Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf Update


this is far from over folks…  interesting that this is the 2nd jail she’s been in to undergo “unexplained” lock-down suddenly.  coincidence?  i think not. 


Heather update 2/19/18

Heather is well and of good cheer, but has been in 23 hr lockdown since late last Wednesday.  Her “elbow counsel” attorney met with her on Wednesday and exchanged some documents and filed a motion for an extension of time to reply to the court.

The transcripts of the trial were not yet available from the court, although they did quote BZ a price of getting them privately for $5700, which is quite expensive.  Rule of thumb in the past was $400-500 per day.  Heather’s attorney said she qualifies for a free copy but those don’t come out as fast, (clerks work on a contract basis) and that should be forthcoming this week or next.

All of Heather’s replies have to be written with jail issued “golf pencils”, and its made getting documents our of jail and to the court much more cumbersome.  The penciled replies are digitally scanned first before filing, so they cannot be altered.

The Roger D. Wilson detention facility, operated by Knox County Sheriff and is a dual use facility. It contracts to the US Marshals for Federal prisoners.  These continuous 23 hour lock downs, only allow an hour a day for phone calls and showers, and no outdoor exercise. Normally the pod she is in would get two 4 hour breaks each day.  The women within the pod are not happy with the unexplained lock downs.  The US Marshals have been extremely professional but do not run the prison.

Randall Beane has been moved to Ocilla Georgia ICE facility and that has serious complicated his interactions with his attorney.

A request from Heather’s attorney: Please do not send him mail for Heather, he is not a mailman. One person sent a letter to Heather there. I have it and will give it to her.  Send all mail directly to the Roger D Wilson Detention facility, you can get the specifics of how to do that and what kinds of mail are allowed at BZ Riger’s blog at https://www.i-uv.com.

BZ’s web site has been under continuous attack since the end of the trial, so if it goes down, come back in a hour and BZ will have it back online again.

I was going to leave after the trial and be with Heather’s extended family and explain to them what happened here. I had no further instructions from Heather and really didn’t know where I should be.  Heather contacted me about 4 days after entering the facility and asked me to stay through February to assist with more documents.  I expect that could extend into March, perhaps April.    I have been on the road for about 7 months now but will see this through with her.

I want to thank everyone who has been so generous in supporting this effort.  A special thank you to Bruce B. for his generous contribution, when I received that I did not know I’d be staying here through February, but it was most prescient of him.  Scans, printing, certified copies of court documents are not cheap, all those cost at least 50 cents a sheet, (transcripts much more than that!) and add to court copies the charges of certification stamps.   We’ve gone through a mountain of HP ink jet cartridges and those don’t come cheap either.  Just parking at the court is $8-10 a day (depending on the length of stay).   If you can help with the time remaining here it would be most appreciated.  I’m guess I’ve got 4 to 6 weeks here yet. Click on the trees on the right side of the blog for the PayPal link.

Our host had me move out of my old room and I am now the room Judy and Heather shared.     A little bigger space and my feet don’t hit the foot rails of the twin bed like the old room.  Judy has gone back to her hone in North Carolina.

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A Vision for Love Overflowing


my cup runneth over…


The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Love Overflowing

Here is another wonderful Vision from Carol Peacock, our friend at Sweetbriars Retreat Center in Springfield, Missouri. Carol says:

We envision a world where love is the answer to all questions.  Now that each and every one of us know in our hearts that love is the feeling that supports the highest good of all mankind, we allow ourselves to give it without hesitation.  We see that when we give love we trust and respect everyone, we are unselfish in our desires, we treat everyone as we wish to be treated, and we speak and act with gentle hearts.

Because we understand how important love is we always consider the feelings of others by being aware of the impact of our actions and words.  No one is lonely in this world because we all freely express our love and gratitude to each other for our co-existence on this planet. We love each other, we love the animals, we love the plant life, and we love God.  No one is jealous of another as they are overflowing with the love that is sent to them each moment of their lives.

There is nothing that we cannot handle now that we are sure that we are supported by the love of the Universe and all of Its inhabitants. Now that we know that all beings are motivated by loving kindness we feel safe, secure and peaceful in each other’s company.  Our love which is for the highest good of mankind knows no boundaries and everyone is aware of that.

