Sandra Walter ~ The Eclipse Transformations: Timelines, the Logos, Change and the Heart


Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

We continue to receive this strong Light code bombardment flowing through the cosmic stargate floodgates. The current influxes are harmonic-based, although they appear as vibrant light in our fields and visions. These incoming frequencies are delivered via plasma pulses, which is the flashing activity we see when we meditate or connect with the SUN. The frequencies are activating crystalline templates in the New Earth Grid system, and Gaia responds by releasing corresponding fire letters, geometries and light codes.

Since entering this dimensional-shifting, consciousness-shifting hot zone, the incoming and outflowing codes have steadily increased. Remember to ground (Earthing) with bare feet and hands on Gaia to receive, balance and integrate these emanations. If you can do this in the SUNlight, you may experience the cosmic flow of incoming light and Gaia code release. It feels quite transcendent and blissy, and stimulates the 5D DNA strands. I feel high from these activations and frequencies most of my days. It is stimulating to the energy fields and body meridians, however the transcendent state overrides the temporary discomfort. It also affects the way we experience time, which is addressed in this article.

The Trinity Stargate alignment began with last August’s Solar eclipse. Transition to higher trajectory collective timelines occurred with the Solstice. The Starseed mission of activating, aligning and attuning these intergalactic, interuniversal gateways (stargates) completed in mid-December.

Gatekeepers may now view the alignment from the intergalactic perspective, and track the activity of these influxes and frequency-triggering pulses. Last weekend I was shown the interdimensional phase-lock of these cosmic stargates with our galaxy, SUN and Gaia. All is aligned for ongoing, expansive energetic events this year.

2018 provides consistent flow through the Gateways. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers may phase-lock with these plasma fields any time Our unification opportunities are amplified (SUNday Unity meditations, eclipses, Solstice, Equinox, etc.) however with the timeline fluctuations and divisions, there are no Gateway dates as in years past. The consistent influxes will be ever-increasing, so we attune to being in the moment as these openings and anchorings present.

Some Gatekeepers and Gridworkers are becoming constant conduits of the cosmic flow as part of their embodiment process. This flow experience is complimented by the collapse of geomagnetic fields which held linear time dynamics in place. We are familiar with the function of phase-locking DNA with geomagnetic fields because that is how we unlock Gateways and clear Gaia.

A natural progression in our Ascension is to become a conduit of the plasma frequency pulses and flashing activity. The codes within the DNA, Higher Self, Gaia and New Earth Gateway phase-lock to migrate the consciousness to a new platform. This opens the crystalline Gateways to the New Earth for others to follow. It is an act of pure service, already happening, and requires regular alignment with zero point in meditation.

We are seeding the collective HUman heart grids with this flashing experience every SUNday during the Unity Meditations. It becomes stronger for the conduits, and we see this experience presenting for others, even those who don’t participate. In brief, you see and feel the plasma light flickering in your fields. Feel it, let it do its work. It is a natural progression of Wayshowership to become aligned with this plasma-pulsing/flashing activity.

Fluid Time Dynamics: Change over Habit

One of our strongest lessons this year, which is already presenting with the incoming and outflowing codes, is our ability to experience time in a fluid non-linear state. We enter a period where change overrides habit. It tends to irritate those who want reliable same-ness, as well as those who cannot tolerate busy-ness as usual. Activated DNA is attuning us a new experience of time, and it serves the Ascension process to apply this lesson of fluid time right now.

We have had phases of this, and last year there were stronger windows of this pliable-time experience as collective timelines dropped and shifted. In this Now, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage linear time. Some may consider *no planning* as the solution to this anomaly. There have been phases when no plans felt reasonable, a day or a week here and there, however the guidance in this Now is to dive into the experience in order to Master it.

As Wayshowers, we may demonstrate how to navigate the waters of fluctuating time dynamics. We have experienced the creation windows in January already; there have been days, even hours, when all is GO for creating and manifesting. Other days are for preparation, meditation, integrating, activating, and less linear activities. It teaches us to be sensitive to the new energies, stay in the moment, maintain cosmic perspective and Mastery-level patience.

