between dimensions continues to weaken. plus i have a hunch this “anomaly” is moving our realm/planet – into position – where we need to be and once resided. think paradise and garden of eden.

Is there a Planet Parked Under the Earth? South Davis Skycam Shows Pure WEIRD

Published on Jan 3, 2018

Diane Canfield ~ Psychic Energy Report: January Ancestral Merging of Consciousness




By Diane Canfield

Blessings Divine Tribe,

January 1st starts us off with a Full moon in Cancer at 9:24 pm ET. Leading off from this Full moon, we have been experiencing many Ascension consciousness raising symptoms. When we experience these symptoms we KNOW our consciousness is expanding in the Ascension process.

Some of these have been extreme tiredness that has been going on for a few weeks now since before the December Solstice.We are still in the period in between waves where we are processing the energy that has come through since the TIME LINE Shift I reported in October. October through December have been full of energy downloads due to this major shift in consciousness. These energy downloads are not waves but instead subtle energy transmissions that continue to raise our consciousness.

Hot and Cold spells are also occurring. Just when we think we are too hot and turn off the heat or turn on the air conditioner- depending on what the location is we are in, we then become too cold. It rotates through out the day and seems to be worse in the evening, as most Ascension symptoms become worse after 9:00 pm.

Many more insights have been coming in right before this Full Moon, and you may feel a magical feeling with this. You may now have answers to questions you didn’t even ask yet. You may feel more connected than ever. This is what the full moon will bring in this year. This is the Divine Feminine Energy I have been describing that is starting to come in full force now and will makes itself very known to ALL in 2018. Watch for this all year long with every full moon that occurs.

With this new energy, you may find yourself drawn now to rituals and dancing under full moons. This is all part of bringing back our ancestral roots that were taken from us long ago. Our ancestors now call to us to get back to get back into balance with the harmony of the Earth as this has always been the role of the Divine Feminine.

We can invite our Divine Masculine Brothers now into this role to share with us as they are now becoming ready to shed their past roles that no longer serve themselves and others. They too are starting to open to their own ancestral rites of passage as we move into 2018. You will start to see this more and more as the Divine Masculine takes their role as protector of the Divine Feminine and Divine Children on Earth. They will soon start to make major changes within themselves and the planet, securing the rights of all living consciousness.

Vivid Dreams have been accompanying us on our Journey through December and into the First full moon of 2018. These dreams have been much more than dreams but instead completely preparing us for our new roles as Conscious Co- Creators of the NEW EARTH. What no longer serves is shown in our dreams and manifest then in our real life to be discarded. This can run the complete gamut of revisiting old relationships or patching up new ones that have been off track.

January brings us many new insights and ways of being and sets the ENTIRE tone for us for the rest of this year.

January 16th brings us our first New Moon of the year at 9:17 pm ET. We will have  a Full Lunar Eclipse on January 31st at 5;50 Am ET. combined with a second Full Moon called the Blue Moon in Leo on January 31st at 8:27 AM ET

All of these events will be very powerful and we will want to be fully engaged in these events all month long. You may want to make a note of all of these events as to be fully engaged in all of them. We need all the participation all Energy Workers we can get to help raise the consciousness of the planet. Take note of the Fairy Realm that opened last year and use this consciousness in any and all rituals going forward.

I am forecasting many Energy Surges in January due to all of these planetary events and to get the attention of the Divine Feminine and Masculine  in their very important roles going forward.

Note: You may feel ancestral pullings just from reading my articles as those that follow me have seen,  as I am being pulled deeper and deeper into this calling. Many of you will also be pulled into this as the Ascension becomes deeper within You.

Stay Tuned for more psychic articles going into even more details about what is coming for all of us in the NEW EARTH Consciousness.


In Service and Love

Diane Canfield

About the Author: Diane Canfield is a Gifted Psychic, Ascension Expert, Energy Expert and ET Contactee, having had many in person visitations from many different races of our Star Family. She works to elevate the consciousness of the Human Race to evolve into the Galactic Race. Her psychic gifts started in childhood and were reactivated in 2000 when visited by a Pleiadian Mother Ship which encoded her for her role as a Galactic Ascension Teacher. Since this time she has been in constant contact with the Galactics and the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light.

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Portals and You


Moments after writing up my previous piece about my portal activation experience, I ran across Rick Jewer’s latest.  Sharing.



