The Sacred Apology to Women


Thank you Laura for sharing this one.  I was speechless.  Everyone can benefit from this one.


The Sacred Apology to Women from Astarius Miraculii

Published on May 13, 2010

Diane Canfield ~ Psychic Energy Report: January Ancestral Merging of Consciousness




By Diane Canfield

Blessings Divine Tribe,

January 1st starts us off with a Full moon in Cancer at 9:24 pm ET. Leading off from this Full moon, we have been experiencing many Ascension consciousness raising symptoms. When we experience these symptoms we KNOW our consciousness is expanding in the Ascension process.

Some of these have been extreme tiredness that has been going on for a few weeks now since before the December Solstice.We are still in the period in between waves where we are processing the energy that has come through since the TIME LINE Shift I reported in October. October through December have been full of energy downloads due to this major shift in consciousness. These energy downloads are not waves but instead subtle energy transmissions that continue to raise our consciousness.

Hot and Cold spells are also occurring. Just when we think we are too hot and turn off the heat or turn on the air conditioner- depending on what the location is we are in, we then become too cold. It rotates through out the day and seems to be worse in the evening, as most Ascension symptoms become worse after 9:00 pm.

Many more insights have been coming in right before this Full Moon, and you may feel a magical feeling with this. You may now have answers to questions you didn’t even ask yet. You may feel more connected than ever. This is what the full moon will bring in this year. This is the Divine Feminine Energy I have been describing that is starting to come in full force now and will makes itself very known to ALL in 2018. Watch for this all year long with every full moon that occurs.

With this new energy, you may find yourself drawn now to rituals and dancing under full moons. This is all part of bringing back our ancestral roots that were taken from us long ago. Our ancestors now call to us to get back to get back into balance with the harmony of the Earth as this has always been the role of the Divine Feminine.

We can invite our Divine Masculine Brothers now into this role to share with us as they are now becoming ready to shed their past roles that no longer serve themselves and others. They too are starting to open to their own ancestral rites of passage as we move into 2018. You will start to see this more and more as the Divine Masculine takes their role as protector of the Divine Feminine and Divine Children on Earth. They will soon start to make major changes within themselves and the planet, securing the rights of all living consciousness.

Vivid Dreams have been accompanying us on our Journey through December and into the First full moon of 2018. These dreams have been much more than dreams but instead completely preparing us for our new roles as Conscious Co- Creators of the NEW EARTH. What no longer serves is shown in our dreams and manifest then in our real life to be discarded. This can run the complete gamut of revisiting old relationships or patching up new ones that have been off track.

January brings us many new insights and ways of being and sets the ENTIRE tone for us for the rest of this year.

January 16th brings us our first New Moon of the year at 9:17 pm ET. We will have  a Full Lunar Eclipse on January 31st at 5;50 Am ET. combined with a second Full Moon called the Blue Moon in Leo on January 31st at 8:27 AM ET

All of these events will be very powerful and we will want to be fully engaged in these events all month long. You may want to make a note of all of these events as to be fully engaged in all of them. We need all the participation all Energy Workers we can get to help raise the consciousness of the planet. Take note of the Fairy Realm that opened last year and use this consciousness in any and all rituals going forward.

I am forecasting many Energy Surges in January due to all of these planetary events and to get the attention of the Divine Feminine and Masculine  in their very important roles going forward.

Note: You may feel ancestral pullings just from reading my articles as those that follow me have seen,  as I am being pulled deeper and deeper into this calling. Many of you will also be pulled into this as the Ascension becomes deeper within You.

Stay Tuned for more psychic articles going into even more details about what is coming for all of us in the NEW EARTH Consciousness.


In Service and Love

Diane Canfield

About the Author: Diane Canfield is a Gifted Psychic, Ascension Expert, Energy Expert and ET Contactee, having had many in person visitations from many different races of our Star Family. She works to elevate the consciousness of the Human Race to evolve into the Galactic Race. Her psychic gifts started in childhood and were reactivated in 2000 when visited by a Pleiadian Mother Ship which encoded her for her role as a Galactic Ascension Teacher. Since this time she has been in constant contact with the Galactics and the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light.

