Sky Captures ~ 1/13/18


My mate and I both noticed ~ the sun seemed huge today…  The second one down was taken out the kitchen window so not the best shot – I was trying to capture the intensity of the brightness ~ couldn’t look at it even with sunglasses.  Bottom picture, top left to the sun, orb/round purplish/pink object?  Lens flare?  hmm…


Perfectly timed picture captures the moment a murmuration of starlings took the form of a giant BIRD


this is soooo beautiful ~ i would love to see something so magical…had to share!


  • Like clouds in the sky, the giant flocks often take on weird and wonderful  
  • The birds made for startling spectacle when they assembled in front of Mr Biber
  • The images were submitted to an international photography competition run by the bird observatory Vogelwarte Sempbach in Switzerland, which he won 

A photographer claims to have captured the perfect moment a murmuratuion of starlings took the form of a giant bird 

A photographer claims to have captured the perfect moment a murmuratuion of starlings took the form of a giant bird.

Daniel Biber, 53, said he captured the breathtaking snap in Spain, after observing thousands of birds and scouting locations over a four-day period.

Like clouds in the sky, the giant flocks often take on weird and wonderful – and sometimes graphic – moving forms and shapes.

And the birds appeared to have made for a startling spectacle when they assembled over the Costa Brava in northeastern Spain, in front of Mr Biber’s eyes.

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Recent Sky Captures


Strange Phenomena ~ Bugs, Birds, Sunset Patterns, Disappearing Water, WHAAAAAT?!


Several nights ago I shared some photos here which captured a beautiful but rather strange sunset.  The sun was setting much farther north, something not seen until late spring and into summer.

Last night something called me to go for a walk before dinner.  As I headed out the door I noticed the skies, post-sunset.  The glow was coming due south.  I took some photos which I will share below (the quality is not that good as the sky was too dark for my camera to pick up the details).  The glow extended a bit to the east as well.  I found it strange, especially given just those few nights ago the glow was NNW with the south being completely subdued.

We are noticing an unusual number of birds lately, being very noisy ~ chirping in a way we don’t typically see until Spring and warmer weather. We have also noticed an unusual number of bugs ~ flies, mosquitos, fruit flies and gnats.  In the video below you will hear the birds and see the swarm of gnats that were flying above my head.  I NEVER see gnats until spring and summer.

Now our weather out west has not been unusually warm.  The temps have been pretty normal overall and we have had plenty of cold days and very cold nights ~ enough that we put a towel on our battery.  So what is allowing for the bird and bug activity ~ I cannot explain.

Yesterday, with the spiking Schumann, I began to feel unstable in my body. I intuitively knew this was not due to the spiking energies showing up on the Schumann.  I just knew this realm was and is wobbling, moving.  I am sensitive to magnetics and movement.  I used to experience severe car sickness as a child ~ and to this day certain movement patterns make me feel either quesy or unstable in my body.

I then put all of this together with a video put out by Michael at MBB333 on youtube, showing the ocean waters off the coast of Ecuador disappearing only to seemingly show up as very high tidal water’s.  We also saw this “disappearing” water act off the coast of Florida this week.  Then we had the strange planetary object showing up “under” Antarctica as captured by Steve Olson, WSO.

All of this leads to the following conclusion:  SOMETHING AIN’T RIGHT.  lol

MY “feel”?

I have felt for the past year/year and a half we have been moved by a large planetary-type object/system, magnetically.  Being perhaps pulled “up” and out of this realm we were “thrown” into by those dark beings.  I have “felt” that the “good” ones among their race/races are helping free/liberate us.  This would explain the obvious wobble of the earth and the experience of instability I have had in my body a few times going back to spring 2016.

I “feel” perhaps this water is being removed, displaced to avoid cataclysmic results (which has not happened in spite of predictions going back 5 plus years) while also allowing the as-gentle-as-possible rising of land masses that we were once hidden.  Remember I have been saying what was once hidden is now being revealed.

This wobbling/moving of our realm could also explain the strange locations of the sunsets.

As far as the birds and bugs showing signs they think it is spring…out west that is….  When I had that one and only dream of the Flash Event ~ the weather felt like it was spring time.  Nature, in the dream, showed me spring.  (at the origin of the dream I was thinking it was either spring or early fall that I was seeing this “event”~ prior to the leaves turning/falling as there were leaves on the trees)  So perhaps we are on the cusp of this event, as many of us are saying, so nature feels it as well.  If I were a bug, I would want to be awake to experience it!  lol

And given the energies of the 3d dimension, which is based in this construct we have called time, are being transitioned into the higher frequencies, who knows what month it is or when the weather patterns of spring will come into play.  I am saying much sooner than any artificially-based calendar says.

As do the bugs and birds.  Listen and observe below.  



Thank you so much for supporting my work and my words.



Tonight’s Sunset Capture ~ 12/31/17


As you will hear in my video below, the sunset glow was very far north ~ seen during the summer months.  We have wobbled and been moved. Happy New EVERYTHING wonderful!  Bring down that veil!  

The Ancient, Sacred Trees


This footage is quite literally breathtaking!  I desire to live among such ancient trees…  Just to sit with them in meditation for hours…


There are ancient trees on our planet that are thousands and thousands of years old

Published on Dec 21, 2017

Bezymianny Volcano in Northwest Pacific Erupts


I am assuming many if not most of you are familiar with dutchsinse.  If not, check him out.  His earthquake prediction ability/knowledg is outstanding.


12/20/2017 — Extremely large 50,000 foot high blast at Bezymianny Volcano in Northwest Pacific

Published on Dec 19, 2017

A Beautiful, Rare Find Today


…by the youngest female goddess in the house.  Out on a walk earlier today, it was/has been very cold and sunny.  My favorite winter weather so lots of walks.  Today the little goddess was not happy with the cold.  Towards the end of the walk she griped she wished she had never gone on this walk, to which I automatically replied “but you never know what magic you might have missed out on!”  She grumped and walked away.  Less than 1/2 a block later, as I was picking up sticks for kindling, she walks over to me saying “mama LOOK!”  I look in her hands – several pieces of beautiful quartz crystal had found their home in concrete and dirt.

Magic indeed.

It is sitting beside her bed.  My girl ~ a conduit for the magical rocks of Gaia.