There are no questions, no doubts, no fears, only LOVE and ONENESS.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
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Rick Jewers Update ~ 2/17/18


This one is Divine Providence for me.  I have been intending this one a lot lately – to “go” to that which resonates with me.  I rather like the term “reposition”.  I have spent a good deal of time the past few months disconnecting from all that does not resonate with me.  I have seen it show up in my daily life as “blocks” as well.  I am being called to let it go ~ and I am ok with that.  I also appreciate his thoughts on healers and the like also consciously on this journey charging ridiculous amounts of money for those seeking healing.  I understand the need to make money to “live” in this current system ~ indeed I do!  However my ongoing thought has been to offer pro-bono services and/or sliding scale fees to those who simply do not have the money but desire the assistance.  I also want to see website owners allow the sharing freely of material (as long as there is full credit given and a link back to the original piece).  That is what my feeling of what love does. That’s how I have always run my site.  Share it.  If it brings you site a lot of visits and increased income, so be it!  We can all thrive ~ in Unity.  




We need those of You that are being guided to leave Your present physical locations,to take the leap and REPOSITION NOW. We are setting up many New Strings/Themes for individuals that penetrate the old programming of Society, a Timeline for You to get in there, operating from a 5D level of perspective, to Create Good Change, that will emanate from Your presence in the New Location. Your Divine Presence in these New locations, Change the futures and are directly connected to more fully integrating the 5D into the current realities. The effects/affects of Your repositioning is immense and impressive, with a Higher caliber of experience for You, as well as a stronger Soul connection to Divinity that Creates a more impressive feedback of Divine wisdom into Your Now. These “leaps” must be taken and ALL Divine assistance is there to accommodate these repositionings, miracles will even occur for some to be able to transition to their New Physical Position upon Gaia. Most of You will be repositioned onto or near, the New 5D Grid of Ley Lines, and/or Power Nodules. This may be a temporary repositioning with also, New Nomadics stepping into their role.

Many of You are at levels that Your present surroundings will no longer resonate. You are indeed being guided at a Soul level and Divine level, to reposition. You MUST reposition to adhere with Your New Timeline and upgraded mission/purpose. This Time has been preordained for You and everything leading to this point, was not by chance, not coincidence, everything surely does happen for a reaSON.

Your repositioning will place You on Higher Timelines with more of the Higher Truths revealed to You in accordance with Your individual Journey and Purpose. Upon repositioning, comes a further strengthening of Your Divine Prowess inline with the overall Divine Plan/Ascension. Freewill on this planet was severely limited to You, to assure Your would be guided and arrive at a certain point at a certain time. To appease this Higher Calling, freewill was taken from the Human brain, so that Human logic could not rule what One did, and the going within to listen to the Heart, was a connection at the Soul level, which needed to be established, to take the leap into the New You. The Time has come for many, to Trust the Heart and ignore the logic, UNTIL, the brain is connected to the Heart and begins to obey the Heart and not outside influences at the brain level. The point of truly Trusting the brain begins when Ones Heart Chakra is connected with the Crown Chakra. This assures that Your thoughts then are coming from within, from the Heart, and are NOT being manipulated by “Thought Viruses”, that are NOT Your own.

Some “logic” that prevents One from repositioning is the false connections to a reality that no longer serves. Some may think they cannot leave because of family members. Others may think they cannot leave because of monetary issues. Some may think they cannot leave because of obligation. These and more, are false restrictions that are quickly severed when Ones intent comes from the Heart, to leave, to reposition. When You come to the realization that You must leave and can no longer tolerate a toxic environment, doors begin to open, doors that involve leaps, leaps of Trust secured by the Inner Knowing, that everything will be ok, and better. You have been given a choice to a degree, stay within misery and a toxic environment, or break free of it, stepping into the New Empowered You. Break the logic and make the leap.

All debt is an illusion, sharing and assisting another is the only thing real and supported at this time. Anything less than sharing and assisting another, is imploding, and You will see this on a wide scale, as those with greed are relieved of their wealth, when they resist to help another. Currently attached to greed and any other fear based emotion/energy, is the self destruct sequence named karma, that the negativity triggers for them and sets off a wave of events that strips them of anything. Since 2012 this mechanism has been in place and Now intensifies, as more Light Awakens and cannot be manipulated nor taken advantage of. Divine Ones are fully supported and if require assistance, it is administered to assure they get to where they must go. Divinity is breaking down the control of money, and the last thing We wish to see is a gathering of Wealth, unless it is immediately and temporarily shared for the benefit of many/All.

