Destroying the Illusion ~ 12/10/17 ~ More Q/Storm Coverage/Weird Aircraft (or UFO?)/More Booms/Antarctica Anomaly


12.10 – More Q/Storm Coverage/Weird Aircraft (or UFO?)/More Booms/Antarctica Anomaly

FULL: President Donald Trump EXPLOSIVE Rally in Pensacola Florida 12/8/17 Trump Pensacola Speech


There are a lot of interesting bread-crumbs in this one.  He speaks of taking down the deep state, the “rigged” system.  He speaks of parents raising their children – not the state.  He speaks of only God (Source) giving us our rights – and not the state.  This speech was full of references to restoring us back to the Republic.  As I told a friend today (who is slowly changing her mind on Trump), like him or not, you cannot say that all of this corruption being brought to light is a coincidence since he was elected.  It is because of his election that we are seeing (FINALLY) the fall of the corruption and darkness we call the system.  Victory of the Light leading to Freedom for all.


FULL: President Donald Trump EXPLOSIVE Rally in Pensacola Florida 12/8/17 Trump Pensacola Speech

Latest Q Posts ~ 12/9/17


Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 9, 2017


It is done NOW.


Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – December 9, 2017

Cabal malice Islamic State is now a minimal threat. Next stage is the Israel-Palestine two-state solution (which is already underway) to ensure peace in the Middle East, a requirement for the RV.

Multiple cabal pedophile rings were taken down under the cover of the MS-13 Operation in D.C.

Evidence of government officials participating in these rings was uncovered.

Multiple Cabal missile silos containing energy-based satellite weapons were destroyed.

Standby notices have been given out to United States Marine Corps and United States Army military officers and provost marshals. These notices serve as preemptive preparation for the transition. The notices contain specific instructions and protocol to carry out the mass indictments once given orders. The orders will be given by top brass, once deemed necessary.

Redemption centers have once again been manned and bank personnel have received memos in preemptive preparation for release sometime this month.

Trump is set to announce the USN before Christmas, unless told otherwise by the Alliance.

The Galactic’s continue to direct the Alliance in achieving total cabal annihilation and the transition this month of December.

Destroying the Illusion ~ 12/8 ~ End of Q?/PENTAGON AUDIT!/Sex Scandals/INFOWARS War Room Announcement



Streamed live 18 hours ago

Retired Marine – QAnon Asks Why Obama is Shadowing President Trump?


I love this man for his authenticity and mind.  I would love to have him as a neighbor.


Retired Marine – QAnon Asks Why Obama is Shadowing President Trump? – 12/08/2017

Published on Dec 8, 2017

Trump Orders Every FBI Agent To Undergo Polygraph Test


Sara Cater, investigative reporter for Circa News, says she believes Trump is ‘shaking up’ the FBI in order to oust pro-Hillary agents who are trying to undermine his presidency. reports: Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Congress last month there were 27 open investigations into leaks of classified information with a “political motive.”

Carter said it’s not clear if all of those probes are centered on the FBI, but she said the investigations have included lie-detector tests.

“This is a big investigation. What I know is that they have been running polygraphs on people within the FBI. They are looking for leakers and a lot more information is gonna come out. I think there’s going to be a shakeup,” she said.

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The Storm To Restore The Constitutional Republic of the United States of America


The Storm To Restore The Constitutional Republic of the United States of America

Published on Dec 7, 2017

House Overwhelmingly Rejects Trump Impeachment


No surprise.  You cannot stop a moving train…    (interesting the congressman who introduced the legislation has been in the news again recently over sexual assault allegations that were filed against him but later withdrawn 10 years ago.  and the finger-pointing continues…)


President Donald Trump is pictured. | AP Photo

House Democrats overwhelmingly joined Republicans on Wednesday to defeat an attempt to impeach President Donald Trump. But 58 Democrats supported the bid to consider impeachment over the objections of House Democratic leaders, who viewed the measure as a distraction in a Republican-controlled Congress.

The motion to sideline the measure — killing the effort — was approved 364-58, with four Democrats voting present.

The vote was forced by Rep. Al Green (D-Texas), who introduced articles of impeachment describing Trump as a bigot who incites hate and has demeaned the presidency.

“Donald John Trump, by causing such harm to the society of the United States is unfit to be president and warrants impeachment, trial and removal from office,” Green said on the House floor as he introduced the articles.

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Ben Fulford Update ~ U.S. military to declare martial law as DOJ, FBI criminality exposed – December 4, 2017


The U.S. military government, known to the world as the administration of President Donald Trump, is about to declare martial law, Pentagon sources say.  “The Cabal has been checkmated, as Trump is ready to federalize the National Guard in case of riots or civil unrest,” Pentagon sources say, adding that “FEMA camps will be used to house mass arrests, and Gitmo may house high-value targets while military tribunals will dispatch them swiftly.”

Such radical action is necessary, “Because of corrupt judges appointed by [former U.S. President Barack] Obama and a Congress stacked with shills for Israel, so Trump may be forced to declare martial law to impose military justice,” is how one Pentagon source put the situation.  The FBI, for example, has been actively covering up the cabal slaughter of hundreds of Americans in Las Vegas using G4S mercenaries, multiple sources say.

Trump was probably referring to this upcoming purge in the following Tweet:  “After years of Comey, with the phony and dishonest Clinton investigation (and more) running the FBI, its reputation is in tatters—worst in History!  But fear not, we will bring it back to greatness.”

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