The Now time can feel trance-like. Again, this is DNA attempting to migrate us to a new reality. It requires a balance of surrender and focus; allowing the new to penetrate our psyche, and dealing with any resistant thoughts or emotions which arise.

This is a year to gather, to express our experience of Ascension, and play with our co-creative power. Fears that you won’t be available, or in the right mood, or capable of interaction, must be dismissed. Those are old paradigm expectations, and we must demonstrate trust in the 5D flow. Often when we are guided to connect something much larger is at work.

Trust your heart and learn to receive, serve and create in this new light from moment to moment. It is training us for the New Earth experience.

Neutralization of Timelines, Personal and Collective

Another side-effect of increased change over habit has to do with timelines. You may have noticed the wavering state of the collective as the energies force us to choose timelines. The wavering of higher highs and lower lows is the personal and collective timeline fluctuation. If you cannot or do not choose your experience, this fluctuation gets intense. Habit wants a familiar experience, change demands a choice.

The frequencies coming in support change, they are changing the magnetic fields of Gaia and your own consciousness to provide multiple dimensional experiences. If you are having a roller coaster experience of daily ups and downs in this new light, this is your Mastery lesson presenting. If you have not committed to creating a new reality, you wobble between old and new. This is a passage of higher vibrational choices, even if that choice is as basic as exploring the big, positive unknown of Ascension. You may consciously choose your next step, your higher timeline, align your heart, actions, words and moment-by-moment choices with it, and end the wild fluctuation. Change over habit.

Once you choose conscious creation, the fluctuation evens out, clarity and peace return (good for all concerned) and clearing occurs in the DNA to resonate with timeline choice. Remember the Primary High-Vibe Christed timeline experience has been available since last September. It is a very different experience which requires a consistent phase-lock in the magnetics of the heart center. For some, the fluctuating stress of these new energies is simply mis-alignment with the higher trajectory of the Higher Self. Remember to reflect the heart’s choice in thought, word, and action. Vibrational mis-match grows wider with these plasma influxes, it is best to deal with your personal change vs habit challenges right now.

Changes in the Heart: The Eclipse Window

It’s funny to speak of the heart right now. My physical heart is still crushed up against my ribs from the impacts during the car crash. I feel my physical heart consistently as it settles back into place. The sensations are so similar to our heart activations, that it feels familiar and almost normal. However I also understand that cardiovascular and heart issues are a concern as the energies amplify. They always have been. So we take care. My personal trajectories are still sorting out; that is the nature of end-points and near-death experiences.

My etheric heart, the true essence of Source-as-Self, has also shifted during this eclipse-to-eclipse window. My heart is not diminished by other’s behavior, or even my own. I AM in a steady, Divinely neutral state, aligned with a consistent presence of LoveLight, even in challenges. My ability to forgive, and express gratitude are not diminished by the external, or internal world. There is an instantaneous perception of truth, love, goodness. These qualities are obvious, brighter, revealed. Lesser creations and distortions are also obvious, however they have no charge, no influence on my heart.

For me, this eclipse window has been transitional, because I have co-created it with my Higher levels as such. This is the initial lesson and focus of our first Gateway; to call forth the New Earth experience as a palpable reality for all concerned.

For many Wayshowers, this year is about demonstrating the impossible. The Universe has our backs, the influxes will be undeniable, and change over habit will get intense for the collective.

Losing Identity

Another are receiving amplification in this Now year is the concept of identity. The glue-like magnetics which held the structures for our old identity, our way of being in form, break apart in a dimensional shift. Bandwidths of frequency which hold dimensional realities in place are dissolving, revealing other options. The dynamics which held the old identity as a truth, and the illusion of separation, are breaking apart with the codes and light structures flowing through the Stargates.