As You are aware, there are a variety of Divine Portals. Mostly, and perhaps most pertinent to this Now and this group, there have been 3 types of Divine Portals worked upon by You. The first of the Portals that You are able to Activate and open to higher degrees, is Your own personal Portal that is with You wherever You may be. The second Portal is mostly a stationary Portal of Yours that is anchored close to Your residence. The third Portal is a Master Portal, of which is opened in locations around Gaia by You physically being in the location, and a certain Mastery is required to open such.

There is an order to be followed in opening these 3 varieties of Portals, and the Master Portal is a result of Your growth from the initial and secondary Portal results.

NOTE; The descriptions of these Portals and there respective connections and functions are simplified into a perception that may be more easily understood at this time. As You develop further, that perception will change for each of You as Your own KNOWING analyzes and sorts out the dynamics. Although individual perceptions may vary as You go forward, the perceptions are all correct and converge into one later. Perceptions of this are customized by You and for You, and everyone’s perception is correct for them.

During the last few weeks, many of You were introduced to Your Individual Portal and Now acknowledge that they DO exist. This was a huge leap forward for You, in Knowing and Empowerment. You need to Know how things really work, so that You may more efficiently continue Your Divine work and make Your existence here, a much more favorable one. By activating and using Your Portals, becoming more familiar with their purposes, You are able to effect and Create from the strongest position ever as a Humanoid. Your influences upon the surface will surpass everything that was ever imaginable by You and the Masses.

Your Individual Portal has many functions that are all connected to Your Energetic Field. One simple way to look at Your Now activated to Higher degrees Individual Portal, is that it is an energizing complement for/of You. Simply by Knowing it is there You enhance Your abilities at recharging and bringing in higher energy to assist in Your daily applications of energy, ie; healing of others. But, it is NOT limited to just healing others, You may actually draw from Your Individual Portal, the energy to seed Timelines with good intent events. This means, that You have the ability to alter events and change the polarity of events, before they even happen. For example; You wish to go to a store but wish not to be in heavy traffic, You simply energize Your field in through Your Portal, Portal being most easily envisioned just above Your head as a funnel that the energy pours into and put out the intent from the heart in a pulse, that You will have an unobstructed route available for You. So essentially, Your Individual Portal is a charging unit for You and is also connected to Your Stationary Portal ON AN INVISIBLE ENERGY STREAM. You may wish to envision an extension cord plugged into You at all times and the other end plugged into Your Stationary Portal. So, at all times You are receiving and transmitting feed from and to, the Stationary Portal, which is connected to the Etheric Realm. To open/activate this Individual Portal, You essentially only need to Know that it exists, then You begin utilizing and strengthening it with what information arrives for You, through various means.

Your Stationary Portal is anchored close to Your residence where You usually sleep. This Portal is Directly connected to the Etheric Realm, and the Christ Consciousness is a part of this Etheric Realm. You are fully tapped into this Stationary Portal while sleeping and Your consciousness then actually travels through this Portal transcending ALL TIME AND SPACE. This Stationary Portal has always been there beside You subconsciously and over the course of Your life, if You moved to a new place, it came and settled in with You. It is NOW time for You to KNOW of its existence and CONSCIOUSLY become aware of its functions and Divine Powers, that are Yours. By activating this recently, You actually were recognizing it and connecting to it on a higher level, a conscious level, to become more familiar with it for future Divine purpose and Divine intent. It is through this Portal that You are able to retrieve aspects of Your Akashic and all memory associated with You, it is Your stronger connection to who You actually are, Your Divinity and of course, Your OWN connection to Source/God(perhaps You could say, it is Your private channel to Source as well ).

For those transient/nomadic upon Gaia, Your Stationary Portal follows YOU and/or, stays with You, and is anchored each time You sleep.

The Master Portals require a certain Mastery/Prowess and combination of having the Individual and Stationary Portals activated to Higher degrees. Although You all are Ascended Masters, Your present vibration and inner work dictates the degree of Your present Prowess and Your success at powering Master Portals. This is NOT to say that You did NOT open some Master Portals, it is to say that these Portals effects/prowess depend upon You. By KNOWING the above information pertaining to Your Individual/Stationary Portals, as part of Your Knowledge, it directly effects appreciably, the functioning of any Master and other Portals opened by You. Master Portals are Creation Portals which apply Divine principle to the Timelines and replenish wildlife, but certainly, not limited to.