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The Vision Alignment Project ~ A Vision for the Healing of Families


The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for the Healing of Families

The following Vision comes to you from Pernille Therkildsen in Denmark. Thank you so much, Pernille, for sharing your beautiful Vision with us. We intend that it goes out far and wide, and that the world is a better place because of what you have written here.

We envision a world where all families have come together in love and peace. All pain, blaming of others and injustice is forgiven, and we realize that we are here to help and love each other. We accept that we are all on different paths and are therefore reminded that there is no such thing as judgment of one another. We no longer separate ourselves from our family – we create integration, revealing our true selves in pure compassion for our mother, father, sisters, brothers, children, cousins and everyone else that we have relations with.

When we meet each other on our way, we see others shine their true light as we ourselves shine back, creating even higher vibrations of love and truth. Happy families all around the Earth join each other in helpfulness and for the highest of all good. We exist for the sole purpose of happiness within ourselves and our relations: families, friendships, and partnerships.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
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James Gilliland ~ ECETI News New Year’s Eve Edition


I hesitated sharing this but decided to as the overall message is useful.  I take issue with what he has to say about angry women ~ how he does not wish to be around women who are angry at men. Instead of owning how he as a male has been a part of this anger women feel towards men, he passes the baton off to the women to fix ~ the women who don’t hold the anger or level of anger.  Talk about bypassing responsibility.  I am not suggesting women stay in this energy of anger ~ I am stating men AND women must step up and offer help.  Men MUST step up and admit they fell for the illusion of the patriarch and their own suppression of their masculine energies, which became corrupted and lead to eons of power over and control of the female.  There is absolutely no sense in denying this and James just did a disservice by dismissing and discounting this very real experience.  He has no clue what it is like to have been a woman in this experience ~ not in this incarnation cycle that is.  So come on James ~ own your part of the equation and your participation in the game/experience. Own when you have been out of alignment with Who You Really Are with women.  Make amends. YOU as well can ask a woman in pain and anger “what created your experience”.  That is indeed a part of your own healing.  To suggest all healing must be as a result from the Self is naive.  Yes, healing comes from within but it also must include some love and service from without as well.


New Year’s Edition

Using Rational Thinking Concerning Psychopathsl

is not Logical

**by James Gilliland**

December 26, 2017

**We are seeing false icons fall in all walks of life.**

**We are truly living in a world of opposites**

We are seeing false icons fall in all walks of life. We are truly living in a world of opposites. People being exposed on the highest levels in politics, the movie, music and business industries of ungodly actions to say the least.

We are watching a total implosion of the democratic party in its death throws, lashing out with accusations without merit mainly due to the fact that the majority of it has deep ties with the deep state. Some of these extracurricular activities include satanic worship, child sacrifice, pedophilia, money laundering and extreme bribes, pay to play. The corruption became so abhorrent it is taking the military to clean it up. That is the basis behind the last presidential decree declaring a State of Emergency and the right to secure the assets of the extremely corrupt.

**As even a blind man/woman can see those entrusted to protect and serve within the system on the highest levels only protect and serve themselves. .**

As even a blind man/woman can see those entrusted to protect and serve within the system on the highest levels only protect and serve themselves. The agencies have not been carrying out their mandates, they’ve been serving the few not the many. This is going to change and I hope the socially CNN programmed and the ignorant will see the contradiction, the hypocrisy, the sense of entitlement wake up and smell the coffee. Things are not going to go their way. There is a much bigger plan unfolding and it is coming on high.

**I find it incredulous, almost unbelievable, people still demand we continue on the same path – some for the sole reason of having a woman in the White House.**

This is where the psychopaths come in. If they had their way and the democrats won the election – by using the woman, race card, give-away programs, going along business as usual – America would end up in social and economic collapse. They were fast-tracking to WW3. They are the beast or servants of the beast. Even if it means their own demise. I find it incredulous, almost unbelievable, people still demand we continue on the same path some for the sole reason of having a woman in the White House.

