Schumann ~ July 23, 2017


Schumann Resonance Today


Schumann Resonance Read For July 22, 2017


Well this is getting interesting…  

Schumann Resonance Today

Another Live Meteor Capture


We seem to know when to tune in when it shows signals like this – around noon-1pm, PST and late at night.  According to comments in the live chat, this particular signal had been going on all morning.  

July 19, 2017 Live Meteor Capture 

WSO ~ More Multi-Dimensional “Objects/Planets” Captured

WSO – Hard to Hide This One! Plus, Explaination for SMOKE RINGS in SKY

Schumann Resonance Read Today ~ July 28, 2017


You feelin’ this one?  WOW!  I woke up and not only felt I had gone somewhere the drugged-feeling is powerful.  In spite of, I feel pretty calm within and full of hope.

Schumann Resonance Today