The stronger You become, the stronger All Portals opened by You, become. It is through these 3 Portals (Master, Individual, Stationary) that YOU continue Your Divine Purpose, but working from Higher Creational levels, where things are favorably changed, BEFORE THEY HAPPEN. We will be going in deeper to plant the Divine seeds that Create the NEW, free of corruption and encompassing all the civilized aspects, which include sharing, compassion, equality, Unity, etc. You are bestowed with the Divine Gifts to Create the New Divine World. You are the Light, You are invincible, the Darkness MUST fall at Your feet.

Your recent endeavors of opening so many Portals around Gaia, has CHANGED everything. No longer is Humanity in the enslavement loop, it has been completely broken. As more and more of the ~ 3.43 million activate their Portals to Higher Degrees, Divine change is instantly reflected into and upon the current Timelines. Chains of Gaia are being rapidly thrown off that enable her to more rapidly fully take Her place in the 5D Spectrum and Humanity catches up with Universal evolution. More and More Light Children are being born to these Timelines, these Children are Higher evolved Incarnates that are to be fully honored and respected as the Ones to assure the freedom and evolution of the Humanoid experience. Share with YOUR Children what You KNOW.

Love and Light

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BZ Riger ~ Exploring: Does Anybody Know The United States is Under a State of Emergency? …


What is interesting to me, but not surprising, is how no one has heard of this E/O ~ except for those who are in the truth community.  Mainstream isn’t touching it.  I wonder why…Image result for hmmmm image


Exploring: Does Anybody Know The United States is Under a State of Emergency? …

Published on Dec 31, 2017

Tonight’s Sunset Capture ~ 12/31/17


As you will hear in my video below, the sunset glow was very far north ~ seen during the summer months.  We have wobbled and been moved. Happy New EVERYTHING wonderful!  Bring down that veil!  

Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, December 17th, 2017


What a joy it was for you, last evening, to hear the lady in Canada confirm everything that I have been telling you about Ireland since my passing. She has put it all in writing. She will release it in the next few days. It will expose the Vatican’s exploits and their plans. Every human on Earth has been a victim of Vatican control, irrespective of religious belief or nationality. Life on Earth was never intended to be a struggle to survive. The Jesuits and Zionists have thrived on your suffering. They have overseen the production of GM foods. Monsanta is theirs. Water, air, and everything that humanity needs to survive, has been tampered with. All the drug companies are owned by them. I can assure you that their drugs are not designed to cure, only to slowly kill you.

Once you consciously withdraw from their control system, please do the Revocations, and take back control of your life. Then you will feel the freedom this will bring to your life. Freedom to be who you are, to explore who you are, and what your role is in this incarnation. Be assured that each and every one of you has a role to play, no matter what it might be. You are all part of the whole. This is one of the reasons why all the divisions were inflicted upon you: religion, race, nationality, etc. Divide and conquer is a Jesuit aim. It has worked well for them UNTIL NOW.

When all the evidence of their evil control is presented to the world, next week, they will be exposed. Humanity will see them for the parasites that they are, living off the suffering of the poor. Your fake reality is being exposed. The perpetrators will have nowhere to hide.

For many years, they feared that you might learn the truth and turn against them. Do not worry about them. They have secured safe places to run to. They are responsible for making life on Earth a struggle for survival. They even managed to block the health-giving rays of the sun from entering the Earth’s atmosphere to give its warm healing energy to humanity. They have no respect for human life. They want rid of you. They want the Earth for themselves. Then, they will be free to live life as they wish to, without having to hide their scaly bodies from you.

There is so much happening just outside of your third dimension. You can raise your dimension by meditation, using the sound HUE. Repeat it over and over again. It will help. It is a sacred sound.

Use this holiday period to come together, not just to share festive food, but also your thoughts and your concerns for the future you wish to create for the human race. Soon the ball will be in your court, so you must be prepared to create a world where love and peace matter more than anything else. The killing machine will no longer be in control, no longer required. The soft killing machine (vaccinations, drug-based medicines, killing with GM food, etc and cancer) will become a distant bad memory. Life on Earth as you would wish it to be, will begin. A new age that, until now, you could only dream about. Talk about it, think about it, and help to bring in its energy. Make it a reality.

All religions have trapped your souls, they use the energy of your soul to destroy you and others. Take back your soul, do the Revocations, if possible, in a sacred place with a group. You will be amazed at the energy this experience will produce. By doing this, you will take back your power. Step out of the religious cage in which you have been trapped. Experience the freedom to live in peace with all of humanity.

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. Start as you mean to go on. Laugh at the newspapers and TV when they peddle the lies of your controllers. Look with pity at the faces of those who are paid to lie to you. This goes for all governments too. Though some may start out with good intentions, they soon fall into line if they want to stay in power. Sadly, corruption is everywhere. It is time to remove it. Together, you can do it.