Do the research into the woman you hold on your pedestal. Some of the other women especially those screaming the loudest, have the most to lose by being exposed as to some of their despicable behavior and I must say it was not motherly.

**We need to stop judging people by their gender or their color but by their consciousness, their actions and track record of service to humanity and the Earth.**

I would also do some research into the last African American in the white house. He actually still thinks he is president. He was African not American self-admitted and what he will be charged with will be unbelievable. They have both sold out the people they represent and are responsible for the pain, suffering and death of thousands if only by withholding the funds earmarked to help disaster victims not to mention creating and arming our enemies.

This race card division game needs to end. We need to stop judging people by their gender or their color but by their consciousness, their actions and track record of service to humanity and the Earth. There cannot be double standards. Either you are creating heaven on Earth and adhering to Universal Law or you are not despite the slick rhetoric.

Have you noticed the ones making the most and loudest accusations end up falling upon their own swords?

Have you ever noticed most of these dark hearts never answer a straight question? They evade the question, project it on someone else then attack the credibility or character of the one asking the question. Have you noticed the vast majority of their accusations and information turn out to have no merit, no evidence yet people continue to believe them if it fits their agenda? Have you noticed the ones making the most and loudest accusations end up falling upon their own swords? They have to the extreme done what they accuse others of doing.

When the curtain is pulled back belief systems will be turned upside down.

In the days to come we are going to get answers and ring side seats of what is behind the curtain. When the curtain is pulled back belief systems will be turned upside down. What many thought was happening may very well be the opposite. That is when the healing will come and we are going to have to have compassion for those misinformed and misled. This does not mean a reality check is not in order.

I also want to commend the women who are stepping forward, standing in their power while maintaining that beautiful divine feminine energy. It is like a long, awaited wave of healing much appreciated and needed.

Although I tossed my TV out eons ago what I am seeing on the internet fills my heart with great admiration. They are far and few between in the lame stream media. They are mostly found at alternative media and though some find it hard to believe Fox News. They deal with facts and research while the others seem to deal with a controlled narrative furnished by the deep state. Watch _The View_ – a sad example and embarrassment to womanhood.

The women filled with hate towards men have missed the real issue and when they project that hate how can they expect love in return? That is really what they are crying out for. You can’t force or demand love. If you fit into this category you also can’t continue to deny the fact that it was lack of love that formed your present belief system.

**We can’t hide the wounds or fix them externally. We can only heal ourselves from within.**

We can’t hide the wounds or fix them externally. We can only heal ourselves from within. One cannot march for peace if you are not at peace, war on hate expecting to win anything other than more hate. Be a victim without expecting to be victimized. Hateful, vengeful wounded women with a following create what? Not my idea of heaven. It all boils down to personal responsibility, personal healing, working internally verses externally. When your internal healing is done then you can work on the external. It is the only way out.

So, you powerful ladies out there why not help your fellow women out. Ask them what happened? What happened to make them so angry and bitter? Ask them what they need to heal. Ask them why they gave up something so beautiful, the loving, joyous wise nurturing energy of which they are masters. It is the source of their power. Bitterness and “againstness” are not the sought-after gifts of a woman.

If I pushed some buttons, provoked some thought I did it out of love and service. One thing I do know however is they are not my buttons and just who is defending them, and why? I also know the buttons are not real. Enjoy the illusion. I am hoping I never have to write another article like this in the coming new year. Let’s make Atlantis and Lemuria great again.

**Let’s make Atlantis and Lemuria great again.**

Be well and enjoy the new year, it’s going to be quite a show. Fourth of July will come early.

Pass this on far and wide.

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You have my permission to send this far and wide.