It becomes difficult to define oneself. Your light signature will feel more applicable than titles or names, and we seem to (finally) be evolving out of the past-life or galactic titles. It is still necessary to use these tools for communication, as we remain in full acceptance of being here during the Ascension. Personally, my Light Signature is shifting. It felt Solar for many years, a projector for the fractalized beingness. Now it is now becoming more aligned with the Logos.

Embodiment of the Logos

The Logos is a template for pure Source consciousness in form, often expressing as stars. Not all stars are a pure expression of the Logos. Some stars are stepped-down in frequency to provide an experience of evolution from separation to oneness. Solaris, our magnificent SUN, is following this transition from sub-logos to Logos. This provides the experience of Christed evolution, reflected in our current Ascension process as embodiment of the Solar Cosmic Christ. We are becoming more crystalline-based to support this. The higher vibrational version of Gaia, the New Earth, is a platform for this type of spiritual evolution, which is why the ascended Gaia is on a trajectory to become a spiritual SUN; a Christed planetary platform which affects the galaxy on multiple dimensional levels. The Solar Cosmic Christ, a stellar-based template for the Logos, can be reflected in HUman form.

We have observed the changes in the SUN since the alignment of the cosmic stargates last year. The light looks and feels different, and our realities are reflecting this. Things look and feel different. The changes in our bodies, minds, hearts and emotions are obvious to anyone engaging with an Ascension process. This is not the same platform, the reality menu is getting purified and divided into perceptional bandwidths.

We use the SUN as a prism to project our consciousness into these planetary realities. As the SUN changes, so do our opportunities. The SUN transitions to a purer expression of Logos, which allows Gaia to provide a Christed/crystalline platform, and all willing consciousness may align with that new platform via embodiment of the principles of Logos.

Solaris will transition to a higher expression of the Logos with the Solar flash. Remember the projector analogy; changing the projector changes what films can be shown. Leading up to that event are multiple pulses of encoded plasma, which many are experiencing in vision and meditation for the last few years. Since the Stargate alignment with the eclipse last August, these plasma influxes have been steadily shifting the collective realities to compliment the New Paradigm. The DNA cleansing mechanisms increase, which is why so many are ill, emotional, sleepy, vibrating … all of the ascension symptoms are increased on a collective level.

Eclipse Passage Reminders

My time-flow needs to complete this article for Now, so here are a few reminders for this eclipse passage:

  • We unify on SUNday in meditation and preparation of the Gateways, for the highest outcomes of the Lunar eclipse frequencies.
  • Total lunar eclipse on Wednesday, January 31 at 5:28AM Pacific Time. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers will unify in ceremony and Gate-activation during the eclipse. Tap in, meditate, pray, create your own ceremony to express New Earth Now.
  • Be patient, kind, and compassionate with everyone. Everyone. No matter what they appear to be in this reality. Apply this classic lesson to align with the Ascended state: Treat them as you would treat God.
  • Migrate your personal reality into alignment with your highest choice, and implement moment by moment creation.
  • Express conscious creation of peace, and responsible creation which amplifies Love. This can be done even if you are involved in conscious protests and activism. Take your heart to the table, show the way.
  • End judgment habits and exercise discernment, especially with online activities. Deny the dramatic and judgmental click-bait; that seems to increase whenever the energies intensify.
  • We feel the radiance of what is about to unfold. Cultivate a rich inner life, get to know your Universe as it changes. The upgrades are strong and consistent. What habits must be changed in this now to create change?

Have a radiant eclipse week, Beloveds. Let us do the good work and co-create the revelation of New Earth in this Now, and call forth the palpable, beautiful experience of Ascension. Stability (not prevention) is a fine act of service as Gaia releases these codes through Earthquake activity. Guide these physical shifts to be balanced throughout the plates and grids. We Love You, We Bless You, We Thank You.

In Love, Light and Service,

Sourced from here.  

#HATJ (Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf) & RKB (Randall K Beans) DAY 4 WRAP UP Alleged Case


#HATJ & RKB DAY 4 WRAP UP Alleged Case

Published on Jan 26, 2018

HATJ RKB DAY 3 Evening Wrap Up Alleged Case


Take those heart drops within and send them to the courtroom.  Just finished listening ~ on to day 4 video which I will share next.  Really beautiful wonderful insightful conversation in this video.  Please share with all you know.  


