Piano Piece ~ Above The Clouds ~ Denise Young


I love her music.  Letting it carry me this evening…


Sometimes John Denver Just Soothes The Soul


Yesterday this beautiful soul popped into my mind during a conversation with a neighbor.  At the same time we both said “I miss him”.  I remember where I was when I heard he had left this earth realm and the sadness I felt.  I hadn’t been what you could call an avid fan, but certainly I did love his music ~ indeed more as time passed.  I remember about 10 years ago I had a sudden fixation on him and his music.  I couldn’t explain it but I went with it.  One evening, while in bed alone, meditating, I swear I felt his presence off to my left.  I could hear him whisper/sing in my ear. Drat it all I can’t remember the song ~ but his presence was palpable. After that, the fixation on him and his music left.  As a musician myself, I understand the fixation on certain songs at certain times, needing to hear, listen and play.  So again, in the last 24 hours, he is on my mind.  I am deeply feeling he will be one returning as we continue on this ascension journey.  Meanwhile, here’s a couple of tunes for ya’ll, including his last performance.

Cool Website


Hey everyone~

I found this site tonight ~ onlinetonegenerator.com

It has all sorts of features including noise generator, 432hz frequency sound, binaural beats, instrument tuning and a hearing test (where I learned I have the hearing of someone 10 years younger – wahoo!).

Quite cool!

A Mini Concert ~ As Performed By Me


Piano, Music, Instruments, Sound, Keys

I was playing the piano earlier and decided to record myself.  It’s a few originals and a couple of covers.  You will have to pardon the quality ~ I used my digital voice recorder and the recording is unedited.  (Truly a live performance.)

The first song is titled “Surrender”.  I have lyrics for it (if anyone is interested let me know and I will share).  Composed in 2004 when I was in the middle of another huge awakening.

Second song is titled “I Know You’re Out There” ~ written when I was obsessed with UFO’s.  More awakening-inspired songs.  Melody only.

Third song is titled “Life” and was written for a family member who was battling cancer at the time.  Composed in 2004.  Have lyrics for that as well.

Fourth song, my rendition of SRV’s “Cold Shot”.

Fifth song, my rendition of Elton John’s “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues”.

More songs to share in the future.  (There are 3 more in the right margin on my soundcloud account ~ those are better recordings – I made them on my digital piano and added in additional instrumental sounds.)

Anyway, enjoy!  

(linking you to my soundcloud account)