A Vision for Friendship


The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Friendship

We envision a world where our first inclination, upon meeting someone new, is to open ourselves up to being friends with them. We see a world where this is made possible because we have learned to truly care for one another; where we give each other the benefit of the doubt because we are no longer harming one another; and where we have all realized that our highest and best interests and our friend’s highest and best interests are one and the same.

In this way, friendships abound in our lives. No one is lonely unless he or she chooses it; and no one is left to fend for themself because now all of us have plenty of friends we can call on whenever we want.

As a result of our many friendships, we have entirely stopped separating ourselves from each other and have begun to come together in larger circles and communities. Indeed, our coming together and our community-making are keys to all that we seek, for they have provided us with peace in our hearts and as well as peace in our world.

And all this has happened because we started out by making friends.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
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Universal Law and Ascension ~ The Fall of the Elite


I really like this woman ~ her energy, her approach, her authenticity…


Universal Law and Ascension, Fall of the Elite – James Gilliland

Published on Nov 6, 2017

Signs You’re Not Depressed ~ You’re Just Surrounded By Assholes




“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.”
William Gibson
1. Assholes Are Happy With Their Stupidity…
They are more than happy to dwell gloriously in their stupidity and “teach” others about something that they know nothing about.
2. Assholes Are Obnoxious And Loud…
Most of the assholes I’ve met were not able to hold a proper conversation. They didn’t understand the ‘give’ and ‘take’ that a conversation requires.
They take-over, shout, monologue, and invade your personal space as if the world revolves around them, and they are the only ones that have something interesting to say.
3. Assholes Are Selfish Bullies…
Assholes are just selfish.
They dismiss other’s opinions and values for they care only about their own.
They even ridicule other people’s feelings and ideas, only to make themselves feel important as if their ideas and feelings are the only right ones.
How can you help and heal yourself?
Assholes can be found everywhere: in your school, among your closest friends, your emotional partners, or among family members.
The best you can do is to be honest with yourself and see people’s true colors and not your idealized picture of them. Starting to recognize assholes is the first step to getting your self-esteem back and start the healing process.
Taking action is the second step that you need to take. Even if the asshole is your cousin or your sister, even though you cannot change that fact, you can always take action and remove yourself from their presence, or at least reduce their presence in your life.
Then, start taking care of yourself. Eat well, get enough sleep, get a new hobby… anything that makes you happy. Be strong and love yourself. Don’t let assholes ruin the wonderful relationship that you have with yourself.

A Vision for Innocence


A Vision for Innocence

We see a world where we know, beyond all doubt and distraction, that we have never done anything wrong; that wrong-doing is something that was taught to us from the time we were young children; that the soul knows not of right and wrong, and that wrongness does not really exist in the larger scheme of things.

In the same way, we see a world where everyone understands that they’ve never made a mistake; where when we look closely at the times when we thought we’d made a mistake, we discovered that we were only acting on the basis of the information we had at the time, prior to the incident. Therefore, we were doing ourselves a huge disservice when we looked back and told ourselves that we were in error. In truth, we couldn’t have acted any differently based on the information we had at the time because we didn’t have the new information that we learned from our experience available to us yet. Accordingly, now we’ve realized that the incidents which we once thought to be mistakes are actually learning experiences meant to help us keep from repeating behaviors that don’t serve us or those around us.

Indeed, who is it that gains when we beat ourselves up over something we thought we’d done in error? No one. And who is it that profits by continuing to carry the weight of their so-called mistakes around with them, like so much excess baggage? Again, no one.

Having seen this, we now live in a world full of happy, well adjusted people because guilt in all its various disguises has been unmasked; it is a world where that which has been revealed from behind the mask of all our “shoulds” and “should nots” is the face of a child, innocent from the day it was born to this Earth, and innocent still.