Anyone attempting to capitalize on this Ascension, or to capitalize on assisting others, are imploding, it is NOT compatible with the Divine Plan. We said this would happen a while back, and Now You are seeing this as so. The Ascension and those Ascending to Higher Prowess are Priority, Priority above MONEY. You were told that You only need enough and that donations would support You in the least, and if required something else for a sustainability, it would be Divinely administered. The False Prophets are being revealed and exposed, We do not wish to see credible Ones get tangled up in this implosion causing confusion and a set back to the Overall Ascension. Those of You given the Divine ability to assist others are to eliminate the profiting, the capitalism from Your work, God does not threaten, only lets others Know what is going on so that they may make better choices. We let You Know that there is INDEED an implosion mechanism set up on the planet directly connected to greed and overly charging another for services. Those with Higher Perspectives will automatically Know this, those with confused perspectives will realize their choice, and given the opportunity to rectify their action. Your Divine Gifts of assisting others are for Ascension applications, not supporting anything contrary, including charging One a ridiculous price for assisting them, feel this in Your Heart, does this feel right to charge someone that NEEDS assistance and has no money?. By charging One $100-200 for an hour of Your time to assist them with Ascension related things, when most that are Ascending are the poorest on the planet, does this feel moral, ethical, even Godlike? C,mon and get with it, get with the Ascension and get her done, the more that You assist in empowering at little to no cast, the quicker this happens, think about that.

Love and Light

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The 222 Eye (2/22/18)


Editor’s note:  Video and article using info. from a variety of QHHT sessions to speak of this 222 Eye Energy Event.  I am also including a snapshot of when I pulled up the video and just happened to stop at the 2:22 mark (to get the link to the article).  Also note I was the 567th viewer.  

Adding this after I published ~ had to add one last photo capture of number synchronicity.  As I was sharing this piece, I told my mate “you know, I have been seeing the 222 a lot lately which is an unusual number for me.”  Just as my mate says “yeah me too” I happen to look at the clock on my computer:  12:22.  See the capture for that little moment below.  


The 222 EYE – Feb 22nd 2018 EYE event reported to be coming.

Streamed live 6 hours ago

Article:  http://transformotion.org/blog/222-the-eye-is-coming-222

(here is an excerpt):

This is from 2 sessions with G. G is in the somnambulistic state of trance.  He has no memory of this when he comes out of trance because his conscious mind is asleep.  The consciousness that I am speaking with had a completely different personality, accent, and vocabulary than regular, conscious G. 

Session 1
Michael: What is your name?
NK: Ninak Ktub
Michael: Is there a message that you came to deliver to us today?
NK: This is a wormhole in space.  I see a large planet and a distant star.
Michael: Tell me more about it.
NK: It is The Eye. The Eye who sees all, coming closer.
Michael: This planet that you see, which planet is it?
NK: Planet X12. The Eye is coming.  It is passing X12
Michael: Why are you telling us this information?
NK: This eye, this blue eye, inside the light. This wormhole, it will appear.  
Michael: It will appear on Earth? When will that happen?
NK: This is not physical but a giant ball of energy.
Michael: What will this ball of energy do once it appears on Earth?
NK: There is a blast of Light. This is only for those who are awake. Those who are not will not know.It will be a surge of energy, a beautiful blue eye.
Michael: How many new moons until this appears?
NK: 3 (February 2018)This is unexpected.  This is through a wormhole.  People do not know that this is coming.
Michael: Is this different than the solar sneeze that will take us into a new reality?
NK: Yes.  This is smaller. 
Michael: What will it do for people who are awake?
NK: A Powerful surge of energy.  During this time, you must unite.  You will be stronger than now.  You will be stronger at this time. 

my screenshot of above video w/the 2:22 reference…

Women Surround Crying Mom Whose Toddler Was Having A Meltdown At The Airport




Beth Bornstein Dunnington

February 2 at 3:01pm

Something extraordinary at LAX today… (writing this on the plane). I was at the gate, waiting to get on my plane to Portland. Flights to two different cities were boarding on either side of the Portland fight. A toddler who looked to be eighteen or so months old was having a total meltdown, running between the seats, kicking and screaming, then lying on the ground, refusing to board the plane (which was not going to Portland).

His young mom, who was clearly pregnant and traveling alone with her son, became completely overwhelmed… she couldn’t pick him up because he was so upset, he kept running away from her, then lying down on the ground, kicking and screaming again.