HATJ RKB DAY 3 Evening Wrap Up Alleged Case

Published on Jan 26, 2018

A Vision for Sharing and Giving



The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Sharing and Giving

We see ourselves living in a world where sharing is the first thing people think about when they meet together; where we have realized that only good things can happen when people openly, honestly, and lovingly share with one another.

All over the world we see knowledge being shared as freely as material items. Likewise, we see people everywhere having learned the difference between Business and Giving; whereby Business extracts conditions – that is: “I’ll do this for you if you’ll do that for me, and vice versa.” And Giving asks for nothing in return – with no strings whatsoever attached.

By embracing the Spirit of Giving and Sharing humanity has risen to its highest potentials – and we have opened the door to the experience of true Oneness. Indeed, it is by walking the path of Sharing and Giving that we come together as One with our fellow travelers.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
You can align with this Vision
by double-clicking the “YES!” Button below.


Clicking the YES Button will also show you the Total Alignments.



Diane Canfield Energy Report: Lucid Vivid Dreams, Synchronicities And Extreme Fatigue Along With Massive Insights


BY Diane Canfield

Beloved Tribe,

The past few weeks we have had many Ascension Symptoms occurring, signs of moving dimensions, into the Higher Realms of Light. There have NOT been any waves or flares and only small geo storms that spiked quickly and went away just as fast the last few weeks. Instead the upgrades we are received are not as “in your face” we sometimes experience, but instead subtle and full of synchronicities, action oriented vivid dreams, massive manifestations, and huge insights/breakthroughs.

I have had so many synchronicities recently. For instance, as just one, I came across an article on how to patch a butterfly wing if  one was found that was broken on an injured butterfly. Within a few hours I came across a butterfly in our yard with a broken wing!  I brought the butterfly in the house on a stem with flowers while my husband and I looked for another wing to fix it by finding a butterfly who had transitioned. Yet we could not find one. We searched our entire very large yard. Yet now I have an awareness and have the supplies on hand in case another butterfly shows up that is injured. Do not worry if a synchronicity does not work out exactly as planned like this one. I have upgraded awareness now in this situation of how to handle it next time and will look to be completely prepared. This is the Universal awareness, it gives us glimpses of what to expect in the future by presenting small experiences first.

As of late, we have been experiencing Intense “off the Hook Dreams”. The Dreams seem so real, vivid and they are real. We can experience dreams in the same realness as we do in waking life since everything is connected. You may have noticed messages and synchronicities in your dreams and even in your waking life. These have all increased and become more in depth recently.

My dreams have been showing me, and other family members bizarre lucid time travel dreams. In the most recent one, I traveled to Sedona in my astral experience. In my dream, my husband and I were looking at a picture of an old ancient temple in Sedona and suddenly we were transported there. I had been holding one of my cats, so my cat went along too. While there we found a car and traveled all over the town. Suddenly, I knew we must return so we went back to the temple and opened the portal to return. This dream shows me we will all be able to do inter realm travel in real life. This will happen once there are enough of us to break the tipping point and we move into the next dimension of time and space. This dream was so real and so intense, it is one of the many I am experiencing and hearing about with other Ascension Journeyers.

One of the other main symptoms the past few weeks has been extreme tiredness. I have been so fatigued, I have not had much energy for writing or updates. I know an update had to be published so I forged ahead, hoping this will get me back on track to inform everyone of what has been taking place energy wise.

Sleeping issues  have been an ongoing issue for the past 2 weeks as well. You might sleep for a few hours and wake up, be up for a few hours and then sleep again getting only a few hours sleep per night. You may find you are very fatigued through out the day, no matter what activities you do or do not do. This seems to be ongoing. I will let everyone know when this lets up.