Indeed, we have learned to be kinder and gentler on ourselves, as well as others, now that our innocence has been reestablished. We no longer judge ourselves so harshly, but instead we forgive. And in doing so, we have returned to the way we felt in our youth, before we learned about right and wrong.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
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Reader Message ~ Love Will Always Find A Way

Received via e-mail from Deane at  Check out his site!
Morning World – Seems I Am Plugged In Somewhere!
Today’s Ramblings 🙂
This journey has always been about self…nothing more or less. Once our true self has been discovered, we disseminate what is true for ourselves. From that truth we gain an ideal view of all that is, and the bigger picture for our own life journey.  When we begin to label or categorise our own soul we add another layer of duality.  This is the exact situation we are evolving from…which translates into “old beliefs and paradigms” being broken, to bring in the new.
There will always be certain aspects of old ideals and thoughts within us which can be merged with the new to form a proper foundation in which to move forward.  This is our own personal evolution and soul journey.  If we remain closed to new ideals, philosophies or practices, and others experience or truth we become stuck in the old.  There are no rule books or manuals which to follow, yet there are many who profess to offer the instant cure or solution, whether it be in kind or in return for a fee.
In some cases it has become a business and an income stream, and one in which there is competition and all the commercial aspects of an industry.  Those that rely on the income will naturally defend their views and opinions; it appears those that share in service are open to new discoveries that simply add a new dimension to an evolving theology.
This is a natural thing, for it is through experience alone we explore consciousness more clearly, and can tap into the higher consciousness of all that is.  In my opinion there are many aspects of the journey we will never understand, or are not meant to understand…for knowing when and where the happy ending takes place, defeats the purpose of living the experiences in the first place.  We shall embrace all versions for there are lessons in all we allow ourselves to open up to.
Division only causes destruction, and with so much disinformation and differing views the only truth we can and shall rely on is our own.  Each of us is unique, and we all have access to the higher consciousness. Those that choose to let go of everything except their own  truth will reach a level of consciousness of simply being and knowing, as well as in the here and now.  Through the merging of old with the new we are cocreating something very special, which, no matter which label we choose to elect, is surely the whole reason we are here in the first place.
Dismantling what is essentially an illusion allows us to truly grasp who we are, where we have been leading to and the knowing of  why we are here and our purpose.  Let’s take it back to simplicity, to the core of who we are, and that is unconditional love. What ever we create from here on is something of the purest creation and form, which can only mean it is for our highest good and that of our home too, Gaia.
Our goal is the unification of the highest version of our true self, with the highest consciousness we can tap in to.
Only through Unity will we achieve wonderous things; whether as an idividual or as a collective.  It is that belief we shall hold fast in our bodies, hearts and minds, because that is our driving force of the future. The future is here today, it is available for all, and it is at our fingertips.
It is this I hold within me for that is the essence I am and ever shall ever be. I am an evolving form of love that is the most incredible energy I can manifest. It is this essence that is my driving force and it is a pleasure to share it with others. Through a pure connection of love miracles will happen, because love always finds a way 🙂
Thank you for reading, Until the next time ❤

Lisa Transcendence Brown 10/26/17 ~ A Multi-Dimensional “Typical” Day


Received via e-mail…  (My apologies ~ one day I will remember how to spell her name on the first try!  lol )


Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEings,

This is an “in this moment” experience, once that OUR VIBRATION DICTATES… trying to plan, forget it, except when doing in full alignment, which we take great care with, as trying to pack too much into a small “space of time” or trying to force anything, committing to something that you cannot guarantee (vibrationally), means unless you SEE inside of you that you are to “do” “that thing”, then you might want to relax your commitments/scheduling a bit. This is something we learn to do, all along the way…. for getting in flow with vibrational realities that shift/move and are not affixed, take a bit of maneuvering until we understand how all works here.

Those things are are supporting your highest timelines/realities are easy, not forced or controlled. They “come to you” and it’s up to you to decide if it’s fully aligned with what you see/feel/know. Thinking will take you back to an “old dimension”. Observation though will shift you into another one, one where you can see from a multitude of perspectives in order to stretch, bend, untangle, disconnect cords/tethers, re-write a different story/program and collapse the entire reality/timeline, by observing the energy and constructs that held all in place.