The mother finally sat down on the floor and put her head in her hands, with her kid next to her still having a meltdown, and started crying.

Then, this gorgeous thing (I’m crying just writing this)… the women in the terminal, there must have been six or seven of us, not women who knew each other, approached and surrounded her and the little boy and we knelt down and formed a circle around them. I sang “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” to the little boy… one woman had an orange that she peeled, one woman had a little toy in her bag that she let the toddler play with, another woman gave the mom a bottle of water. Someone else helped the mom get the kid’s sippy cup out of her bag and give it to him.

It was so gorgeous, there was no discussion and no one knew anyone else, but we were able to calm them both down, and she got her child on the plane. Only women approached.

After they went through the door we all went back to our separate seats and didn’t talk about it… we were strangers, gathering to solve something. It occurred to me that a circle of women, with a mission, can save the world. I will never forget that moment.

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Interested?  Watch the video and sign up for his newsletter at http://geoffbyrd.com



Published on Feb 14, 2018

Conscious Conversations ~ Creator Beings UNITE! A Call to ACTION!


Creator Beings UNITE! A Call To ACTION

Published on Feb 16, 2018

Anna Von Reitz: Manna World Holding Trust


T/y Rick for sharing this one.  “No contract now.  No contract then.  No contract ever.”  Repeat this out loud.  Daily.  Individually.  Collectively.  They do not own us.  Please share this one far and wide.  It is so.  It is done.  N O W


Manna World Holding Trust: Pilate Attempts to Wash His Hands

By Anna Von Reitz

People need to think— and I mean, really think– about the information contained in my new book for Donald J. Trump.

This explains explicitly who the parties were that engaged in the so-called Civil War: the British-backed territorial service provider doing business as “the United States of America” and some members of the original “Confederation of States” formed under the Articles of Confederation, that up until 1861 was doing business as the “States of America”. The breakaway states booted up a new business called the “Confederate States of America”.

So, none of these entities were our actual government at all. Our actual government is unincorporated. These other entities were and are just governmental service providers in the business of providing government services per Article IV of all three federal constitutions.

After the so-called “war”— which was never declared, never ended by peace treaty, and never fought by any sovereign government at all— the perpetrators pulled off a variety of fraud schemes involving identity theft, substitution, unlawful conversion, and later on, bankruptcy fraud, making false and unjustifiable claims against the people and actual states of this country.

Fast forward to now— the vermin contrived to “redefine” your Given Name as that of a “decedent” who willingly gave up your inheritance “for” you when you were just a baby in your cradle. They established bonds against your labor and other assets “for” you, and they set up a Puerto Rican ESTATE trust “for” you—for the express purpose of pillaging you and your country in Breach of Trust.

That is actually, provably what has gone on here.

Remember that in this instance a “bond” is nothing but an I.O.U.– a promise to pay, and in this case, your supposed promise to give them all your assets and claim to your labor in supposedly equitable exchange for “benefits” that you also pay for yourselves, so the entire purported contract is self-interested and invalid and inequitable from the get-go. It is, in fact, preposterous and nothing that anyone in their right mind would agree to— which they then use as proof that you are mentally incompetent.

Beginning to get the drift of all this?

And now enters “Manna World Holdings Trust”— yet another foul fantasy construction made out of thin air — claiming that they were given title to you and your labor and they are now generously giving “you” and your assets back to the bankrupt federal corporation headed up by President Trump.
Kim Goguen, the mastermind behind this maneuver was named “Trustee” by a Draco “Lord of the Admiralty” and is in fact just a glorified bank terminal operator given the codes and downloads into the DTC and Federal Reserve System — which is also bankrupt and null and void.

What is the net effect? The guilty parties are trying to wash their hands and give themselves assets to feed upon in the same stroke. It’s not a bad plan from their perspective, there’s just one tiny flaw at the heart of it. It’s all based on fraud.

The situation is somewhat akin to the old Florida Real Estate Scam. The con artist offers you a Quit Claim Deed to property he doesn’t own. It’s the same schtick here. Manna World Holdings Trust has a false claim against your assets, which they are generously releasing.

The only actual effect is to allow them to presume that they ever had a valid claim against you and your good Name and your assets in the first place, and therefore allow Donald Trump to presume the same.

It’s all bull shit by any other name and you would be crazy to allow any of it any credence whatsoever.

Repeat after me: “”No contract now, no contract then, no contract ever.”