Major break throughs and massive insights are still taking place. The answers are coming in fast and furious as to our past and why things worked out the way they did. You may have those from the past, wanting to mend their karma, getting in touch with you to begin a new relationship with you. Don’t be so quick to turn them away right now, they may have changed with the NEW LIGHT flooding the planet. Talk to them and hear them out, if needed meet up with them to see if they have indeed changed and done the inner work needed to have a healthy relationship with you. Take time and make your decision as many souls are reconnecting now back to their soul purpose. You may miss a soul opportunity based on your decision.

You may notice massive insights having to do with unhealed past aspects of your life you thought were healed. You may be NOW able to see your part in all of it and how you could have handled it differently for a different outcome. We are being shown all sides of relationships at the moment and clearing All Karma that goes along with it. This has been ongoing since 2009 when these massive clearings started taking place. When you get through one layer, a new layer opens up for us to clean up and heal. Just when we think we are done, in a few months time a new layer is here for us to work on. These past few weeks, this has again taken a new turn and we are being shown ourselves over and over again through others.

As the light continues to build and our new light bodies are being formed for our New Home, all darkness must be exposed in ourselves and ALL others. The dark is being exposed and the USA is the first place this has to happen en masse through politics, hollywood and sports.  This darkness has been hidden away for many years. It is only NOW this darkness can come to light. When the full darkness is revealed, there will be a big jump in mass consciousness as finally the ones still under programming will understand what they have been missing. They will then need to rethink and recalibrate everything they thought was true and found out is not. There is a gentle nudge happening now for this to happen as more and more awaken. As more darkness is revealed, more healing can take place through out the Entire planet. The healing must take place for our Planet to Ascend. We must heal ourselves and the Planet to rebuild our New Home.

Stay tuned for my next article will cover the upcoming “Super Blue Blood Lunar Eclipse” on Jan 31st. how to prepare and what does it mean for us Ascension Light Bringers and Transformers.



In Service and Love

Author : Diane Canfield

Diane Canfield is a Gifted Psychic, Ascension Expert, Energy Expert and ET Contactee, having had many in person visitations from many different races of our Star Family. She works to elevate the consciousness of the Human Race to evolve into the Galactic Race. Her psychic gifts started in childhood and were reactivated in 2000 when visited by a Pleiadian Mother Ship which encoded her for her role as a Galactic Ascension Teacher. Since this time she has been in constant contact with the Galactics and the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light.

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“Q” Post Makes It On FOX News Piece on FISA Memo


Go to the 30 second mark.  Q has gone “mainstream”.

#HATJ: Bill’s Comment on IUV for ALL- Feeling Into The Unbinding Unwinding


answering some good questions of the court case and the bigger picture behind-the-scenes…


#HATJ: Bill’s Comment on IUV for ALL- Feeling Into The Unbinding Unwinding

Published on Jan 24, 2018

MESSAGE from the Other Side about the FUTURE 2018 ~ Must Listen!


This is a beautiful, poignant FASCINATING and very reassuring video of a mother who received a lot of downloads early last year from her son who passed over.  He shares info on the new earth and what is happening/will be happening politically. Spot on and so in alignment with my own “feels”.  (no WW3, no fear of Nibiru ~ it’s just a planet having an effect on the event, etc., no need for evacuations, the Galactic Beings are here to ensure we all make it, etc. AND the event is months away – not years!)  Injoy.  


MESSAGE from the Other Side about the FUTURE 2018

Published on Jan 17, 2018




Vera Ingeborg ~ Unconditional Business – Doing Business on New Earth


by Vera | Jan 24, 2018

The old system we are so used to is working on a fear basis. This is not only true for our personal situation, but also for businesses. We take it for granted that contracts, terms and conditions, insurances etc. are needed, to make sure that the business is running and that we are safe. Yet – there is just another big pool of fears hiding behind all of it: The need to claim our right and our safety to minimize the risk. Obviously, businesses in the old paradigm are working in an energy of mistrust. 