Quantum Existence gives us the capABILITY to change the entire reality, the beliefs that created, the transmissions that activated that reality and all other realities as well…. Gives us the capABILITY to tune our consciousness to alternate realities on higher timelines and hold “that” vibration until it materializes in the physical, reversing everything….

In observing the multitudes of realities present at any given time, we each can observe our mentalities, our feelings, our perceptions and embrace the POWER that we each hold. It’s absolutely beautiful! No matter how “fixed” a reality “seems to be”…. it never is…

Every moment of PURE OPEN HEARTED EXPERIENCE gives us each the opportUNITY to come together, to inspire, to create, to embrace, to be ready for “new” and to completely inJOY the experience that meets us as we travel through our days. The days where there are challenges, it’s important to understand that these are “constructs” of matrix programs held in place by emotions, beliefs and mentalities. Presence, caring, kindness, compassion, respect, integrity and purity dissolve all of the mental realities that created separation to start with. ♥

Do you ALLOW yourself to experience what’s available or do you let your head get in the way? This is important to realize, with everything….

WE all have the POWER to hold LOVE as our way…. to unite, to share, to support, to receive, to be there for each other while standing on our own, without any of the old “lack” programs anymore. These experiences of generosity, kindness and consideration, creating intentionally and anchoring higher timelines in, is absolutely beautiful!

There will be challenges, where there is any ego still involved. Deep into the root chakra we all went again in July, to clear any of these old distortions out, within ourselves. Every day is observing, honoring our bodies, ourselves, our relationships to everything, everyone, all things and how we treat each other/behave matters. Each day now, something of the old might present. It’s important to recognize that this is what this is and to move through it/process/resolve and shift BACK into a timeline/reality that supports all of our highest everything here.

Every moment is an opportUNITY…. it’s a “test” to see what each will do, believe, choose. There’s no hiding, everything is “exposed”/visible in these mega-high vibrational frequencies. The rest is judgment and fear, which are the vibrations that are no longer able to exist.

Lately, to FEEL these frequencies, so high everyday… it’s beyond beautiful, and we continue to go higher daily now. Out in nature, around others, inner-acting and making other’s days, bringing smiles to faces, just by being happy, acknowledging each other as Star-Light Families is such a heart-expanding experience!

It’s time to UNITE….. to come together, to create, to experience the REWARDS of what we’ve all dedicated ourselves to all of these years/eons….

Everything aligned is natural, organic, easy… there’s very little effort for things to align now. Intentionally aligning for years re-set the foundation for our realities now. It’s funny, because every time I go to do something that’s not easy, I REMEMBER, just wait, just let it go and wait… and it will all align naturally. I shift my vibration, open up for a new timeline and collapse the old one immediately, knowing that our sleep states we are clearing a ridiculous amount of timelines and jumping mega-quantum as we do. Just this morning, I awoke to a gazillion things to move through fast, so that all could converge easily…. just so cool!

Many are experiencing their realities changing from linear/fixed to non-linear/vibrational, which is a huge and continual part of this “continually going higher/acclimating to higher frequencies” and anchoring more Heaven on Earth within our physical body structures. We are the ones that anchor and hold. We are the ones that experience the magic as we do. Anywhere we still hold ego separation within, do not yet come from unity-love-consciousness, are “trying” to hold onto old unconscious anything, then we will enter into an experience to show us this energy/resistance/control/fear/judgment/attachment/dualistic energy we still hold within. It’s important that we recognize all for what it is…. Everything will REPRESENT pure love consciousness or fear/lack consciousness.

You set the tone for your realities, you dictate the experience with your mentalities, your own energy. Y/Our NEW Earth Realities are responsive…. reciprocal… They return to us what we invest ourselves/energy in. What we focus on counts. Our behavior matters.