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Universal Clean-Up Underway


Terran note: This is from Sophia Love’s private subscription newsletter (reposted with permission here).  You can view Sophia’s blog posts at https://https://www.sophialove.org/my-blog and much more here: https://www.sophialove.org.  If you like this newsletter post below, considering subscribing to her newsletter which helps defray her publishing costs.  

I have reached out to my contacts and this data is indeed accurate.   Sophia, along with Denice and Shawn are 3 currently activated conduits of direct information from the Sphere alliance.  There are 6 more (names not known) yet to be activated.  

ALL ON!!!!

Today’s conversation was illuminating and comforting. I think you’ll appreciate the information shared here.

In gratitude for all that you are,

February 9, 2018

Is there someone who wants to connect? I feel a crowd, maneuvering for position. Like “Me!” “I do!” “No, me!”

(Chuckle, smiles…) You have felt us Sophia, certainly. There are several of us wanting to speak.

I cannot choose, not knowing who it is I am choosing from. You will have to decide. Perhaps who would be the most helpful in this now moment. Either to me personally or the readers or both.

I had reached out earlier today to my friend, but could hear nothing. I could sense him, but it was like he was behind a veil – unaware of where he was or unready to communicate. If he is part of this gathering…

He is not. We are not on the other side of the veil, any of us. We are sorry for your loss.

We have chosen.

Thank you. Please then, go ahead.

Yes. Hello Sophia.

Hello. Are you military or law enforcement? I sense decoration, badges, formality, almost “war hero”.

I am what you would label decorated. I would not know about “hero”, but war is something I’m familiar with. It is my work. I am of military rank and office. I, right now, patrol your skies and participate in the cleanup.

Yes. In the

In the cleanup of dark focused beings who orchestrate take-overs of children and lives and institutions and planets. You are in the midst of a massive sweep.

Well yes, we are. Yet accurate information does not seem to be readily available. Do you have some?

I do.

I can tell you that there are many who have already been taken into custody – some returned to the central sun for re-configuration. While most in a recalibration process so that what has occurred here does not re-occur elsewhere. The numbers are beyond what you or your people could fathom.
It infiltrates organizations on deep, deep levels and many of them.

In order for a take-over to be accomplished on an entire planet, the scope of involvement had to be quite broad.

The numbers of participants alone would stagger the imagination of most humans. This means layers of involvement and many of them.

I am getting images of cooperative law enforcement personnel and payoffs.


What have you come to say to us?

That now we are in an active phase of enforcement and while you witness the theatrics of your puppet governments in their dismantling, we come from beneath those layers and remove and deal with the support structure.

This system unravels at both ends, with the ones in charge removed many months ago, the layer you witness has no clear directive to assist as they navigate their ending. It is quite comical to observe and from here there is not much observing going on. We are busy.

There are large numbers of casualties in this clean up. By casualties, I do not refer to deaths. No. Instead, I refer to those misled, misguided and confused, who quite literally took what they were told they were doing at face value.

This was quite literally a job for them. They had no broader perspective for life, theirs included. Only now, as they’ve been removed and are dealt with, do they get a glimpse of the trauma they willingly participated in.

What happens to them?

Their acceptance of re-training and re-calibration determines what sort of sentence they will serve. The numbers of them are huge – be assured we are prepared for the onslaught, which is in full force now.
Do you cooperate with local law enforcement then? I see reports almost daily of traffickers in humans being arrested.

Let me say it this way.

Much depends on the group that was captured and the group doing the capturing. This is an orchestrated effort, yet not all stages of it are “on board” when you read about in in your news announcements.

Eventually, those involved in the slavery system end up off planet. The court system on earth is corrupt in its own right and this too must change.

As I am military, I can share with you the complete vision. The vision of earth is one of beauty and unity. In such conditions, a military force is necessary only as a protection against any outside attack or infiltration that means to do harm.

Currently your planet is under attack from within and has been for a long time. [Terran note: since the fall of Atlantis 2] The clean-up of such a massive effort is lengthy and involves and includes many. This is where our focus rests.

We are motivated to re-configure the beings involved when possible. This is the highest outcome.

The anger and outcry from the humans, when the scope of the human trafficking is revealed, will be such that they will want blood for blood and retaliation and punishment. I cannot predict what will occur. I can say that our efforts now are to clean up and remove as many as possible “beneath the radar” so to speak, in order to preserve humanity and justice.