My dear, surviving on Earth at this time is not easy for you. We ask that you hold on, in order to complete your work with Dave. He, too, is suffering and needs help. The whole control system is fighting for its very existence. This is why it is attacking everyone who gets in its way. They will not last much longer.

The love we shared in life goes on, my dear.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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12/27/17 Energy Update


So very ready!    “Soul families will begin connecting to create Spaces of Love, Tribes of Starseeds will emerge from these fertile grounds carrying the codes and knowledge needed to continue the Great Work.”


Unleashing Natural Humanity

8 hrs

Energy update 12/27/17

Hold onto your hats 

We are moving into the potential for massive physical shifts and changes. On the surface, the physical world is following the collective consciousness.

We do not agree to eat poisons in our food. We do not agree to breath poisons in our air. We do not agree to drink poisons in our water. We have spoken with the collective energy, and we are speaking with our energy and the system is being forced to bend to the will of the people.

We do not agree to be slaves. We do not agree to be in debt. We do not agree to scarcity. We have spoken with the collective energy, and the physical ramifications are moving faster and faster.

What has happened up until this point is a widening of the flow from the Christ-consciousness Source field to the potential of flash point induction. What once were waves of energy are now becoming streams of higher and higher levels of multidimensional resonance. There is becoming no more ebb and flow to adjust humanity into the new paradigm, but a steady stream of brilliance and slightly dimmer brilliance.

Focus on you. Forget about the latest intel, forget about “what is happening right now?!” and begin to bring yourself back into the body with the breath. Begin to focus on the deeper sensations that the micromovement throughout the body that the breath creates. Bypass the thinking mind and sink into the movement of the body….take the awareness into the bones, the muscles, the blood, the skin….

Allow each exhalation to become a deeper sense of relaxation as you focus on each point of tension and discomfort, feeling it relax, open and drain stagnancy on all levels. Emotional, mental, psychological, energetic and physical. Full spectrum release.

Be responsible with your thoughts. Be responsible with your emotions. Recognize that we are collectively stepping into a place of ultimate co-creation. Your thoughts, feelings and images will become real with almost immediate manifestation. What do you want to see in the world and in your life in 5 years? What are you going to do today to make sure that happens? What are you going to hold in your heart to make sure that happens? Life and abundance does not grow out of death and decay. Make sure your mindset fits your image of your future. Hold onto this like your best friend, a lover, a co-conspirator in all the shennanigans 

Take it easy on yourself. Take some time out for yourself. Look yourself directly in the eyes and tell yourself, “I am sorry, please forgive me for all the damage I have put you through due to ignorance. Thank you for being you. I love you.”

As humanity continues to break free on an economic, financial, industrial, environmental and energetic scale, expect the false world painted by the mainstream media to become much more terrifying.

The first month of 2018 is going to sweep the world with a new level of consciousness to most, an old friend to us. Contributionism societies have been flourishing theoretically for decades now, but the major difference is the call to action.

Families around the world have been feeling the pull to their own piece of Paradise, that they can co-create with like minded people around them in a space of love, safety and growth. The energy is calling for a mass dispersal from the cities into smaller village-like communities and this is going to light like a sun inside of those already feeling the call.

Soul families will begin connecting to create Spaces of Love, Tribes of Starseeds will emerge from these fertile grounds carrying the codes and knowledge needed to continue the Great Work.

This planet a thousand years from now is going to be the jewel of the universe. This is a Living Library, cataloging every plant, animal, species, frequency, resonance and energy in the entire universe, and WE are the custodians of this Paradise.

This is OUR planet. We stand here, unmoving and unafraid. We stand here, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand radiating what we want to see in the world. Love. Joy. Hope. Community. Peace.

We do not fight for peace, we see the world as it will be. And so it is.

From my heart to yours 


The Ancient, Sacred Trees


This footage is quite literally breathtaking!  I desire to live among such ancient trees…  Just to sit with them in meditation for hours…


There are ancient trees on our planet that are thousands and thousands of years old

Published on Dec 21, 2017

Love’s Domain ~ An Intuited Message (A MUST Read)


Ya’ll have to read this one!  I absolutely love this message.  This beautiful intuited message was sent to me by one of you wonderful readers.  It was written by Stuart Wilde in March of 2013. Sadly, he passed on just weeks after publishing and sharing this piece.  Click on the original link and look at his picture.  Look at the gentleness in his eyes.  He is such a beautiful Soul and I wish I had known of him earlier.  …  I calculated it out and the approximation of “2000 days” puts us into the early parts of next year. We are both ready and getting ready peaceful warriors.  Our vision(s) are manifesting.  Perhaps Stuart is waiting there for us already, returned as a fully healed Being.  