OpportUNITY and Ideas…. these are what we “get” in the beginning…. we are to utilize these to create, step through any fears and eventually become the one that SHARES OPPORTUNITIES with each other, shares ideas, shares reSOURCEs, shares and opens up more for all through a huge sharing portal! ♥

These vibrations totally SUPPORT living dreams, living as LOVE, living in magic, while making a difference with all that we connect with as love. These support those huge Quantum Jumps, without “needing to know”. Just trust…. allow DIVINE TIMING to bring you your awesome realities as you focus on openness, sharing and being your highest everything.

BEAUTY is available in everything, when we reconnect with the BEAUTY of all within ourselves and awaken to explore each day, open up more each day and venture into heart-connected relationships and experiences just waiting for us to arrive!

Relationships increasingly move to the forefront, as old patterns are visible and we choose totally different timelines instead. As each make Unity-Love-Consciousness a priority, then the rest falls away so much easier than before and higher timelines come forth easier too!

Listen to your Body as it speaks to you. As it awakens more, it becomes a living form that shows you when it is happy, when it is forced into anything that is a vibrational suppression/mis-match and it will speak loudly through your feelings. It will tell you when it needs to rest/shut down/sleep to integrate, clear it’s template, need exercise/movement/nature, when it needs alone/me/be time and more. It will tell you when it’s hungry, what it wants to eat and this will no longer “fit” into the old belief systems of “food/eating” and what is proper/right/wrong. Photonic Light moving through your body to awaken it, unanchor/release suppressed emotions and integrate encoded light into your muscles, organs, flesh, bones…. re-writing how your body functions, does not fall into any “old normal” category…. it makes up it’s own. 🙂 It “tells” your human what it needs, what is aligned and what is not. You have to learn it’s language.

Be ready for all new, be ready to let go of anything that no longer supports/is aligned with your absolute highest everything you. Be ready to shift, jump and slide into all new realities, as any hesitation is your own fear and attachments to something that represents and old/unconscious vibrational reality/aspect of you. Open up and be ready! In every moment! It’s so much easier!

In-this-moment right now… you are creating/vibrating a reality to come forth. When your focus is love, unity, happy, peace and freedom, you’ll start saying “no” a whole lot and shift what you do focus your energy on, realizing that you are the one supporting every reality that you experience here. Until you decide not to anymore….

Everyday, I expect and am ready for magical, amazing, awesome and peaceful, beautiful, kind, unity, supporting realities… and everyday this is what I transmit out FIRST so that with every step, this is what is all around me. We all can do this…. we all have the ability. We all have to CHOOSE to and make sure this is how we live…. in-every-moment.

When we can’t, we are clearing… we are patient and go-all-in to this too, to move through it and shift the unconscious programming ourselves. We sleep to complete the process and awaken ready to greet a whole new day. Sometimes it lasts a few hours, sometimes a whole day. It will last until all of that energy is gone, until the construct has been broken down and the re-coding process is complete. Full consciousness can do this easily. Big programs are deeper and these take more awareness and presence on our part. There are many deep programs embedded in our templates, cellular storage (cells) and entire body that get lesser as we go. The process is “faster” when we exist non-linearly/Quantum, than when we existed linearly (in our heads) and still held duality within us…

Quantum Multi-Dimensionality means that we can shift anytime we choose, we can see programming instantly and we can tune to a different vibration anytime we are fully conscious. This is our natural state, and linear human is our “alien” one. It’s quite funny how everything comes to be as we REMEMBER fully again.

Keep honoring you, keep shining your light, keep opening up, researching to awaken your heart/soul and expanding your mind beyond the limits once believed.

Every moment we are continuing to anchor and integrate immense light codes into our physical body structures and physical realities too. I’m excited to see what comes next!!!! Continually ready is how we do Super Quantum here!

Trust your higher-self-heart. Learning to tell the difference vibrationally between your head and what you do already know inside is a huge part of this process of returning to highest vibrational existence again. ♥

Love from Kauai ♥
~ Lisa ~