There are those beings who incarnated, knowing they would be visible and “thrown under the bus” as you say. You see some of that now in your news. There will be more and what we do not know is which ones will be fed to the slaughter.

As a being who has witnessed the capture and re-calibration of many, I can tell you that with those efforts, and time, none are as hard on themselves as the captured. Once realization is discovered, the pain is incomprehensible. At that point, a gunshot would be merciful and preferred.

So, your skies are filled and we are quite busy. This ends now. This is what I wanted to bring to your attention.Thank you. Goodbye now.

Goodbye Sophia.

Sourced from here.

Rick Jewers Update


This one ~ completely deeply resonating.  As I shared in a comment: “resonating in a HUGE way. just 20 minutes ago i expressed to my mate not just my frustration with being enslaved by the financial systems but that i knew – now – I AM DONE. i will not be pushed around any longer. i am also growing in awareness as to uniting with others in such a community. i therefore seek. over the weekend i put out the energetic call – i knew i was done with this matrix system – no more. and if my “move” to new earth is not happening by when i see/feel i will be gathering with this tribe of being’s to create the very way of being/doing I desire – now.   thank you for sharing your words.”



The current internal bleeding and Ascension symptoms brought on by a prolonged period to the lower density, is about to be alleviated in the next few days. All were succumbed to this lower density timeline, to various degrees, for multiple reasons. One reason being, to assist and raise particular others to Higher timelines, where their New roles will be more readily accessible to them directly, and they are on their way.It has been extremely uncomfortable for many, but many chose to dive once again, attempting to bring many higher, and You are rising with a considerable backload this time, impressive, but advised, to re-energize and clear Your individual fields of the lower density residue, as You pop back up into Your higher vibratory place. These “New Ones” You are bringing up will allow for the planetary vibration to raise higher, and subsequently, it has triggered new physical body upgrades and downloads for You. You may consider this as a reward of Your labor.

We are entering a major period that has a scheduled Upward Shift involved. The Divine Sun energy will be increased for You and You are reminded to ground constantly with this influx. Outdoors and barefoot is most effective. For Grid Workers and Advanced Energy Workers, it is more effective as a whole, if You deposit this access Light Energy into physical Divinely Energized locations around Gaia, like New Ley Lines, Crystalline/quartz Areas, and All attracted areas of Nature. With this upcoming influx, ample rest to the physical vessel is also required, listen to the body, not a clock. Vertigo symptoms will be common with this Upward Shift. Any of You currently disabled by vertigo symptoms in the Matrix are reminded to apply for disabilities, as more and more will become incapacitated by this symptom/experience and unable to work within the Matrix/the old, during the transition away from the enslavement phase. When You are to separate from workforces of society, there is no freewill by You and the departure from supporting the enslavement system is assured at a Higher Level.

The breakdown of society is well underway on several timelines. Communities are set up temporarily for those needing separation from the Matrix during this transitional period, seek, and Ye shall find. These communities are growing in size as more and more detach from the lower reality and are compelled to join with other like-minded These communities vary in the degrees they are connected with the Matrix and the use of money, but All transition to a common ground in relation to how much of the old remains intact. Economics and the ancient forms of sustenance are rapidly imploding to make way for the New, this is a transitional period. In the blink of an eye, global leaders could announce wealth equality, that is how close You are. The very few with great wealth, will/are becoming equal to All, they have NO choice. The larger the support for the New grows, the reciprocal happens with the old, the withdrawn support, collapses everything as it was. The people, the Masses are rising, time is speeding up.

Follow Your Hearts, Your Guidance mechanism, if it does NOT feel right to pay taxes, support corporations, be intimidated by financial institutions etc, then do NOT. Do Not give Your consent away to anything that does not feel right, state Your claim, Your feeling, and share with others what is NOT right about societal programs and the entailed suppression. The more that stand up, the quicker the change. All of the info You may require in standing up against any legal, societal matter, is on the internet, every bit of information You require is written. With larger injustices against You, UNITE and band with others that have suffered likewise injustices, stand as a TEAM, You Know the strength in numbers, USE IT. Do this for Your Children, do this for the Future Timelines You are Creating that Your Children will carry on.It is partially up to You to Create a Free LIFE FOR YOUR CHILDREN, NOT TO LET THEM BE CONDEMNED TO A LIFE THAT WOULD HAVE THEM IMPRISONED at an age of approximately 3 years onward as a slave.

Love and Light

Sourced from here.