Love’s Domain

Published Stuart Wilde

I saw something. I was taken to a dimension of pure love. It was here on earth. I was walking by a placid lake there was fog in the air, but it wasn’t dank and cold, it was a purple mist so soft and beautiful. All the animals were calm, they had no terror of humans anymore. I heard a celestial bell in my right ear, the little “ding” made it resonate through all eternity.

And I noticed when I had a thought like say, “how beautiful it all is” it went from me unimpeded across the lake and over the hills and beyond. There were humans in that pure love world, not many, but they were there. I didn’t see them, but I knew they were noble and kind and brave and full of grace, because I could see the imprint they had made on the trees as they had passed them.

I wondered if this “pure love” world was a hundred eons for now? Seconds later, as the question tumbled from my mind, I was shown the “love world” is very close. I couldn’t tell exactly, but it seemed 2000 days or so.

Then I was shown a gruesome scene. It made me shudder. It was so complex I had difficulty understanding, it over whelmed me. I was taken through the death of the global ego and specialness. I was shown how there is no last judgment, each and every person decides their fate from their deep inner sentiment; there is a mathematical preciseness that is a “karma administration” of great complexity, way beyond what I could comprehend, way beyond.

Then I saw the hills and they lent toward me and kind of nodded, as if to say, ‘You understand don’t you?’ It is all in divine order.

And I made the sign of Knights of St George. It’s like the Christian sign of the cross. You go from your forehead to your chest saying “Holy, Holy” and you go left and right saying “Sacred, Sacred”. Then you bend down on one knee in reverence and you touch the ground with a finger of your right hand and you say, “Here Now”.

The “Here Now” is an act of humility. It says here I am in this world right now on this spot on a bended knee, ready to serve.

After the sign of St George I saw a thousands crows flying over my head, they were very beautiful and each seems like it was bent on a mission, but I didn’t know then what the mission was.

Then later I saw a sea of graves, millions, hundred of millions, they stretched a thousand miles or more. But it was all in order, it was all the people whose minds and souls weren’t ready for the love world. They had to go elsewhere and try again. It all seemed fine.

And from beyond the graves came a celestial sun, and one ray of it entered my right eye and I fell to the ground in awe.

And I remembered the vision I had of Jesus showing me his hands and the voice that said, “He came forth and led the people to a great victory”. The love world is the prize that awaits us, beyond our pain.

I saw all that. It was shown. It was very definite, there’s no question, it will be delivered now.  Stuart Wilde

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A Vision For All Things FREE


The BEST one yet!  A vision after my own heart!  Freedom = Free!  And so it is.  It is DONE. NOW.  


The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for All Things Free

We see a world where:

You don’t have to pay to be warm. Your heating is free, at any temperature you choose;

You don’t have to pay to have food. Your sustenance is free, from the most nutritious, health-giving sources it can possibly come from;

You don’t have to pay to communicate via phone, internet, or mail. Your communication avenues are free, and they are the best, most advanced technologies available;

You don’t have to pay for good health care. Your health care is free, and it is the very best that our society has to offer;

You don’t have to pay for shelter. Your home is free, in the most pleasant environment you can imagine;

You don’t have to pay to have clothing. Your garments are free, and they’re the most comfortable, colorful clothes available;

You don’t have to pay to travel. Your transportation is free, in the most reliable, safe, and clean vehicles and systems known to man;

You don’t have to pay for fuels. Your fossil-based, electromagnetic, solar, wind and water driven fuels are free, and they are safe, sustainable, renewable, clean, and becoming less of a drain on Mother Earth and more connected to the Sun, the winds, and the waters with each passing day;

You don’t have to pay for schooling. Your education, at all levels, is free, with the highest quality standards, held in the highest quality facilities that are designed specifically to be conducive to learning about whatever is of interest to you;

You don’t have to pay to have fun. Your recreation is free, with camping spots, theme parks, sporting events, playgrounds, hiking trails, and beaches open to everyone all the time;

And finally, you don’t have to pay to be alive. Living is free because there are no taxes, no tolls, and no trolls standing by the entrances to places you want to go. Life, in its entirety, gives you everything you need and allows you to go anywhere you want without fees or fears of any kind.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
You can align with this Vision
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