I myself had been pondering for a while, how to set up my business in the future. I was asking myself, how true co-creation would be possible based on trust, energetic laws, consciousness and flow instead of mistrust human laws, rules and regulations and control. Yes, it seems impossible to break through the old paradigm and create something new. And yet – the impulse has to come and start from somewhere.


A different View on Money

The belief that money is the means to survive and the means to have security in our life and to create what we want, keeps us from seeing new approaches and ways how it could work in a whole different way. Yes, one might ask, where to start as there are so many things that will have to change.  I have decided to start with my own business. As a first step, I decided to no longer use terms and conditions or contracts or agreements with the people I work, whether individually or in groups, projects etc. I know that there will be many things in the details, and hurdles as long as we are still using the old infrastructure, including rules and duties, but it is a first move into a new energy.

So yes, I will still have to deal with phone contracts, enforced insurances, etc. that are still required by the system. Nevertheless, I can make choices. Do I actively further support the old energy and belief system of money, or do I keep it to the bare essentials to be able to run my business on the old 3D platform with a 5D frequency. Do I support another bubble to burst, as it is happening with the cryptocurrencies right now, or do I choose to give money a different meaning.

For now, I have decided to keep all contracts and agreements as flexible and as small as possible. I see those as the factors of the infrastructure I still have to use until the new way of doing business including a new infrastructure has grown so much, that the old system will become obsolete.

“I see abundance as so much more than money. We have so much abundance in life that we take for granted because we prefer to focus on lack.”

I see abundance as so much more than money. We have so much abundance in life that we take for granted, because we prefer to focus on lack. Starting with the air that we breathe, people and nature around us, opportunities to learn and grow etc. Money is nothing but a manifestation of an energy and is part of the old infrastructure. Yet we can use it with a different frequency. Instead of making it a survival tool, we can turn it into a creation tool. Money will flow back to us when we share our authenticity and talent with the world. When we are acting from our heart, our essence and out of purpose. And, when we feel worthy of receiving. When we are trusting the universal flow, although we have no idea how the result will look like. That way, we can reinvest it for further creations.

So, back to my own business. I was really struggling with the fact that I was talking about New Earth, about unconditional love and yet having terms and conditions on my website. It just felt like a constant friction that I did not like and two energies that did not go together. Why would I have them on my website if I was fully trusting myself, other people and the universal laws? In a paradigm of empowered beings that love, value and respect each other and that take responsibility for their own energy, there is no need for man-made rules.

“In a paradigm of empowered beings that love, value and respect each other and that take responsibility for their own energy, there is no need for man-made rules. 

Today I decided to delete them and replace them with a text on unconditional business. I am ready for co-creating New Earth business with people who feel that call, too and I know that, based on energetic laws, only those will come into my field that are resonating with it.

Here is what I have the terms and conditions replaced with (you can find it here on my website):

Unconditional Business

A big part of the creation of New Earth is how businesses will be run and will be operating in the future. The energetic New Earth templates are created based on trust and unconditional love. This has a large impact on the business world.

You will find no conditions, contracts, terms or disclaimers on my website any longer as those are old concepts based on fear and mistrust.

Our commitment to a joint experience is all that is needed. We commit to a co-creation the moment we take the decision to work with each other.

Based on the new energies, and based on the knowing that we are each responsible for our own energy and creation, we know that all experiences we step into are meant to be and meant to assist us on our journey and in our growth. When we get triggered and a button gets pushed, we know that this is a sign of our own system, telling us where we are still not in balance. We take responsibility for our own feelings, we accept them to then shift them. The new earth human values all that is and sees the purpose in each and every experience.

New earth businesses are operating in the same way as collectives interacting with other collectives, based on energetic resonance and principles.

Intention, commitment and dedication

My intention, commitment and dedication is to work with people and businesses that are ready to drop all conditions and safety nets that are based on the old paradigm patterns, based on lack, mistrust and fear. Instead, we jointly are doing business together and are co-creating amazing projects, endeavors and experiences based on abundance, trust and love, that manifest into the new earth reality. We jointly embody the new blueprints of co-operation, and comm-unity. The only laws that need to be respected are the universal laws of energy. They automatically represent the fertile ground on which we will build the new paradigm.

