Astrological Forecast August 2-8 ~ Get Ready For The Feels


Editor’s note:  I don’t really share astrology information but was guided to read this one.  Thus, had to share.  I feel many of you will appreciate this one.  “Feels” is an understatement.  And the schumann jumping to more than 40hz today, actually 36hz or more, can create heightened states of nervous system disruption. I believe we have a symbiotic relationship – gaia’s heartbeat affects us – and we affect her as well.  All part of this process…  Breathe.  Release.  Ground.  Breathe again. Return to the heart.  Repeat.  My go-to remedy.  Well that and cookies…


Get ready for the feels!

On the 4th, we have another direct hit to the square between “now-or-never” Jupiter to “heal-it-or-fully-destroy-it” Pluto. There are far-reaching social and political implications of this event, but in terms of your personal life, know this: what you do matters. How you pace out the events of your life, what you take on, and what or who you let go of are terribly important now. Believe this: you are a unique thread in the tapestry of humanity, and you count.

You know how intensely you’ve been feeling lately? Blame it on the Moon, baby. On the 7th, we have a Lunar Eclipse (which is like a super-juiced Full Moon with the volume turned all the way up) at 11:11am PST in the forward-thinking sign of Aquarius. You may feel irritable or on edge, and that’s OK; this is a time for transformation and time of healing – not for peace and stability. You’re not meant to maintain the status quo at this time of your life, unless doing so is heartfelt for you. This is a time where what you believe in is getting activated; you may feel a restless need to push things ahead to get answers, power, or to get away from something you don’t like. It’s best to be careful, Puppies. This is an explosive period, one that will have ramifications for a long time to come. Hold your ego in balance with your higher self, and keep your humanity at the center of your processing at all times. You can’t take back the things you do or say once they’re out there; pace yourself through your emotions and your reactions this week, especially when you’re tempted to run with them. When in doubt, wait 72 hours to allow your reactions and feels to settle.

When you’re dealing with heartfelt issues, it’s hard to see your whole situation clearly. How we feel tints our perspective and, therefore, our experience. That’s not good or bad, but it is something to keep in perspective. When upsets occur – even wonderful upsets – it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture and fixate on your strongest, most persistent feelings. The trouble with this is that our most powerful feels are not necessarily the most true or constructive ones. When feels flare up this week (and that they will), choose self-care over self-sabotage at every turn.

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Schumann Resonance Today ~ August 4, 2017


Another KAPOW moment for Gaia and you and I…


Schumann Resonance Today

Schumann Resonance Today ~ August 3, 2017


Yeah ~ entire body trembling off and on ~ I would say we’re getting another dose.

Schumann Resonance Today

Schumann Resonance Today ~ August 1, 2017


Schumann Resonance Today

Schumann Resonance Today ~ This Last Day of July 2017


even gaia needs a break every once in awhile…


Schumann Resonance Today

Schumann Resonance for July 30, 2017



Schumann Resonance Today

Never Before Seen Frequency On Live Meteors


Outside enjoying the nice day earlier when something said “go to live meteors”.  Took some shots.  There was a continuous red line band streaming for minutes.  The frequency at that time was 51.260 hz.  Then they changed it two times to 55.260 to 57.260.  This happened within moments.  I captured the very strange image at 57.260 hz.  Never seen this one before.  In the live chat one of the folks said “wth is that??!”  No one had an answer other than an interference of some sort.  (pardon the visual of yours truly – sun reflection – which is why the next shot was taken in the garage.)


Schumann Resonance Today ~ July 29, 2017


oh yeah baby – feeling this.  whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on that began late last night!  


Schumann Resonance Today

More Interesting Live Meteors Captures ~ July 28, 2017

This was quite intense for about 30 minutes earlier today.

Live Meteors Capture ~ July 28, 2017 


Schumann Resonance Today ~ July 25, 2017


Hmmm.  It’s blacked again and also of interest is the massive spike yesterday.  


Schumann Resonance Today