Unconditional business automatically always leads to a win-win for everyone as everyone commits and takes responsibility for their part. Win-win can mean anything, money is just one part in it. There are many other forms of abundance to be appreciated. Connections to amazing people, new experiences, new inspiration, new growth opportunities personally and collectively, etc.

Unconditional business is automatically in balance, as it is a co-creation of balanced beings that are aware of the universal laws, the process of creation and evolution and their responsibility for their own energetic contribution into the joint creation. Therefore, an aligned intention and commitment is key before entering the process of physical creation. This includes the commitment to be very honest and share when something feels out of alignment and feels unpleasant. Expressing our authenticity and vulnerability is an essential part and key to successful co-creation.

This also means to give a new meaning and task to money. Money is not the purpose of why we are co-creating or why we are doing business. Money is nothing but the energetic backflow for a co-creation to maintain balance with the value created, and to re-invest it into further co-creations that serve the greater good.

I am looking forward to doing and being unconditional business with you!

And so it is….

Sourced from here.



Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf and Randall Beane Quick Court Update


Please share this with everyone you know.  The more people who know about this and can share the more public exposure this can receive.  


Tuesday notes:

Heather has not given consent nor jurisdiction to the court in Knoxville. Neither has Randy.

However the judge did proceed to pick the jurors and begin a trial.

The judge struck Heather’s new Praecipe, Heather wrote another one by hand in court and filed it.

The prosecution tried to reassert (monetize) the rejected indictment “true bill” by issuing an amendment which was rejected by Heather and filed.

Courts are banks and issue bonds against the inbodyment, which eventually get charged against the so called “fictious” Treasury Deposit Accounts (TDA) of the individual charged, which is probably the great irony of this whole case. That which is said not to exist is what funds the trial of a man accused of accessing the TDA. Fingerprints and photos are the biometrics required by banks to monetize court bonds. Indictments are like writing a check against yourself.

Our banking system consists of registrants (human chattel property as capital) and agents/brokers. The registrants (you and I) are not given access to the value but the brokers (financial firms, utilities, courts, major hospitals, for-profit prisons) have unpublicized access for which they charge interest for money not at risk by them.

In the case of central banks who hold these registrants value captive, they’ve arranged treaties with their host countries that give them effectively a kind of diplomatic immunity against law enforcement (which is why when trillions was stolen in 2008 no Federal Reserve member banker went to jail). Yet the banks are freely able to get the FBI to act on their behalf with little or no proof a crime took place.

FBI Agent Parker Still, upon cross examination, was unable to define how he knew a crime took place and presented no criminal complaint from USAA bank, but represented he relied on an undisclosed email and an Internet IP address from the bank.

Agent Still was unable to explain what it was that made him determine would require a brutal Swat style assault takedown of a 50 something year old man in a very difficult to hide RV. When confronted by Randy as to why they were mocking him and laughing at the bloodied Randy when they passed him in the squad car, Parker admitted to laughing at Randy because “we took down a bad guy”. Parker did not verify that an outstanding warrant existed (it did not). His defense for this sloppiness was that “I work in a team”.

The explanation Parker offered as to why it would require a team of 8 or 9 officers to “pass out” Mr Beane (Parker Still’s choice of phrase for extracting Randy from the RV – chokehold?) was a vague reference to incidents of Muslim extremist mowing down people with large vehicles. None of those incidents was a large custom built luxury motor home. Randy is well known to be a Christian, and his father a preacher.

Parker Still’s bona fides claim he is a Jag Corps Officer in the Army National Guard, but could not recall whether he had held a military tribunal or even participated in one.

This court case is expected to run 4-6 days. I expect $400-500 a day in expenses for transcripts and related costs. If you can help by donating on the button to the right with the trees it would be of great help.

Jury selection transcript should be available today, more coming. Check with the blog for details.

Late note was told further transcript would only come at end of trial.

Sourced from here.